"What If...?"

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"What If...?"

Postby Sorrel on Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:39 pm

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to the latest installment in our ongoing saga of groundless, boundless speculation! As we all know, the Dreamkeepers storyline is already well-stocked with several fun twists and ideas -- here, we have the chance to explore the ones that haven't (and probably won't) cropped up yet.

Don't worry about canonical evidence. Forget continuity. Screw rationality. This is...


Here's how it works: Someone asks a question, any question, pertaining to the story/setting/characters. It doesn't even have to make sense; this is purely for fun. Then, other people come in and answer the question, add a little twist to it, pose another, etc. Everyone goes nuts. Come on, it'll be great.

An example.

The Question: What if Tinsel turned out to be a good character? That's crazy, right?

The Brainspasming: Well, if this were the case, then how the heck has she managed to pull a fast one on Nabonidus for so long? That takes some crazy acting skill, considering he's... well, he's freaking Nabonidus. Not to mention, it takes a lot of guts to play double-agent against a living manifestation of evil -- let alone backsass him like she did in Vol. 2. Personally, my respect for her would skyrocket for this very reason. Also, since she's thoroughly convinced everyone that she's a dark dreamkeeper, it poses the question of how many other dark ones are also spies. (Including, say, Ravat.) However, we can be pretty sure that Wisp is a legitimate dark one, since Tinsel has been trying to kill her -- so then what kind of role would she play? Nabonidus is sure to be impressed with her loyalty at some point, especially when/if he discovers Tinsel's hypothetical treachery. If someone as wicked as she can turn out "good," then Wisp must be either purely evil or purely diluted to stay with the nightmares' side.

Aaaaaand end example. Feel free to add on to this if you desire, but certainly throw your own things out there; obviously this doesn't have to be at all related to things already established in the comic.

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Re: "What If...?"

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:51 pm

What if Calah hid Namah from the world to protect her from the Nightmares, because he knew they would kill her if her existence became public while she was young?
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Re: "What If...?"

Postby Dez on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:36 pm

To be honest, that does seem to be something appears again and again. The child who is ignored by said parents but the parents are doing it for their own good. The child grows to hate their parent until years later they learn why they were doing this but always at a "it's too late" moment.

So IF that was the case, it turns out when the Nightmares invade the city and chaos happens and all the good stuff when Namah gets pushed down to the ground, Nightmare about to tear about her flesh when all of the sudden Calah come FLYING IN (THAT'S RIGHT! CALAH CAN FLY WITH HIS POWER!)

He brings it to the ground and starts punching it in the face repeatedly while screaming "STAY AWAY FORM MY DAUGHTER!" And Namah stares their going :o

Another nightmare advances upon Calah, as he flying kicks one out of the sky, injuring him greatly, Namah deciding to protect him. He lays on the ground with blood coming out the ground, telling the truth on why he kept her secret because Namah's mother (the one whom he had the affair with) was a powerful Dreamkeeper who's goal was to vanquish the Nightmares. She forgives him moments before his death causing Namah to go crazy with revenge and be badass.

NEXT QUESTION: What if Bast ends up not liking Lilith? (it's assumed due to asking her to go to the Harvest Festival in Vol. 1 that Bast may have a crush on her)

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Re: "What If...?"

Postby Auradragon on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:59 pm

As soon as Bast realizes he doesn't actually like Lillith he realizes his true feelings.
For Whip.
He goes on a huge spree of power-use to try to impress him, but it doesn't work at all. Finally after saving Whip from a huge Nightmare trap Bast finally gets his point across. Then they go off on their own an a spin-off series starts featuring them...
Dear god what have I done XD

WHAT IF: The Sandman that apparently tried to strangle Mace in Vol. 1 was only an attempt to get his attention. What if it was just trying to warn him that Paige was in danger, but he didn't know any other way to do it.
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Re: "What If...?"

Postby RedFox on Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:15 pm

The it can safely be assumed that all Sandmen (or at least that particular Sandman) are actually innocent, charming creatures that make terrific pets. Like loyal watchdogs, they attempt to alert their masters of danger by strangling them! Also, they don't need a speck of food or water; just a bit of blood from a newborn daily.


What if the Sabbaton Towers fell?
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Re: "What If...?"

Postby Zagura on Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:29 pm

Utter chaos would ensue. The falling debris would crush many, and the loss of life would merit a very large memorial structure. The districts would then vie for power amongst themselves, creating further chaos and increasing the Nightmare chances of success.

This would, however, cause a brief moment of opportunity for political shift, which may turn in favor of Troika as Tinsel has probably been crushed into a thin pink paste under the rubble. A puppet political figure may be inserted by questionable means, and the nightmares might in turn be held back by an extended period of time.

What if Grunn became allergic to fermentae?
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Re: "What If...?"

Postby Lord of the Forest on Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:12 pm

His bunny tail would fall off.

WHAT IF: Grunn and Tinsel had a throw down, considering he chuckles about it in V2?
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Re: "What If...?"

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:22 pm

After dealing with a period of soul-crushing depression, he would eventually turn back to his true passion of Sea exploration. He leave in his boat for many years and assumed to be dead. Then one night, a lavish boat would appear on the horizon, bearing riches of untold value. After being the first explorer to come back alive, he'd use his fortune to improve the orphanage to be the best damn orphanage ever. He would become a father figure to Mace and become a well-respected, productive citizen in the city and would eventually become Viscount after winning an election he never even entered.

He'd still be addicted to *forum-banned word that begins with P and is 4 letters long.*, though.

((Damn! Fore posted before I did! I'll do his too.))

During the fight it is revealed that Grunn and Tinsel had dated once before and Wisp is their child. Tinsel did not know this, because she gave the child up for adoption many years ago. After having realized this, Tinsel changes her ways and now helps however she can in Wisp's bids for attention without letting on she is Wisp's mother.

What if, right before the final battle of the entire series took place it cut to a scene of a human man, with short, brown hair and big round glasses, waking up and saying: "What an odd dream that was."?
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Re: "What If...?"

Postby delta on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:15 am

He would continue on with his day, working as a tech-support for a local big business.
Eventually, the years of having to answer question like "I pressed the glowing switch on the thing my computer is connected to, and now I don't know what to do." and "Hi, is this Domino's?" cause him to snap and go on a murderous rampage through out the entire building, slowly working his way up the floors, until finally reaching the top floor, belonging to the CEO. Crashing through the door, he strangles the CEO and then turns his skin into a parachute, using it to slowly float down to the ground after jumping through the window. Later that night, he will sit down with his wife and kids at the dinner table, eating some surprise meat their father brought home.
somehow, this causes aliens to appear and crash a ship the size of Texas into the planet.

Meanwhile DKs are fighting a war with the nightmares.

Moving on.
What if Scinter ended up ruling the Dream world?
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Re: "What If...?"

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:24 am

The Nightmares would outright give up trying to kill all Dreamkeepers forever and ever and beg Scinter for mercy. He would of course give none and slaughter them all and burn the tree of evil that they grow from so they could never come back. He then becomes a tyrant and the group must now stop him and bring back order. They lose badly, of course and the books end with Scinter being a tyrant.

What if the Extello came back for another war?
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