Transformers Prime Fan Character

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Transformers Prime Fan Character

Postby Hazzardous on Fri May 18, 2012 1:07 pm

Hey guys, Haz here. I'm not to sure where to put this piece as it's not a DK character, but one I made for one of the Hub's shows, Transformers Prime. If your not familar with said show, some of the words used might cause some wondering. But regardless, I'd like to get some feedback on this character, and more importantly, your thoughts on the history I wrote for him. I should also note that this is my first time coming up with a character for the show, so I hope I'm not making a fool of myself ^_^;;;

Note to mods: If this needs to be in the Character Cafe, even though it is not of DK origin, then feel free to move this thread there


Transformers Prime Fanfic Character
Character Info-
Name: Tetra
Age: Uncertain (but likely numbers in the tens of thousands)
Gender : Male
Species: Cybertronian
Faction: Former Decepticon; Currently seeking Autobot asylum on Earth
Occupation/Specialization: Rivter (also does wielding)
Appearance/Altmode: Stands at Knock-Out’s height and his features are very smooth and curved…no part of him is spiked or jagged, save the dents in his chassis. His arms and lower forearms, as well as his feet and lower legs are brown. The rest of his body is a steel-blue color. He also wears a helmet that provides durable facial glass plate armor similar to Soundwave’s. The only difference is that Tetra's facial armor doesn’t completely hide the face; his green optics can be seen through them. Lastly on his left chest plate is the purple Decepticon badge, with two scratch marks forming an X on the badge.

History: Tetra came online in the city of Iacon on Cybertron and was given the designation class of Rivter, with wielding as a secondary function. He largely worked at construction sites or factories and was part of a group of similar ‘repair bots’ called the Up-Keeps. The Up-Keeps were composed of all sort of maintenance and repair bots tasks with maintaining Cybertron structures, hence their name. For many millennia, Tetra carried out his assigned tasks alongside his fellow Up-Keeps. He never let notions of ‘something greater’ plague his processors as he was content to enjoy his simple, yet important role.

For untold millennia, this principle guided Tetra…until the day war broke out on Cybertron between the two factions of Autobot and Decepticon. The war proved to be a burden for the Up-Keeps, as they were constantly working overtime to fix and repair parts of the city that was being destroyed by either Autobot or Decepticon. Still, they hoped the war would end soon so their overtaxed servos would return to normal functioning parameters. Sadly, it was not to be…

As the war continued, and the rift was widening as Cybertronians began to side with one of two factions, a similar rift was also forming among the Up-Keeps. Some felt sympathy for the Autobots, while others were taken by Megatron’s revolt against the elites. Tetra himself was upset by the rift forming, as he had friends on both sides of the rift, each pressuring him to make a choice. But before Tetra could decide, the choice was made for him and others when they were abducted by the Decepticons. Held within a Decepticon makeshift prison, Tetra and the others were forced to swear loyalty to the Decepticon cause…those who openly defied were killed were they stood. When the choice finally came before him, Tetra swore allegiance out of fear for his spark.

Normally, Decepticons would force retrofitting on other classes, turning them into warriors, even if they had no real battle experience. But Tetra had been spared this fate, as his record logs showed he was more suited to repair and maintenance than fighting. With that, he was allowed to keep his designation class and was assigned to the Decepticon flagship, the Nemesis. Tetra’s assigned post was given as Autobots made their escape from Cybertron. Not one for unfinished business, the Decepticon leader, Megatron, gave chase with the Nemesis. Tetra did not known where they were headed, the only things on his mind for the moment was, maintaining the Nemesis, even though it was a choice made out of fear rather than by willful choice. Tetra however, was not the only maintenance bot aboard the ship, a few of his fellow Up-Keeps were also aboard in charge of other tasks. However, Tetra knew that was of small comfort as these Up-Keeps had already chosen to be Decepticon before any of them were captured. Feeling truly alone, Tetra remained obedient on the ship as it traveled across the stars…

But thoughts of escape never left Tetra’s processors, though as the cycles passed, thoughts of escape were quickly becoming an afterthought. Even if he got to the escape pods, there was no chance he could clear the Nemesis’s gun range. For that matter, he probably would not even make it to the escape pods in the first place. While Tetra never met him, he had overheard that Soundwave, Megatron’s spy, could monitor virtually everything, on the ship, making escape nigh possible. With his chances all but non-existent, Tetra continued his duties for the purple badge on his chest plate that was forcibly burned into him…

After who knows how many cycles, the Nemesis finally made it to the planet the Autobots fled to. It was a blue marble teeming with organics, and seeded with energon for the harvesting. Now planet side, Tetra’s thoughts of escape renewed. If there was any chance the Autobots were here on the planet, they might give him asylum against the Decepticons. Granted, he hadn’t the slightest clue where their base could be, but still, he might not get another chance. Of course, Tetra maintained his thoughts and reminded himself that Soundwave was monitoring the ship. If he was to plan an escape, Tetra would have to wait for an opening to reveal…

For the next few years, Tetra and the other Decepticon workers were tasked with the construction of a space bridge that would allow access from the blue world called Earth to Cybertron. Tetra knew not why Megatron ordered the building of a space bridge; if he was planning to bring an army though, Tetra did not know where Megatron would get more troops, especially since Cybertron was nothing but a lifeless husk of a planet, with it’s inhabitants all but removed from it…save for the sparkless bodies leftover from the war.

Regardless of intentions, Tetra discovered that Megatron would be using the spacebridge to go on a solo journey, leaving his first lieutenant, Starscream in command while he was away. For Tetra, this was a blessing; as Starscream, while a cunning Decepticon in his own right, was by no means the tactical leader Megatron is. Tetra needed to only wait until Starscream, and presumably Soundwave, were distracted by a task that required their attention...and it would only take a massive energon deposit to do it…

Personality: Has a humble attitude and is content with his designation as a worker, with no ambitions of greatness. While his patience cannot compare to Optimus’, Tetra can be prone to anger if the right buttons are pushed, especially if his designations like his own are look down upon or insulted.
Generally tends to avoid combat if he can (as he is not retrofitted for it), but is willing to defend himself and others if he has to. He’s also not one for idle-chatter, much preferring to focus on the tasks at hand.

Likes: Equality and recognition for designations like his own
Dislikes: Decepticons, Egoists, and Bigots

Strengths/Weapons: Can use a Rivet Gun with ease and can perform both full repair and patch jobs on anything that requires physical maintenance (thought when it comes to fine-tuning, Tetra’s out of his league). Tetra possesses no direct weapons, only using a Rivet Gun, a sizeable Wrench, and a build-in wrist wielder.

Weaknesses: Because he is designed for riveting, Tetra is not built for fighting. Even if he was retrofitted for combat, he would have no real battle experience, making him a liability.
However, to compensate for this weakness, Tetra has a much more durable chassis than is standard for bots his size and can withstand far more punishment, given that his designation is a high-risk one. Because of this, Tetra is akin to a ‘tank’ and can withstand a great amount of both physical and blaster attack.

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