Your Army Recruit Weapons...

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Re: Your Army Recruit Weapons...

Postby Kuurion on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:12 pm

One way to go about it, though limited to a small selection of people with the right contacts, is to make the comic known to people who have fans, readers, or followers of some sort on the net. Other comic artists, bloggers, etc, the people who might be interested in DK and who have the means to pass on their good opinion of it to those who want to listen. Especially new people what haven't heard of DK yet - then you'll get them on that initial "Whoop" when they wanna share it.

I'm probably gonna be making a mention of DK in next week's post of my own comic, for example, and I hope a few new readers wander their way over because of it. If my writer gives it a thumbs-up as well, DK will go into a permanent spot in my links section. So I'm doin' what I can, few readers as I have.
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Re: Your Army Recruit Weapons...

Postby ShadeFox on Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:24 pm

Try posting a video on or It'll get it out there and with the high trafic that they get theyll be big time hits and'll get alot more visits and downloads. I have a account with both and i can promise you, anything (and everything) as high quality as you flashes and comics with jumpstart a web revolution on newgrounds. If it makes it (and i can nearly garentee that it will) to the front page that alone will catch thousands of peoples eyes and you'll have people pouring in to buy your comics. I'm bout to go recomend some of my friends to the site also, but I wanted to ask permission to post 2 or 3 of the sample pages to a few of my profiles. So.. if you don't mind could I?
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Re: Your Army Recruit Weapons...

Postby RennisTora on Sun Aug 21, 2011 12:00 am

Something I thought of would be to go into local places of printed work like libraries, book stores, comic shops exc and leave those cards and fliers on tables and to hand them out, imagine this:

You leave a card or flier in the library, someone picks it up, curios they ask the librarian if they
carry such a graphic novel.
I can see 4 possible things happening:

A. Librarian says no, person gives up.
B. Librarian says no, person looks it up on the computer.
C. Librarian says no and asks to see card.
D. Non of the above, card gets tossed in garbage can without a second glance.

All but the last and first one shows promise yes?
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Re: Your Army Recruit Weapons...

Postby ilvos01 on Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:26 pm

I've been leaving public computers on the DK intro page.
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