Which Fantasy RPG Class Are You?

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Re: Which Fantasy RPG Class Are You?

Postby hoost on Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:51 pm

Yeah the pic for the Assassin Mage is definitely a cool one!

Yeah that class will be the final class that I'm going to add. And that makes the total classes a nice even 100. lol. I just have to think of a creative description for it!
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Re: Which Fantasy RPG Class Are You?

Postby Reed R Gale on Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:29 am

I dunno. I really liked the class I got the second time, or rather, the time I took it the whole way through. But I can see why you want the Dream Weaver, so good luck DW.

Random point of conversation, Hoost how did you find yourself here?
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Re: Which Fantasy RPG Class Are You?

Postby hoost on Fri Sep 21, 2012 1:02 am

I heard about Dreamkeepers from a friend, and I was searching through the forums and stumbled across this thread :)
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Re: Which Fantasy RPG Class Are You?

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Fri Sep 21, 2012 3:46 am

once again Dreamkeepers draws in awesome people!
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Re: Which Fantasy RPG Class Are You?

Postby RennisTora on Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:59 am

Huh... How odd?
I mean it still suits me on some levels, but I think I prefer my first result xD

Your result for The Fantasy RPG Class Test...
The Mirror Mage

67% Strength,20% Bloodlust,37% Intelligence,23% Spirit,38% Vitality and 17% Agility!Image

As swift as the Ninjas, fierce as the Monks, skilled as the Knights, and intelligent as the Spellcasters, the formidable Mirror Mage is probably the class that invokes the most terror and unease in its opponents. Not only are Mirror Mages extremely skilled with a sword, but often they are also masters offensive elemental magic, combat, and martial arts. Furthermore, Mirror Mages are often quite agile and speedy in battle, and some of the greatest Mirror Mages have mastered the art of stealth. However, there is often a tradeoff between skill in stealth and skill in martial arts: Mirror Mages who are more skilled in stealth are less skilled in martial arts and vice versa. On top of all that, Mirror Mages are experts of element magic and can easily launch a slew of powerful spells at their opponents. With their unique combination of abilities, Mirror Mages are a balanced and deadly class able to easily take down any opponent in battle. Lastly, Mirror Mages have one final incredible ability that surpasses all their others: the ability to use their powerful light magic to copy almost any opponent's spells or techniques. Using their light based mirror magic, Mirror Mages gain the ability to use almost any power their opponent uses. For example, if an opponent uses a special martial arts move or unleashes a powerful spell, Mirror Mages can use their own magic to instantly learn how to perform those abilities; however, Mirror Mages must first have the capacity to use those abilities. In other words, a Mirror Mage with low levels of agility and stealth would not be able to use any techniques copied from a Ninja. Similarly, a Mirror Mage with no knowledge of dark and light magic would not be able to use the powers and spells copied from an opponent who uses dark and light magic. Yet even with these restrictions, the Mirror Mage is still a truly amazing class!

Congratulations on achieving this powerful class!

This is a rare mixed class that requires at least three variables to be extremely high.

You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.

Want to share your results on a forum? Copy the code in the top right corner of the page and paste it Your result will be converted into a format that will show up on any forum! :)

Please check out my other fun TWO QUESTION quiz !

A list of all 100 possible results can be found about halfway down the right side of this page! Enjoy all the purty art and crazy descriptions! :)

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