trifle. ~ A Dreamkeepers Fanstory

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trifle. ~ A Dreamkeepers Fanstory

Postby Calico Yorki on Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:56 pm

In a small cave, hidden by the brush, uncontrollable sobs could be heard.

Within, a waif of a dreamkeeper girl, garbed in some kind of half-black, half-white bodysuit, was curled up against the wall. Hands over her face, she had been crying for longer than she knew how to keep track of. A twig snapped outside of the cave. She lowered her hands with a gasp, eyes flickering between a greenish-yellow and a stormy gray and a pale pink. "Who's there!!?" Away from the entrance, she cowered. An animal retreated into the brush.

Now, Wisp promptly returned to having a good, long cry. Failure on top of failure, she could not stop letting down the people that took her in. All she wanted was to be of use to Nabonidus why why why was she so useless!!? He was going to be so proud of her and he might actually smile for once and he would tell her that she had advanced his plans dramatically and it was ruined!! Ruined ruined all of it ruined!! If she returned to him he'd kill her, if she didn't return he'd come to her and kill her, she was scared and she was ashamed and oh Spirits what went wrong? Was it all some cosmic coincidence? Was someone trying to sabot - Tinsel!!

Suddenly, Wisp lowered her hands. Her angry crimson orbs lit up the cave. Those little kids had said something about Tinsel. Tinsel had supervised her mission! Tinsel had said she could make Nabonidus do anything! Either she had just wanted to see Wisp suffer, or she had lied, and she always lied, she LIED LIED LIED LIED LIED!!

Seething, now crying for rage, Wisp beat her fists on the stone floor. If it hadn't been for her, everything would have gone perfect! She would have made Nabonidus proud! She wouldn't have had an act of redemption to be ruined by those kids!!

As Wisp beat her fists raw and bloody on the floor, a shadow watched from within the shade.

When Wisp got like this, Nabonidus made a practice of letting her burn her fury out.

She was such a problematic little child.

~ ~ ~

I dunno. I felt like writing this.

Go figure.
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Re: trifle. ~ A Dreamkeepers Fanstory

Postby Reed R Gale on Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:55 pm

Rage is a powerful emotion. I wonder if most nightmares have thoughts of devotion...
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