THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby WhiteinBlack on Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:29 am

June 3rd, 1210 Location: Jade Blue Inn 7:53AM

Alma awoke and rolled over in his bed, placing his feet on the floor and sat up. Looking around, it took him took a second to remember where he was, but on recounting the previous day’s events, he took off his jacket having forgotten to do so the night before. And with that, he headed upstairs, thinking about how he was now going to have to join a caravan for his return to Anduruna. Either that or risk getting lost again, but he had more pressing matters to attend to and with that took a seat at the closest table to his room and called for the waitress.

Alma noticed that the waitress had some nice curves as she approached, but kept the smirk off of his face as she asked, "Good morning! Did you sleep well last night?"

He bluntly stated, "The bed was too comfortable, but I slept well. Thanks for asking" Softening up to her as he went on.

"Oh, good. But I don't see how a bed could be too comfortable." The tailless Mink gave a small giggle.

"Good point..." Alma’s mind briefly trailed off before snapping back to the mink, asking, "What’s the special today?"

The waitress pulled out her notepad and pen. "Today's special is whatever you want, cutie." She gave a patient smile.

Returning the smile, Alma asked, "Give me a minute to decide, please?"

"Of course." She walked away from the table, swaying her hips as she headed towards the kitchen, leaving the blind man to his thoughts. Alma actually turned his head for this view, losing his focus to the web of flirting scenarios running through his head.

"Mind if I join you?"

The slow candid voice had caught Alma off guard causing his ears to perk and even turned his head to the source. Irritably, Alma thought, 'Great, a perfectly good train of thought interrupted...' and then replying as obviously irritated, listed off several acceptances at once, "Sure, Fine, Whatever." Thinking the stranger would shut up and leave him be, Alma tried to divert his attention back to the girl; it had been a long time since he had such encounters.

Much to Alma’s disappointment the man started talking again. "Good. We can get to business." The man took a seat across from Alma.

'Business?' this one word caught Alma's attention. What could Alma offer this blunt, suited jackal? Cautiously, Alma continued to analyze this man as he masked his true emotions and inquired, "What sort of business?"

“The kind that benefits both us." Just then, the waitress returned, pen and pad in hand. "Oh, another guest. Welcome to the Jade Blue Inn. Is there anything I can get you?" She asks the man. "Your strongest herbal tea will do." He replied just as ominously as he was to Alma. The youthful woman's mood damped from his voice, but it was quickly cured as she looked at her previous customer. "Have you decided yet?" She said in a sweet-filled voice.

Alma smiled as he turned his attention back to the young woman. "Yes, if you would I’d like three omelets and a large cup of water."

She scribbled the orders on her pad. "I'll have them ready soon." She walked away once more, swaying.

“Thank you" Unfortunately, Alma had to take care of this stranger before turning his attention to the girl, stating, "I'm listening."

“I'm in a need of a certain resource and you are in need of honesty." The man placed his hands together on the table as he spoke and stared. "As you've discovered, selling gems and minerals around here is a vicious business. Since there are few suppliers, it is a fight for the best ones. But even the best suppliers have been short on high-quality material. Lately, jewelers will do anything to gain the upper hand on other stores. Even lie to a blind man who carries around several diamonds possibly at the highest grade that a Dreamkeeper can obtain."

Alma chuckle a bit as he sarcastically stated, "You don’t say...” Then sincerely asked, “But, what might I ask are you proposing?"

Alma laughed as he stated, "I don't know if you've noticed, but I am blind. And as much as I'd love to take you up on your offer, I doubt that I can be of any service to you."

The Jackal sipped his tea. He wasn't amused. "We have four blinds within in Dena. They are clumsy and in constant need of attention. You, however, weave around people and obstacles with ease. Unsupervised. That, alone, tells me that you see." The man took another sip of his tea. "I am quite sure you can find what we need."

Alma eyes turned, meeting the jackal’s as if to confirm the man’s statement. Then he looked away as he thought, ‘Great, this man is too well connected, and whoever he is with is far too observant. This group must be very large and dangerous; better not to get involved. Although, I do need a bit of cash and he probably knows only the ones I had been carting around. I guess I could try but still, I doubt that I can help him.’ Alma turned his head back to the jackal as if to invite him to continue.

The man rummaged with a pocket within his suit and pulled out a small yellow-orange envelope. He placed it on the table. "The fuel you are looking for is somewhere in the Warehouse District. They will be in several large drums. Inside this envelope is money for a taxi to the district as well as a beacon. When you find the fuel, press the button on the device to activate it and place it next to its location. Do. Not. Lose. It."

He took a moment for his drink. "After finding the location, head to the Fishermaster's Tavern within the district. There, we will meet again. The job must be done before midnight.” The jackal rummages through his suit again, pulled out his wallet, and placed money on the table.

"I will attempt to help you but what if I am not able to complete this task? Also, what can you tell me of this fuel? I want to be able to know what I am looking for."

"I suggest not thinking that way, Alma. As for the fuel, they will be large drums, fifty galleon drums. About half your height. There should be eight of them. That's all I know."

"I am only the contractor. I'm glad that you agreed to my proposal. I only ask you to uphold your end of the bargain."

He finished his tea and left his seat for the exit.
Alma watched the man as he stood up and walked past his view’s range and then out the door. Thinking of his task that he now had to set out on, Alma started rambling in his head. ‘And seriously, midnight? What’s with people’s affinity for this hour? It made no sense to Alma, why not just call it 12 or pick any other hour like four or three? Actually no, scratch that, three is just as stupid. But four, four is a good number! I should use it more…’

The waitress came back breaking Alma’s counterproductive concentration by asking, “Oh, where did the other guy go?"

“Oh, you’re referring to the creep? “ He said playfully. “Yeah, we were talking business and he had somewhere to be, so he left.”

“Good, he was weird, and is this your payment? If so it’s too much.” She tapped on the table, directing Alma’s attention to the money that man had left.

“Ehh, just take whatever the excess is, consider it a tip.”

He heard her mutter under her breath. “Large tip!”

“Do you know where I could get some graphite dust around here?”

“Actually, I might know of a place. If you’d like I could take you there when I get off?”

She had not divulged the location before offering to join him so Alma knew she was taking a liking to him. “Why thank you, it would be nice to have someone to tag along with. Plus I won’t keep getting lost. I’ll just go to my basement room in the meantime”

“Perfect, I’m Medium, by the way. I should be off by 10 and will come by at that time” there was definite bliss behind her voice as she said this.

‘Perfect indeed.’ This was going exactly as he had hoped. “Ok, see you then, and its Alma.” And with that Alma stood up and made his way back to his room. Alma was going to need the graphite for his job that night. Not that he couldn’t find graphite on his own, let alone that he already knew were some was; it’s just that he had the entire day to prepare and would rather not spend most of it alone. Plus, this company in particular was looking to be very satisfactory.

About 4pm
Alma had just been dropped off at the Inn, having spent a lot more time with Medium than he had intended, and sat down on a bench next to the door for a few minutes. Once he was sure Medium, had left, Alma hailed for a taxi, and headed for the warehouse district, making sure to be dropped off at the Fishermaster’s Tavern. From here he just started walking around the district, taking a right from the bar’s entrance.

It had been about six hours since Alma started searching and it was getting dark out. Having already walked around all of the northern containments, Alma had to change for the night. He had already got in trouble for trespassing at least a dozen times since starting to search, getting off the hook by being blind. Although it was night now, it would be a little more difficult to explain how a blind kid would get into a secure facility; rather than being open as in the day.

So Alma found an enclosed room in one of the empty warehouses and unwrapped his bandages from off of his diamond container and pulled out the bag of graphite dust from earlier. Alma then bandaged up his entire body, including his head, except for the last foot of his tail which was solid black. Then Alma turned his powers on, enhancing his vision as the Purple halo statically came into existence. The center marking on his chin glowed a vivid purple as the graphite lifted out of the bag, covering the bandages.


Alma walked back onto the street in his new attire, keeping aware to his surroundings and continuing on his search.

It was only a few minutes more when Alma spotted something at the edge of his field of vision. There was a fence between Alma and the item so as silently as he could, he climbed it, slowly lowering himself over the other side as to not land on anything he couldn‘t see.

Approaching the side of the warehouse, there were 8 containers in a drum shape but these were definitely not traditional drums.

They were made of a heavy, and very strong carbon based alloy that’s inner wall was being bombarded by the unseen energy, literally causing the carbon’s bonds to slowly break free of its metallic counterparts. This had to be it what Alma was searching for!

Inching his way along the building Alma found a door. “Figures…” The door was locked and Alma was not in the mood for games. Once again his purple halo statically came to life. Then his left fingers started to glow in a vibrant purple, followed by his diamond shards, flowing from the container. The shards convulsed on the lock for a second and then glimmered as they flowed back into their container, leaving the lock cut loose and hanging freely.

Snuffing out his power he then proceeded to silently make his way into the warehouse and towards the containers. Alma took his bag off to grab the transmitter as he walked and then suddenly stopped, waited for the guard around the corner to turn away and then continued on past him.

Fiddling with the small spherical transmitter, Alma found the single button and pushed it. It instantly beeped once and then magnetized. Alma placed in on one of the central barrels, making sure to keep it out of sight.

As ghostly as he had entered into the warehouse, he left, heading back to the tavern.

A gruff barkeep beckoned him as he entered into the Tavern still disguised, “You, your Alma?”

“Correct, why do you ask?” the barkeep reached down beind the bar and threw a package towards Alma. Catching it, he decided it best to open in secret. ‘Why hadn’t the jackal shown?’

Heading out to the street, Alma entered into an alley to investigate the sealed package.

Opening it, there was another device, and again with only a single button. ‘Yawn, why couldn’t they just give him a blind person’s version of a data scroll? Hmn, do those actually exist? Oh well.’ He went ahead and pushed the button and the Jackal’s voice could be heard.

“I apologize for lying; I had other business to attend to. Head to the supermarket and speak to the manager. He’ll know you. However, our business is not done. I will be back. Do not attempt to leave, we are watching.”

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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby Vescott on Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:51 am

June 3rd, 1210 Location; warehouse district. 11:14 pm

The message was good to hear, but was far worse to understand. Alma now knew that he had gotten into something he should have expected to follow him. The only option was to get out NOW! Before progressing any further in…

Alma threw the device aside as it shocked his hand. He could smell the devices components burn as they extinguishing any evidence to go along with the devices purpose.

‘Great, looks as if I will be having a change in plans now’ And with that Alma headed to go grab his things and to find a springer. He had a plan to leave and was not going to be someone’s puppet without his say in the matter…

11:41 pm

The young shopkeeper awoke to the sound of knocking at his front door and went to answer, grumbling at the low prospects of this being of enough importance to interrupt his sleep.

As the forest green dhole-like shopkeeper finished unlatched the door it was quickly forced open, throwing him to the ground.

Before he could get up a dagger was placed against his throat and his head pulled back as Alma heightened his voice and stated, “Obedience in exchange for your life! So keep quiet and get up!” and with that the stranger yanked at his hair forcing him up and towards the back of the shop.

‘Great, I finally get a shop set up and running smoothly and I get robbed! Wait, why would he knock if he wanted to rob me? That is usually best done in silence.’ this left the question, “What do you want with me?”

“Your services. Now where would you prefer to work?”

“At the table behind the counter if you would?” Seating the shopkeeper down, the stranger pulled the knife away and then rummaged through something behind him. As curious as he was, turning around to find out what the man was doing was not worth risking his life.

Then a sack passed his face and was placed on the table in front of him. The stranger continued on to walked around the table and stopped in front of the man stating, “I need you to help me with that sack of diamonds.”

The shopkeeper was confused at first and then hesitantly opened up the sack. Sure enough it was filled with raw, uncut diamonds. The stranger was completely bandaged except for the tip of his black tale, and looked to be dirtied up to darken the bandages. Then something clicked in his head while looking at the stranger and calmly said, “I see that you did not find a trustworthy person here in Dena. You have a lot more diamonds than I could had suspected having met you the other day. You also could have done better than a knife.”

His voice returning to normal, Alma stated, “so you recognized me did you? how unfortunate. For you that is.” without moving, his halo erupted and then his entire left arms black marking started to vibrantly glow underneath the bandages as the diamonds around the shopkeeper started to climb up his arm, tightening around it as they went.

The shopkeeper started to panic, ”You can not fight them, they will only tear into your flesh if you do so.” At this, the dhole man realizes this truth and stopped moving, tensing up, hoping that this stranger would still have need his services.

“You now understand your predicament, this entire shop is my weapon, and YOU WILL HELP ME! You have no choice in the matter…” Alma then loosened his grip, sending the gems back to the table.

“The names Cameron by the way, what is it that you would have me to do?” Alma was bewildered by this mans sudden humility. But now had orders to give.

“It is quite simple, look though the entire sack and pick out the top 200 gems present, separating them out into 2 piles. Also, place any colored ones that you find off to the side.”

‘But, there are thousands of them?! And that will take…”

“Just do it.” Interjected Alma sternly. And with that, Cameron went about his task, doing as he was told.

3:54 Am July 4th

“You know, it is almost 4 now and it is going to be getting light out here in the next hour.” Cameron had just finished his task of separating out the diamonds.

“Ok than. Now I need you to weigh out all of the remaining diamonds at once and bring me two large and one small leather pouch.”

Cameron did so by first weighing out the remaining diamonds. They came to 24 lbs and 3.215 ounces. And then he brought out the two pouches.

“Good.” There were only two colored diamonds to Alma’s dismay, an approximately 1.2 carat vivid green and about a 4.3 carat fancy green diamond. Alma placed these in the smaller pouch. Apparently having gone only for the pure diamonds, these were of the only color he could have hoped in obtaining from his recent excursion.

“Ok, you have one more task. I want you to cut the rest of the diamonds into shards, no larger than one centimeter in length. And in exchange you can have your choice of one of these two piles.” Alma then scooped the two piles in front of him into the larger leather pouches and placed them in his backpack.

Cameron was speachless as Alma added, “Just do this for me and I will make it well worth your time“

Cameron barely voiced out a weak, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet, I’ll be back by tomorrow night to check up on you progress. And don’t try anything foolish as I can see everything around me. If you do so, the consequences will be, dire…” Although this was not quite true, Alma knew that Cameron would have no choice but to trust him; and while heading to the door added, “By the way, my name is Alma and I need this done as soon as possible. And thank you for you time, you are doing me the favor here.”

Alma then left the shop and headed back towards the Inn, ready to curl up and die for the night; Tomorrow he would have to head to the supermarket to speak to the manager, If only in the hopes of keeping whoever he got mixed up with from becoming suspicious of his intentions…
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby SerafinoDragonTamer on Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:08 pm

June 3rd, 1210
1200 hrs
River Dianne


Kiaran closed his eyes, breathed quietly, and held a fifteen-inch Flo-Wood Knife in a reverse grip. He faced the river and waited. Suddenly, a fish leapt out of the river and Kiaran struck. He lunged out at the fish and impaled it on the knife. As soon as he felt the weapon slide into his prey, he spread his wings and pulled up into the sky.

"Ahh..." Kiaran tore into the raw fish with no remorse. "Being feral sometimes does have it's perks..."

"Myah..." A dark-air ryuu neko pulled along side the Dragon and bit his hand.

"Ow!" Kiaran glared at his companion. "All you have to do is ask you idiot..."

Kiaran gave Alerio the rest of the foot-long fish. "C'mon... Let's head into the city..."

And with that, the duo flew over the river heading west for the Docks of Dena...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1242 hrs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kiaran flew fast and low and darted under the docks, he then sped up for the incoming concrete wall ahead of him. Suddenly, his halo flared over his head and he dove straight into the shaded wall.

Kiaran laughed evily and a Dragon shaped shadow slid along the wall. "Too easy..."

Alerio followed close behind the shadow, still not sure how the Dragon did that trick.

the Dragon-shadow started to ooze straight up when it cleared the edge of the docks and found a patch of shadow. It took the form of Kiaran and it slowly retreated as Kiaran's body emerged from it. His halo disappeared as the shadow faded away in the sunlight.

"C'mere you..." Kiaran held out his arm and Alerio perched on it. "I've got a few Lucre on me... We might as well have a little vacation while we're here..."

Kiaran strode through patches of shade as if avoiding the sun. Slowly making his way into the heart of Dena. He passed an Inn with a sign that said "The Jade Blue Inn"

"Hmm... What do you think, Al?" Kiaran asked his pet. "Want to escape the caves for a while?"

Alerio eyed the Inn and flicked his forked tongue, "Murr..."

Kiaran shrugged. "Fine, let's get a room." He walked toward the building and put his hand on his springer pistol holstered on his belt. He did this when he was going up to talk to anyone. Nervous habit.

Walking inside he strode to the front desk.

"Can I help you?" Kiaran looked up at the fox DreamKeeper at the desk.

Kiaran remained silent, he never could stand being around other DreamKeepers.

The worker narrowed his eyes and his ears twitched. "Look, if you're not here to eat, or get a room. Get the hell out of here. And we don't allow pets."

Kiaran remained silent. He merely stared at him and slowly moved his tail.

"That's it!" the worker moved to pull a pistol from under the desk. But before he could even touch the gun, Kiaran had his own pointed straight between the fox's eyes.

"Room..." he said plainly. "And don't ever try to pull a gun on someone who you don't understand..."

The fox raised his hands. "Okay, okay... Here's a key." he handed Kiaran two keys on a ring. "Your room's in the basement..."

Kiaran took the keys and twirled his gun before holstering it. "Many thanks..."

The Dragon whipped his tail and walked downstairs to take a short nap before exploring the city at night.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby Kuurion on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:40 am

((Sorry for the short post - I felt I needed to update but don't have much time to get creative))

June 2nd: 10:30 pm
(Still first day)

After what seemed like not enough time letting his mind wander in the Silent Centuries exhibits, the blue ram wandered back out of the room - to find the rest of the museum deserted. Or, nearly deserted anyway. A few lights left on for security and a janitor mopping the floors was all that could be seen. '****, how long was I in there? Did I miss the closing announcements?'

After a few embarassed questions to the nearby mop-keeper, he found his way back to the front desk and found, thankfully, an employee still there, wrapping a few things up. After a brief explanation and a few laughs between them, the woman opened the front door and let Kuurion back out. Yes, he'd definately missed closing time - whereas he'd entered the museum around 2 or 3 o'clock, now the sky was dark and the last hints of the sun were visible over the horizon.

Ooh, I feel bad for those guys - pulling the late shift hopefully makes a bit of extra coin. He mused to himself as he put his hands in his pockets and started the walk home. He stuck to the main pathways - those lit by the ambient glow from nearby buildings, merchants, and entertainment venues. While he could walk anywhere and keep the darkness at bay, he still preferred regular everyday lighting in high-traffic areas; less surprises when you know this area is seen all the time. Too much possibility to stumble on something you don't want to see in a dark alleyway - and attracts too much attention to yourself when you're illuminating what other might not WANT you to see.

It was a long walk back to his place of residence, but thankfully it went without incident. Normally by this time he'd have been long home already, but losing track of time has a way of doing that to you. All burned out from overthinking all day in a dark room, and keeping himself lit for hours on end, the man collapsed upon his bed and almost immediately fell to sleep, not even bothering to take off his jacket before his head hit the pillow. Back to the grind tomorrow.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby Reed R Gale on Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:54 pm

June 3rd, Tower Center 10:29

Luna is walking around the store and Suraru asking her if he could just use the clothing he is wearing now, her ears picked up someone singing and looks in the direction and said "Seems to me, someone wants some attention."

Suraru looked to where he heard it and said "Ya I heard it to, maybe a street performer? Let’s go check it out, I wonder if... She’s doing anything cool." Suraru and Luna walked back to the entrance where Lumi was singing.

"Let’s get going then. But if you still want to get any clothing, please let me know." They then walk in the direction that the song is coming from.

Lumi noticed people starting to enter her personal bubble and she stopped and opened her eyes. Oh my god! The people she had to contact were right in front of her! Why had she indulged in her hobby... "Um, uh, hi there." She said feebly. Once again, her face got hot, and she thanks the fact that her fur was rusty, again.

Suraru looked at Lumi with a slight tilt to his head, looking confused. Suraru said "Nice song. Heh, if i had a stringer (Guitar) I would join you."

"I'm Lumi, your contact, if you may, can be step outside?" She found that this made a good excuse for looking away from the intimidating people. She made for the automatic door which slid open without a sound, letting in all the fresh outside air. She looked back to make sure that the others were still following her, the she continued, leading them to an alley covered in trash cans, and she began to speak.

"This message is just meant for Suraru, but in the case that another is along, they are allowed..." She was holding back her has, and ums, this was an important part, but it resulted in a much quieter voice than usual, a much for scared voice than she actually was, " participate in the mission." She paused but continued, swallowing her nervousness, “So, are you ready?” She said in a near whisper mumble, "I'm going to use my power, I'm terrible with speaking, if it, um, isn't already obvious..." Stated Lumi shyly.

Suraru was confused at the girl’s request, but he said anyways "Ummm? Okay? Go ahead I guess…" Luna shrugs and says, "Why not..."

Lumi nods solemnly, then lets her halo glow, well rather appear, hers didn't glow as much as others. It was, however, a halo made of musical notes. This time, when she sang the song, the opening, the Aria of Soul, it had power, meaning, and body. She was accompanied by the bricks of the alleyway, and the trash on the floor, though none really possessed a strong voice, they shouted with all their might, the young things, "Let me join in!"

Together, the sound that surrounded them was Lumi's powerful opening surrounded by the cacophony of sounds, but it created a sort of... beat, and she worked around it creating a new song. This one was rather primal, new, however she only made the 'ah' sound, never speaking any lyrics, the two other dreamkeepers would hear only one word: "Sing".

Suraru's song began first, resonating from somewhere within him, coming out of his mouth which must have opened unexpectedly, with a strum of a string instrument. The sound was sad, but it had meaning, like a person who had had trouble throughout life, but it wasn't all bad. Bittersweet was really the word to describe the music that came from him. No words were being formed, and the opening of his aria repeated continuously, when she pointed at Luna.

Luna's song did not match her looks, but in Lumi's experience that was normal. Her song was almost like impending doom, played in the form of a violin, however it had a small spark of hope flaring within it, growing stronger with each passing moment, almost dying, but flickering, trying to stay alive. The little instrument inside here fluctuated, growing stronger, waning, then regaining strength. It made Lumi happy for some reason.

Through all of this, the young vixen was silent, she had let the two sing, let their arie flow on their own for this time, until finally she pointed at Suraru, and waved her hands like a conductor, and finally she began as well, letting her own voice, sad and sorrowful conveying the possible danger, weave around the two others. The objects had hushed; she was focusing her energy only on the two before her, making her voice one that can communicate with both of their arie. She began her tale.

First, a picture of a group of bandits, she sang in a song that matched both at once, they managed to steal a large amount of metal, she sang the word Oxmindite in English, she conveyed to them the containers that held the metal in question, three crates, as well as the bandits, evil in her mind, and that was how she had the others picture them, 12 dark figures made of smoke with glowing yellow eyes, standing in a group, evil smiles glinting would be what she was conveying through her feelings.

Then she moved onto the mission, they must obtain these boxes before the bandits, still in smoke form, escape through the mountains. Then she had one bandit, the most ruthless looking one, tower above the rest, his grin the most twisted of all. All around him, black plants and brambles with black roses budding on them twisted around him his eyes turning a blood red. He moved these plants around effortlessly. For effect, she sang of heroes made of light getting torn to shreds, their light-made bodies fading into the dust, leaving only darkness, the 12.

Then she sang of hope, that they would be able to complete this mission, that they would be greatly rewarded, and remembered forever... the picture painted, she collapsed to the ground. "Do you understand... uh" She coughed, “Any questions?” She weakly asked her voice hoarse from the music, haunting and bittersweet, that she had created with the other two. That was a one time performance, no two were the same. Then she looked up at the two again, gazed at Luna, actually looked at her, and something clicked.

"I've worked with--" she was cut off by her own coughing, but continued, her throat feeling quite scratchy, "I've worked with you! This isn't your first job for THEM is it?" She sat upright in a kneeling position. Observing the world around her, the silence, no, the non-musical noise that drifted about, felt weird after the noise she had created, noise she truly loved.

Luna heard this and tried to recall her past jobs looking pensive, "I'm not so sure. I got too many jobs done to remember them all."

Suraru gazed at Lumi, almost with anger. He thought to himself 'Well here I am again, doing more missions for some super-secret program of powerful people... crap... well I could do it, in fact, why not. I'll end up getting myself killed in some way, best I do it while fighting. I am actually a bit surprised this girl didn’t lead me here to a group of assassins.’

"Ok" Suraru said "I'll accept your mission, but I want to meet these "Employers" when I have the chance." Suraru said angrily.

"They—I mean THEM, don't contact me in person, I don't know who they are, I'm sorry." She knew an annoyed gaze was coming, and she looked away from Suraru to hide the shame, and fear in her eyes. She didn't know what he would do to him if she didn't complete his request. The girl started the fidget and squirm I tiny bit from her kneeling position, and then she got up, and she continued to try and change the subject.

"I've got, um, more people to contact, so could I get going... Unless you have more questions?"
"Yes," Suraru said still annoyed "Where do i begin?"

She felt weird under pressure, like she would, at any moment collapse under the gaze of the other party, and she started to feel a bit faint, so she tried to answer the question quickly. "Umm," Her breathing was a bit heavier ever second, "I believe the docks would be a good start, they still hadn't docked yet when I got the information, I think. If not, I'd check the gates. I'd split up, so that at, um, at least one of you runs into them." She thought a bit, putting her pointer finger under her chin in thought, then continued, "And my input on the situation is you could just wait and intercept them at the mountains. Anything else?"

"Luna?" Suraru said as he looked at her.

Luna heard this and said "Don't rush into things that you don’t know about. But we need to be prepared before we do anything. And tone down dearie. You’re scaring her."

"Right," Suraru said, then he looked back at Lumi, seeing her fear. "Sorry about scaring you, I'm just getting sick of missions, my name is Suraru." He said as he patted her on the shoulder.
Kind of instinctively, Lumi backed away from the friendly pat. "I-I know your name, I've gotta get going," And she ran off down the alley.

“Huh, well Luna, I’ll go check the gate, you go check the docks, if we can’t find them, guess you and me meet up near the mountains" Suraru said, and his light blue halo glimmered as he prepped his legs for takeoff.

"Suraru, remember, don't rush. We should go in properly prepared. I suggest a few weapon?" Luna threw out as an idea.

Suraru dropped his power and his pants stopped fluttering "Ya, that might be smart" He said as he fell back to the ground and walked out of the alley looking for a gunshop.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby Suraru on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:07 am

A while later, as they are walking, Suraru spotted a weapon shop, and asked Luna "How much money do you have?" Luna took out her data scroll and access her account and showed Suraru. There are six digits with the starting number being a nine.

"That should be enough to get me a nice weapon!" exclaimed Suraru happily "Too uhh well protect you with" Suraru said to try not to look to excited to finally get a range weapon back in his hands. He walked up to the man at the shop, who said "Well hi there, and welcome tho the Forges of Mar. So what can I do for yaaaaaa!" Dustin yelled as he slipped on some loose springer parts and crashed to the floor.

"Sorry about that, so what do you need?" Dustin asked. Luna sighs and closed the data scroll, while Suraru laughed a little. Luna said "Looks like I'll have to teach you some cqc after this." as she follows Suraru to the shop.

"pffftt, close quarters combat, if anything gets that close i just fly away" Suraru said to Luna, then turned to Dustin. Suraru looked happy as he looked at some of the weapons out on display "Ohhh thats nice" As he looked at a fully automatic 6 barrel springer "I'm Suraru, how are you, and what is THAT?" Suraru said fully interested in the weapon.

Dustin got up and replied "I've been better, but I see you have your eye on the MK-2C Kraken springer." Dustin got grabbed it and handed it to Suraru. "Its a nice model but not cheap, but looking at your level of enthusiasm I'll give it to you for half price. Only 1200 lucre and ill throw in 300 rounds of ammo for free, but the way my name is Dustin for future reference."

"Hmmm nice, I like it, but do you have anything smaller, with similar firepower?" Suraru said as he remembered he wont be able to fit that large weapon in his coat. "Hmmm... let me look." Dustin began to browse the rows of springers he had in the back. "

Ahh this will do!" He passed Suraru a shorter bull-pup version of the same rifle as he exited the back of the store. "It has the same fire power but less range, 745 lucre for it and 100 for the for the special ammunition of bolt rounds. So what do you say?"

Luna rolled her eyes and said "You rely too much on your weapons. Your a sitting duck once your weapon jams or runs out of ammo. And dont even try and escape. They will go after the one that tries to run first."

"Luna shush" Suraru rudely says to her, then back to Dustin "Nice, its just a little long, I'm looking for something to secretly keep, that wont interfere with my movement, and do you have explosive rounds?"

Dustin twitched and said "The bolt rounds are explosive, and for the ladies convinced I can teach him some CQC. Also we don't have any multi- barrel variants that are any shorter sorry."

"What about automatic single barrel then? like a small handheld" said Suraru not really understanding the man. 'Geez there is no getting through to this kid' Dustin thought, then said "Well just look around and when you find one you like let me know."

Dustin then began to assemble a large sniper Rifle and said to Luna. "So are you two a couple or something?" Luna chuckled when she heard this and said "If we were, I would keep him on a leash. Also..." she puts a bag on a table and opens it. Inside were 2 black blades that are about 2.50 meters long, like a tail in sword form, and said "You got anything that can clean these? Its been a long time since I bring them out for a stretch."

Suraru began to browse through the weapons like an eager kid, not even noticing anything else. "Right then, they will be spic and span in a jiffy!" Dustin placed his hands on the blades and activated his power, and with a simple flash of light the blades were as good as new with Dustin now holding a solid block of dust he calmly said "Anything more you want me to do?"

"GOT IT!" Suraru exclaimed as he picked up a small single barrel springer, and a large clip that holds up to 16 Bolt rounds each. "I'll take this, with 64 of your incineration rounds, 32 bolt rounds, and 500 normal rounds. How much would that be?" asked the eager Suraru.

"GN-669X side arm thats a nice choice." Said Dustin, who then rang up Suraru's order and placed the Rounds he requested on the counter. "Alright that comes out to 743.97 lucre, cash credit or debit?" he said smiling.

"Luna, I promise I'll pay you back" Said Suraru as he put on a interesting mix of cute cat and dog eyes, but not overdoing it. Luna growled slightly and said "Dont hush me again." she than said "I'll pay by credit. Also, do you have any place where I can test these out without destroying the place?" asked Luna as she filled in the detail for the order on her data scroll.

"Hehe sorry, I get a little... exited when it comes to a good weapon, and thank you" Suraru said with a small smirk on his face while he aimed down his new weapon. Luna made the payment and waited for it to be finalized.

"Oh ya, thanks man" Suraru says as he walks away, pocketing the springer. "Ill name you Karen, after my 14th girlfriend" Suraru says to his gun. Luna heard this and said "14th? What happened to the other 13?"

"Well 12 of them didnt work out, 1 of them died, and the 14th was the one who tried to kill me first" Suraru said while smirking "Then the other 11 were killed or agents trying to kill me, I havnt really had luck with girls, well keeping them anyways" Suraru continued, while loosing his smirk.

"I see... so.. is there anyone your eyeing right now? or do you prefer to be alone for the moment?" asked Luna. The last thing Dustin heard as they moved out of earshot was Suraru saying "Well, I'm not really sure, I guess because I'm in a new place, I can start looking for love again, without fear of them getting involved with my past"

"Well... you never know. You might end up falling for the person you never thought you had any interest in. It was the same with me. But it's a pity that he is already married." said Luna. "Who are you talking about?" Suraru said wondering about her love life.

"I had a friend that I had a crush on. But was too late to tell him. so... in the end, he married my other friend. "Ouch, well we should start getting to the mountains, we've probably missed them at the docks or the gate" Suraru said changing the subject to avoid drama.

"Lets go back to my place and dump the things first. Makes it much easier to move round that way.." said Luna as they walked back to her home.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby MandyHabato on Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:53 pm

June 3rd, Docks, 12:35 pm

Chiisai hopped off the boat onto the docks, waving goodbye to the captain and two or three crew members.
One of them stopped waving, speaking to his friend next to him, but no taking his eyes off the snowy white figure. "Man, would you have expected a girl like that to be so at home on a boat like this?" He friend nodded, also watching the girl. "Yeah, and to be from Calypso. Who would have thought?" The first gave a chuckle and at a word from the captain, they started unloading their wares.

The girl slowly walked the dock, studying the buildings. She had a bright yellow sundress on, and carried a medium-sized golden colored side bag. As she strolled, a yellow and white head popped out of the bag, quickly looking around the city.

The girl looked down and giggled at her companion's excitement for a new start. "Yes, you can come out now, Haru." As she spoke, the smallish spark ryuu-neko climbed up her arm and stood on her head, curious and aching to explore. She gave another laugh and reached up, taking Haru down from her perch. "You know the more you look, the more you'll want to explore. And you can't do that unless we have a place to stay." The spark ryuu-neko frowned, playfully growling at her. Chiisai rolled her eyes and put her back in the bag, Haru just popping up from the inside to look at the city.

12:47 pm

She spotted and inn, and pushed Haru down in the bag. They might not allow ryuu-nekos, but the pair always got rooms anyway. She saw a shadowy shape head to the basement as she entered. She walked in and up to the front desk, smiling as she gave the fox a friendly "Hello!"

He looked back from watching the figure head to the basement and gave a polite nod. "At least she seems like a more pleasant guest." He thought as he put the gun back in its place. "Hello little girl, how may I help you?" He asked, studying her.

Chiisai nodded, pleased that the employees seemed nice. "Yes, you can. I would like a room. Is there one availible?" She asked, feeling Haru shift in her bag. "Don't move Haru, or we'll get busted! I don't think they allow ryuu-nekos!" She silently prayed, letting no one bit of her worry show through her smile. Haru may have heard, for she stopped moving in an instant.

The fox looked down at the remaining keys. "Why, yes, there is one left on the second floor. You do have the money for this, right?" There had been people who got rooms, and then left without paying, but his thoughts disappeared as Chiisai nodded. "Very well. Here are the keys." He handed down two keys on a ring and pointed her to the stairs up, right next to the ones to the basement.

Chiisai nodded, and started for the stairs. She turned at the base, remembering to call out a "Thank you." Before she dashed up the stairs.

In her room, she tossed her bag on the bed and Haru rolled out, immediately darting around the room. Laughing, Chiisai opened the window just a bit. "You can explore now, but don't get in trouble and don't let that man at the front desk catch you." Haru was out the window and climbing to the room before she finished.

Watching where she saw her friend's tail disappear, Chiisai shook her head and moved to her bag, making sure everything was there. "Yep, book, check. Money pouch, check. Info scroll, check. Money to send home, che-" She stopped as she looked in her special pouch for her family's money. There wasn't much in it, almost nothing. "Not check." He tail drooped. "I hadn't realized how little I had been making. Not even enough to send home!" She let out an exaggerated sigh and flopped back on the bed.

She closed her eyes, picturing her home, her little brother, her dad, She slowly opened her eyes as the healthy image of her mother switched to the image of her in bed, ill. "What was I thinking?" She muttered, half-wishing she was back home.

"Well, crying ain't going to help!" She jumped up, leaving her bag and everything, but her money pouch and keys, in it. She quickly leaned out the window and cried. "Haru, I'm going out!" Answered by a quick "Mow!" She nodded to herself and walked out the door, down the stairs, and out into the streets. As she walked, she looked for any place that may be short handed, or simply for work.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby Reed R Gale on Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:19 pm

June 3rd, Alleyway 11:19

Well then, I'll begin, would you like to be the one who compiles this?

Lumi ran down the alleyway until she reached the end, leading to another section in the market district. Noticeably trying to cycle air, she thought about her next "informant". They just got worse and worse, this next one was labeled as dangerous, and she was even given some information to use against the dragon-like dreamkeeper. All in all, she thought the way THEM works was horrible, but what could she do, she was pretty much defenseless, and she was watched all the time.

This led to an interesting thought. If they always watched her, what about when she was in the bathroom, sleeping, and changing. As she walked to the edge of the town her face grew red, what an invasion of privacy! She continued walking down the road following the directions given to her, then she sighed, and went off the beaten trail. She had to look for a cave around here.

Eastern Outskirts 14:07

Searching for a little while she found the cave and to her dismay, it was empty, leaving only scarce traces that anyone lived there. She fell down t her hands and knees in shock. The information was wrong. Where was he! She had a time limit of one day, or she would die. The girl felt like crying and she eyes started fogging up with even a few starts of tears forming in her eyes. But no! She got up and gave herself a pep talk. She could do this! She just needed to search the city and use what she knew!

But what did she know?

As she walked back to Dena she thought about it, what she knew about the dragon. He was blue and large, and didn't live in the city so she would know him on sight, she knew all the regulars around the town so it wouldn't be hard. Plus most of the people knew her, so it wouldn't be to hard to ask people for directions leading to the dragon. Using information she could find where he was in the general area.

Jade Blue Inn, 14:45

Next he was easy to anger, and would probably leave some sort of trail as to where he was. Using this information, she found herself outside of the Jade Blue Inn. The people pointed her here, and one even mentioned a commotion at the Inn a little while back. She walked in and saw the man at the front desk, Carl. He was well known for a quick temper as well, and a strong passion for his job. It was well known that he kept with him a pistol for unruly customers, and he was also known to use it. He looked to be in a particularly grim mood right now.

"Um, Ca-Carl? Did a blue dra-"

"Goddamnit! Yes! Rude too!"

"I need to, um, see him." She said quietly. He pointed her in the direction of the dragon's room and she climbed up the stairs and stood outside the door. It was almost as if the door emanated some sort of aura of dread, like opening that door would be the last thing she did. How did she get caught up in all this...

Tentatively, she knocked on the door.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby SerafinoDragonTamer on Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:25 pm

June 3rd, 1210
1450 hrs
Jade Blue Inn: Basement Rooms


Kiaran groaned and shoved Alerio off his stomach as he got off his bedmat.

"Someone's at the door... What. The. Hell..."

Lumi's face was overcome with shock when a large Dragon opened the door. "And w-who... Umm... Who are you?"

Kiaran looked at the shy DreamKeeper at the door and rubbed his eyes. He threw her a questioning look and leant on the doorframe.

"Oh my god, he's big. And blue, very blue." her mind was reeling already wondering if this was a good idea. "Of course it was a good idea, it was this or death!"

Her voice trembled as she spoke, "Um, hello, I need to, um contact you for... um..." her mind was trying to wander, and she was trying hard to keep her mind on the topic.

Kiaran sighed and his tail moved around slowly. He snapped his fingers and Alerio quickly sped up his body to take his place on Ki's left shoulder. He then moved out of the room and headed upstairs. "Something is wrong..." he thought. "Very, very wrong..."

Lumi just noticed he was walking away toward the next floor, there was no one on that floor, at least she hoped, there was no way she was going to be able to speak with Kiaran normally, and he didn't seem to show any interest in actually speaking with her.

She followed him upstairs and activated her power, beginning her aria beginning the haunting melody, and adding the words, "Kiaran, sing."

Kiaran stopped as his mouth was forced open. From is came a wavering buzz of a reed instrument in a minor key. It was low and melancholy, maybe even a bit unsure. There was even a bit of anger in it, mixing with the soothing tone of jazz.

Lumi changed her tone, her voice itself changing to that of a clainet, and she expressed her feelings of happiness that he didn't seem... too angry at what she had done. She then continued, changing the tune to one that explained the situation that Kiaran was faced with brought about by THEM. She painted the picture of the jail within Dena, filled with shadows of people, with rows upon rows of cells, and within one cell was a man sitting in a corner more defined than the others. Smoke above him formed into the name Roman. She zoomed backwards down the corridor, and added down the corridors many men holding keys, guards of the prison. From here, the picture split into two, one with Kiaran killing the man, and another with Kiaran getting the man out of the jail. The latter picture took presedence, while the other faded, continuing on to show the dragon flying out of Dena carrying Roman. She continued, returning to the picture of the jail, and a mug shot of a racoonlike dreamkeeper. He turned invisible soon after his own halo of mist appeared. She left the halo activate to show where he was. Wherever he went, the people he touched disappeared, the once full jail of wardens now looked to hold nothign but prisoners once and again, and finally even the halo disappeared.

She fell the to ground, her power still activated, but she was drained.

Kiaran walked back to her and picked her up in his arms. "We need to talk..." He walked back upstairs and out of the inn.

Alerio hissed as the afternoon sun seared his eyes. "Sorry Al... We're gonna have to cut our vacation short... Something came up." Kiaran spread his wings and flew east over the river toward his cave.

Lumi, somewhere in between had fallen unconsious, and woke up in the dragon's arms in the air. She started to panic a bit but realized that panic would only result in an 100 foot drop, so she kept calm. "Um, where are we going, and I, um, think you said, um, you wanted to talk?"

Kiaran kept his eyes forward and didn't answer. Something told him that it wouldn't matter either way.


June 3rd, 1210
1513 hrs
Eastern Caves: Across the River Dianne


Kiaran landed just outside his cave and walked inside, still carrying the nervous DreamKeeper. Setting her down on his bed, he walked over to a candle and lit it. It's sole light casting an eerie glow across the purple and blue stone.

"Now..." Kiaran said as he pulled out a bottle of Trunk Ale fermentae from a nearby crate. "This... Keeper... I'm supposed to either save or kill... What's in it for me?"

"Um, well helping willl get you alot of money and... umm..." She stuttered to find the right combination of wards to complete the task ahead of her, "And usually you lose something dear to you if you don't comply..." The last part she said very seriously.

"Heh..." Kiaran closed his eyes and smirked. "Money is not my idea of a reward... And I've already lost everything I hold in esteem..."

He leaned close to the female and plastered an apathetic look on his face. "Nothing save death is left for me here..." he said coldly. "I've lost love, home, family, friends..."

He closed his eyes again and pulled out his pistol.

Lumi was getting panicky, she didn't like others close to her, and she backed away, her heart rate increasing.

"Um, I don't like, um, to threaten, but, um," Her voice was getting quieter as she went on and her eyes began shifting to the pistol the man was pulling.

"Does the name, Marzena mean, um, anything to, um you?" She looked away with guilt, "Whether you care or not, um, she will die if you don't, um, comply." She almost started to cry again.

At the sound of that name, Kiaran moved fast. In a heartbeat he was behind Lumi with the gun to her head and an arm around her neck. "I don't enjoy being threatened, Miss..." he tightened his grip. "But yes... That name means something to me... The 'Marzena' you are refering to is an old friend of mine."

Kiaran released his arm and quickly used his tail to replace it. "Now... Describe to me my job..."

The Dragon smirked, he never liked being around people... That is, unless they're frightened by him.

"I-I'm sorry that I'm the one that has to give you this information, but, um, that's my job." She did a "hem hem," and continued, her voice quavering a little. "As I explained in my aria, your job is to break a man, Roman, out of prison, or, if that is not possible," She gulped. "Kill him...

"The warden has been known to have the ability to turn invisible. And make others invisible as well. The jail is sometimes known as the Ghostly Prison" she coughed a bit. Her neck was a little chocked from the Dragon's strong grip.

Kiaran loosened his tail's grip on the girl, but didn't let go. He also took the liberty of showing off his four menacing tailspikes. "So that's why I was thinking about making that thermal-scope... Kiaran thought.

"Very well... This 'Roman' fellow... He's the warden?" Kiaran asked.

"No," She sputtered, panic rising, "Roman is the man you must break out, the warden's name is Paul!"

"Heh... Paul... What kind of name is that?" Kiaran chuckled to himself. "Okay... Ghostly Prison, Kill Paul, Bust Roman out, Paul's the ghostie, and Roman's the prize..."

Kiaran released Lumi and walked over to where the candle was lit. He ignited several more and revealed a cluttered table full of various bits of weapons and ammunition.

"Now... When should I be doing this... 'Job' you want done?" Kiaran paused to adjust his pistol and then continued. "And when will I get paid?"

"The time limit, is, um 2 days, and you'll be paid promptly after finishing." She got a little calmer, looking away from all the weapons, "You're always being watched, failure results in erasure. So does breaking the rules. We're being watched even now." She said all that robotically.

"Good luck," She finished the robotic part, and move onto the more human part, "I'm on a time limit too, so may I, um, go now?"

Kiaran kept his eyes on his pistol as he added various parts and removed others. "I thought I was under surveillance... I didn't think, however, it was going to be an underground group..."

Kiaran tossed Lumi a spare pistol. "Tell you what. You work on your nervous thing, I won't kill you for knowing where I live. Deal?"

She held back her ahs, and ums, and picked upt he pistol saying, "Deal," Then she ran out, but not befor saying, "My name is Lumi, I may see you again, goodbye."

Kiaran smirked as she left. "She doesn't know how to get across the river... Does she, Al?"

Alerio, who had been rooting around in a patch of Nekograss that Kiaran kept for him, looked up. "Rrr..."

Kiaran scoffed as he held up his newly adjusted pistol and rifle. "Right... Tonight's gonna be a long night..."

The Dragon walked over to a nearby drawer and opened it. Inside was a seemingly normal pair of pants.

"Heh... I didn't think I'd be needing these again..." Kiaran said as he put them on.

In the candle light, the dark fabric caught some light. Loops of fabric on the belt held silver and blue cylinders.

"Like I said." Kiaran pointed his pistol at the cave entrance and fired. The shell hurtling out fast and quiet. "This is gonna be a long night..."
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby WhiteinBlack on Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:03 pm

Date: June 3rd, 1210 Location: Unknown Time: 8:31am

‘The ripple of the water. Why is it so pleasant?’

The jackal laid back in his chair, eyes closed. He could hear the small fountain that continue to gurgle on his desk.

Ten seconds passed…twenty….fifty-one… a minute. He continued to lay there, relaxing to the sound.

Another twenty seconds passed…thirty. A vibration emanated loudly from his suit pocket. Sighing, he reached into his suit jacket and pulled out the grey cell phone and flipped it open.

“Yes?” he answered calmly. He straightened up in his seat and redirected his attention to the three data-scrolls that served as his computers.

“Of course. I’ll have it done.” He closed the phone and placed it. His deep forest green eyes gazed at the small fountain on the corner of his desk.

It was the only piece of décor in the empty room. In fact, the desk and its contents were the only objects in the room. The jackal sat lonesome in the small room, surround by grey walls of stone. No visible entrance or exit could be seen. The only light shone from the lamp at his desk and the scrolls.

“Almost two minutes of nothing… new record.” He quietly said to himself.

A beep came from the center scroll and a file appeared center screen. Tapping the touch screen surface, the file open, but demanded a dual password. A timer of thirty seconds was in the bottom corner and a keyboard appeared next to the file.

It was Tuesday, so new password changes. Pulling from memory, he filled in the two blank boxes. The words ‘Access Granted.’ Two more files erupted from the center and spread themselves out on the screen.

The file to his right held several pictures of a brown capped Ram dressed rather casually. The left file contained his permanent records. Apparently, the records transferred from Auduruna, due to recent move from the grand city, to Dena's City Records. However, the information he wanted wasn’t present, such as personal background and power. Otherwise, the only bargaining chip with these random people is their life and he rather avoid that. People tend to do stupid actions like run to the authorities. Then he has to kill them.
The jackal sighed, annoyed and took his phone his phone again. He speed dialed the number he needed. A feminine voice answered. “This Hotel Green. How may I help you?”

“Manager, please.”

“May I ask who this is?”

“Mr. Onyx.”

“Of Course.” Her tone changed slightly, more respect could be heard. “One moment.”

Terrible music began to play as he waited. ‘I should get her to change that.’ He tapped at the files, taking the needed info to send.

A click and then another voice, also feminine, but slightly deeper and sweeter. “Manager speaking.”

“It’s Contractor. Eyes, I need Sight.”

“Whom and where?” The voice was playful, almost seductive. The Contractor tapped at the center once again.

“I sent you the file.”

A pause then annoyed response. “Why does The Dealer pick the most boring of people…”

A small smile briefly appeared on the edge of the jackal’s mouth. “I want updates as soon as possible.” He hung up.

He opened the drawer to his left and pulled out another phone. This one grey and black. It was somewhat bulky, but it served its purpose of scrambling his number and location. He began dialing the number next the ram’s portrait. . While it rang, he opened another file, one with a list of assignments. He selected one labeled History Error, and its contents detailed the job.

“Hello?” the phone spoke.

“Hello Kuurion…”
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