The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby ilvos01 on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:25 pm

Dreamkeepers came out - All older than me. Currently - All younger. Confusing, to say the least.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby SuperVaderMan on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:45 pm

Oh man, it's another update! In just a month this time... yay!


<Rydlen> Question: More or less hypothetical... If a human sleeps under a DreamCatcher (Native American Referance), would that directly or indirectly affect their DreamKeeper counterpart? DreamCatchers are supposed to ward off Nightmares and some people believe they work so...

<&DreamKeepers> I would say that the Dreamcatcher doesn't have any influence in the Dreamworld, or to their Dreamkeeper. BUT, the Dreamcatcher may influence the ether between world, or supernaturally influence *our* world. So it could conceivably have protective effects on the human user, but it wouldn't affect the Dreamworld in any measurable way.
<&DreamKeepers> So, yeah! It doesn't affect the Dreamworld, but could have some influence on the dreams perceived by the human, maybe even help ward off nightmares. But it can't protect their Dreamkeeper I don't think.


<SuperVaderMan> What are DK bathrooms like? Since DKs come in so many fantastic shapes and sizes, would there be different sized seats and stuff?

<&DreamKeepers> Holy crap, that's a good question. They'd have to have like, customizable toilets.
<&DreamKeepers> Plus even a standard-issue toilet design would be different from ours, because so many DK's have tails that they couldn't have that tank blocking the entire back area.
<&DreamKeepers> In public restrooms, they might even have like a handful of different 'standard design' toilets, to cover the most common body shapes.
<&DreamKeepers> But actually, the toilet thing is a friggin good point, Vader... I'm glad I haven't drawn any bathrooms yet, I'll definitely take that into account now, if a scene ever pops up.


<Althis> But hey David, what about body biology, its mostly the same to all or is different for each one?

<&DreamKeepers> I think body biology tends to be the same for nearly all Dreamkeepers, but there's always the odd case out. It's possible some rare individuals would have very different means of waste disposal, or pee acid or something. But that sort of thing would be very rare. X D


<Avolendi> So maybe there's also a special category (like for disabled)?

<&DreamKeepers> There is, actually.
<&DreamKeepers> Whip is technically classified as a disabled student by the school system, because he can't talk or grip anything.
<&DreamKeepers> Heh. E ) Now I wonder which toilet size he could easily use, if any... But that begins to call into question where his orafices hide out all the time. I'm not exactly sure, but he can get away without pants, so, more power to him I guess. X D
<&DreamKeepers> I could see him being a little troublemaker actually, and playing target practice when doing flyovers of the city...


<Avolendi> Question on the fly! How are dreamkeepers caught that violate the airspace protocols?

<&DreamKeepers> Visually, I suppose... Hadn't thought through it terribly extensively yet.
<&DreamKeepers> I don't think it's an extremely common occurence these days in Anduruna, kind of like if someone decided to drive their car through a park.
<&DreamKeepers> So when it does happen, enough people see the 'keeper that they get reported, and if they look distinctive, the cops'll knock on their door before too long.
<&DreamKeepers> I think the first offense would be mainly a civil fine and a legal injunction, I'm not sure if they would imprison you right off the bat for an illegal flight that didn't use powers.


<Althis> So! Random question time, how is it like on the catacombs bellow the Sabatton Towers?

<&DreamKeepers> As for the catacombs below the Sabbatton Towers, hmm... I'm not sure exactly how much I can share at the moment. I suppose I can share what's public knowledge among Andurunans.
<&DreamKeepers> The foundations of the Tower go really deep of course. There are some underground prison levels, maintenence areas, additional civilian areas... At the very bottom where the support struts are bolted into the bedrock, it's actually a tourist site. Schoolkids get dragged down there on class trips quite frequently.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Avolendi on Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:02 am

Saved the chat and then forgot it ... So with some delay:
Compendium of 23 februari 2012


<Avolendi> Question: Are dreamkeepers aware of things such as oxigen in the air? Or even things like the chemical chart? (Kind of the result of something that happened in an RP)
<&DreamKeepers> Ooh, sciency question! 8 D
<&DreamKeepers> Consulting the Liz...
<&DreamKeepers> Alrighty! We have an official sorta idea of what Anduruna's sophistication is.
<&DreamKeepers> They know about molecules, and they have most of the elements isolated and charted and stuff- but they're still theorizing about atoms.
<&DreamKeepers> They have a lot of technology of course- they can do chemistry at a fairly advanced level, have data-scrolls powered by Lunarous, etcetera. But they can't build nuclear reactors or A-bombs yet.


<SerafinoDragonTamer> Question 2: Do Dreamkeepers have the ability to resuscitate without powers?
<&DreamKeepers> Resuscitate, as in they can recover from injury and such?
<SerafinoDragonTamer> death and such dave
<SerafinoDragonTamer> like EMTs
<&DreamKeepers> They can't recover from actual *dead* death, even with powers... Unless it's specifically like a necromancy power or something. But they do have medical specialists, hospitals, and the technology to try and save lives.
<&DreamKeepers> They definitely have an Anduruna-equivalent to ambulances and EMT's. 8 )


<Althis> Hey David, do you like creating physically correct guns right?
<Althis> So, you want to see the schematics?
<Althis> I'm thinking of building one on my spare time, if I can get the springs
<&DreamKeepers> Let's see, physically correct guns... Well, I don't know if they'd work in *real* life, but I like making guns that are at least kinda plausible in our cartoon world. Anyways, the idea for them isn't totally impossible. E \ And yeah, I'd love to see some crossbow schematics! That sounds fun.
<&DreamKeepers> ...If you make it in real life, you MUST shoot a watermelon with it.


<&DreamKeepers> AHOY, question away!
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Does Anduruna have conspiracy theorist groups? Anti-Government stuffs and all?
<&DreamKeepers> Anduruna would definitely have some conspiracy theorist chaps running around. It's a big enough city, that I think there'd DEFINITELY be a few subculture groups and such. Some may be kinda on target, and certainly some crazies as well.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Woo!
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Thanks Dave


<Althis> David, Question: A friend of mine did art copying yours, he wants to know if he can post.
<Althis> He used the lines and colored it
<Althis> I mean, he didn't use the lines, he drew it himself, but with your as a base.
<&DreamKeepers> Sure, I don't mind. 8 ) If he mentions us as inspiration, it'd be very nice of him- but even if he forgets, it's not like we're gonna look him up and file a lawsuit or anything stupid like that. Tell him to go for it, and thanks for being inspired by us! 8 D
<&DreamKeepers> ...Especially if he drew it himself, he doesn't even need permission from us. It's his art, and he has every right to post it. 8 )


<Klona> Is there a reason Gunn has a fishing boat at the orphanage instead of a merchant vessel? -Question from Aerospace
<&DreamKeepers> Let's see, Grunn having a fishing boat instead of a merchant ship... Yup. There's a backstory for why that ship is the one the orphanage was built around. But I must save it for later.


<Althis> Hey dave, this dazzles me every time. WHY THE HELL GRUNN HAS A FLUFFY TAIL!
<&DreamKeepers> Grunn has a fluffy tail because it's perfect that way. I can give no other excuse. X D


<Althis> BTW Dave, you are always nice like that or you try to act a bit?
<Althis> I think I never knew someone so nice and kind.
<&DreamKeepers> Um, it depends on who I'm talking to actually.
<&DreamKeepers> You guys are always nice to me, so, it's pretty easy to return the favor. But if folks are rude I can kinda be an ******* sometimes...
<&DreamKeepers> There was that guy in the parking garage.
<&DreamKeepers> Heh...
<&DreamKeepers> He was angry at me, and I couldn't really hide how enjoyable that fact was. And when people try to ask me for money, I tell them I'm evil.
<&DreamKeepers> So I'm not ALWAYS nice. I'm also EVIL!
<&DreamKeepers> But generally, I just... I dunno. It's way more fun to be happy, so I've grown to do that a lot over the years. It's kinda of a habit at this point.
<&DreamKeepers> I think it helps that I'm perhaps mildly idiotic. X D
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah, you have to have *just* enough stupidity in life to have fun when necessary. E)


<Althis> So... you will be doing space things?
<&DreamKeepers> Nothing like super fancy, but they're probably going to have me make an illustration of their spaceship.
<&DreamKeepers> Only not surrounded by cartoon characters. And I like spaceships, so this is going to be a good thing for everyone. E )
<&DreamKeepers> So I'm not doing anything *actually* useful or like aeronautical, but I get to do some fanart for it, and get paid. Yay. E)
<&DreamKeepers> I do want SOMEONE to go to Mars at some point. I mean, come on. Coolness.


<SerafinoDragonTamer> Can Lunarous be used to channel enough energy to be something along the lines of a lightsaber?
<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... I don't think you could do it with *only* Lunarous. It can be chemically excitable when mixed with other... Thingies though. I think it would be possible, but it would be a very challenging scientific and engineering feat.
<&DreamKeepers> There would probably have to be laser technology involved too, somehow.


<Althis> BTW, what is Lunarous?
<&DreamKeepers> Lunarous is like a glowy mineral that they Andurunans can use for different chemistry type things.
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah, it makes the snow glow. 8 )
<&DreamKeepers> It's inert on it's own, but can be destabilized and volatile based on what it's mixed with.


<Althis> BTW david, when we will see the plushies available for public
<&DreamKeepers> Hopefully at some point. I'm not sure exactly when.
<&DreamKeepers> I think we'd have to get a price quote from a ... Plushie-factory-place, because it would be waaaay too work intensive to handcraft them. That was our idea a few years back, and the prototypes were ridiculously work intensive.
<&DreamKeepers> So we'll eventually get a design & quote from a "Plushie Factory" (You can tell I've done my research) and then poll the audience to see if we have enough customers to make it fly. 8 )


<vanilla-creme> my cat's nomming on my hand...
<vanilla-creme> my cat want's to ask a question...
<&DreamKeepers> The floor is open to Cats.
vanilla-creme> she says "What kinds of Fishies are found in Anduruna? Same as Earth, or different speciece (Tastier species?)"
<&DreamKeepers> As for Anduruna fish... I vote Tastier than earth.
<&DreamKeepers> Because that is more fun for cats. E)
<vanilla-creme> Nymph is quite pleased.
<&DreamKeepers> YAY. I like making animals happy. Not like Tally... Impossible to please.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Twilight on Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:51 am

THIS IS UNEDITED!!!! I just kind of pasted stuff in.

police uniforms?

<&DreamKeepers> Ahem. Police uniforms... I actually think they would be different for every district, technically speaking. Because the 'local' police forces are descended from district-specific police organizations. They're probably pretty close, maybe slightly different colors or uniform cuts.
[18:08:26] <&DreamKeepers> I haven't drawn all the uniforms yet, I probably ought to have done that before V3, because we have a cop in the background of a couple panels. X D

But they don't look as badass as the shock troopers. They just kinda look like your average police officer- blue collared shirt, badge, slacks... I don't think we even gave the guy a gun. Except for the shock troopers, most of their law enforcement has become fairly emasculated.

How does the tracker id on shock troopers work?

basically 'Electronic'. The shock troopers have a red badge on the front of their armor that stores their personal info, unit assignment, rank, and all that. It's what the goggles pick up on when they track the locations and ID's of the trooper forces.
[18:13:37] <&DreamKeepers> Yeah, they wouldn't have GPS. Their ID badges have a limited range, probably only as far as they can independently transmit- I would think a few miles, at the very most.

And being all localized within the city together, the range is pretty much covered entirely within the city. And yeah, the data scrolls use some flo-wood in their circuitry with the Lunarous if I remember correctly, so it is almost like a life energy in a way. Not sentient, or even on the level of a living plant, but still something.

Are there firefighters in Anduruna?

Yup! Because they have fires, and they'd definitely have to put them out before they got out of hand.
[18:17:06] <&DreamKeepers> They probably have special access ports on the water aqueduct transport system, so they can tap into it to spray out fires.

Almost like fire hydrants, but from above instead of below. 8 D

What are Andrunan funeral customs?

Funeral customs- actually, Liz and I have talked a little bit about that, but haven't finalized anything just yet.

However, burial doesn't really happen in Anduruna much anymore

Obviously, because their land area is used for... Pretty much everything, they need the room to live, and can't keep burying people in the ground. As a result, the only graves left tend to be subterranean crypts that are forgotten underground.

What are those things in front of troopers wagons, and how fast and how strong they are?

Knossus (see V2)

Not quite as fast as a manekale, but they're not slow either. I would say they can stomp around at a good 25 mph when they get up to speed. And they're stupidly strong. The equivalent of a huge rhinocerous.

If a Gnossus runs into a house, it doesn't really notice it too much, unless there's a basement.

That's why the Troopers have them take point on their transports, they're natural battering rams. Demolitions definitely make use of them, and also any heavy-duty agricultural or industrial work.

This one is for the FAST ANSWERING GUY, what are trully the properties of lunarious? I think you must have explained it already, but I never heard that.

Hmm, I can give the version of what I've made up so far, but it's not terribly detailed.

It's a luminescent mineral element. On it's own it's inert, but it has a lot of energy stored within it. Left alone, it will slowly emit that energy as a soft glow over time, until it's half-life is up and it degrades to a different mineral.

Nah, it emits visible light spectrum radiation only, it's about as cancerous as a lightbulb. However, when it's combined with other chemicals and compounds, the energy can be released at different rates, and in different ways.

But yeah, Lunarous energy can be used as an equivalent to electricity. Any time you see power cords or a light that doesn't have a starsquid, it's using Lunarous power.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Avolendi on Wed May 02, 2012 6:16 pm

Session Start: Fri Apr 27 02:42:14 2012 (that's thursday night for the rest of you)

<&DreamKeepers> There was dishes -washing earlier, and some quick errands. Dreamkeepers-wise, I finished the art for the Chapter 8 cover.
<&DreamKeepers> Also got the commercial extension finished & rendered, and did the blue pencils for one of our commissions.
<+DreamKeepersBot> Saval asks: Dave i wanted to check if youd sent me the valentines day reward sketch, ive still not received anything, id not be worried as it normal tht some time passes before something arrives all the way here to Serbia, however its been over a month and im starting to get worried. Its the same address you sent me the halloween rewards to so there shouldnt have been any problems....P.S. if it arrives before you see this o
<&DreamKeepers> Woo, I can actually answer that one. 8D YES, your sketches are on the way as of last week. 8 )


<&DreamKeepers> For some reason it took me forever to mail those out - I think the car breaking down, running out of shipping supplies, and forgetting where I put the sketches collided this spring to make things take overly long.
<Avolendi> Is it possible to get the 3-1 package combo preorder? (possibly with sparkles?)
<&DreamKeepers> Yup, we're going to definitely have a 3-1 pre-order option.


<&DreamKeepers> Someone is calling me 'your honor'? Wow, the world is strange. X D
<Namah14> ok so namah is my favorite character, obviously, so what was the inspiration behind her?
<&DreamKeepers> Her beginning inspiration was actually rather generic. I was doing a lineup of the protagonists in the sketchbook in... 2004 I think.
<&DreamKeepers> I just drew her as a sort of 'gothy' type of character, kind of with something reptilian in mind.
<&DreamKeepers> Then her personality just kind of... Sprouted.
<&DreamKeepers> The beginning idea was vague, but she got real specific real fast. And now she's not really gothy or anything, she's just...
<Namah14> evil (in an epic way) smart and awesome
<&DreamKeepers> I don't know how in the hell she grew into what she is, but it wasn't exactly planned. Her personality is just what it is at this point.
<&DreamKeepers> She manifested from the ether.
<Althis> Her evil receeds?
<Althis> Because lets be honest the current namah is not really that much evil
<Althis> besides her famine for furry plusies
<Althis> but she used to be really mischevious when a kid
<Althis> And I like evil.
<Althis> She was funnier that way.
<Paperfold> No, she's just more subtle now.
<&DreamKeepers> Oh, her crazy levels get moderated as she gets a bit older. She's way more hyper in Prelude, I suppose the adults can view her misbehavior as 'evil' at times. By the time the graphic novels hit, she's more sarcastic and in control of herself.
<Althis> SO, Evil receeds?
<Namah14> she is still mischevious, just in different ways...
<&DreamKeepers> Precisely. Less noisy, but more effective.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Avolendi on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:32 pm

Dreamkeepers Chatlog Thursday 24-05-2012

Summary on Mouseguard RP’s, ‘Pulling a Sliver’, also known as to be excessively unlucky and subsequently screwing up. Suggested to be renamed ‘Pulling a Meg’ after someone managed to get 6 failures, apparently epic enough to be mention in a compendium.

<Wulfspyder03> I'm sneaking in a question: Is Namah gonna kill someone?
<@LordoftheForest> Shush
<@LordoftheForest> Just shush XD
<&DreamKeepers> Namah isn't technically a murderer yet.
<@LordoftheForest> They are two completely different occassions with different motivations XD
<&DreamKeepers> Who we she want to kill?
<&DreamKeepers> She's so good natured.
<Wulfspyder03> Tinsel?
<&DreamKeepers> Oh, well, besides her.
<Wulfspyder03> Viscount Calah?
<&DreamKeepers> Calah, yes there's him, well...
<@Twi> or Infrno
<Paperdroid> Whip?
<&DreamKeepers> Okay. So Namah has a plethora of potential victims. Moving along.... X D

<Viola> Wait, who's Infrno?
<@LordoftheForest> It's a website XD
<@Twi> Infrno's a website
<@LordoftheForest> For tabletop stuff

<Wulfspyder03> Another question: Does the Viscount have a first name?
<@Twi> Dave, I forbid you to speak of things XD
<&DreamKeepers> The Viscount does indeed have a first name. Which I will think of someday, and write down somewhere. But it hasn't happened yet honestly. X D
<Wulfspyder03> Make sure it sounds douchey.
<@LordoftheForest> D*ck (NOTE: edited for forum >.<)
<Alt> Dave! Have you just predicted furute events?!
<@LordoftheForest> Name him D*ck
<&DreamKeepers> I hope not. I don't want to have prophetic insight. That would be taxing.

<Viola> Twi... I'm guessing that you are Liz?
<Wulfspyder03> Twi isn't Liz.
<drezlun> Twi is Twi not Liz
<@Twi> XD I am not Liz, no, lol
<@LordoftheForest> No Viola, just another dude on the forums =p
<Viola> Okay
<Alt> Liz is Twi, not Liz.
<&DreamKeepers> Twi, you could be Liz if you really tried I'm sure....
<Viola> @_@
<@Twi> Oh I know...
<&DreamKeepers> Wait, what are we talking about.
Viola facedesks
<Psychotic_Deviant> I have not heard the Twi is Liz theory before. XD
<@Twi> Since the REAL Liz isn't here, it is my job to make sure Dave doesn't talk about things he shouldn't be XD he's bad enough at keeping secrets as it is lol
<&DreamKeepers> Liz tells me she does not wish to weigh in on this, but she's got a big grin about it. X D

<@LordoftheForest> So Dave...
<&DreamKeepers> QUESTIONS! Yay! I'll take a Grunn question, fire away. 8 )
<&DreamKeepers> So Fore.
<@LordoftheForest> What year did Grunn drop out in school, if at all?
<@Twi> Grunn dropped out of school on his 6th second there
<Paperdroid> Grunn has a Master in hitting kids
<@Twi> She's in the TARDIS, right now. Don't bother her
<&DreamKeepers> Grunn dropped out of school in his mid teens, actually.
<@Twi> so he actually has...... education
<&DreamKeepers> He was never a straight A student to begin with or anything, and he didn't have any motive to stay.

<Cifero> And also, is there a way to get the books from a bookstore, or is it only online?
<&DreamKeepers> Right now it's really only online - but when we can afford to print in big, discount-friendly quantities, we can hopefully get in some stores. 8 )
<@Twi> Cifero: Dreamkeepers isn't yet available in stores. But depending on where you are, we might still be able to get one to ya.
<&DreamKeepers> I ought to be opening pre-orders for that this summer - mid to late June is the plan actually.

<Wulfspyder03> Alrighty, Mr. Dave: what inspired you to create the Indigos?
<&DreamKeepers> Inspiration for the Indigos: We needed the characters in a story role, and I thought twins would be fun, and I wanted to have infinite color options just for the hell of it. And then their personalities somehow became fun without planning, and poof. Indigos.

<Cifero> Why are the Indigos so nuts?
<@Twi> 'cuz they're from Talocan.... wow that sounds racist XD
<Wulfspyder03> Well, they're in love with a blind guy that isn't interested in them.
<&DreamKeepers> Indigos so nuts... I don't know, I think it's a combination of loving fun, and estrogen. X D
<Cifero> The indigos are in love with Igrath?

<&DreamKeepers> The Indigos are in love with Igrath, yup. That's no secret. 8 )
<&DreamKeepers> But so far they haven't been successful in their overtures.
<Wulfspyder03> Or he's just not into vulpine-like girls.

<Wulfspyder03> Oh there's a question: Does Igrath still have eyes in his eyesockets?
<Cheshire> So. Eyes or no eyes? Those sockets look kinda empty.
<&DreamKeepers> Igrath actually does not have eyes in the sockets any longer. ...It wasn't a pleasant blinding. But I can say no more about that.
<Paperdroid> Do we know why Igrath was blinded? Or is that in the plot vault
<@Twi> plot vault

<Alt> Dave, Question. Did you decide something on my Army's Efforts?
<&DreamKeepers> As for the volunteer ideas, yup! I did have some thoughts.
<@LordoftheForest> Do you plan on making a blog post about it Dave?
<&DreamKeepers> I'm going to create a few volunteer positions with assistant roles to... Assist them.
<&DreamKeepers> I'll probably blog about that when I do it as well - just getting my thoughts organized right now regarding the volunteer stuff. Hopefully I'll have something ready for next weekish.
<Alt> BTW Dave, you said Assist them. Who are them? The independent artists on color blocking?
<&DreamKeepers> As for the volunteer positions: They're mainly things like Publicist, Advertising Director, stuff like that. And then they'll have research assistants helping them look up venues and be foot-soldiers for the promotional efforts. This way, everyone ought to have a chance to do some work if they are so inclined. I still can't believe people want to help me for free, you guys are so nice... X D
<&DreamKeepers> As for positions, I ought to disappoint you in advance Alt, sorry... X D But even volunteer positions, I've got to carefully choose who's going to be officially representing Dreamkeepers to vendors, agents, marketers, and the like. They have to be very tactful, so DK doesn't get a reputation for being overbearing or something.
<&DreamKeepers> That's why I'm also having the assistant positions, because most of the actual work involved will be in research and foot-work for getting promotions out there. So once again, everyone can help if they want - but I'll be really choosy about who goes into more official roles, so I don't want to get people's hopes up unfairly. <8 I

<Wulfspyder03> Why is Mace so short?
<@Twi> that's ahilarious question XD
<&DreamKeepers> Mace is short because if he were tall he would be even more cocky. X D

<Cifero> Can we expect some moments involving Vi throwing stuff at people?
<&DreamKeepers> Vi throwing stuff is very likely to occur again. X D

<Paperdroid> How many pages does V3 have?
<&DreamKeepers> 144

<Paperdroid> Who's compiling the log for the compendium?
<Wulfspyder03> I nominate Avo.

<@Twi> People still keep up the compendium?
<Paperdroid> We should try to.
<@Twi> hmm... well, yeah, I would imagine so... it's been a long time since people have actually asked Dave things
<Alt> Two. the compendium is just updated when people care enough to do so.
<Alt> Which honestly isn't very often.

You might want to consider actually asking a person when you’d like them to do something, if only for the fact I was afk at the time and only read it because I still wanted to read back on stuff >.>’
There's also the fact that if you'd like a compendium to be kept, YOU TOO can add your part and put the stuff in. All you need is a text editor! Your welcome :P
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Avolendi on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:35 pm

Dreamkeepers Chatlog Thursday 07-06-2012

<&DreamKeepers> So when they open up online, we'll still have like 200 to sell.
<Avolendi> Is that about the preorders ? :o
<Avolendi> Whoehoe! Any updates on the combopackage?
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah! We'll be selling V1&V2's with pre-orders for $35 extra, if people want to get them.
<&DreamKeepers> So it's like a small discount, anyways.
<&DreamKeepers> Don't say they're easy, I'm feeling all smart for answering good. X D
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Avolendi on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:39 pm

TRIPLE COMBINATION PACKAGE. That's right, 3 updates at once, I'd appreciate it if you'd also read up and look at those if your interested enough to read this one ^^


Dreamkeepers Chatlog – Thursday 21 juni 2012 (27:00 local time)

<Avolendi> How are you? Since it wasn't clear if you'd be back in time, how long ago did you get back?
<&DreamKeepers> Got back last night - or technically this morning, like 2 am.
<&DreamKeepers> Anthrocon was AWESOME.
<&DreamKeepers> Lots of nice people and fantastic costumes.
<Madd_the_Sane> Did you sell out of preorders? Or was that not an issue?
<&DreamKeepers> Actually it was fairly tame - we'll have plenty of pre-orders for people when I open them online. 8 )
<&DreamKeepers> We're planning on opening them up this July sometime, after Chapter 8 is finished.
<&DreamKeepers> Then only Chapter 9 will be left, and BOOM. Volume 3 done.

<Sleet> I'm supposed to say, on behalf of Silverpredatorwolf that he wishes to preorder Volume 3.
<&DreamKeepers> Not yet, but soon - we're opening them up on our website sometime in July.
<&DreamKeepers> I'll be sure to announce it all over our accounts and twitter and stuff, so it will be easy to catch.

<&DreamKeepers> Well, any questions queued up for tonight? ...AHOY!
<+DreamKeepersBot> Avolendi asks: What are the names of the months?
<&DreamKeepers> Ooh... That's a good question actually.
<&DreamKeepers> We haven't decided yet.
<&DreamKeepers> We're either going to make up some custom names, or go with just the real names we use on the calendar.
<Avolendi> Were there other alternatives then? :P
<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... We could always have some names be normal, and then replace some with made up names I suppose.
<MrAerospace> Julian calendar may not be appropriate though
<&DreamKeepers> We haven't addressed it yet, because it hasn't popped up needing to be defined in the story yet.
<Leon_Dota> Maybe make it so that there are not 12 months
<&DreamKeepers> That might be interesting, actually...
<&DreamKeepers> Lunar months perhaps?
<&DreamKeepers> That would make sense with the whole Dreamworld / huge moon thing.
<MrAerospace> With two moons?
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah, the Day moon and the Night moon...
<&DreamKeepers> In fact, that's sounding fun so far. I like the direction, it's a good brainstorm.
<&DreamKeepers> When it's time to decide, I'll have to consider if it makes the story world more rich, or just more cluttered.

<MrAerospace> Roughly how long ago did Igrath go on the run?
<@Twi> That's not plot vault, actually... you could figure it out if you read the history on the website and then counter backwards from it (I say this 'cuz I don't recall things at the moment, but it works XD)
<&DreamKeepers> How long ago was Igrath on the run - yeah, that's not major plot-vault, lemme grab my plotline calendar....
<MrAerospace> ah...yeah Twi...there's about 20years in there though
<@Twi> Igrath went on the run shortly after the Fallguard massacre, on the last section of the history
<&DreamKeepers> Alrighty. Volume 1 happens in 1227. Igrath goes on the run in 1215.

<Avolendi> Festivals! Which are known (and which may still come)?
<&DreamKeepers> I know of the Harvest Festival in Volume 2, and Allspirit's Eve which is our parallel for Christmas. As for more celebrations and holidays, they definitely have some - haven't made them up yet, though. But there are certainly more than just the two holidays. 8 )
<Avolendi> Festivals = brainstorming fudder perhaps?
<&DreamKeepers> Festivals would make for fun brainstorming fodder. And furthermore, it's probably one of those areas where there's room for reader creativity - even if it's never shown in a book, or considered 'canon,' it would be fun for readers to make up some festival ideas just for fun.

<Avolendi> So how crazy and small/large can the festivals be?
<&DreamKeepers> Especially if the festivals are smaller, it'd be easy to reconcile them with the graphic novel events since they could plausibly be happening unnoticed by the main cast.
<&DreamKeepers> As for large festivals, I think the two we have now are the biggest - the Christmas and Halloween parallels. But that doesn't mean there aren't comparable festivals. And I do like making things seasonal, so making up a spring and summer celebration might be fun sometime.
<Avolendi> Ideas: National or District Bookfestival (perhaps celibration to invention of print and used to gift people books?)
<&DreamKeepers> Ooh, bookfestivals sound awesome. 8 D
<MrAerospace> I'd expect the Fallguard championship would be fairly large
<Avolendi> Midsummer's Eve? Celibration of the longest day?
<&DreamKeepers> And that's another good idea - some festivals would be specific to a single District's cultural heritage, so you can have some festivals that are unique to one area.
<&DreamKeepers> I like the Midsummer's Eve for the summer one. 8 ) Neat!
<&DreamKeepers> And yeah, the Fallguard championship would be a huge sporting event across the whole city.
<Avolendi> I'll open the map link for the districts to get some more ideas on district related festivals
<MrAerospace> Well, Calypsa would definitely have a water festival of some sort
<Avolendi> Starting on Calypsa: Starfall Night - Celibration of the construction of the aquaductes and the subsequent having of more dry land to live of and generally improving living conditions
<&DreamKeepers> ^ Nice!
<&DreamKeepers> 8 D

<Alt> Hey Dave, when you wrote the story did you have any plans of eventually introducing the rest of the planet or for you it is totally fine to have a localized story only in anduruna and the surrounding areas?
<&DreamKeepers> There's going to be more of the Dreamworld introduced outside of Anduruna - but we're not going to cover the entire world or anything. There will be no borders on the map - it just goes on.
<&DreamKeepers> I like leaving room for others to make things up if they want. It's more fun that way.

<&DreamKeepers> Eventually, even though every detail may not appear in the storyline, I want to make a big lore book about the Dreamworld.
<&DreamKeepers> That would be a great place to include more things like this - something that would help augment a roleplay game perhaps. At this stage it's just an idea, so don't mark your calendars or anything. E \
<MrAerospace> I like that idea...a world where you can really get immersed into.
<Avolendi> Ruskol: Perhaps some kind of Nobel Prize (but smaller) (related to developments or such? being introvert and calculating)
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah. As much as I do love creating the storyline in the books, I do think that the world construction and exploration is an important part of Dreamkeepers.
<&DreamKeepers> These are excellent ideas - maybe the Ruskol one could focus on Arcus, the Dreamworld parallel to chess.
<&DreamKeepers> It's basically chess on a circular board with a rotating middle area.
<Avolendi> I did not know of that game :o
<&DreamKeepers> I haven't had a spot to plonk it yet.

<Avolendi> Now to think of Talocan (should try to find multiple)
<&DreamKeepers> ...I think Talocan might just be built of festivals, come to think of it..... X D
<Leon_Dota> Sounds about right
<&DreamKeepers> I may dodge out on continued brainstorms for tonight - I'm beginning to get a bit hungry.
<MrAerospace> Just though...the comet crash that caused the starfalls would be a good event to celebrate
<Avolendi> Talocan: Night of hauntings (halloween?) - Dance Day And Night (festival for and by musicians) - (I'll halt this before you leave and miss it)

<&DreamKeepers> But I should mention that if I'm going to maybe print a lore book or something, the copyrights have to belong to me 'n stuff, or I could get in legal baloney. So please don't make up fabulous things if you'd have a problem letting them officially belong to Vivid and such. E \
<MrAerospace> interesting point!
<Avolendi> If it'd be that awesome you could just say you'll make a mention in credits
<&DreamKeepers> Yeah, if you guys have brainstorms you let me own and subsequently use, I can definitely give you a shout out in the credits.
<&DreamKeepers> That would be the least I could do, really. E )

<MrAerospace> Ok then...The scene in V3 inside Scuttler's that a Fraggle lying on the floor?
<&DreamKeepers> ...Yes. Yes it is.
<SuperVaderMan> what's a fraggle
<MrAerospace> it's a muppet
<&DreamKeepers> Jim Henson creaturey thing.

<&DreamKeepers> If you want to keep brainstorming ideas without me around, that's fine Avo (And others) - just write 'em down or something.

<Wulfspyder03> I'll assume no and ask: Dave, are there insectoid or arthropodal style Dreamkeepers?
section or so? xD
<&DreamKeepers> Insectoid and arthopodal: Yes! I just haven't drawn that many yet.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:53 pm

Wow, a lot of interesting chat stuff I can't get online to see x.x...

This is why I love the Dreamkeeper's comic, David is so open about community ideas and such that it helps make the world much more dynamic and awesome, also once the Pre-orders for V3 are up I'm so getting one!
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Paperfold on Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:31 am

Avolendi wrote:NOTE ON PREVIOUS
You might want to consider actually asking a person when you’d like them to do something, if only for the fact I was afk at the time and only read it because I still wanted to read back on stuff >.>’
There's also the fact that if you'd like a compendium to be kept, YOU TOO can add your part and put the stuff in. All you need is a text editor! Your welcome :P

I don't care that it was 4 AM at the time! You should know your only purpose in this life is to serve the mighty Dave and community and update the compendium, even if you weren't there at the time!

In all seriousness though, thanks for the update. Lots of interesting stuffs in there.
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