THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby Reed R Gale on Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:21 pm

June 5th; 08:40

"Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh--" yawned Lumi, as she stretched, and inhaled in sequence. She had been tired from all the travelling yesterday, so she had slept in, longer than usual anyway. She was under the impression that other people got up at this time regularly, but Lumi wasn't one of those people. She was the kind of person that woke up early when possible. She stifled another yawn, to yawn twice felt weird, and left her a bit lightheaded sometimes, not to mention the occasional tightening of a muscle under her chin when she let herself go too far.

The sunlight flooding her room looked blurry to her eyes, not only because she wasn't wearing her glasses, but was, like yawning, a result of morning sickness. She put on her glasses clearing the world up a bit, and sat up, resulting in pain. Lumi was forced to remember what had happened with the dragon, Kiaran. In just one meeting, he had made it onto the top of her "*******s" list; the man seemed to pray on fear, but had at the same time seemed to have seen something in her. And his tune... it sounded like such a sad solo, despite the smooth jazz, almost lonely. In any case, he hadn't needed to be so rough.

After getting dressed in some jeans and a nice plain colored shirt, Lumi stretched, following her morning routine, ignoring her bruises. Her muscles needed to be trained for dance, and if she didn't stretch regularly, she got tense and her body didn't perform as well. Her most open portion of the day was the morning so she always took that opening to perform her daily routine, and besides, it woke her up. It was during her successful execution of "the splits" when she received a text message, and though she only received those from one source, she hoped that it was something else.

Tentatively, she pulled the phone out of her pocket, and looked at the message. It was from THEM. It was obvious, but she still held onto the hope that it was spam. She looked down at the electronic screen in front of her and read.

TO: Lumi

You have a new assignment. Head to the Jade Blue Inn to meet Chiisai. Check if she's in a workable condition. If not, rush her recovery. If so, escort her to Warehouse District's southern Entrance. Another agent will take her. Your obedience is pleasing us.

P.S. Your payment is under your bed in a green suitcase, the other suitcase is Chiisai's, deliver it to her

Chiisai. She could live with her. But then she thought about her, the girl was younger than her! The job was murder, and she knew that could change a person--It did in the movies anyway. The prospect of having to kill though hurt Lumi somewhere in some way deep. She looked to her cabinet, the place where she had kept the pistol she had received from Kiaran. She looked away promptly.

All she had to do was be friends with Chiisai, easy, nothing difficult, a simple job; just go and meet her, talk with her, and not let her be in too much pain. She didn't want to hand her over to another agent, who knows how cruel he or she may be, Lumi trusted herself to be kind to the other girl, not some faceless agent.

"I'm heading ou-" but her father wasn't there. She shrugged and left anyway. Traveling the fastest routes, Lumi found herself at the Jade Blue Inn in no time. Well, it was some time, but it would take most people longer. She thought. Lumi walked to the front desk, who let her through to the rooms, which she stopped at Chiisai's room. She sniffed the air a bit, as she had smelled something odd--Smoke--was it smoke? She tapped lightly on the door, "He-Hello? Chiisai?"
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby MandyHabato on Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:21 pm

June 5th, Jade Blue Inn, 09:53 (?)

Maybe it was her nerves, or maybe it was the sun shining her her face, but Chiisai Heard the knock and got up. Streching, she quickly woke up and threw another simple dress on, this one light green. She stepped to the door and opened it, talking as she did.

"Yes, what is i-"

Chiisai flinched noticeably as she realised it was Lumi. To be honest, she had slept away her troubles and probably wouldn't have remembered them until breakfast if she had been left undisturbed. The sight of the slightly older girl had surprised her, and not in a good way, really.

"Please, Spirits, let it be good!"
"O-oh, Lumi..." She muttered, her gaze lowering. "Hi. Uh, can I help you? Do you want to come in?"

It was almost painful to watch Chiisai struggle with mixed emotions and words. One one hand, she liked Lumi; the girl was nice and Chiisai knew that she was a good person beneath the illegal envelopment. The other hand, conversely, is quite bad. She wouldn't have met Lumi if it wasn't for THEM, and she was the one that had told her and given her the nightmare of a job the night before. And then in between the thoughts of how to treat Lumi, there were the memories that had superglue themselves to her retina. It was slightly noticeable that she was trying not to blink, for having seen the memories in the darkness.

For the moment, Chiisai just resorted to default politeness until she could sort her thoughts out.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby Silver Predator Wolf on Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:43 pm

Hours later, as Luna and Suraru were traveling, their ride gave in to exhaustion and dropped on the road with tongues hanging out.

Luna got up from her seat and hopped into the back of the cart before proceeding to poke at Suraru. "Our ride is out. I'll have to start pushing." She said unhitching the manekales, leaving them in their collapsed position, and pushing the cart towards the city.

Suraru slowly woke up. "I think I’m really low on blood." He said with a tired voice, noticing a puddle below him. 'I probably didn't tighten these bandages hard enough' He thought to himself. He looked up and didn't see Luna on a mount. Then he looked down and saw Luna pushing the cart.

"What happened to the manekales?" he asked."They’re too tired. So, I have to start pushing this back to town. Can you take a peek to see how far we are?" asked Luna.

Suraru tilted his head back. It was early morning, the sun hasn't risen yet, and the lights from the large city illuminated its existence. He looked back at Luna and said dryly "Ya, I think we have a while"

"Well.. hopefully, you don’t bleed out on me before we reach town.." grunted Luna as she push. Then Suraru painfully rolled over and said "I have a better idea" then, he began to try to use his power.

"Oh? What is it that you have in mind? And please don't force yourself. Last thing I want if for you to get worst than you already are.” Said Luna

"Relax. At this rate, I’m going to die before we reach the city anyway. My guess is that I'll bleed out at this rate, I'll have a better chance if I flew" He said holding two balls of wind in his hands lifting himself up, grimacing. "Follow my blood trail in case I drift off and fall before I reach a clinic"

"Alright... but you’re sure about this? If you know where the clinic is, just head straight there. I'll get this cargo to my place before I meet you." said Luna.

"Right then, meet you there" he said blasting off with his legs and flying into the air, out of sight. Silence consumed Luna as she continued to push the heavy cargo till she reached the outskirts of town.

There, she paused in her exertion, believing it to be a good time to catch her breath. She stood up and an incredible stiff ache annoyed her back and shoulder. She stretched them and did her best to relieve her body of its pain. When she was about to start pushing the cart again, she noticed a body laying on the ground up ahead.

Immediately, Luna ran up to the body while putting both her hands behind her back as she changes one into a claw while the other form a large cleaver like blade. She wasn’t going to take any chances.

Walking up to the body, she recognized it as Suraru and changed her hands back to normal. "Damn it.. guess he passed out before he reached town" she checked his pulse. It was faint, but still there. She looked at the cargo and sighed. "Might as well drag one along. Just in case..."

Using the rope found in the cart, she tied a makeshift strap to one of the crates and slung it over her shoulder. She then picked up Suraru and carries him over her shoulder and shifts her mass to her legs as she makes the jump into town.

Suraru mumbled something along the way, to Luna, all she heard was "Cargo za bld fuuuu"

Luna heard this and rolled her eyes. When they arrive at one of Dena’s many clinics, the doors slid open automatically and she walked with a sense of urgency in order to get half-dead cat admitted quickly. Several nurses remove Suraru from Luna’s arms and ushered their way into an IC room.

Around an hour and a half later, Suraru was fully healed. The doctors thought he had a healing power, but Suraru told them he didn’t, it was just natural healing from the punishment he gave himself as he grew up. Regardless of the fact he could stand, massive scaring and a limp was noticeable.

Luna waited. When Suraru came out into the lobby, she looked at him and said "Well... you look a lot better."

"Ya, still going to have a limp for a week or so" he said removing bandages only from his foot.

Luna smiled. "That's good. I got one of the crates here. I'll dump it at my place first before we grab the rest. By the way, what happened after you flew off ahead?"

"I got tired, and fell, I guess. I dunno, all I remember is flying to the city then waking up at the hospital bed." Laughed Suraru as he began to walk out of the clinic.

Luna sped up to him, heaving the loaded crate. "Next time, I think you better stick with me. Come on. We are dropping by my place to drop this off." Suraru took the crate off her back, and Luna lead the way down winding streets and various alleys until Luna’s home was in sight.

"Where are the other crates?" Suraru said. "Still at the wagon. Cant carry them all as I'm carrying you too." said Luna. "Ya, uh thanks for that" he said getting closer to Luna's home."No problem. Can’t leave you around like that. Bad example and it's against my own rules.” said Luna as they arrived.

She opened the door to let Suraru in, and he walked in and put down the crate by the front door, then sat down on the couch "Thanks again" he said. Luna smiled "Well... at least you are still alive. That is good enough for me."

Just then two air ryuu nekos flew out of the kitchen and landed on the couch Suraru is sitting on and looked at him with their heads tilted to the side.

Suraru stared at them for a bit before exclaiming, "Nice! You have some ryuus. I love the little critters!" He said reaching his hand out to them.

The ryuus, Silver and Arcanas, looked at Suraru's hand as if questioning what it was doing. Arcanas flew up and perch on Suraru’s head, and starts to yelp happily while Silver nuzzles Suraru's out stretched hand.

"Hehe, cute little things" Suraru says petting them. Silver and Arcanas whines and nuzzles Suraru. Luna gave large smile at the scene. "How long have you had these two?" Suraru asked.“The one on your hand, a few months. The one on your head, a few days." She answered as she dropped down on the couch facing Suraru.

"They seem to like me" Said Suraru laying down and continuing to stroke both of them."Indeed. That’s a good sign. That means you can be trusted" said Luna as she smiled.

"Of course, I can be trusted. I'm one of the most honest men I know of" he said in a somewhat disbelieving tone. A pause followed his response.

Deciding best to change the subject, Luna asked, “Well... you still need a change of clothing and we still need to grab the rest of the cargo. Which one do you want to do first?"

Suraru looked at his clothes, seeing the many tears, bloody stains, and dust that covered them from the late-night fight. "Oh ya. Sorry about your coat" he said carefully getting up

"Na... It’s ok. I can always get a new one. But first, I think we should get the cargo. What do you say?" said Luna.

"I would rather get some clothes hehe, where did you leave the cargo anyways" said Suraru walking into the guest room.

"Near the outskirts of town. That's where I found you." said Luna.

"Ha! I made it pretty far. Well we better be quick then, we'd be lucky if no one stole it" He said closing the door to the bedroom before ripping off most of his clothes and looking for new ones from the drawers.

"Alright then... I'll be waiting while you get changed." said Luna.

A few minutes later, Suraru came out wearing loose dark jeans, a brown T-shirt, and another black trench coat. "I like how you have so many of these things, they are so cool" He said putting on the trench coat.

"My taste. I see that you have the same." Luna got up, zipped up and said "So, shall we?"

"Yup" Suraru said putting on a hat he found as he walked outside. Luna followed him out. Closing and locking the door behind her, before leading Suraru out of the city and back to the cargo.

Suraru remained silent while he walked, glancing at Luna every now and then. However, this action was soon noticed by Luna. "Yes?" She said looking at him.

"Huh? O! Nothing, just a bit nervous right now, you know, with THEM probably watching us" Suraru said

"Yeah. I know what you mean. Always being watched.. but they better leave me alone in the bathroom. I don't take well to perverts." said Luna.

"Hehe, ya, but back on topic. I'm not liking these guys, do you know any more information on THEM?" Suraru said back.

"Not that we already know... they are like ghosts. Everywhere, but no where." said Luna.

"Sounds too familiar, after we get the crates back home, I want to see if I can talk to one of them" He said nearing the wagon.

"If they are willing to talk that is.." said Luna as they got closer to the cargo."How else are they going to get... the..." Suraru trailed off noticing the empty wagon "You have to be kidding me" He yelled starting to run.

Luna sees this and said "Bloody hell... we are in trouble now." She starts to look around for anything that might give her a clue as to who has taken their cargo.

Suraru runs up and realizes the harsh truth that his cargo is missing. He swears many times and looks around the empty wasteland, then back at the city. He starts to feel light headed. "I'm in trouble" He said sitting down next to the wagon.

"I'm in trouble. Not you. I left the cargo behind." said Luna, extremely flustered."You had to. You couldn't carry them all and save me." Suraru said controlling his breathing, which had become very short without him knowing.

"I'll see if I can find them." said Luna as she looks on the ground for tracks. Suraru stood up and said "I'll be right back" Then flew off

"Alright." said Luna as she continues to look around. Suraru flew away from the city, looking down to shield his eyes from the winds as he gazed down for the thieves. Even with the early morning light shining over the horizon, he saw no one carrying crates.

After cursing to himself, he gave up and flew toward the city. Flying low he landed just out of sight and walked through a few alleys looking for any hidden gangs. His first find was a group of unintelligent hobos working in a warehouse. With no luck, he tried another. He found another warehouse, this time, they were more violent, and probably weren't hobos.

Walking in, there was a awkward silent moment of staring. Suraru saw some crates similar to his, and activated his power, pushing everything away from him. Using the time he bought, he flew to the crates, took one, and flew back dodging some springer shells from the group shouting profanities.

He exploded out of the building landing in distant street, he noticed lots of people were staring at him. He laughed before running out of sight. Assuming the alley he hid in was clear, he opened the crate, and saw a fine white powder. He moved his hand through it then slammed the cover back on it with frustration. "Drugs" he whispered to himself then sliding down the wall to a sit.

He rubbed his eyes and took a second to think to himself outloud. "Ok, I lost my cargo, THEM is going to want me, probably dead. I wonder if they will give me time to find it? This might be a bad idea to actually walk to them and be honest... Crap! I don't even know where they are, so knowing my way out if something happens won't work so well... Maybe ditch the city? Damn, that Luna was hot too, maybe she will want to come with? ‘Hey luna, come with me and ditch everyone you know in this town’ Ha! That won't work. Ok, maybe I can talk to them, if all else fails hopefully my death will be quick"

Suraru stood up "All right! Talk to THEM, hope my death is quick, let's go" he said to himself standing up.

Suraru walked away from the wall and was about to fly up, when he remembered, he didn't know where to go first. "Maybe they will find me" He said walking out of the alley into an different street, wandering the city.

When Suraru flew away, Luna continued to look around for clues as to who might have taken their cargo. She wondered off the track and on to the hills that over look the area to see if there is anything that might help.

She walked off further and further. Even back tracking to where they first got the cargo. She sniffs the air. Their scent is faint. They must have left the area long ago. Plus their scent is leading in the opposite direction of the town. Luna continued to look around before leaving and headed back.

When Luna got back into town she called some of her contacts to see if they received the cargo matching the description that she gave them. When they turn out nothing. She continued to look around town. She headed for the library to check on what the cargo could be used for and spent the rest of the day there before heading back home. Dreading the possible outcomes of failure.

Suraru wandered the city all day. He saw some stuff, ran from some people, and learned his way around. As night came again, he was starving. Suraru eventually found Luna's home after getting lost for the 4th time in the large city. It was nearing midnight. The door was unlocked, so he walked in. Fearing Luna would attack him not knowing who he was, he called out "Luna, I'm home"

Luna was sitting on the couch with the ryuus when she hears Suraru. "Hey there... any luck?"

"Still awake?" Suraru said walking fast toward the fridge

"Ya... I lost the cargo... can't find it anywhere.." said Luna.

"I had no luck either, I'll see if I can talk to THEM alone, keep you out of this" Suraru said taking out food from the fridge "I'm hungry I hope you don't mind"

"I'm the one who lost the cargo. I should take the blame not you." Said Luna.

"It was my mission, besides you still have a life, I'm not welcome to my home, and I'm an outsider where ever I am" he said eating some of the food without warming it up.

"Your staying here. Better than nothing..." said Luna as she starts to yawn.

Suraru yawned after Luna did, then he finished the meal "Well, I'll stay the night, but if one of THEM comes, stay safe" he said walking toward the guest room.

"You too. Goodnight.." said Luna as Suraru heads for bed and the ryuus head for theirs and Luna does the same.

Suraru took off the coat, and slid onto his bed. He starred at the ceiling for a few minutes before falling asleep.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby davathean on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:59 pm

June 4th? 8:36 am
Location: Forges of Mar

"Graaaaaa..." Dustin awoke to the felling of shear pain from his chest, he sat up quickly only making it worse. Breathing heavily he swung his legs over the side bed and recalled the events of last night, remembering that he detonated the base level of the police building he mentally punched himself. 'Dammit Dustin you over did it again... well at least now there will be no evidence that you were ever there. But now they know that there is a madman out there and well start looking.' He then hauled his tail out of bed and headed down stairs to the shop and began to get it ready for opening that day.

10:03 am
Using his power Dusting slowly re-knitted his ribs back together in-between moving springer's, knives, and the occasional box of parts. He just couldn't stop thinking about the previous night and what he did, "Is it really possible that Ive sunk this low in only a mater of a day of starting a new life........ I really have to rethink what Ive been doing." he mumbled to himself as he stacked crates of ammo. That's when he noticed an odd looking crate with a silver fist painted on the side with a data scroll attached. 'What the hell is this??!?!?' Dustin wondered as he grabbed the scroll and opened it and a familiar figure appeared and began to speak.
"Hey Dustin got word from some friends of mine that you moved into Dena so i thought i would have Calgar drop off a house worming gift for you best of luck cuz. O by the way you can use this to contact me anytime talk to you soon Malgrim."

Dustin's jaw dropped when he realized Malgrim actually had the connections to get him a crate of goods and have him not even realize it was there. Dustin then closed the scroll and opened the crate and was in shock at its content. A Hammer of Odin combat rifle with all the trimmings, sixty clips of ammunition, eight Thunder clap sidearms, and several high-tech weapon attachments. 'Malgrim I so owe you one after this... better message him later I have a shop to run.' With that Dustin opened the store and noticed more customers that he expected at the door. 'Now that fast service, but still I want to know who the hell my employers are.' Dustin then began the unusably fast paced day of running a weapons shop.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby Reed R Gale on Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:43 pm

June 6th, Jade Blue Inn, 12:10 (Date Bump)

The girl looked like a wreck. She was trying to hide it, that much was clear, but she wasn't doing a good job of it. Clearly, her job was successful. This only made Lumi more unsure of herself. Though she liked that this job paid, she could never do any dirty work. That much was proved by the fact that she had abandoned the pistol Kiaran had given her in the river. It wasn't that she wasn't a little grateful, or scared, but she knew she wouldn't--no, couldn't use it.

"Um," She began, "I'm supposed to give this to you." When Lumi was inside the small room, she put the suitcase on the girl's bed. "It-it's your pay..." Then she added, "You look horrible, um... do you want to... um... well... I find that i-it's better to share pain." That was all she could say. Who knew what would happen if she didn't get Chiisai in a more stable condition...

Lumi took a seat on the bed, waiting to see what the girl would say, ready to partake in the pain the girl had suffered through. Lumi was a very empathetic girl, she could feel pain that she had never experienced. It was like her music, that she heard it as a language instead of as notes. She could feel when emotions were exuding off of people, and usually those vibes were rather neutral, but the room was filled with what would be a black cloud where the sun once shone.

When Lumi had come here the first time, it had killed her to throw the mission at this poor girl, but the tangled web of the organization had her held tight, and she wasn't exactly fighting it. But now she wasn't too sure of THEM.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby MandyHabato on Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:41 am

June 6th, Jade Blue Inn, 12:12

Chiisai looked at the suitcase, her eyes narrowing a little. The money. Her family needed it, and by the size of the case, it could pay for a doctor. But...the way it was earned....
Chiisai closed her eyes. It was dirty money, earned by thievery and murder. She could even imagine it dyed with the blood of that man. If her father had the opportunity, Chiisai bet he would rather starve than take the money.

Then she looked at Lumi. What was she doing here? She delivered the money, then what? Console her? Was that a part of a mission? Then suddenly, all the anger and hate and guilt that had built up during the night broke out.

"I-it's not right!" She was haggard, tears beading up on her eyes again. "I don't feel like I can take the money! It's dirty! It's not honest, if I was trying to buy something from anyone I know, and they knew how I got the money they wouldn't touch it!"

Chiisai sat on the bed, pulling at her hair, clothes, the bedding, in distress. "I only accepted that Spirits forsaken job because they threatened me!"


THEM. Not Lumi. In that once sentence Chiisai knew she didn't blame her, but pitied her, felt close to her in this area. At least that was cleared up.

"I don't care how desperate I am, my family is! We would all rather starve than use money earned this way! I know my father would agree with me!"
She choked. Her father. Mom, Dad, in that little home in Calyspa. And her mother sick in bed, father heading off to work, a little boy playing in their shared room. Johnny.

"Ohhh, I wanna go home!" She groaned, throwing her head in her hands and allowing sobs to rack he body. Though she tried, Chiisai couldn't quit. When she started to calm down, a picture popped into her head. Of her home, her mom, her dad, Johnny, her friends.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby WhiteinBlack on Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:50 pm

June 6th 1210, Luna’s Home, 8:13am

The streets were buzzing with morning activity. Adults leaving homes for their individual lines of work, children being escorted to the nearest taxi while being scolded by parents for their lateness, and a few stood on top of their roofs enjoying the glorious morning of another day with a cup of coffee.

If only he had a bomb. Events would much brighter. For him, that is.

But no, Feron Athaan had take his morning to grab a simple box full of *#!# He didn’t care about.

’Why can’t be assigned for something better. I would’ve made that police HQ much more interesting then whoever they assigned it for.’ He thought as he passed down another street. He received looks for his strange mask and some shied away from his presence before he turned down another alley way. He had arrived at his destination: Luna Dei…whatever whatever’s house.

‘Now for the fun part…or not. Depends on perspective.’

Feron lightly rapped on the wood door. The other hand entered the top of his deep red overcoat and pulled a wicked knife tipped with barbed points. He heard movement behind the door and pulled up the sleeve of his right arm to the elbow exposing forest emerald scales. The door opened as he stabbed the knife from the elbow and dragged it down to his wrist. Pain shot through him like a lance, he grimaced behind the mask, but held a grin to the astonished woman at the door way.

“WHAT AR-” was all she said before the agent’s halo burst to life and his knife hand, clenched into a fist, rammed into her rather large chest. She was sent toppling inside, end of end.

“I love doing that.” He chuckled. As he let himself in, his recently injured arm began knitting itself back together and his halo dimmed further and further. The feathered lizards returned the knife to its hiding place as the woman, Luna he guessed, shook her head and clucked her chest. Trying best to reconfigure herself and returned to her feet.

From the edge of his view, a young cat, equipped with rifle, round the corner of a hallway. He took notice of the threat and fired his rifle. His aim was dead on as the round sprayed all over his chest.

‘Critical wound. Critical wound!’ His heart began to bleed out the fresh blood, the rate of beats ever increased with the shock of pain and adrenaline. But Feron gave out a sinister laugh.

The red halo glowed brighter than before, to a vivid blood red. He leapt at the rifle which fired again, hitting his chest once more. The lizard humanoid ignored the pain and grabbed the rifle along with its owner. He continued to laugh as he grabbed at the man’s neck and slammed his face into the nearest wall. Twice. A bloody crack was left in the wall before tossing him at the woman, who was now on her feet. Or at least she was before a body landed on her sending her back to the ground.

The young cat groaned clutching his face. Feron winced as he stood over them, his chest still bleeding, but the damage was quickly being renewed by his counteracting power.

“Ya know, I thought this morning was going to be dull.” He pulled up his sleeve covering the new scales and flesh with red fibers and cloth. “But despite being the morons you are, you managed to make my day, even if it was just a little.”

He crossed his arms over the finishing touches of his damaged heart. His perfectly fine scales showed through the bullet holes left behind. “You’re like my cup of coffee in the morn.” He chuckled at the idea of doing this every morning. Unfortunately, THEM wouldn’t allow it.

He pointed a claw at the man, now on his rear, still clutching his bloody head. “Be glad this isn’t my favorite coat. Otherwise, I would have killed ya regardless of orders.”

He crossed his arms once more and put on a more aggressive voice, still edged with his insane glee. “I have come with a message and for the box.”
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby Silver Predator Wolf on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:38 pm

Luna lifted Suraru off her and rest him on the couch. Due to her habit of hardening her body before opening the door she only receive half the amount of force from the punch. She walks up to him and said "Seriously now... is that anyway to start the day let alone great the peson answering the door? As for the cargo..." she than punch his chest with such force that a loud cracking sound can be heard as his ribcage caves in and he flew out the door and crash through the walls of the three buildings behind him.

Luna lowered her arm to show that it was only half shifted which does not look to obvious as her halo glows faintly. "It's in the kitchen. Go get it..."

Suraru, barely conscious laying on the couch, recaps what just happened. He woke up late, thought about THEM, all of a sudden a large thud is heard and Luna yelling. The rest must of been impulse, grabbing a rifle and shooting the man "curses, what was I thinking, wait should I be glad he isn't dead?" Suraru thought cleaning the blood off his face.

Still shaking from the pain and excitement, he barely sat up to see the attacker look into the other room. "Hey, Luna" Suraru whispered still on the couch, pointing his thumb toward the door in a urgent fashion, trying to signal a retreat. "I'll die for you, get outta here" Suraru mouthed so the other man would not hear in case he had good hearing.

Luna looks at Suraru and said "This is no time to be a the door. I'll be back." She heads into the kitchen and came out with the box and holds it in front of her. She ignites her body and the cargo in a blue flame but with a slightly warm temperature and said "Try that again and I'll burn the box." She than signals Suraru to get behind her.

The cat remained on the couch. Still dazed and a bit hurt from last night, he was in no condition for fighting, or really moving for that matter. "Luna before we do anything rash" He said, then looking at the man "What is your message"

"His message? With what he just did, I don't think talking is on the agenda. He attacked us and says he has a message? I might as well do the same by cutting his arm off and say I have a message." Said Luna as she walked in front of Suraru to protect him, body still burning.

"It would just grow back, or he would beat us with it" Suraru said laying back down on the couch "My arm is killing me, more so because you decided to show up trying to kill us, what is it that you want" Suraru said with a shaky voice looking up.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby WhiteinBlack on Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:43 pm

June 6th 1210, Luna’s Home, 8:23am

Feron grunted as he impacted on the other side of the house. He felt several objects stabbing into his back. Relief can slowly as the bits of debris were forced out of his body by his passive power. The lizard just gave loud snicker in the spot as Luna left briefly just to return with his objective. She then ignited herself and the box in blue fire.

"Try that again and I'll burn the box." She threated.

"Luna before we do anything rash." Said the one called Suraru who pushed himself onto a small couch.“What is your message?”

Luna snorted a retort. "His message? With what he just did, I don't think talking is on the agenda. He attacked us and says he has a message? I might as well do the same by cutting his arm off and say I have a message." She stalked away right in front of Suraru’s battered form.

‘She truly is a moron. Make a threat and then walk away from your leverage?’ Feron shook his head in shame but smiled. ‘Then again, morons tend to bring the best fun.’

At this point, Feron was on his metal-tipped boots, dusting off his wrecked coat.

"It would just grow back, or he would beat us with it" Suraru said lying back down on the couch "My arm is killing me, more so because you decided to show up trying to kill us, what is it that you want?"

Feron looked slightly up at the roof.

“Ya know, I haven’t tried that. Maybe I should do that on my next assignment.” He returned his masked face, the painted grin on the wood hiding his large smile. “Just imagine the look on the guy’s face; the lights leaving his eyes and knowing his dying in most unthinkable way. You’ve got a creative mind. I should consult you for more ideas.”

He giggled and placed his hands behind his back, throwing one leg out after the other in a slow awkward pace as if he was walking through the park admiring the day. “Besides, it wouldn’t do me any good to kill you. The fact that you two left your cargo was a huge mistake on your part, one that was, unfortunately, fixed by us.”

He arrived at the box, only a few feet away from the two. He placed a boot on top of the box. “I was really hoping to receive an order to kill for your stupid mistake. But no. I just have to get the one piece of cargo you took for some reason and scold you for your idiocy.”

He pointed an orange claw at Luna, glaring at her. “You would be really fun to fight. I can just imagine the destruction you could cause with that power. Though, I’m intrigued on long you can imitate one’s abilities.”

He placed an elbow on his bent leg and rested his head on his fist, hiding under the large mask. “Too bad, you can’t learn all of the person’s capabilities. You just use what you see. If it wasn’t for that, you might match me. After all, I know nearly all my power, but there is always something more to learn.”

He sighed. Feron hated being a messenger boy. He hoped his taunt would provoke them to fight, but they were smart enough to be cautious. He stood straighter.

“More to the point. Make sure you don’t do another dumb action. You could have lost the objective and, in turn, your life.” He unbuttoned the center of his coat, but it torn instead. He scolded, but reached into his coat and pulled out a thick brown package. He threw the package at the woman, whom caught with an outstretched hand.

“The job was assigned to Luna. You can share, but your pay was reduced because of that error. Next time, don’t make that mistake.” He growled before bending down and lifting the crate on his shoulder. He smiled.

“Otherwise, I’ll be back for some games. I have a few in mind.” He chuckled and left out the front door and out of sight.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby Silver Predator Wolf on Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:01 am

Luna watches Feron as he leaves before closing the door and locking it before tending Surarus wounds. She looks at the package and left it on the nearby table. She checks his wounds and said "Nothing serious. Some stitching will close the wound."

"Bah, stitching, whatever... I'm going to pass out now" Said Suraru closing his eyes.

Luna rolled her eyes and went to get the first aid box and starts to stich Surarus wounds shut. Once she is done, she walks around to check the damage. "Not much. Good thing too." She sits on the couch facing Suraru and took the package and open it and starts to count the cash.
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