The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Paperfold on Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:06 pm

D'oh, we forgot to post the last Compendium! Time to fix that (not that there's a whole lot to report, but we can't leave the poor bureaucrats in the Sabbaton Towers without paperwork to process). Here it is: the Compendium for the 29th of September.

<LordoftheForest> Say David, why do alligators like Tally stand there with there mouth open, just gaping at you?
<DreamKeepers> I'm not sure. One theory is that it regulates their internal temperature.
<DreamKeepers> But I think it also expresses joy.
<DreamKeepers> And anger.
<DreamKeepers> Kinda hard to tell with a gator.

<Avo> Btw, don't recall it that was mentioned somewhere or if thats a common sense thing, but will there be like small pictures or something of the commisions somewhere?
<DreamKeepers> I think we're going to post most of our commissions in DA and FA when they're done, so they'll be visible and such. 8 )

<DreamKeepersBot> Ezio_Fawkes asks: For the 2011 halloween contest how should one go about uploading a comic to DA. Which just happens to have more than one page to it. (about 7 to 8 pages long)
<DreamKeepers> Hmmm... Uploading a comic to DA... You could always upload each page as a separate deviation, and in the description be sure to mention that there are other pages, and it's all one entry.
<DreamKeepers> Or maybe putting all the pages into one, big vertical picture to scroll down.
<DreamKeepers> Aside from that, I don't have any other ideas of how to go about it. E I

<deltronzero> If I sacrifice a lamb and sprinkle the blood on my copy of Dreamkeepers, will I gain Dave's power?
<DreamKeepers> Yes.
<DreamKeepers> I would have to locate you and smite you to regain my mojo.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby SerafinoDragonTamer on Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:22 am

Please tell me someone made an Austin Powers reference to Deltron's anser...
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby SuperVaderMan on Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:43 pm

Thanks everyone for helping keep this thing running. I can't always make it, so it's good to know there are people willing to take up this task in my absence.

Anyway, here's the entry for tonight, enjoy!


<DreamKeepersBot> Chemical_Cutthroat asks: Are there any illicit drugs in the DK World?

<&DreamKeepers> Illicit drugs: Yes, actually. In fact I just finished a scene a few weeks back where we see some. It's not really explained in V3 directly, but you can see them in the background being used by some of the street-clan members.
<&DreamKeepers> They're kinda like a combination of pills and cigarettes that I made up.
<&DreamKeepers> It's basically a pill the size of a gumdrop - it's attached by a string to a second pill. This is so you don't convulse and choke on the first pill by mistake, you can pull it back out by the hanging extra pill.
<&DreamKeepers> But the pill, when making contact with saliva, dissolves and begins to emit vapor.
<&DreamKeepers> So you suck on it and horrible things happen.
<&DreamKeepers> Eventually.
<&DreamKeepers> I plan to manufacture these *Dream Pills* and make them a profitable sideline to the graphic novels. WOO!


<DreamKeepersBot> Suraru asks: a fwd from silver predator wolf, how many levels does sabbaton tower have? also are there any blueprints?

<&DreamKeepers> ....There are blueprints somewhere, I'm sure, but I haven't seen them yet. X D
<&DreamKeepers> To be honest, I don't know how many levels there are - and I can say that it would be difficult for someone, even with blueprints, to officially estimate.
<&DreamKeepers> This is because some levels are taller than others - some are bisected - some can be offset -
<&DreamKeepers> So it's not actually a clear-cut number. It's rather the interesting building.
<&DreamKeepers> For instance, the area where Namah and Lilith and the Viscount live, I actually DO have a floorplan, so I can keep the Preludes consistent.
<&DreamKeepers> It's a big area, and it has more than one floor.

And that's it, it was a night very sparse of questions this time around.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby SuperVaderMan on Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:08 pm


<DreamKeepersBot> ilvos01 asks: What does Andurunan currency look like?

<&DreamKeepers> So far, I figure it's very close to very close to just US currency. The money is paper, but a bit more blueish instead of green. Kinda like a pale blue.
<&DreamKeepers> And the coins are plastic.
<&DreamKeepers> That's all I've thought of so far, I don't have any like specific designs or anything. It's not *valuable* plastic or anything, the point is that it's a fiat currency.
<&DreamKeepers> It's valuable because the government says so - I mean, really, the paper that hundred dollar bills are printed on isn't really worth... Anything in terms of raw value. So it's just playing with that idea.


<Sera_DragonTamer> what about those coins in V1? the ones soaked in Slob juice

<&DreamKeepers> The coins from the Volume 1 are not Anduruna currency.
<&DreamKeepers> And I can speak no more of them.


<DreamKeepersBot> ilvos01 asks: Does the government regulate the internet in Anduruna, and what does the internet look like?

<&DreamKeepers> The government tries to regulate the internet, but it's largely unsuccessful. I haven't thought of precisely how their internet works yet - but I think it's involved with Lunarous and Flo-wood infused circuitry.
<&DreamKeepers> But I don't think their network relies on hard-lines, cables, maintenenance, broadcast towers...
<&DreamKeepers> It's like each data-scroll with the flo-wood circuits is almost a natural broadcaster in and of itself, and 'psychically' can interact with other data-scrolls.
<&DreamKeepers> So it's almost like a... how to phrase this. Like a ***ulatively projected network, without any real way to centrally control it.
<&DreamKeepers> There are government approved networks and sites and stuff, and some stuff is technically illegal to post and view, but it's so hard to control that it's impractical as a law goes.


<DreamKeepersBot> Sera_DragonTamer asks: 1: Say a DreamKeeper had an appendage-specific power, like how Namah's ether tendrils come from her hands. What if a Keeper who could shoot fireballs from his hands, has his hands cut off?

<&DreamKeepers> Interesting proposition - there are a couple different things that could happen.
<&DreamKeepers> One would be that the power would emanate from the stump.
<&DreamKeepers> The other, a little more common I would say, would be that a 'phantom hand' or the karmic imprint of the hand would become scarcely visible to facilitate the emanation of the power.
<&DreamKeepers> Kind of like how when your hand is cut off (Or so I've heard) your brain still 'feels' like it's there - and the power, being more nonphysical, would still 'think' that's where it's supposed to come from.


<SuperVaderMan> Does the Andurunan internet connect to the various different cities and towns across the world, or is it more of a local thing? Like is it a thing confined to Anduruna?

<&DreamKeepers> The Anduruna internet - can I call it ethernet instead? That sounds abit cooler, like maybe they still believe in ether.
<&DreamKeepers> But it can't connect over huge distances.
<&DreamKeepers> The more contributing units (datascrolls) in an area, the bigger the network can push outwards.
<&DreamKeepers> So if there was like another Anduruna a few hundred miles away, they could probably interact to a degree.
<&DreamKeepers> But two guys a hundred miles apart with one data-scroll each couldn't contact one another.
<SuperVaderMan> so no walkie-talkies?
<&DreamKeepers> Walkie talkies they do have - but their range, especially outside of Anduruna, would be hard pressed to exceed a dozen miles.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby SuperVaderMan on Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:43 pm


<DreamKeepersBot> zagura asks: What were some of the design inspirations (physically) for some of your characters? (Specifically the main 5)

<&DreamKeepers> The main 5 characters: I don't know... I kind of just drew them next to each other. At first with Bast I was thinking kind of skunk, but that really only shows in the very very early concept stuff. Then Sonic was definitely inspiring his back-fin things.
<&DreamKeepers> Lilith is just kind of a cool cat-girl take, Namah I was originally thinking Gecko, and then dragony stuff just happened....
<&DreamKeepers> And Whip, my first thought was to make something fluffy with like a shark fin. And then he was basically formed around that idea.
<&DreamKeepers> Igrath I originally drew as a bear, very inspired by the Golden Compass book, actually.
<&DreamKeepers> But then he developed a bit more, which I'm grateful for.
<&DreamKeepers> (Mace is) kind of a flip-flop idea, with the one-half-of-my-face-is-a-stripe thing goin' on.
<&DreamKeepers> Then some racoon stuff in the tail.
<&DreamKeepers> Actually, it wasn't intended to be Mace, but I drew a raccoon character really early in college that looks almost exactly like the early concept art for Mace.


<DreamKeepersBot> SerafinoDragonTamer asks: What are some examples of instruments in the DreamWorld?

<&DreamKeepers> Like musical instruments?
<&DreamKeepers> ....Actually, I haven't made up anything at all in that direction yet. It's wide open.
<&DreamKeepers> I think they should have flutey things too, I like flutey things. And pipes. E )
<&DreamKeepers> But generally I would say they can have any instruments in Anduruna that we have in reality, and then some fantasy fun stuff could be added on top of that.


<DreamKeepersBot> Vescott asks: Hey Dave! do you ever form personalities for your characters based of of professional personality systems like the myers brigs tests? like INTP and such?

<&DreamKeepers> Myers brigs tests and INTP... The answer there is definitely a no, I'm not even sure what those thingies are. They sound cool, but we just kind of make characters by starting with a direction /idea, and then building them up with conversations about them and stuff.


<DreamKeepersBot> SuperVaderMan asks: Do DKs refer to themselves as "Dreamkeepers"? I would assume not since they don't dream and probably wouldn't know what dreaming is, but that's just me.

<&DreamKeepers> It doesn't really make sense for Dreamkeepers to refer to themselves as 'Dreamkeepers' - you're right, they don't even know what the word 'Dream' means.
<&DreamKeepers> When we wrote the Volume 1 Tinsel Ravat scene, her original line was 'In your Dreams' but we had to change it of course.
<&DreamKeepers> But, just for the sake of simplicity, we still have DK's call each other 'Dreamkeepers', and they have that word.
<&DreamKeepers> They just don't really know where it came from.
<&DreamKeepers> It's a word that they've used for themselves from generations past, when -perhaps - they knew a bit more about how their world worked.
<&DreamKeepers> But now it's just in the language as a given.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby SuperVaderMan on Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:38 pm

Oh wow it's been a while.

Since it's Thanksgiving tonight, the chat room was almost entirely devoid of life, and we therefore got but a single question from yours truly.


<DreamKeepersBot> SuperVaderMan asks: What are baby ryu-nekos called? Puppies, kittens, what?

<&DreamKeepers> ...But anyways, I have consulted the Liz about baby nekos, and we have made something up.
<&DreamKeepers> Anyways, we think Reyuu-neko 'pups' sound cute for baby nekos.
<&DreamKeepers> So call 'em pups. E )


<DreamKeepersBot> Terminal asks: are their more types of grenades then just smoke and sparker?

<&DreamKeepers> I don't know, actually... Those are the only ones I've made up so far. I think it would make sense to also have flak grenades, basically sparkers with a heavy dose of shrapnel added in for kicks.
<&DreamKeepers> Aside from that, there could be other varieties, but I would imagine they're not terribly common, or standard-issue to shock troopers.


<DreamKeepersBot> Rydlen asks: What would a person's DreamKeeper be like if the human has a lot of Night Terrors?

<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... It depends. The rules get fuzzy here - maybe the human just has night terrors, and it doesn't have much to do with their 'keeper.
<&DreamKeepers> Another possibility is that their Dreamkeeper is in serious peril, and the human gets flashes of that horror and danger, without seeing clearly what is really going on. And their mind interprets it as a nightmare or night terror.
<&DreamKeepers> Another possibility is that their Dreamkeeper has been killed by the nightmares, and they have access to the person's head at night.


<SuperVaderMan> wut they've been killed? I thought the person just like, died minutes after their DK dies?

<&DreamKeepers> Not necessarily. The nightmares get access to their minds, to a degree. It's rare that they can actually just stop the person's heart or cause a stroke or something.
<&DreamKeepers> Usually the most they can do is give a person horrific nightmares, distort their perceptions and feelings, and over time drive them insane.
<&DreamKeepers> Maybe give them suggestions, false beliefs, delusions, fun stuff like that.
<&DreamKeepers> I think they likely could physically kill at least a minority of their human victims - but the majority get driven insane, to one degree or another.
<&DreamKeepers> Plus if they can turn the person crazy and homicidal, that's like winning the lottery for them;.


<@Twi> Yeah. I was also under the impression that they wanted to kill all the humans XD I mean they do, but that again raises the question of what happens if a Nightmare infested person gets to mate?

<&DreamKeepers> To make things simple, I think I'm saying that anyone with a dead Dreamkeeper is automatically impotent.


<SuperVaderMan> So is it considered an unnatural or natural death if a DK-less person that's been driven insane kills another person? Thus leading to the situation of a human-less Dreamkeeper?

<&DreamKeepers> Hmmm... That's a puzzler actually, Vader. Just to keep ripple-effect to a minimum, let's say it's a natural death for the Dreamkeeper. Like if a homicidal 'keeperless human killed me, my Dreamkeeper would get murdered in some similar fashion. It's not a perfect parallel, but close enough to keep loose ends from spiraling out of control.


<DreamKeepersBot> ilvos01 asks: Luminous (however it's spelled)- Is it an energy or a substance, can it transfer through metal, and how do electric motors and diodes, etc, work without the magnet-electricity relationship, or is there a "luminous magnet"?

<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... I'm going to say Lunarous is actually a substance, almost like a plasma. It contains energy though - kind of like if you could have 'rocks' of electricity. They glow for as long as the Lunarous has it's energy being emitted. It has a somewhat long half-life, based on what it's in contact with.
<&DreamKeepers> Since it's a substance, chemical reactions can affect the rate of energy release.
<&DreamKeepers> For instance, subterranean Lunarous mineral deposits tend to glow for centuries or even thousands of years.
<&DreamKeepers> But when mixed with water, it glows brighter, and the energy discharges much faster - within a few months.
<&DreamKeepers> So snow with the Lunarous mineral spewing out of the Snowcanoes will make the water neon, but the glow fades after it trickles down into Anduruna a few months later.
<&DreamKeepers> Other chemical combinations can make the Lunarous very volatile, and even flammable.
<&DreamKeepers> Think the sparker grenades.
<&DreamKeepers> That's Lunarous mixed with some other chemicals and materials that wind up being highly explosive.
<&DreamKeepers> But generally, exploding isn't too useful.
<&DreamKeepers> They use it as often as not for a power source.
<&DreamKeepers> It powers data scrolls, which actually use flo-wood circuits - so it's conducive through organic, rather than inorganic, material.
<&DreamKeepers> It doesn't conduct a charge or light or neon stuff through metal.
<&DreamKeepers> But it actually does conduct through tissue, plant matter, especially anything living. That's why Lilith, in V2, actually started glowing after soaking in it long enough.
<&DreamKeepers> It wasn't that there was foreign material in her fur, she literally absorbed a small charge.
<&DreamKeepers> It's not significant enough to physically harm or affect biological matter, but it does conduct it.
<&DreamKeepers> ...So Lunarous is a mineral substance, but that mineral is also a form of energy. It's weird stuff, I guess.
<&DreamKeepers> So it does power data scrolls with the flo-wood circuits, and it can make light so they don't have to use Starsquid for *every&* light. And the other 'electronic' devices use not electricity, but the Dreamworld proxy, Lunarous.
<&DreamKeepers> They do mine some of it, but since it literally spews out of the Starfall, it's generally easier just to harvest it from the rivers downslope.


<Citizen> More over, how did DK get the power in the first place?

<&DreamKeepers> ...As for the origin of Dreamkeeper powers, I have to leave that in the plot vault at present.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Klona on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:51 pm

In leiu of Vader...

[21:41:21] <Klona> Is the music in each district analogous to its Waking World counterpart?
[21:42:07] <&DreamKeepers> Yeah, pretty much. Think of it almost as like how they have things generally themed in Epcot at Disney world.
[21:42:37] <&DreamKeepers> The local food and music sensibilities would all have their own direction, and it's generally aligned with the cultural influences we based them on.

[21:43:19] <Paperfold|Android> Heh. DO they actually have any foodstuffs prepared with lunarous in Anduruna? ^^
[21:43:45] <&DreamKeepers> Lunarous... Well, it does glow. And I do like glowing food....
[21:43:57] <&DreamKeepers> I don't think it has any nutritional value, though.
[21:44:30] <&DreamKeepers> It's probably not poisonous or toxic or anything. If they used it for anything, it would be to make stuff glow. So they could mix it with some frostings or parts of food perhaps.
[21:44:10] <RedJax> Beauty products maybe? Since Lilith seems to discovered a new fasion of glowing fur
[21:44:54] <&DreamKeepers> And yeah, beauty products would actually make sense - although if you got the wrong chemical on you, the possibility of a backfire could be kinda silly.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:12 am

Why do I foresee a new line of Tensil Beauty products of Fail hitting Preludes >>?
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby Smitty on Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:18 am

Hakuzo NightFox wrote:Why do I foresee a new line of Tensil Beauty products of Fail hitting Preludes >>?

I doubt Dave is that predictable from what I hear. I have yet to meet him on the chat because work gets in the way. Last week I planned to, but fore told me he wouldn't make it. I am not sure next time I can get a Thursday open, but I am interesting in meeting you guys in person.

Which as everyone knows, IRC = in person on the internet.
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Re: The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Info

Postby SuperVaderMan on Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:56 pm

What? Vader updating Compendium? PREPOSTEROUS


<SuperVaderMan> How old is our little group of heroes, Mace, Whip, Namah, and Lilith... maybe Bast

<&DreamKeepers> Let's see, I'll go in graphic novel timeframe.
<&DreamKeepers> What year is that...
<&DreamKeepers> 1227 AD, in the Anduruna calendar.
<&DreamKeepers> Mace is a robust 14. He's tied with Namah. Bast is in the lead with 16, and Lilith brings up second place with 15.
<&DreamKeepers> But this race isn't over yet.
<&DreamKeepers> Igrath is 47.
<&DreamKeepers> But he's pretty fit for his age.
<&DreamKeepers> Scinter is 46, Grunn is 43, and the Indigos are 23.
<&DreamKeepers> Each.
<&DreamKeepers> Combined they tie with Scinter.
<SuperVaderMan> but igrath still beats them both
<&DreamKeepers> That's because Igrath beats everyone, pretty much.
<&DreamKeepers> Tallest. Fluffiest. Most wings. A Winner is Igrath.

<Calculating_Madman> What's Cuddles/Dumbass age?
<SuperVaderMan> Oh and what about Whip?

<&DreamKeepers> Hmm - I know Cuddles is less than 5 years old in the graphic novel. I'd guess around 4 maybe, but it'll depend on exactly where in Prelude we slap 'im.
<&DreamKeepers> Whip is roughly the same age as Mace, but it's harder to estimate.

<SuperVaderMan> Can we know a definite age on Nabonidus, out of curiosity? I mean I know every Nightmare technically exists forever, but how long has he been flesh and blood for this iteration of him?

<&DreamKeepers> For now I'm going to leave the ages of the nightmare characters, even in their current manifestations, in the plot vault.


<@Twi> I think the question people actually wanted to ask, Dave, is whether Tinsel is really Namah's mom. It's come up so many times in the past XD

<&DreamKeepers> We'll find out who Namah's mom is for sure. I think Liz and I are going to show it in Prelude.
<&DreamKeepers> No commentary beyond that at present. X D


<Calculating_Madman> Speaking of Whip... how come he has no thumbs and talks giberish?

<&DreamKeepers> His Mom did crack.
<&DreamKeepers> No
<&DreamKeepers> That is not the reason.
<&DreamKeepers> But there will eventually be one. X D

<Calculating_Madman> It's also why he is an orphan

<&DreamKeepers> Yeah. His parents were like, "What, no thumbs? RETURNED."

There ya be, the update thing, enjoy and stuff
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