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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Avolendi on Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:36 pm

Dreamkeepers Chatlog - Thursday 04-08-2012


<&DreamKeepers> So, I figure most people saw the carpet-bombing I did in the art accounts today.
<&DreamKeepers> I figured, in the breathing space between Chapter 8 and 9, that would be the time to get caught up.


<@Twi> Dave, you have an epic bot question I wish you see
<&DreamKeepers> Oh yeah!
<&DreamKeepers> The Bot...
<&DreamKeepers> HEY ROBOT! Ahoy!
<+DreamKeepersBot> Paperdroid asks: Come to Europe! We've got cookies and sexy!
<&DreamKeepers> Cookies... ANd sexy.
<&DreamKeepers> I like the sound of that.
<&DreamKeepers> brb, need cookie....
<@Twi> It's just like when we hang out XD
<MrAerospace> Bow chicka bow wow
<&DreamKeepers> What say you? We never have cookies when we hang out!
<&DreamKeepers> It is a travesty. nomo nom
<@Twi> What? We DO have cookies! usually provided by other people, but we do XD
<@Twi> and we have plenty of sexy!
<&DreamKeepers> We had cookies? ...I guess not enough to be memorable. And I never said there was a lack of sexy. X D
<@Twi> T_T you seem to need a reminder
<&DreamKeepers> But I need like floods of cookies.
<&DreamKeepers> To remember for longer than it takes to eat them.
<@Twi> Then I will guest you again
<Zhang> umm... i might be able to help
<&DreamKeepers> Zhang... Have you been stockpiling cookies.
<Zhang> i work in a sandwhich bar right next to a giant cookie making bakery
<&DreamKeepers> I8 I
<Zhang> i steal cookies from them ALL DAY
<&DreamKeepers> Access to the blueprints. And a truck. This is what we need!
<Zhang> which.. is probablay why i just had 8 cavitys filled in
<&DreamKeepers> owch X D
<Zhang> meh
<@Twi> You can forget about the cookies all you want, but do not forget the sexy >>
<&DreamKeepers> It is seared into my mind forever, Twi. X D


<Zhang> if you were to classify the dreamkeepers in a timeline sence compared to our world right now... where are they
<&DreamKeepers> They... I would say they're around present time for us, at this point in the graphic novels.
<Zhang> like... were in the 21'st century and we have cars, plains, fully automatic rifles
<&DreamKeepers> So 1227 Dreamkeeper time is roughly 2010-ish human time.
<Zhang> and the DK world has like... "horse drawn caragars and single action rifles
<&DreamKeepers> This is true- but their tech developed slower due to the centralized location, and the availability of magical powers.
<@Twi> they also have teleporters XD
<Avolendi> You mean their technological equivelant?
<Zhang> yes
<Zhang> breach load pistols... and single fire rifles makes me think of the 18's
<&DreamKeepers> It's kind of a mish mosh... In some ways they're more advanced, like with telepads, and then with transport they still use the equivalent of horses.
<Zhang> correction, 17's ... or 18th centry
<&DreamKeepers> The shock trooper rifles are full-auto, though.
<&DreamKeepers> They just burn through their ammunition cylinder really fast.
<Zhang> wait...fully automatic...or semi-auto
<MrAerospace> Both, just flick a switch
<&DreamKeepers> They can operate them semi-auto, but they can also hold down the trigger for fully automatic fire.


<MrAerospace> Ok, next question then...referring to the Anduruna Wars past sketch: those coins or shields?
<Zhang> yes, coins or shields
<Zhang> (shields right)
<&DreamKeepers> Ah, that sketch - looking...
<Avolendi> I'm siding with Aero, but mainly wondering why they'd be there
<&DreamKeepers> They're coins.
<Zhang> wahaaattttt....
<MrAerospace> Win!
<Zhang> no fair
<Avolendi> xD
<Avolendi> So next Q: why are they there?
<&DreamKeepers> They're probably not there for any special reason or anything.
<&DreamKeepers> I probably was just like, 'hey, I want to draw coins on this.' Moving along... X D
<MrAerospace> ok, that is a perfectly legitimate reason
<Zhang> i said it was to entice people to come buy the book to learn WHY the narator would put coins there
<&DreamKeepers> E D
<Avolendi> Though it might depict waste of money and lives in some past war ... but that also works
<Zhang> its ingenious


<&DreamKeepers> Any more questiony things? 8 )
<MrAerospace> Ok, lets see
<Zhang> i have one... but since i went earlier... ill go last
<MrAerospace> Ah, no, you next, I had the last question
<MrAerospace> ...and rubbed your face in it
<MrAerospace> (sorry)
<&DreamKeepers> This room is filled with consideration. E D


<&DreamKeepers> Any other questions available for answerification?
<MrAerospace> Ok, question then: War ryuus exist, therefore Scinter must know about them...right?
<MrAerospace> and if Scinter knows about War Ryuu's....
<MrAerospace> The only problem I see, is his ability to grow one in 29years

<Wulfspyder> Question! Can Scinter remove his goggles?
<&DreamKeepers> Not anymore.

<Wulfspyder> Question numero dos! Is Scinter a cyborg?
<&DreamKeepers> As for Scinter being a cyborg... All I will say is that he has a neck brace.
<MrAerospace> But if I know how Scinter operates, it's gotta have some other purpose though?
<&DreamKeepers> As for the purpose of Scinter's neck brace...
<&DreamKeepers> It's for, um. Bracing necks. And things maybe related to that. And nothing else, more than likely.
<Avolendi> Sounds vaulted >.>
<&DreamKeepers> ...It's a little vaulted. X D


[Entry limitations on dA group?]
<Zhang> OH hey so... question... for halloween i mean
<&DreamKeepers> Sure, shoot. 8)
<Zhang> how many entrys can we send in... and... i dont reemmber but is there technically a graphic limiter...cause im planing a picture but... it has a LOT (and i mean a LOT ) of mutiliation, zombification, and necro-puppetry...
<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... I don't think there's a limit on entries, send as many as you like. When it comes to content, I think we're hosting the contest on DA again. So if it's allowed on DA, as long as it's labeled with the correct maturity rating, I don't think it'd be a major problem.
<Zhang> ill email the details later if your intersted
<&DreamKeepers> Sounds good. 8)
<Still_Kitten> Be careful about the maturity rating because that can get you in some trouble if done wrong
<&DreamKeepers> True - I think the Dreamkeepers DA group has some rating guidelines, so it'd have to be okay with those as well.


<Zhang> good news, i got an anime-enthruist and fellow writing friend addicted to the comic
<&DreamKeepers> YAY, thank you! 8 D
<Zhang> i showed him the webcomic and he was "meh" about it...
<Zhang> then i told him to really look into and about 3 weeks later he calls me back and says
<Zhang> " so i read most fun and ok, but i got the free first book and looked into it.... damn...just...damn...this thing is awesome"
<&DreamKeepers> YAAAYYYY E D
<Zhang> and he is now making his OTHER writing friends get addicted to it
<&DreamKeepers> Awesome - thank you for helping spread the word, Zhang! 8 D


<ilvos01> Say, Dave, have you looked into selling in conventional bookstores?
<&DreamKeepers> A little bit.
<&DreamKeepers> But currently, we're too little to accomodate their discount structure.
<&DreamKeepers> We print books digitally, which means the printing cost is over half the retail value. And stores ask for a 50% cover price discount.
<Still_Kitten> their discount structure also includes taking a rather large chunk of what would be your profits from direct sales right?
<&DreamKeepers> But when we can afford to print offest, which is like a thousand copies at once, then we could send books to stores.
<ilvos01> I hope you are able to try it, eventually. It seems like it would bolster your sales considerably.
<MrAerospace> Depending on the store
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah, the retailers take quite a lot of profit, between them and the distributor. But when the books are printed offset, it's not so bad because the printing cost is lower.
<&DreamKeepers> As soon as we can afford to do it, I'll try out retail markets for certain.

<MrAerospace> but, yes, I still hope you all the best
<ilvos01> There is a marketing strategy I think you should try.
<&DreamKeepers> I think we're building up to it. 8 )
<&DreamKeepers> Ooh, what is it?

<Still_Kitten> Well that is another upside to it, I would imagine starting with a small bookstore chain would be better first for an injection into mainstream bookselling?
<ilvos01> Small-time authors who self-publish, (ergo, you) sell their comics in bookstores that are known to be frequented by publishing companies.
<ilvos01> An agent will see it, like it, then approach you.
<ilvos01> Since it's already published, they can't change anything within.
<ilvos01> They will, however, try to influence you on the second volume, but they'll be sneaky about it.
<@Twi> But we've seen what happens when you work with publishers XD
<&DreamKeepers> This is true. I'm actually not against working with agents or bigger publishers, potentially - as long as it works to maximize our readership, and I retain all the rights and control I want. But, that's a rare offer to get.

<ilvos01> with this tactic, they can't influence the work, because it's already been published.
<Still_Kitten> Plus one problem with bookstores is they are becoming a slowly dying media. As great as it is to own a book with the way technology is going it makes bookstores more obsolete so keeping it mostly digital and avaliable for viewing on things like tablets seems like the better route for the future.
<&DreamKeepers> ..Although, the bigger we get on our own, the more leverage we can throw around - in *any* potential negotiations. E )
<ilvos01> Oh. Then advertisments.
<ilvos01> Lots.
<&DreamKeepers> But, yeah. Bookstores and publishing on a larger scale, I want to pursue when we have the finances. But it's not the end goal - it's just another avenue to readers. The core importance is still the creation, and the people reading it. ...Which is why more ads need to happen int he future. X FD
<Still_Kitten> Yeah but you have to be careful with ads because you end up with a TON and it ends up costing more to print


<ilvos01> Speaking of which, is the commercial going anywhere? Online
<&DreamKeepers> The commercial is slowly gathering more views, but we exhausted the current ad budget for actively promoting it.
<&DreamKeepers> After I do finances, we'll probalby fire it up again at some point.
<&DreamKeepers> Actually, I think I mentioned this in passing a month or two back.
<darkice-421> And don't Exhaust yourselves too much, just do what you can Dave. We are your best help so far.


<&DreamKeepers> But I'm planning on getting official Volunteer positions firmed up for Dreamkeepers - like marketing director and stuff.
<&DreamKeepers> That way, things that need to get done can happen. Because I'm only one person, it would seem. X D
<Still_Kitten> Oh, sounds like fun and you can get volunteers who are looking for real world experience in order to help boost resumes
<&DreamKeepers> ...Precisely, Still Kitten. 8 )
<&DreamKeepers> And our empire will continue its inexorable expansion.
<Still_Kitten> Will we have banners to plant in the ground along the way?
<&DreamKeepers> David waves so hard he flies - I hope so. Nice pennants, with skull and crossbones somewhere.

<ilvos01> How long was the gap between volumes? Three years?
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah, like too long. If I can manage to go full time on DK though, I think I could finish one Volume within a year or so.


<Avolendi> .... I just got a cool idea ... are there turnaround images of the characters that could be uploaded to dA or I could somehow use so I could work on something like remaking a scene from the books? 3D practise for me and potential spreading to word for DK?
<&DreamKeepers> Ooh - Hmm... I think we have a turnaround of Mace, a really old one, in the art accounts. And there's one of Whip. But I don't think the other characters have turnarounds, actually.
<darkice-421> Wisp has a char sheet but no one else for anything.
<Avolendi> kinda learned from my current project that trying to make a model without a proper reference is a very bad idea
<&DreamKeepers> I do? Or, I did? I dunno... Sometimes I lose track of what I've drawn, it gets cluttery. X D
<@Twi> ... OOOOH that's why you're asking for.... .uhm.... No, don't use David's drawings as 3D modeling reference XD
<@Twi> David's drawings do not lend themselves at all to being proper 3D reference in any way or form
<Avolendi> That's why I asked for a turnaround ... but guess you mean those old ones are worse than off perspective newer ones ?
<@Twi> No
<@Twi> David's drawn work just does not lend itself well to 3D reference at all
<Avolendi> Any idea how to get some references for that then?
<@Twi> He draws extremely in 2D
<@Twi> I myself modeled Mace once. It was disastrous XD
<Still_Kitten> I would say just try to model it off of what you would expect it to look like if it were 3d?
<@Twi> That might be a safer alternative actually. It just takes a lot of refining
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Avolendi on Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:36 am

Just to let people know, I won't be around for the next two weeks. So if someone else could do keep up the compendium that would be much appreciated ^^
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Avolendi on Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:08 am

Dreamkeepers Chatlog - Thursday 18-10-2012

Streamlined and slighted reordered for readability.
So much for sogging (translated to English: "Study Evasive Behaviour"ing) ^^


[Good news!]
<&DreamKeepers> Also, GOOD NEWS.
<MrAerospace> Finished?
<&DreamKeepers> We still need to review and spellcheck the whole thing, but YES!
<&DreamKeepers> Volume 3 is cover-to-cover done.
<Avolendi> Awesome!
<Kafelnikov> HUZZAH!
<grdeleo> YAY!
<RedJax> Excellent and congrats!
<Kafelnikov> Good work Dave!
<&DreamKeepers> Now we just have to wait for the printing. X D
<@Twi> no! no free copies for you XD
<&DreamKeepers> EVERYONE gets a free copy, for the lowlow price of $25.00!
<@Twi> Dave needs money. No money = no life = no dreamkeepers XD

[Contest Grand Prize]
<Kafelnikov> Hey Dave, any news on the contest grand prize yet?
<&DreamKeepers> Contest grand prize, yes!
<@LordoftheForest> Oh ho?
<&DreamKeepers> I'm sorry we haven't gotten photos to you yet.
<grdeleo> whats the grand prize
<&DreamKeepers> But we took photos of it, I'll send them to you tonight. V3 ate me earlier this week.
<Kafelnikov> Shoot me an email or something when you can. Just wanna make sure we don't wait too long before the deadline is tight
<Kafelnikov> And I understand.
<Kafelnikov> It must feel great to be done!
<&DreamKeepers> Grand prize is going to be figurines of Vi
<@Twi> .... it's a good thing you banned me Dave XD
<&DreamKeepers> *nods*
<@Twi> It's a VERY good thing you..... WAAAAAAIT
<@LordoftheForest> oh dear
<@Twi> You KNEW what my reaction was gonna be as soon as you said Vi DIDNT YOU!!
<&DreamKeepers> Don't fear though, we'll get some non-art contests in the pipeline for 2013, so everyone can have some fun.
<&DreamKeepers> XD Yep.
<Avolendi> Maybe I'll just post this in the compendium ... stuff like that just needs to be stored for the future
<grdeleo> who made the figurine
<&DreamKeepers> Liz made the figurines, she's good with sculpture 'n stuff.

[DK dA group]
<Kafelnikov> And I honestly want to thank everyone who has been a part of the dA dreamkeepers group over the past year
<Kafelnikov> The group has grown a lot, and thank you for making things happen!
<Avolendi> And thank you for taking care of the group! :)
<&DreamKeepers> Thank you for making the group to start with Kafelnikov, you've done amazing with it!
<MrAerospace> Truly is a good thing!
<Kafelnikov> Hey, no problem. Just doing my part to help promote some really great work!

<@Twi> Oh, Dave, what time are you going to bed tonight? I need to call you later. it's important D8
<Kafelnikov> Everything ok Twi?
<&DreamKeepers> Sleeping... I don't know. Probably not for another 2 hours at least.
<&DreamKeepers> I still need to do the dishes, they are SO MESSY because I've been ignoring them for days finishing the book.
<@Twi> oh ok. that's enough time
<&DreamKeepers> You can call anytime if you address me as 'batman', though.
<@Twi> yeah everything's fine. but important things still happen XD
<Kafelnikov> lol
<&DreamKeepers> Cool.
<RedJax> Heh

[Showing WIP]
<Avolendi> Also shameless WIP poking:
<&DreamKeepers> OOOHHH
<&DreamKeepers> Avo, that's awesome! 8 D
<&DreamKeepers> Liz 'oohed' too, that's looking really fun so far. Thanks for showing us!
Avolendi> Thanks! ^^ Hope it looks enough like the booth from the festival
<&DreamKeepers> It does, it's what I thought of the moment I saw it. You totally pulled it off. 8 )
<Avolendi> Sweet

[Kindle Books]
<RedJax> Question Dave, apologies to Twi I think I asked him but I cannot remember. After the chaos of getting V3 out the door, have you given any more thoughts to putting V1 and V2 out for Kindle?
<@Twi> you did ask XD we'll get on that
<&DreamKeepers> Ooh, Kindle for V1 and 2... Yeah. I need to get digital sales more platform-friendly overall. When I get Volume 3 ready for digital, I'll tackle all 3 books at once.
<RedJax> Sorry Twi I retract my question

[Character Origins]
<grdeleo> is Mace or any people from dk based on real people...Or just made up
<&DreamKeepers> A lot of the characters are based on *parts* of real people, a lot of just made up from scratch as well.

<grdeleo> dave
<grdeleo> i get a feeling mace has traces of you...
<&DreamKeepers> Mace has traces, more than anyone else, of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, I think. That was very influential on me.

[Bundles / Graphicaly]
<&DreamKeepers> Oh, hi Johannes! 8 D
<Jo> Heya dave, It's Johannes - sent you that email a few days ago about the bundles :)
<@LordoftheForest> Good to see you in the chat Jo! =]
<&DreamKeepers> Thanks again for the bundles e-mail - I hope things go through, it looks awesome. 8 )
<@Twi> Speaking of which, Dave, Graphically, as it turns out, is not very popular with your market XD
<&DreamKeepers> Graphicly = not optimal... Noted. X D
<&DreamKeepers> That's okay, I need to learn more about e-books and platforms in general anyways.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> Hey dave, I have a request?
<&DreamKeepers> Questions / Requests: Let 'em rip. 8 )
<grdeleo> A REQUEST!
<@Twi> not art requests, silly XD
<Jo> So DreamKeepers: I heard rumors on here about something involving kickstarter. Is there any info about that you can share? ;)
<&DreamKeepers> Kickstarter: We do have plans to do something with Kickstarter. Right now, that's about the extent of our plans. X D I've had it on the backburner since V3 was eating the universe.
<&DreamKeepers> But I'll look into what specifically we want to do with it this coming year, and announce our plans on the art accounts and website and such. 8 )

<grdeleo> XD if i get a chance ill make a mix of calvin and hobbes and dk
<grdeleo> even though im a crap artist (thumbs up)
<grdeleo> Dave i have always had i good request a mix between dk and calvin and hobbes
<&DreamKeepers> Request for Calvin / DK crossover: I like it, but instinctively I shoot it down. X D I've got too much on my plate already, including an epic commission que. Thank you for the idea, anyways. 8 )

[IRC and its issues]
<Jo> Also as a side note, does this IRC support PM's?
Summary: It might work (try to double click on someone's name or use "/msg <nickname> <message>"). The crappy server however is most likely the main problem though if it doesn't work.
<@LordoftheForest> Thanks for bringing it to attention though.

[DK pinback buttons]
<SerafinoDragonTamer> I'm wondering... If I figure out a cost-effective way to make DK pinback buttons, could I somehow get the images from some popular stickers so I can make them to ship to you?
<&DreamKeepers> DK pinback buttons, ooh....
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah, that sounds fun. 8 ) We have plenty of images already that we could use for them, most of the sticker designs would work fine.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> alright. Once I find a good design site or something, I'll email you about it.
<&DreamKeepers> We can definitely work something out with pins sometime. I actually want to add an 'Artists Alley' section to the Vivid website when we host it in 2013, so that sort of thing would fit right in.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> Hey guys, how much would a person be willing to buy say... a 1.5" pin button?
<@Twi> I do not buy buttons. they are uncomfortable D8
<@Twi> I do not know how people stand them
<SerafinoDragonTamer> I put them on a strap that I tie to my belt
<MrAerospace> Unless you have a dumbass badge!
<@LordoftheForest> I may stick them on my backpack.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> I should write a DK Jazz piece in honor of Scinter.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> He seems like a jazzy sort of guy
<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... I could totally see Scinter listening to jazz.

<grdeleo> dave have you ever thought of live streaming your work on dk books take out text tough so no spoilers
<&DreamKeepers> Livestreaming is an option - I've never tried it before, and I'm hesitant to try it because I can get stage fright while drawing. X D
<&DreamKeepers> Plus some pages have spoilers, dialogue or not.
<RedJax> Live streaming would probably work for the prelude comic

[/Me, myself and the chat]
<MrAerospace> me/ mind boggles
<MrAerospace> nope that didn't does one do those action thingies here?
<SerafinoDragonTamer> me/ excited
<SerafinoDragonTamer> darn it xD
* SerafinoDragonTamer excited
<MrAerospace> that!
<MrAerospace> Seraf? how'd you do that?
<Avolendi> "/me blaat"
* Avolendi blaat
* MrAerospace slaps head
<MrAerospace> there we go!

[Prelude books]
<MrAerospace> hmm, Dave, any plans to make Prelude into books?
<&DreamKeepers> Yup! Actually, I want to release a Prelude book next year, while we're doing Volume 4.
<&DreamKeepers> I'll do a DA poll next year, but just for fun, anyone have preferences between these Prelude book options?
<&DreamKeepers> Softcover Prelude book like the graphic novels, or a more expensive hardcover?
<RedJax> Softcover I would say
<&DreamKeepers> And should it be one big Prelude book, or one for the Mace arc, and one for the Namah side?
<grdeleo> more expensive hard cover
<@LordoftheForest> The softcover options works well and I don't think Prelude justifies hardcover XD
<@LordoftheForest> *cost
<Avolendi> Since the Mace/Namah arcs doing intertwine, I would assume merging the parts would make it read easier. As for books, I refrain from an opinion as I'm unsure whether I'd buy one in the near future (like before V4 is out)
<Avolendi> With the NGS softcover, I agree with Fore it'd be odd to have hardcover for the prelude
<@LordoftheForest> I might suggest having one Mace arc and one Naham/Lillith arc alongside eachother every softcover edition.
<MrAerospace> the only problem I see with selling Prelude stuff is that the stories are just so inconsistent in length.
<Jo> also it doesn't seem to be nearly as focused on one story as the books, it's a bit more random, as web comics tend to be
<Avolendi> Maybe once the prelude catch up. Although then if I recall it correctly the histories of other characters would come to turns?
<Jo> not that it's a bad thing
<MrAerospace> yep...that's the thing. If the stories were more serialised, then they'd work better as standalone pieces
<MrAerospace> but, with say 15 pages for the first Mace story and then 70-80 for the latter Sabatton ones...
<&DreamKeepers> Thanks for the thoughts on the Prelude books everyone. 8 )
<&DreamKeepers> I'll do a fancy-poll-thing on DA later, when we're closer to getting them published.

[Forum crashed]
<Jo> I think that's just for the forum, don't think it's connected to that
<@LordoftheForest> This forum, I tell you =[
<@LordoftheForest> It broke a few minutes ago while I was trying to post in your salutations thread XD
<Jo> oh no XD

[Fore's turn]
<Jo> well, I originally wanted to ask someone this via a PM so as to not embarass myself, but here we go: LordoftheForest, who are you? XD another mod, or are you liz? genuinely don't know ^^;
<@LordoftheForest> I am another faithful mod, but I am sadly derp now and then since school has kicked down my door for attention XD
<Avolendi> xD Now Fore gets Lizted. Is this going to be another tradition perhaps?
<@LordoftheForest> It is my dream to be Liz one day
<Jo> ah ok, the way you greeted me I figured you had somehow talked to dave about my email :) you probably just said it that way since you saw me on the forums

[Contest entry bonus poster?]
<@Twi> oh hey, idea, kafelnikov, if that's ok with you, I may toss in a free poster of that lilith picture along with the vi figurine. It seems to have been a hit on Dave's page XD
<Avolendi> It's awesome!

[David and PM's]
<Jo> you can test it by opening a new window and logging in as a normal user then PMing yourself
<&DreamKeepers> Really? That's neat, I didn't know that. X D
<&DreamKeepers> I can compliment myself now. Evening, Drezlun!
<NotDavidThatsForSure> Hey. This is a new guy.
<&DreamKeepers> Hey new guy. Who are you?
<NotDavidThatsForSure> Nobody. But wow, are you handsome.
<NotDavidThatsForSure> I will pm you now, this is too spicy for public.
<&DreamKeepers> Awesome. Let's do this.
<&DreamKeepers> AGH, I can't pm myself! There goes the evening.
<MrAerospace> Oh, nobody should have ever let Dave know that....:D
<@LordoftheForest> That was hot stuff. Get me that chatlog when you're done.

[Shipping books]
<Jo> Question: when do you plan on shipping the books? I'm only asking because my shipping address was incorrect and need to fix that before the books disappear in the void D:
<&DreamKeepers> Book shipping - I anticipate that happening mide November at the earliest, based on how many proofing rounds are needed.
<&DreamKeepers> It will probably take us a solid two weeks of work to actually mail everything once we have it all in the apartment. X D

[Power Infractions]
<Avolendi> Anyway, is it fair game for more questions?
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah! Fire away!
<Avolendi> Question: I assume it can happen a dreamkeeper discovers their power, but without breaking the law. What happens to them then? Do they get taking into custody or some kind of regulated supervision?
<&DreamKeepers> Even discovering their power by accident is considered illegal. They might not banish you for a first offense if it was demonstrably inadvertant, but you'll certainly be on probation, might have to go through special education to learn to *not* use your power.
<Avolendi> Appendum: Are there special considerations for those that are known to have discovered their power and learned not to use it?
<&DreamKeepers> Nothing really. They're Citizenry Profile notes that they are aware of their power, so authorities will be aware of that. And if they do use it, they're toast. As long as they don't use it though, they're pretty much okay.

<Jo> Question: any chance you would ever consider working on something interactive, like a game? (asked previously but I think it was missed)
<&DreamKeepers> I would definitely consider it. But the odds of me doing that currently are very low. I need to get V4 done WAY faster than V3, and a major work distraction won't help me there.
<&DreamKeepers> But once I get in a groove where the books are coming out at a good pace, I'd be open to more. Or delegating more, as the case may be.

<Jo> Question: probably been answered somewhere else, but how many volumes are planned?
<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... Rough estimates go from maybe 15 to maybe 30.
<&DreamKeepers> I have a good handle on the overall story, but haven't broken it down into Volumes yet.

[V3 delays]
<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... Any last questions for the night? I ought to finish the dishes and get some food before we hit the hay.
<Jo> was there anything specific that made V3 take so long that you'll be doing differently in future volumes?
<&DreamKeepers> Yup, actually. A lot of stuff slowed V3 down.
<@Twi> soo many things got in the way XD
<&DreamKeepers> I think I have a catalogue of excuses somewhere... But the short explanation is that we weren't just making V3 the past few years, we were also building our business from the ground up, this website included.
<MrAerospace> so I assume V4=production timing test
<&DreamKeepers> There was also a year of commissions, an animated commercial, a wedding, and various disasters added to the list. X D

<drezlun> David, who built your website?
<&DreamKeepers> I did it myself with tutorials from a friend for the PHP.
<Jo> regarding the website, are there any plans on expanding the vivid publishing link? it still links to an 'under construction' page
<&DreamKeepers> It works okay... But it's not professionally coded, if anyone were to look behind the scenes. X D
<&DreamKeepers> Actually, yes!
<&DreamKeepers> One of my hit-list items to nail while V3 is printing is the Vivid website.
<drezlun> Ah, yeah I was looking at the source code for the page with one of my instructors today. Bye Twi!

<Jo> As a publishing company do you plan on publishing work other than your own?
<MrAerospace> I would love to see other titles find their way to Vivid!
<&DreamKeepers> I do want to publish more titles someday.
<&DreamKeepers> I haven't branched out *yet*, because I've had my plate full trying to get things up and running while making books.
<&DreamKeepers> And I don't want to sucker in creators if I can't really offer them some value as a publisher.
<&DreamKeepers> But assuming our trajectory goes the way I plan, we should have the ability to publish more in the future. 8)

<Jo> are you planning on hiring more staff for that? it seems since you do most of the art on the books that you'll always be busy if you plan on making another ~20
<&DreamKeepers> I do need to delegate if I'm going to properly expand... I'm planning on formalizing some volunteer positions later this year.
<&DreamKeepers> Unfortunately I can't hire anyone for real yet, but we might get there if we keep growing.
* MrAerospace mind boggles having Dave as a boss
<&DreamKeepers> Fortunately, I've already gotten A LOOOTTT of help from people... Namely you guys. X D
<drezlun> If any of those positions are for web development, I can get started right now because that is the focus of one of my classes.
<&DreamKeepers> Seriously, Dreamkeepers readers are the best. I wouldn't have even gotten this far without you guys.
<&DreamKeepers> I think the positions I'm starting with are mainly advertising and publicity related - but a lot of why I'm getting some official volunteers is to help coordinate more help, such as finding possible ways to utilize additional web developers.
<MrAerospace> I'd love to see this webpage polished up a little bit more
<&DreamKeepers> Right now I can scarcely keep up with my inbox, so coordinating others is a bit of a daunting prospect. XD

<Jo> someone else can probably answer this, but where about are you guys located?
<&DreamKeepers> We're in central Ohio, Columbus.

<Jo> Any plans of ever visiting Europe, like for conventions? (asking since I will be moving to finland to work for a game developer there later this month)
<&DreamKeepers> No plans yet, but I love the idea. 8 D
<&DreamKeepers> I've wanted to see Europe for some time now.
<&DreamKeepers> No matter what they say.
<MrAerospace> you can always delegate the reading of emails too!
<Avolendi> ... Looks outside the window ... xD
<robbiethe1st> Ireland is a great place to visit.
<&DreamKeepers> I want to visit Paris dressed as Sam the Eagle.
<MrAerospace> darn you Avo...mind you, at 4am there's not much to see
<MrAerospace> Oh...well France is a good place...I can help you out with relatives that way if you like
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