THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

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THEM (Chapter 2: THEM's Hand)

Postby WhiteinBlack on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:30 pm

Hiding Discovery

‘Darkness….So much darkness just waiting to be lit up by me.’ The unlit figure thought. A little shake of the hand and the crumbling hallway was lit up again. The starsquid continued to circle the confines of its glass orb, quickly forgetting the frightening episode it just had. ‘Oh black curtain. Remove thyself and show unto me untold secrets of the world.’ The figure smiled, face still cloaked in darkness. ‘I just love being poetic. Makes even this glum hall interes…Oh hello….’

A breath of air came out of nowhere. But it wasn’t to the figure’s back or front. The air came on the figure’s feet. The explorer of the dark looked about him, but all he was surrounded by was cold stone-carved walls. A gleaming smile and a bubbling excitement fill the person. There could only be one reason behind the mysterious wind: a secret door. Or a spacious cavern, but it was best to hope for greater discovery. Quickly, the figure put the glow orb closer to breathing wall and felt around. Sure enough, a breeze was coming from an even-inch crack at the bottom of the wall.

The explorer continued to feel around for a switch or a block to push. Just as hoped, a block gave away and sunk into to wall. “CLICK.” Nothing happened. The figure scratched its chin, puzzled. It should have opened. Questions on why the switch failed to work swirled in the explorer’s mind. The thought of door’s devices fallen apart in disrepair filled the slowly darkening figure with dread. A kick of frustration was quickly delivered to the wall. Surprisingly, another stone block gave away, making a “CLICK.”

On the other side of the wall, a rusty iron gear pulled by decaying ropes loudly groaned as it was forced to turn after years of idleness. The wall began to sink into earth, revealing a dark, untouched hallway. “YES!” The figure jumped with excitement. “PROGRESS!!!” A pick from giddy figure’s pack loosened and fell to ground with a loud clang, disrupting the explorer’s joy briefly. The starsquid had fallen asleep again, so the blackness searched the ground for its lost item. The blackness ran away from the reawaken light in the figure’s hand and in the other hand, the fallen pick.

“Black curtain. Thank you for hearing my cry.” The explorer took one step into the hallway and a torches burst into existence with purple flickering flames. Jaw dropped, eyes wide, and an impossible word came into mind: ‘MAGIC!’ The new source of light striped the man of the dark shadows revealing his features. A Black-orange furred fox stood at the hidden entrance. He wore tan pants with its rim covered in dirt, a tan shirt with two breast pockets, and a dirty brown hiking boots on his angled feet. On his back was a furred-leather brown jacket with many pockets and a bulging pack.

The explorer twist around as best as possible to place the light orb in a net from his pack before looking down the hall, wondering about the treasures and marvels this secret held. Inhaling a deep breath, he took another step into the hall, then another, then another. A second pair of torches lit up and a thud resounded from behind. Whipping about, he could see the secret doorway closing. Another thud, confirmed it was sealed and a leveler popped out of the wall. ‘It probably opens the door.’

Torches guided the explorer of secrets down the one-way hall. It felt like an hour, but a watch told that only ten minutes past. What really surprised him was the lack of traps or remarkable markings on the walls. The rest of the architect was filled with knowledge of past events, ceremonies, and notable people. But this section was completely different from rest of the ruin. All that filled these walls, were eight, smoothly carved, horizontal lines. They were in even rows; each about five or six inches apart. All of them were branched out to each other every three feet with a single upward line. The first horizontal branched upwards into the ceiling like plant roots. Same with the eighth line, but to the floor. This greatly puzzled him. Not of one of the places he found in his career was like this. It was so plain, but yet, so complex.

Another ten minutes passed by and still nothing. The hall continued to test the lone being’s patience as it. However, the fox noted the largeness of the hall. Initially, the walls were seven feet high and eight feet wide. Now they were nine feet high and twelve or so feet wide. Another mysterious feature was the ground was dirty and loose instead of solid and hard. But what was in them was the greater mystery: Footprints. Not just one or two sets, but dozens of them. All mashed together. It was as if a great many people were gathering. ‘But to what?’ the explorer thought.

Two minutes later, the dungeon delver ran across a grim new sight. A skeleton laid on its back, several bones crushed. Tatter cloth and trinkets were on its body. Crouching down, he examined the poor soul. The person was brutally killed. A huge crack in the canine skull told that. The wall where corpse’s head leaded on was discolored slightly. With a gloved hand, the young man examined a fallen necklace. They were unlike any other object he had ever set eyes on. Hand-crafted stone beads of various colors with decayed feathers and unknown carvings, the necklace trinket was unique. Even after several possible centuries, they were still beautiful.

“What a wonderful contribution to history you shall make.” He said as the necklace was gently removed before placed into a sealed container. The container was just as gently placed back into the pack before it was placed back on the shoulders of the adventurer. He turned the next corner a few seconds later and gapped. Dozens of skeletons littered the ground. A few fallen were leaning against the walls, beaten down by some force. Broken weapons of unknown make, jewelry of varying values, belongings of commoners were thrown about the large hallway. The man tipped toed about the carnage with slow and precise movements as to not disturb the bodies.

Fortunately, this hallway was short and he quickly rounded the next corner to escape the horrible scenery. He wished he hadn’t.

“Merciful Spirits….” The horror-struck man breathed. A cavernous dome room, the size of five Fallguard fields, met the adventurer. And it was filled with bodies. Hundreds of half decayed bodies. At the center of this massacre, standing somewhat defiant to its background loomed a huge broken apart arch. In front of this arch was a small circle, untouched by the slaughter about it.

But it was quickly put aside as a new mystery emerged. The majority of the corpses strewn about near the only exit. A fewer amount were strewn behind the arch. The answer quickly came to him. They were running. ‘But from what?’ He thought. The question was lost when he could no longer look at the immense size of death and looked at his feet. He wanted to leave, but the arch still remain a mystery. He just had to get a closer look before leaving this cursed place.

Foot by foot, he made his way through the corpse-spread floor. The man did his best to look at his destination, but he would trip over a tailbone or an object that forced him to look at the dead faces. Thrice did he run across the body of a child which sickened him more. Arriving at the arch, he discovered it was an elevated platform about three feet off the ground. At the center of this small platform was a pentagon. Not very large, it was about half the size of the platform. A grove was at each point of the pentagon.

But this only caught his attention for a moment. What really attracted his eye was the thick leather bound book at the center of this shape. He carefully picked up with two hands, afraid that it might crumble from his touch. He gently the cover and was shocked to find the blank page look completely brand new. It’s as if the book was just made. He turned the next page, and found the title page in ruins.

“I need to translate it.” He muttered. “That’s just great.”

Translation was such a pain-staking and time-consuming process. Time he didn’t want to take. As if it was aware of his whim, the ruins shift and changed into a new symbols.

“Wow…” He said with awe, but was quickly brought down. . “I still can’t read it.”

The symbols changed again. This time it was legible English. “YES!” He cried. He immediately delved into the translated print. It read: It has been a while since I was last used. Greetings, traveler. I am Livre. I am this sector’s Keeper of Knowledge and History.

The man’s hand shook with…What? Fear? Amazement? Wonder? He didn’t know, but the words changed again.

This time it read: Please stop shaking me. I deserve more respect than that. The words changed again. But judging by your reaction, I can assume that much time has passed and I am the first Soul Book you’ve seen. The book turned to the next blank page and words appeared. What can I say to clear your skepticism?

“Wait, you’re asking me a question?” the explorer asked the book.

Who else? Unless there is another with you. I don’t have good sight…haha… sight. I don’t have any eyes!

Ignoring the bad joke, he quickly came up with a question. “Can you tell me what happened here?”

The book rapidly turned pages before stopping about midway. It was gruesome, but I will not tell you what happened. The words disappeared and reappeared at the top of the page. I will show you.

The space below played like a colorful movie. People, young and old, wearing different outfits of colors and make were staring at the elevated platform. A sole badger/fox in a uniform that stood out from the crowd, was preaching, in language he couldn’t understand, to the large arch. Except it was not destroyed and it was carved in magnificent symbols and curves. Suddenly, the pentagon before the preacher glowed and its points light up in an odd assortment of colors. The man stepped into center of the shape and it let lose a shockwave of wind. The surrounding crowd stumbled from unexpected force. A few fell over.

The man continued to preach his strange tongue to the arch which started to shimmer at this point. He finished his incantation, but his voice continued even when he stopped moving his lips. The preacher then engaged in an odd dance. It was graceful and odd at many points, the explorer wonder what this person was trying to achieve. With a leap into air, the arch exploded into a brilliant light. The crowd behind him cheered. The page turned. The explorer noticed signs that a solo sheet was forcibly ripped out.

Hmmm. It seems that I don’t know what happened next. Someone took that part out.
“What!?!” He shouted and his voice reverberated off the walls. “But I need to know what happened.”

I guess you’ll have to find out yourself.

The book’s words to form into a thought... then an idea…then a commitment. “I guess I have to. Can I take you out of this place?”

Yes. It would be good to see the new world. Haha…see.

“You need better puns.” The explorer said as he work his way out of the room. Book in his hands. There was much work to be done.
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Re: THEM (Private Rp)

Postby Reed R Gale on Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:17 pm

-------------------------------------------------June 2nd - 09:07----------------------------------------------

“Haaa,” Louder and longer, “Haaaaaa,” Moreso, “Haaaaaa,” and finally, “Choo!” The produced gust had sent much dust flying around, though her eyes were closed so she didn’t notice it floating around. A young girl sniffed her nose, wishing that she had toilet paper, or something to wipe her now wet nose on. She had been practicing different dance moves, getting more and more graceful and intricate by the moment until she tripped and landed on the floor face first, then had tried to hold back the uncontrollable urge to sneeze. In which she had failed. In fact it had generated enough noise to receive a response from her hung over father.

“Keep it down up there!” He yelled after an audible groan. Odd, she thought, that he would react. She turned off an old tape recorder that was playing the song that she was supposed to be practicing to. Why he didn’t react to the music, she didn’t know, maybe that was why her mother had liked him. Even drunk, even with a hangover, he could still enjoy music. That was an admirable quality, perhaps the only one that she saw in the old man. She let her fingers trace a smiley face and a star on the jet black top of the machine that had been playing her music.

“That’s it!” She made an amazing discovery, this was why she sneezed so much at home, it was dusty! Before when she had to work double shifts to keep the house full of food, dad happy, and, well even have a house to return to, she had had no time for such trifles. But now it was different, her new job kept her well paid. Paid enough for her to have free time, as well as her dancing lessons, at the same time as leaving her time to actually practice! She got paid weekly, in vast quantities compared to what she had before, and she only had assignments every once in a while. It was a dream come true.

“I’m going out!” She informed her snoring father. All she got as a response was a pained groan, actually maybe just an emphasized snore. He probably didn’t care anyway. As the house had a dust problem, and she had never had time to clean the house before she didn’t own a duster, or even a vacuum, or a broom for that matter! So she headed out to pick them up.

All around the town, Lumi was greeted by people, hellos, and his, and how are you doings, the generic greetings that people said to one another. That is until she ran into her best friend, the ruin maniac, Harlie Tina. She almost literally ran into the girl, bouncing up and down like mad. Clearly she had found something of worth. “Lumi! Lumi! Lumi, guess what I got!” With that lizard her guess was as good as anybody’s. Harlie’s power is that of Chance. She can activated her power one day, and have terrible luck, but the next day, she never runs into problems, everything goes her way, and she usually finds some cool artifact. If she overused it though, the extremes become too extreme, and she almost ended up killing herself once out of depression. So she limits usage to once a month.

So every month, Lumi and her run into each other, by “Chance” and Harlie shows off her find which she got an amazing deal on. All turn out to be authentic, all she could sell for thousands, and yet she never does. Why? Not just because of her own fascination with them, but because of Lumi. Lumi gave her an odd attachment to them, because she could actually talk to them, speak with the artifacts. No one believed her though. Except for Harlie.

“But I’m busy right now, I need to get…”

“It can wait!” The reptilian female exclaimed, dragging a kicking and screaming Lumi back to her “trove”. Looking at it every time made Lumi fall in wonder, the objects held more meaning to Harlie, but the stories they told were fascinating as well. Very interesting, very awe inspiring at times. Listening to them all took much energy, they all wanted to tell of the great hero that had once held them, how the document they wrote changed the fate of a country, how they had been the holder of powers, how they had singlehandedly (with the help of a dreamkeeper wielding them of course) slain a nightmare. And object’s, arias, couldn’t lie.

Sure they had personality, sometimes they could be sarcastic, but with Lumi as the only person to talk to, they never lied. Not unless they swore that they would never tell a secret. But even then they usually told Lumi it was secret. But back to the point, Arias always wanted to get out, always wanted to be the show, so in their cove, the two girls had not only made shelfs in the soft walls for storage, but had, with help from Harlie’s father, dug a tunnel that led to a room with the sole purpose of separating the objects, so they could hear the aria of one item alone. The object today…

No, it was objects. An obsidian dagger that was as long as her forearm; that is if it were straight. This jet black object seemed unnaturally sharp, for how old it must be. Harlie only picked up old stuff, if it wasn’t at least a hundred years old, it wasn’t good enough. She couldn’t resist her curiosity, she pressed her finger against one of the sides of the blade, as both were unnaturally sharp, and pulled back quickly. It was indeed as sharp as she had imagined, she had hardly touched at all when he had hurt her, leaving a line of blood on her paw. She had expected, been ready for this. She hadn’t cried out. Instead she put her pointer finger, the finger she had touched the blade with, into her mouth, sucking on the salty blood, and changed her point of focus.

The other object was… actually she wasn’t too sure what it was, it looked like a thick strip of wood. So she, like she had with the dagger, touched it, by chance, a bit from the side. That’s when it opened up a bit and it became clear what it was, a fan, and the fan was made of the same material as the dagger. It seemed very flexible, almost rubbery, when she tested it, that’s when she tripped, and dropped it, and as fate would have it, it hit their stone table edge side first. It fell into the table. Luckily it stopped partway, and didn’t fall through Lumi’s foot.

All the while her friend had been watching, Lumi knew she had a thing for weapons, but these were flat out dangerous! She was almost tentative to touch the two objects again in fear they might harm her. “So… do you like them?” Harlie announced in a question, but it kind of came out as a statement.

“They, are…” She almost replied in a white lie. In fact she should have, she knew it would hurt her friend’s feelings but… “These are bloody dangerous!” Literally.

“Awwwww… I thought you might like them.” She wasn’t offended. Much. “So go on, let’s hear what they have to say!” The expectation in her voice was the same each time. Lumi took a deep breath, and activated her power. Just like every time she started with an opening, a hymn almost. The people around her mistook the voice as one of an angel’s when they didn’t know it was just plain old Lumi. The voice was heavenly, She began with “Ahhhh,” A beautiful note, not anything like the sneeze she had made earlier. Then she let loose, her voice beckoned to the objects in front of her, which began to vibrate in turn.

The dagger gave off a heavy primal drum beat, a rhythm of foreboding and death. Yes, death, she knew it! From the song she learned that it was, indeed an object of death, rarely used as a weapon, but used to sacrifice to the gods of times past. Far past. “And who be the young missus who waked me up!” it seemed to say. It was an object that had been long in slumber, and had apparently awoke when she had pricked her finger on it.

The fan in contrast, was a song with a violin, much finesse in the sound, much beauty. But underlying the beauty was danger, and sadness. Sadness of death. It was a war fan, not usually used for battle, but had seen it enough to know it was a horrible thing. It seemed a tad pissed to be stuck in a stone table however, and the song was a bit tainted due to that, a but rushed to show anger. She quickly unstuck it from the table and shut off her powers.

“So…?” Harlie had merely heard songs, a primal rhythm and violin, however, they were strong, they had stories to tell. On and off went her power, telling of sacrafices and battles for a few minutes before she put her foot down. “Violence is horrible! How could people make such beautiful objects for such a task!” A tear ran from her eye and Harlie put the objects away. It was sad indeed. All an object knew was how it was used, not why, and it usually bragged of what it did, they always felt they were important in their own rite, leading to their arias. But killing was hardly something to brag about!

Harlie escorted Lumi home, where he father was not waiting. Surprise, surprise. She went upstairs, where she had calmed down when something interrupted the silence. It was the ringing of the own beginning of her song that woke objects, a ringing but it was just her phone. It was beautiful, but there was no power behind it with no halo activated. She answered with a “hello?”, you see, she had no answering machine, she had no forewarning to who was calling her. Sometimes this led to embarrassing situations.

One of these was when she had answered the phone and started talking frantically about dancing and a song she was composing before waiting for a reply. It was five minutes, five whole minutes before she realized the person was not Harlie, who she had been expecting to call her, but a wrong number. The man was utterly confused, God above it was a man! She quickly hung up without answer his question of who was talking. From then on she had always been tentative with who was calling answering the same for every person.

The reply was a cold, lifeless, monotone voice, the neutral voice groaned out, “You have a new mission.” The room seemed a lot tighter, darker, colder. Usually Lumi didn’t mind cramped places, however this was a different kind of cramped feeling. Sweaty palms, cold faint feeling in the head, heavier breathing. If the person on the other end, her employer had heard it, he didn’t mention it. This call could determine Lumi’s life and possible death most literally. This was a call from THEM.
“You must contact and give instructions to the following people:




Once this message is finished, the data scroll that holds all the information you need to give them, as well was the information on their locations will be delivered to your doorstep promptly. You will have 57 minutes before the data scroll ceases to function. Memorize all the information, do not write it down.

Time limit: 1 day

Do not break the rules.” The call ended.

Lumi swallowed, or tried to swallow the growing lump in her throat. Hopefully these people would be nice… then she jumped up, remembering she had important information to memorize. Like, deathly important.
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Kiaran: the Sniper Demon

Postby SerafinoDragonTamer on Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:00 pm

June 2nd, 1210
0518 hrs
Eastern Caves and Cliffs


“Huh… Nothing as usual…”

Sitting on a small cliff face maybe fifteen or so feet off the ground, right above a well-concealed cave, a blue Dragon lowered his strangely designed Rifle. He sighed and looked off into the distant city, the various city lights biting into the dawn sky.

“Myah?” A quick moving shadow flew up from the cave and landed next to the Dragon who absently went to pet it.

“No, Al, I’m fine. Just… Suspicious…”

Kiaran tossed the ryuu-neko in the air and watched him fly in a tight circle. “Yeah yeah… We’re going to eat, hold on…”

The Dragon hefted his rifle, strapped it to his back and leapt down off the cliff; Alerio hot on his tail. As Kiaran put away his rifle he was able to go to his nearby rucksack and pulled out a bag of jerky.
He laughed as Alerio’s eyes widened uncharacteristically, “You little fool… Here’s your meat...” Kiaran tossed him a few pieces.

Kiaran watched the ryuu-neko leave contentedly.

Sighing again, the Dragon sat down on his bed. Kiaran looked around his cave and the smile fell from his face. He was, once again, living in the ruts of society.

“I thought I’d be able to escape this lifestyle here… Even for a short while…” Kiaran groaned and got up. He walked over to his only other piece of furniture besides his bed: an extremely cluttered work table and chair.

He quietly examined his latest project: a new sniper scope.

He squinted and gave up trying to see in the dark without powers. So he lit a nearby candle. He never did enjoy shaking starsquid orbs…

“This is a waste of time… I never needed a Thermal Scope… I prefer visual…” Kiaran polished up the infrared lens and clicked the last chips into place, “Yet… Something tells me I’m going to need one should a client want a building piercing shot…”

The candle slowly burned itself out and Kiaran re-fitted his rifle with the new scope. Taking it outside, he flew back up to his cliff and peered down the rifle.

Hmm… Needs a bit of adjustment and fine tuning… But this would be very effective if used under the right…” Ki’s scope picked up a heat signature traveling across the shoreline between himself and the River Dianne.

“What the…” Kiaran switched out for his visual scope and looked out at the object.

Fortunately, it was just a wandering ryuu-neko.

Kiaran grumbled to himself, “Damn… Turns out it needs a hell load of work… This didn’t meet my requirements like I thought… Any scope of mine has to be able to pick out noticeable features… Even if it’s infrared…”

Kiaran shook his head, laid his rifle down on the ground, and looked up at the disappearing stars and Moon.

“-sigh-… Marzena… Marzena Caramia… Your betrayal cannot be forgiven…”

And with that, the Dragon watched the dawn of a new day…
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Re: THEM (Private Rp)

Postby Suraru on Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:31 pm

~~June 2nd, 1210. Hours before Sundown, Location: Just South of Dena~~

Suraru looked down, walking endless miles away from the place he once called home. Now a place that wanted him dead. As he walked further north, he noticed sounds. The brownish orange cat looked up, and saw a wonderful city. "Huh... I guess this is a good place to start my new life" He thought to himself. Suraru had been walking, and flying at times, for about two days now, he needed a rest.

He walked into the city of Dena, thinking to himself how nice this place was. His clothes were tattered, dirty, and Suraru didn't even notice. The first thing he did, was look for food, he was starving. As Suraru passed a stand, he noticed some food was on sale. Sadly, Suraru was broke, no cash to buy what he needed most at the moment.

He walked up to the vendor and asked him if he could have some food, explaining his lack of income. The green reptile said "Sorry, but i dont need any help, ummm here, have this bread, its going bad anyways." Suraru took it with slight sarcasm, and continued walking looking for more food.

A few hours later, Suraru was able to talk himself into enough food to fill him up, thanks to his wonderful "diplomacy" he wouldn't starve today. It was getting dark, and the tired traveler found a alley. He preferred sleeping by himself, for fear of what those would do to him in his sleep. The alley had a few crates, probably used for trash, Suraru sat down behind one, so no one would see him from the street.

The ryuu-nekos in the area fled from his stench, this depressed Suraru a bit because he loved ryuus. He began to fall asleep, and when he did, he fell over to the side, revealing himself. Minutes later, he felt something poking him. As the tired bum looked up, he saw green eyes staring at him. Still half asleep, Suraru thought nothing of it and fell back asleep. The poking continued, then he realized what was going on, someone else knew where he was!

Suraru jumped up quickly, stood in a sloppy defensive stance, and began to fall back asleep. First, he fell back a bit, then leaned forward, but to far, slamming his head into crate, knocking his senses. Suraru fell over on his back, with a bad dent in his upper left face. As it started to bleed, Suraru completely passed out.
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Re: THEM (Private Rp)

Postby davathean on Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:59 pm

Dustin walked alone covered by a tattered cloak as the entered the city of Dena. He entered from the Northern side of the city with a gloomy mood after passing the grave yard. Dustin quickly perked up once he saw the massive amount of shops and stores that were beginning to open all along the street. Now i see why its called the trade city. well first thing first i need some grub in starving. He then began to search for a map of the city and some food, lucky he found both. Dustin arrived at a local coffee shop ((or the DK equivalent)) after only a few minutes of searching the streets. He quickly found some food and a brochure/map after spending the last of his cash he sat down to ponder what he should do next. As he finished eating Dustin heard yelling from the shop and a kid run out carrying all the food he could with the shopkeeper on his tail yelling "Get back here you little thief!!". Well it aint my problem.. wait where's my bag? Dustin looked at the running kid to see he was carrying it, he then yelled as he jumped out of his seat "Hey you get back here with that bag!!"

The kid simply stuck out his tongue at Dustin and continued running. That little punk... he stole my supplies!! Dustin began to run after the kid chasing him through the mostly empty streets. Till the kid ran through a crowd that was to dense for Dustin to push his way thru. Damn i cant afford to lose him now. Just when he thought he had lost the little thief Dustin noticed a shop cart and some crates to the side of the crowd Perfect. Dustin then ran up the crates and on top of the cart, Ive got you now. he thought as he leaped of of the top of the cart and grabbed the kid as he landed. Dustin ripped the bag from the child's grip and looked at him with a stair that could kill, he then said with a now caring face "Here take this and go pay for what you took from that shop." Dustin then took a small gold coin and tossed it at the child who caught it with his free hand. He then helped the child up and rubbed his head and said "Now get going... and take care of your self." The child simply smiled and ran back toward the shop. Dustin removed his hood and looked around realizing that the chase had at least taken him halfway across the city. Great now im lost in a city with no map... im screwed. Continuing to look around as he walked Dustin noticed a large building with the words "Brighten Mining CO." I could try to get get job there. Dustin then noticed a small shop for sale in front of Brighten, he then whispered to himself "That could work." Dustin walked over and looked closer at the sign it read "Building for sale two level shop/apartment. See upstairs office for details."

Huh... this could work out nicely a store and a place to live all in one. Well i think its time to buy... Dustin the walked up the stairs on the side of the building and knocked on the door. He heard grumbling from inside and then the door slammed open with a short, old, scruffy dreamkeeper yelling "Whatever it is your selling I dont want any!!!"

"Whow i don't want to sell you anything i was wondering how much for the building? i was interested in buying it." Dustin replied calmly to the Raging dreamkeeper.

The old coot simply replied "Really, well of course we can talk price right now it was appraised at $1,000,000 and ill take that and only that so is it a yes or no?"

Dustin thought for a moment and then reached into his supplies bag and pulled out a small very old golden statue en crested with near priceless jewel's. "will this cover it?' he said as her offered it to the old coot.

The old mans Jaw dropped and he grabbed the statue and a sheet from the nearby desk "Hell yes it dose here is the deed. just sign it and the place is yours!!" he the handed Dustin the Deed and left skipping down the street.

Crazy old man, well i had better sign it and start fixing the place to my liking. Dusting then headed inside and signed the deed he then hid it under the desk with some clever maneuvering. Dustin then began to fix the place up and go about the business of setting up his shop which he aptly named "Forges of MAR". Dustin then spent the rest of the day building weapons, springers and getting the store ready for business.
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Re: THEM (Private Rp)

Postby Vescott on Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:20 am

June 2nd, 1210 (First Day) Post #1

Alma awoke and took several deep painful breaths of the morning air. He had fallen asleep in his favorite manner: facedown. He always hated having to expand his lungs, and would once again make a mental note not to sleep this way again.

Forcing himself up, Alma stretched lazily as he stumbled over to his pack for a quick meal. He was running low on supplies and would need to find a road soon to make it to one of the Eridan River settlements. He would rather not hunt for food, figuring he was close enough to a road to make it in 2 or 3 days. Finishing up his meal, Alma packed away his mess kit, bedding and all of the rest of his worldly belongings; preparing himself for the days walk ahead.

After picking up a piece of wood and pocketing it, Alma had only one item left to grab before his departure; looking around he found his red and white cane. Alma had learned to use the cane to mark his direction of travel while he slept as to not lose his way. Alma was blind, and had lost his way many times in his travels since leaving the orphanage. But it did not matter, as long as he would learn from his mistakes he could care less for these hindrances. He had no-where specifically to be and no deadlines to meet so why should he care? Alma picked the cane up and continued on his way, walking northeast.

“That’s strange?” Alma muttered under his breath. It had only been an hour or so when he hit a road. There should not have been a road for at least another 20 miles. ‘Oh well, one of the western Eridan settlements must have expanded on a southbound trail’ This seemed logical enough so Alma turned left on the road and followed it northward. Eventually, it would lead to a settlement and then he could get directions to the nearest telepad. He was sure that one would exist along the river ever since they started expanding the network several years back.

Now that he had hit the main road, Alma figured he wouldn’t have to concern himself over obstructions in his path and placed his cane under his arm pulling out the piece of wood and a small dagger; allowing himself to freely carve as he continued walking. He was also surprised at just how many fellow travelers there were on the road going north. Not that there was actually all that many, just that Alma had made the assumption that there would be next to none this far south of Andaruna.

Again shaking off all of the oddities surrounding him, Alma continued walking for several more hours, ignoring everything but the piece of wood in his hands and the road ahead of him. It was just after 5pm when Alma had finished with the carving and put away his knife. Turning the carving about in his hands it was a perfect rendition; well not really, Alma had just finally made a carving into something he could recognize specifically as the person he had intended it to be.

And then, pain? Alma’s leg had hit something hard and he was now falling. Throwing his arms out to catch his fall, Alma let go of the figurine and his cane. But to no avail, his face ended up breaking the fall. For some reason his face made contact before his palms could; his cheek to be exact. Rolling off to the side Alma wearily lifted himself up and felt the blood that was now seeping freely.

Groggily, Alma though, 'That’s Weird, There shouldn’t be anything in the middle of the road' Looking around he spotted the figurine and cane and picked both of them back up. The figurine had a crack running along the right leg now, but what had caused him to fall? Feeling around, Alma found it, a load of clay blocks that had been carelessly dumped in the middle of the road. Then he noticed the broken cart ahead of him.

Alma was about to start cursing when someone approached. So he kept quiet, how much had they seen? Alma was embarrassed. He quickly put the figurine away and hastily continued on his way, using his cane to avoid any further incidents.

It had only been a few minutes when Alma could hear a city? And then a river?? This day couldn’t get any weirder. The mining site must have been a lot further north from the southern tip of the star fall mountain range than he had estimated. Alma must have been slowed more by the terrain on the way there than he thought.

As Alma entered the city, he made sure to note the different shops and their locations along with what wares they had for sale.

And then he proceeded into the markets and quickly remembered that he hadn’t eaten since that morning. After Alma had ate and re-supplied he continued on his way, continuing to make note of the shops, especially the Jewelers shop and stand that he passed.

Then he was standing below a gated arch. This must have been the other end of the city.

Without looking away from the arch, Alma asked, “officer, where would I find the nearest telepad?”

The officer was confused by this question but replied hesitantly, “Umm, I don’t know of well, any telepads around here…”

“You mean to tell me that they have yet to add a single telepad to the Eridan River proximity?” Alma questioned sternly, having already grown irritable by this conversation. ‘This man is an imbecile; I doubt that he can help me.’

The guy went silent and then started snickering, which then turned into laughter. The sudden change of the officer’s composure caught Alma off guard, so he turned to meet the guards gaze and coldly inquired, “What do you find to be so amusing?”

The guard quickly pulled himself together and couldn’t help but snicker as he stated, “You dude are in Dena…Eridan’s like70 mile northeast of here… your lost!” and with this the guard fell apart again.

Alma had been traveling southwest the whole time! The clues all fit together now. “Fine, then where can I find a restroom?” Alma just wanted to divert his rage and already knew the answer to this inquiry.

Patronizing Alma further, the officer answered with, “turn around and go NORTH about half a mile and there will be a supermarket on your LEFT!”

“It is not appropriate to make fun of the blind. I thank you for your time, but you sir are plebonic! Good day!” And with that, Alma walked away. Not that Alma did not fall under plebonic himself or that it was even a real word nor a good rebuttal, but for some reason, it would always made him feel better to use this and would replaced less choice curse words.

Entering the first jewelers restroom, Alma locked the door behind him and without turning on the lights, took his backpack off and pulled out a large sack. This practically emptying the backpack of its contents; Alma then laid both the bag and sack down on the tile floor.

Alma’s purple halo statically flickered on as he untied the sack, eerily lighting up the room. And then his black fingers erupted into a vibrant purple as he raised himself up, followed by the contents of the sack. Hundreds of raw uncut diamonds flowed upwards, dispersing themselves around the room.

Passing them by his face, two by two, Alma eventually picked out the ten most pure diamonds he could find. And with that, Alma’s halo flickered out, he pocketed the ten choice diamonds, packed everything else back up, and left the restroom to go test the first jeweler.

As he closed the last jewelers shop door behind himself, Alma sighed in disappointment. Every person he met was content on trying to cheat a blind man out, and with showing no shame in their attempts to do so. He could tell the quality of the diamonds but needed someone to tell him there color. They all would lie on the quality or would just suck at determining it so how could he rely on their color description.

It was getting late and Alma was quite exhausted, so he started searching for appropriate accommodations for the night.

As he searched Alma decided he would just have to hold on to the sacks contents until he could meet up with his old acquaintance in the Ruskol district; one of the few people who truly knew Alma and the extent of his powers.

Alma eventually found an inn with a furnished basement near the northeastern corner of Market row. He finally found one with either a basement or tower; which would allow his to tell if anyone approached while not being disturbed by the movement of anyone in the near vicinity.

As he lay in the bed, Alma scrathed at the dried blood in the fur on his cheek and thought of the new trip ahead of him now and of how the bed being too comfortable was going to pester him that night. But regardless, Alma quickly drifted away that night without a worry in the world as he made sure not to fall asleep on his chest.
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Re: THEM (Private Rp)

Postby Kuurion on Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:51 pm

June 2nd, 1210 (First Day)

"Ah, finally. It's taken too long for me to find my way down here."

Kuurion took in a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air, as he climbed up the set of stairs leading into the museum. He'd been meaning to get around to visiting the building for some time now - was it 6 months, or 8? Shortly after he'd moved into the city he found out it had a museum dedicated to the near-ancient times, and a short time after THAT he figured it'd be a good way to spend an afternoon when he didn't have anything better to do. As things do though, he kept putting it off, and the desire to go grew with every procrastination. Finally he'd said Screw it, cancelled his plans for the day, and made the trek.

Greeted by the sight of a large, mostly empty hallway, and much less noise than he'd anticipated, he kept on anyways. Must be a slow day... or maybe everybody in the city's seen it already. He spent the next few minutes thinking on that, unable to understand why anybody wouldn't want to come down and take a look; these artifacts were supposedly from the Extollo era, a period of enormous, bloody religious warfare. Fascinating stuff! Being so lost in his own internal monologue though, he walked on and completely ignored the first few rooms on display.

Finally coming back into his senses, Kuurion approached one of the people who appeared to work there. "Excuse me, I uh... kind of got lost for a second. What is this room?"

The woman smiled, clearly proud in her work. "Well, this particular set of displays features some of the earlier relics from the Extollo era; right over there are a few of the idols left by the Serapean visitors, and some of the surviving weapons of their army just past that. If you want to go really far back though, you should see that room to your right. We keep our exhibits from the Silent Centuries in there."

"The Silent Centuries?" Kuurion had never heard the term before.

"Well, for a time before the Extollo era, there was no written records of history, at all. None have EVER been found, for the entire 700 years prior. Ancient recordings have been found dating past that point, but for those 7 centuries, not a thing was ever written. I'm sorry, could you excuse me?"

The woman scuttled off to do some curator duty; Kuurion didn't care. An entire era of history that nobody had ever recorded; just out of pure curiosity, he had to see what kind of physical evidence they'd uncovered. He stepped off into the side room dedicated to that time; perhaps for ambiance, the museum had this entire section's lights dimmed. He liked the effect, but since there was nobody else in the room, he didn't like the darkness. His halo glowed dimly, as did the rest of him, and the area about 5 feet around him lit up as if by colorless torchlight; just enough to dull the nervous edge and let him enjoy the exhibits. Time got away from him as he lingered in that room, checking over the few peices on display, and letting his mind roam free with all sorts of theories about what could have happened during those dead years in history.
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Re: THEM (Private Rp)

Postby Silver Predator Wolf on Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:35 am

Date: June 2nd, 1210.
Time: 08:35.A.M.
Location: Dena. Residential district.

As the time hits 08:35.A.M. a data scroll beside a bed start to ring. A hand slips out from under the covers of a nearby bed and hit the stop button. The hand pulls back and the covers are flipped off as Luna sat up on the bed, yawns and rubs her eyes. Her clothing is nothing other than a shirt that is slightly larger than her and it slides down her shoulder to show some parts of her chest. She got out of bed and heads for the bathroom to wash her face. Once she is wide awake, she left the bathroom and out to the living room and turns on the large data scroll hanging on the wall and flips to the news channel and heads for the kitchen. As she listens to the news, she made her breakfast and once she is done, carries it out of the kitchen and on to a table and starts to eat as she watches the news.

Once she is done, she walks to the guest room and open the cabinet and an Air ryuu-neko flew out and lands on her shoulder and nuzzles her. “Silver… how many time did I tell you to stop hiding in there? It’s dusty inside…” said Luna as she gently swipe the dust off Silver. Silver makes a soft yelping sound and continues to nuzzle Luna’s face. Luna smiled “Alright… but don’t go in there again ok?” Silver stops and shook it’s head and licks Luna’s face. Luna gently strokes its head and went into the kitchen to prepare its breakfast. Once she is done, she sets it down on the table in the living room and Silver glides down from her shoulder and starts to eat and Luna sat on the couch to watch the news. Once Silver is done, Luna took the bowl into the kitchen and washes it before putting it away. Silver, in the mean time jumps from the table to the couch arm rest and lay there. Luna came out of the kitchen once she is done and heads for the bathroom and starts to strip as she goes. She got in and locked the door behind her and the sound f running water can be heard. A few minutes later, Luna came out wearing only a towel and heads for her room to get changed. She puts on her usual skin tight cat suit, belts and coat and came out of the room. She uses the coats belt to tie the coat together at the waist section so as not to get too much attention from the males due to her fashion sense. Silver sees this and jumps off the arm rest and flew towards Luna and landed on her shoulder. Luna smiled and said “Ready to go?” Silver wags her tail and licks Luna’s face in response. Luna strokes its head and grabs her wallet, data scroll and keys and heads for the door and exits. She locks the door before leaving.

10 minutes later, she has arrived at the south market lane and looks at the goods on sale. As it’s a Monday, the area is very crowded and lively as everyone go about their grocery shopping. As Luna looks around, some of the guys around the area are checking her out. Although the coat covers the lower section of her body, the upper sections are still visible and are giving the guys a ******* just by looking. Luna ignores this and continues to look around. As she continues to look, a sound came from her data scroll. Indicating a message has been received. She took out her data scroll and reads the message and puts it away after she is done and heads straight to the North market lane. As she walks, she passes by other ryuu-neko owners who admire Silver as it’s extremely rare to see a Air ryuu-neko and also a well tamed one. Silver Looks around as Luna walks and nudges her once in a while and Luna strokes her head and she purred softly and nuzzled Luna’s face.

Once she has arrived, she heads straight for the ryuu-neko shop and sees the owner who is rather busy at the moment. She stands at a corner and waits. Once he is done, she walks up to him. He looks up and saw her and smiled “Hey there! Sorry to keep you waiting. I wanted to show you something. Follow me.” said the person as he leads her to the back of the store. Luna followed as they entered the back and he leads her to a caged that has been covered with a large cloth. He pulls it off and an Air ryuu-neko can be seen. Silver sees this and yelps happily and glides down to the cage and starts to communicate with the other ryuu-neko. Luna sees this and smiled and said “So… you manage to get another one.” “Yep... this one is a male. So…” “I get the idea. He would make a good company for Silver when I can’t bring her along. But I don’t think I can afford the price of another one...” “There’s where you are wrong. Since you have been a good customer and you did help me with my business. I won’t be where I am today without your help. So…” he pushes the cage towards Luna. Luna looks at the person and said “Sam. Are you sure about this? You got plenty of customers who would want this and some might even be able to fork out the money for it. “True… but none of them know how to take care of one. So far, you’re the only one that I met that does...” Luna chuckled and said “Well… are you one hundred percent sure about this?” “He’s all yours…” Luna smiled “Thanks. I owe you one.” “Think nothing of it.” Luna looks at Silver and Silver looks at her and jumps on to her shoulder as she took the cloth and covers the cage with it and lifts it off the table as Sam walks out with Luna following from behind. Sam grabs a pack of food, puts it into a bag and gave it to Luna. “Here’s a little extra.” “Thanks...” Luna took the back and said “Well… looks like I will be busy for most of the day training the new guy. See you around and thanks for it.” “Anytime…” said Sam as he smiled and watch as Luna walks away.

By the time Luna got back home, it was 13:30.P.M. in the afternoon and after changing to her home wear starts to train the new ryuu-neko. But first, she had to earn its trust just like how she earned Silvers. Although it took longer than it did with Silver, it was worth it as after that, training it was just as easy as Silvers. By the time she is done, it’s already 15:46.P.M. Luna can hear her stomach growling and starts to feel hungry. She than heard two more stomachs growling. She looks at the ryuu-nekos and smiled. “You guys stay here and behave yourselves. I’ll go make your meals.” Silver and the other ryuu-neko yelps in unison and flew to the couch and waits while Luna heads for the kitchen. While Luna is in the kitchen, the two ryuu-nekos played with each other by running around the couch trying to catch one another. Luna came out 10 minutes later with 3 plates of food and sets it down on the table. The scent causes the ryuu-nekos to freeze in their tracks and dart straight to the table and starts to gobble down the food. Luna chuckled and said “Slowly now… don’t choke.” She starts to eat. Once they are done, she took the plates into the kitchen to wash them. Once she is free, she has to pick a name for the new ryuu-neko and chose the name it after her friend. Arcanas. She played with both of them for the rest of the day and did not notice as the sky slowly changes colour till it is completely black outside. Luna looks out the window and said “Dam… time really flew by…” she looks at both of them and said “Well… I guess it’s time for you guys to rest. Follow me.” She leads them to the guest room and said “You guys can have the bed. I’ll be going out for awhile but I’ll be back later.” As she walks out, both Silver and Arcanas flew up to her and licks her face. Luna smile and gently stroke their heads. They purred and flew to the bed and lay there to rest. Luna left the room and got change into her usual wear before leaving the house.

As Luna walks the streets during the late hours of the night, she spotted someone who seems to have past out in the alley. She walks up to him and picks up a nearby stick and starts to poke him. As the person opens his eyes half way, Luna thought that he is awake and was about to say something when he closed his eyes again. Luna continues to poke him to wake him up. When he finally did wake up, he jumped up and stood in a sloppy defensive stance, and began to fall back asleep. First, he fell back a bit, then leaned forward, but to far, slamming his head into crate, knocking his senses. He fell over on his back, with a bad dent in his upper left face. As it started to bleed, the guy completely passed out. Luna rolled her eyes and uses a nearby cloth and tears it into two and uses one to clean his wound and bandages it using the other. She than carried him on her shoulder and heads back to her place.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby Suraru on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:04 pm

~~June 3rd, 1210. Around noon, Location: Luna Dei Cacciatori Di Anima's House~~

Suraru woke up with a huge headache, While Luna is asleep on the couch facing the bed. He got off of the nice bed, and saw her sleeping on the couch. He slowly started to creep away when Luna, with her eyes close said, "Is that any way to treat a person who just brought you in from the streets without any questions?" Suraru jumped, looked at her, and replied with "Uh, I just didn't know, if, ummm"

Luna opened her eyes and got up and said "If?" "If... you were an assassin, or some girl I met at a bar last night, and ummm, I'm just going to say thank you, and get going" Suraru said as he began to walk toward the door, but Luna got up, walked past him, stood in front of the door and faced him "Why are you in a hurry? I found you in a dump. Which pretty much says you don't have a place to stay. As for how I know that, I've been living here for over 6 years and I have not seen you before. Which means your not from around here."

Suraru shrugged and said "Well, I don't have a place to stay, and i just came from down south. I was hoping to stay low, I'm kind of on the run from some people" "Who are you running from?" Asked Luna as she locks the door without looking away from Suraru. The Tired Cat sat down and explained his story.

At the end, Luna said "So the short version is. Got hired to do some dirty work. Sent to some place with no proper intel. Almost everyone gets killed and now they want to clean up their mess. But you are hiding in this town to avoid them." "Ya, pretty much" He says while grabbing for water Luna just made for the both of them.

"So" Luna asked "What is your power?" As she sat down on the couch. "Well, nothing much" says Suraru as he begins to sip the water "It's mostly wind oriented. I can control the wind from my limbs. this allows me to fly, or push people into walls, or off of cliffs if i need to. I am not that violent." "I see... how much do you know about your power? Or is it only the basics?" Asked Luna as she undid the belt on her coat. "I've been using... using it for about 6...6 years... now" Suraru looks at Luna, and trails off his sentence thinking about her, then finishes his drink.

"I have mostly mastered how to control it when i... when i need it. what is yours by the way?" Suraru says as he continues staring at Luna, stricken with love. Luna looks at him and changes to a mirror image, including what he is wearing and said in his voice "Care to guess?" Suraru snaps out of his h***y illusion, and says "Ah, so you can shapeshift, that's pretty cool" Luna continued "My base ability is mimicry. I'm not restricted to just shapeshifting." She says as she raises her hands and sends a gust of wind in his direction.

Suraru woke up a bit more and replies "HA wow, that is cool, so you can imitate anyone's power also?" "Yes. But the catch is, I need to take a direct hit from it. Which I normally use this for" She than shifts her biomass to her right arm and changes it into a black biomech looking shield. "that's... interesting, when did i hit you with my power?" said Suraru in confusion. "Last night at the alley. It's just a small gust of wind. Nothing much. But it's enough for me to mimic your power." She than changes her right arm back to normal.

"Huh sorry, must of been reflex... its really weird seeing myself, and not in a mirror..." Said Suraru wanting to see Luna's true form again. Luna changes back to her original form and said "Well... since you will be staying with me, you will be using the spare guest room at the back. But right now..." Luna looks at him and said "You need to get some clothes." Suraru looked down and said "Is something wrong with my-" He stops, as he sees his jacket, pants, and shirt are all ripped pretty bad, plus they are all wet and dirty.

"Ya I could use a change of clothes, hehe" Suraru said as Luna sighs and replied "Looks like we have to go shopping than. The guest room has some old clothing inside the drawer. Go get changed so we can get moving." After saying that, she starts to sip on her cup of water.

"Alright, but I'd rather stay inside, i don't know if i can trust anyone outside yet" Suraru says as he walks toward the guest room. "Your coming with me to look for new clothing for yourself. The sooner you are settled in, the better." Said Luna as she finishes up her water.

"Alright fine, ill go with you, after I see what your guest room looks like of course." Replied Suraru as he walks into the guest room. The guest room is a simple design with a queen size bed in the center, two cabinets on the left, one drawer beside each side of the bed and 1 dressing table. The window on the right has a view of the streets outside.

"hmmm not sure i like the streets being able to see me, easy spot for a sniper" Suraru said as he looked in the drawer, "They wont be able to shoot s***. The glass is custom made to deflect springer rounds." said Luna. "Well at least you know what a springer is, I take it this city isn't that different from andurana." Said Suraru "I grew up in one of the district there. Kojiki. I got a friend who still lives there. He's my mentor and taught me what I know." said Luna as she got up and walks into the guest room.

"hmmm that's... ok? to know I'm not the only one from there. Just don't tell anyone else, I'm trying to keep a low profile. I grew up in Calypsa by the way" "Ah yes... the water city. I've been there once. Interesting house design due to the area not being stable." Said Luna as the phone rang. "Ya it was ok there, we were close enough to Ruskol to be apart of the political influence, sadly that's how i got into that damn program..."

Just then the phone rang as Suraru closed the door and quickly put on a pair loose black trousers, a tighter white shirt, and a long black coat ((trench coat)) with a hood. The free-spirited cat still will not put on anything on his feet. As Suraru heard Luna call his name, he was already dressed.
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Re: THEM (Chapter 1: THEM's Shadows)

Postby Reed R Gale on Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:13 pm

The jobs, as expected, were scary! She didn’t want to send anybody out for needless violence but as she knew, breaking the rules was not a good idea at all. For both her protection and as a counter against her if she broke rules, a sniper was following her, and would act on her signal if she needed.

She decided that she would start with the hardest target first, Suraru, a man who had just entered town. How THEM knew about someone who just entered was beyond her, but she just wanted the job to be over with. She knew most people in the town, and had a picture of Suraru’s face memorized from the data scroll, so finding him wouldn’t be… Well, impossible. She would start in the neighborhoods maybe someone knew him.

This proved useless, no one knew him. She was about to move on to the next person when she realized that she had been idiotic! She had his phone number! She promptly dialed the number that she had memorized. As with music sheets, Lumi could memorize well, whether it be a song, a dance, or otherwise, she had a near photographic memory.

"Um, hello, is this Suraru?"

"Thank you ma'am." Lumi said in her most grateful voice. Why hadn't she thought of the phone before! She felt like slamming her head into a brick wall, why had she tried going to random peoples' homes to look for a newcomer! Information didn't spread quickly around here so it was a stupid idea, she herself should have known that the most. After the long pause of silence, she asked, "Hello is Suraru there?"

A response.

"Hello, Suraru, um, the place that I work for... um..." She struggled to remember what it was she was going to tell him. The nervousness was getting to her. "Uhhhhh... Ahhhh... I'm sorry I can't do this over the phone. Where is it you are at right now?” Lumi realized once again realized how stupid what she had said had been. First she had tried to look for someone who has just entered the city in a house! Then she just asked where he's saying. He's probably not going to answer. Once again, she felt like slamming her head into a brick wall, which was conveniently close by.

No, no, she would correct herself. Within that moment that felt like minutes due to her embarrassment, she corrected, "Um, but you don't have to if you don't want to." Wait no. That wouldn't do. She had to talk to him in person. She had, in trying to correct her mistake, made it worse, left the possibility open for failure! Failure was bad, very, very bad!

"A-Actually, I take that back, please... please, please tell me where you are, I can only really talk well person to person!" She was starting to panic, and her face was turning red. That is, if her fur weren't already a rusty red that covered it up. Her words were starting to jumble and stutter, and she wondered whether Suraru had even heard them correctly. God help her.

"Thank you, um, please be there, its important!" And she hung up. She really wasn't good at talking to people, let alone those of the opposite sex. Whenever possible she kept to her own, except when she was singing, which she wanted as many people to her her as possible. But right now it was important. She quickly headed to the meeting place, to get there before the other party.

*On the other line…*

As Luna is talking to Suraru, the phone rang and she walked towards it and pucks it up. "Hello?" When she heard the response she continued with. "Hold on please." Luna looked at Suraru and said "Suraru! There's a call for you." She hands the phone towards him and waits for him to pick it up.

"What?" Said Suraru in a confused voice. "Uh sure, lemme see it, " Suraru takes the phone and asks "Hello?" He says as his eyes dart around to make sure he is not about to be killed in some strange way. Suraru listens with confusion, he puts his hand over the phone to mask out his voice and whispers to Luna, "I think some girl has a crush on me, or is prank calling me... I wonder how she knows my name, and number..." Suraru goes back to the phone and says "Uh, hello! If you want to talk in person, we can meet at theeeeeeee-" Suraru cuts himself off and looks at Luna.

Luna heard all this and chuckled. "This girl I got to see... As for a meeting place, the market row. Near the city center." After saying that, two Air ryuu-nekos flew out of the kitchen and landed on her shoulder and nuzzles her. Luna smiled. "Hey guys. slept well?"

"At the Town Center, how does that sound?" asked Suraru. He continued after a reply.

"Uhhhh, I say in about 20 or 30 minutes, how does that sound?" Suraru said away from the phone "Wow Luna, you should hear how shy this girl sounds, it’s kind of saddening, actually." After that he continued the call. Until it finished.

The two ryuu-nekos yelps in unison and licks her face. Luna gently stroke their heads and said to Suraru "So... shall we get moving?"


Now that she thought about it, it was a party she was meeting. The information said that the boy Suraru was alone, and had just come into Dena. It also said he had no relations within the city borders. That he was running from someone. Odd, maybe he had found a nice stranger to take him in. That would was good. Her problems momentarily forgotten, Lumi headed to the aforementioned meeting point, humming a tune to herself. In the end she arrived ten minutes early.

She only just realized that Suraru wouldn't know her on sight, she would only know him because of the info she had received. She started pondering what his reaction he would have to meeting a total stranger.

In fact, what if he didn't even show up! The girl started to panic, but sat down on the nearest bench, and took deep breaths. She calmed herself with words of reassurance; there was still time, about five minutes before Suraru and the lady who had taken him in arrived. Maybe they were honest and would show up! Yes they would!

Her resolve steeled, Lumi sat upright in her bench looking like someone on an important quest. Her gaze did not waver, she would hold fast until the people arrived.
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