Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

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Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:31 am

It’s been in the news for weeks now. A massive project that has finally come to completion. You would literally have to live under a rock to not have heard about this amazing endeavor.

”This is Bernard McClure from the Sabbaton News Network, coming to you live from shipyards of the Margate District! It’s a beautiful day out here on the docks, and as you can see behind me dreamkeepers are lining up by the thousands to get their chance to take part in the making of Andurunan history. Ricardo Serrando, one of the wealthiest keepers in the whole city, has devoted time and funds of a truly incredible amount the past few years… and it looks like the fruit of his efforts is finally coming together. Today is the day that The Queen of the Sapphire Waters will begin her maiden voyage under her own power.”

Seeing it for the first time is breathtaking. The ship is so large it had to be built in the deeper waters out from the port, naturally adding to its expense. But whatever the cost, there it was, a truly magnificent testament to hard work, engineering, some brilliant dreamkeepers… and a ludicrous amount of capital. The Queen of the Sapphire Waters just needed one more thing… passengers.

”The shuttles have been leaving the Margate docks since eight o’clock this morning, taking lucky keepers to what promises to be a week and a half that they will never forget. I myself have been selected to be your eyes and ears on-board the magnificent vessel, and over the course of it’s journey I will be providing you the viewer with daily recaps, highlighting some of the amazing events that are promised to unfold on the many decks of The Queen. Everyone from stars of the silver screen to the girl next door are on board, with no-one turned down, the first trip for this ship promises to be packed to the guardrails!”

The excitement is incredible. Being on the packed shuttle as it bounces through the waves towards the woven flo-wood hull of the beautiful ship. You still couldn’t believe you got into the lottery for getting onboard the ship, but as you get closer you feel as though it shouldn’t have been hard at all. It’s like the whole of Anduruna could fit within the giant ship.

“The Queen of the Sapphire Waters is unique in all sorts of ways. The ship was engineered to be like a floating city, able to stock enough supplies to last it’s multi-week cruises and still have enough to spare. Every inch of the ship is lavished with fine materials, and even the basic rooms have a five-star feel to them that is truly marvelous. Luxury is the name of the game, as it should be for such a fine ship. We’ve managed to catch one of the designer’s himself, joining us live from the SNN studio. Professor Reynolds! Tell me a little about this wonderful thing you’ve designed.”

“With pleasure Bernard.
The Queen was built just as you said to be a floating city. From the side you’re standing you actually only seeing one of the hulls. A second, paired hull runs next to the first, making her a giant catamaran so to speak. This has kept her keel from sitting too deep in the water, which is already rather significant as you can imagine. The hulls house the majority of the personal quarters for our guests, as that allowed us to create a numerous amount of rooms with portholes, windows to the outside. The twinkle that the ship has from this distance is actually the hundreds of porthole frames reflecting the afternoon sun. We built this so-“

The elevator jerked a little as it started up, smoothing out as it quickly reeled back up the side of the ship like a fisherman pulling in a banderpot. All along the side of the ship, other elevators shot up their little cranes, taking the excited keepers to their destination. A fear of heights would be bad right now, as the elevator came to a rest on the main deck of the ship, the little crane pivoting to deposit its cargo before dropping down to do it all over again. You grabbed your bags and shuffled out, taking in the sights and sounds as best you could as the staff greeted you and guided you towards your lodgings. A key pressed into your hand, the bright orange tag emblazoned with the room number in thick black characters.

”-a full sized theatre; numerous restaurants that cater to the cuisines of every district; a large open air park; places to shop and relax; and of course parlors for massages, spas, and all the things one would want to do on an excellent vacation. The park is our pride and joy really, it was built to span the rear half of the ship, stretched between the two hulls. If it wasn’t for the paths, you could feel like you’d get lost! Truly, when you’re in it you won’t even believe you’re on a ship. The bridge sits right in the middle of the ship, built up high enough to see all four corners, and below that is a glass walkway that traces around the edges of the park, giving our guests a spectacular view. Vendors with carts provide refreshments for guests as they walk through, it’s all rather lovely. What’s amazing is we got it all to work with the propulsion of-“

You dropped your bags on the king sized bed, and looked around the posh room. This was seriously high class… you hadn’t ever experienced something this nice just for yourself. Your own room, your own incredibly comfy looking bed… was that a wet bar? Spirits the room had a fully stocked minifridge! The large datascroll on the wall displayed the layout of the ship, and was playing an informational video on all the different things to do on The Queen. Gambling, shows, food… oh the food! This was going to be amazing!

”Thanks Professor. We’ll be signing off for a little while as we board. Stay tuned as we check in periodically, offering the latest happenings from this wonderful ship. This is Bernard McClure, signing off.”

Welcome back to this year’s installment of CC’s manic RPG’s. As you can read above, we have ourselves a setting! The Dreamkeepers world has always had a tumultuous time with exploration, let alone ships… so I decided this would be a wonderful chance to deliver a setting for a game that might just end up being a little crazier than last year’s Survival Horror.

The Queen of the Sapphire Waters, or just The Queen, makes an excellent backdrop for the things I have planned. From the start, the game will begin as what could only be a dream vacation, and then the mood will gradually shift as time goes on. I’ll let your wild speculation keep you busy in those regards. But really… ya’ll know the kind of games I run.

The kicker is that I’m going to be adding a few more twists and turns. I’ll start with the big one…

Once your character is submitted, you will be assigned a task. This objective is secret, and you should tell no other player what this objective is, either IN or OUT of character. Loose lips sink ships…

The nature of these objectives will be two-fold. First, if you accomplish your objective during the course of the game, you will get a massive perk. It won’t make you invincible, but it will dramatically tilt odds in your favor for the rest of the game. For those of you who remember the stats from my last game… every little bit helps.

But there’s a catch. Naturally you’ll want to work together with your fellow players, dealing with whatever challenges and horrors I throw at you. But those objectives I give you will be directly at odds with your fellow players. Completing your objective might destroy someone else’s chance of completing theirs. If they find out that you’re in conflict, they might sabotage your own attempts. Or take a more direct approach.

I typically frown on players beating the snot out of each other, but this time I’m going to make an exception. Maybe I enjoyed the Hunger Games too much.

Please, read through eeeeeverything before asking questions. I try to be thorough. But just like before I will add a FAQ to the bottom of this page for anything that people may want to ask me, and will update it frequently!

Character Creation

Statistically, at least for my games, all Dreamkeepers are created equally. Some may be built like tanks, and others may be stick figures, but in the end you’re all a bunch of furry meatsacks who die in particularly gruesome and dramatic manners.


Stats will have a place in this game, and it will be on an Individual Basis. The primary game stats will be run behind the scenes, just like last time, with your overworked and underpaid GM doing all of the dice rolls and randomization that makes these games so insane(ly fun). But I’m also going to be giving you enough rope to hang yourselves! I mean… customization! It will be small, but you’ll find it may boost your chances of surviving this trip. On top of the standard stats (the same for everyone), I am allowing each player to choose one Specialization. This is just a generic trait that you choose from this short list:


Explained simply, whichever one you choose gives you a bonus when performing an action. Power effects things like close combat, brute force, and picking things up and putting them down. Dexterity is for running away from things, working with your hands quickly, and performing death defying stunts. Intelligence is a little more amorphous, giving a bonus towards puzzle solving and possibly awarding hints from the GM in certain situations. Luck is just that. A random roll on a chart to see if anything interesting happens. Note… it just says luck, so that means both the Good and the Bad.

Choose wisely.


Your character can be any age, skill, or profession. Have fun with this. I personally find these games work well when people use their avatars, as the representation adds to the horror and sense of terror. That being said, it doesn’t really matter. More mundane characters tend to be more interesting, particularly in my games, since you all have the same statlines, it really doesn’t matter if your character is a superbadass Bruce-Lee clone.

What’s in the Bag man?!

You’ve won a trip on a luxury cruiseliner! You’re bringing a week and a half’s worth of stuff with you. Likely two bags of things. It should be mostly clothes, mementos, cleaning stuff… all the things you’d typically take on a trip. Do not try and stuff a Springer Pistol in your luggage. Security is not retarded. Imagine you’re taking a trip on an airplane, and all the stuff you’re not allowed to take. Plan accordingly.

The Statline

Every Update will see the players presented with an update sheet, and on this, is the Statline. This is a Bi-Weekly update that covers all the things that have been going on. It shows your health, a fatigue rating, luck points, and an Inventory. The Inventory is for items of note, like cranks and pulleys *cough*, flashlights, keys, and things of that nature. Above your Inventory is an Equip spot, and this is where any sort of weapon you may find will go. This is all a quick and easy read for both me and you, and is open to players in an OOC manner. If you have something in your inventory that you want to keep hidden, I will keep track of it to the side in my notebook, and alert you via PM as well.

It should look something like this:

Timmy Fastfood
Perk –
Health – [X] [X] [X] [] []
Fatigue – (X) (X) (X)
Luck – {X} {} {}
Sanity – [X] [X] [] [] []
Equip – Broken Oar (+d6)
Inventory – Candy Bars (2), Flashlight 75%, Datascroll 50%, Room 304 Key

This looks familiar to some people! But we have some shiny new things. So let us recap shall we?

Name – Who you are.

Perk – What you decided to specialize in at the start of the game.

Health – How long you have before you’re removed from the game. Health can be restored by a Med-Kit, or by spending a Luck point.

Fatigue – Soak, temporary armor, etc. Fatigue is what takes a hit before your health. It’s easier to regain Fatigue than it is to regain health.

Luck – Points spent by you to influence the world around you, and stack the deck in your favor. Or do something random. You gain 1 Luck every 4 Game Updates.

Sanity – Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do! This is new for this game, and it adds another level of excitement to things. Sanity is just as important as Health and here’s why. As you encounter things that register on Chem’s Crazy Scale™, you will take knocks to your Sanity much like you would your Health. And the same as with your Health, you can choose to apply that hit to your Fatigue instead of your Sanity. If you lose all of your Sanity, but still have your Health, your character then becomes an NPC and is controlled by me. As your character loses Sanity, but is still under your control, you may start seeing things that don’t make sense, become paranoid, or hallucinate. We’re taking a step deeper into the Horror Genre this year folks, so dust off your necronomicons and prep the straightjackets.

Equip – When you have a weapon, whatever it is, will go in this slot. Unlike the first game, where players had to re-arm every few days, weapons in this game will stick around unless Lost, Out of Ammo, or Broken. That way we don’t have that classic Dead Rising comment, “I’m all out of knife!” I’m also going to add a dice rating right on the statline! So you’ll know exactly what good your weapon is, and if you should be looking for another one.

Inventory – This is acting under the assumption that everyone playing will pick up a backpack, or possibly a very large coat, to carry around all the crap they might find. Some things you might keep in pockets, but really you can’t argue the flexibility and utility of a good backpack. That’s your inventory, it’s where you keep all the stuff you pick up as you go. Some things I’ll keep track of because they’re useful. I’ll be tracking battery life on some devices… as well as food and things like that.


The Queen will be a timed game, forcing the gameplay to continue with or without the players. This puts a little bit of stress on people, but the most on me. BUT, it means that the game will eventually reach an end, and we won’t get hung up waiting for disappearing players. I plan on running this during the winter, and it might **** heads with vacations, but I don’t foresee it to be too big of a problem.

I’m not limiting this to a single month like the Halloween game. That was crazy, and awesome, but I don’t have the delicious oodles of free-time that I had during that crazy month (and a half). So the Update Days for this game will take place on Tuesday and Friday of every week. This gives you a good window to get things done in between updates. This game is laid out to be a lot more involved, and both myself and you guys will need that extra time to line our ducks up. Survival is only half the game here.

Here’s the kicker, the amount of things you get done during those days is directly proportional to the amount of time you invest in doing things. The governor on that speed is going to be me, since the time it takes me to respond will stop people from chewing through my storyline like a school of piranhas. What this also means is that the Daily Zombie Update is gone. Replaced with encounters that happen in between each update. If it sounds complicated, it really isn’t. But I’ll tell you one thing… this means that I can take my balanced algorithm used to keep things at a reasonable pace last time and throw the whole damn thing out the window. Now, if you are in a dire situation, quick thinking and a luck point or two are what’s going to save you… and the mortality rate promises to be rather high.

That being said, ya’ll showed me last time that you’re capable of me throwing more variables at you. You needed more options, wanted more options, and Spirits I’m gonna give you more options!

So let’s take a look at what you can do.

This section will be covering the things you can do to get out of a jam, explore the ship, and try not to die.

The Post – The reason we play these games… to tell amazing stories and have fun. The body of your post is going to be just as important as any ‘actions’ you’ll be taking. Being descriptive, colorful, and fun will make it more likely that you’ll achieve your goals. This is especially important in the Puzzles and other mental Challenges that you’ll come across. So keep this in mind. Along with The Post, you can choose to take One of these actions each post.

Fight – When you come across a situation where you may have to crack a few skulls, this is just letting me know that you’re going to stand your ground and try to take as many of them with you as you can.

Escape – Sometimes fighting just isn’t a good idea. This gives you the option to try and get the hell out of a bad situation. Depending on who or what is chasing you, your odds of actually getting away vary.

Search – Always useful. Searching means you’re taking your time to comb over a room or location to try and find something. If you know what you’re looking for, you get a bonus. If you’re just looking for something useful, then it’s more random. You CANNOT Search the same time that you’re running away or fighting. You’re obviously too busy to comb over a room. Certain areas may be too large to check out in one go, and will either need multiple searches or multiple people all looking around at the same time.

Barricade – Running from something? Need to hole up somewhere and get some rest? Barricade the doors and windows. Doing so makes it harder for scary things to knock down a door and eat you when you’re trying to rest or look for something. Note… some things may not be impressed with your makeshift barricades, and you may have trouble finding stuff to barricade doors at times. It should be noted that a lot of furniture on a ship is bolted down to stop it from sliding all over the place in heavy seas. This is not a problem for The Queen given it’s sheer size, but you’ll find that the beds and dressers will be bolted to the deck regardless.

Rest – Resting is important. Lack of sleep makes people take stupid risks, and do crazy things. Resting also is the best way to restore your Fatigue if it’s going down. Expect to spend a good portion of the game with no Fatigue, as it’s the stat that takes the most damage. That being said, you should try and get rest when you can. Be careful though… taking a nap unprotected means you might wake up with something gnawing on your leg… ruining your Rest and leading to all sorts of bad things. Resting Fully Restores your Fatigue.

Luck Points and You

Luck is that ace in the hole for you players. It’s the thing that allows you to tip the odds in your favor, come back from a bad situation, and do things that make the players the stars of the show that they deserve to be. Luck can be spent while performing one of the Actions listed above. Luck is universal, able to modify almost everything… but it’s a finite resource and must be carefully managed, lest you find yourself without it when you really need it. Luck can do all of these things…

-Heal- Spending one Luck Point heals one point of Health or restores one point of Sanity

-Rest- A quick catnap, spending a point of Luck restores all of your Fatigue

-Get Away- Forgo the dice roll and get away from a bad situation with certainty. No guessing, just GTFO. Particularly handy for getting out of situations where you would normally be doomed. Deus ex machina and all that.

-Power Use- Here’s where things get finicky. I was originally going to plan on focusing power use to be a strictly offensive measure. But truthfully, it could be used in all sorts of ways, and I felt it was unfair to railroad such a creative ability. Instead, I’m allowing players to spend a point to activate their powers to cause a Dramatic Shift in the situation at hand. This could be offensively, defensively… they could even do it to apply one of the above abilities (resting, getting away, healing, etc.). This is by far the fluffiest and most malleable ability you can spend a Skill Point on, but it’s limited by the scope and ability of the player as well.

-Random Event- The roulette wheel is back! The reason I didn’t post it last time was because I was hoping I could use it again. Sure enough, my 1-100 chart of random stuff is back, ready to reward players. Or make their lives a total hell.

Teamwork & PVP Shenanigans

Working together now is just as important as it was when crawling through the wreckage of Anduruna before. Only this time, there’s that added fear that the people working with your could be trying to screw you over. Teams will not be assigned for this game, you have to form your own alliances, work together on your own accord, and figure out who to trust by the nature of the players and their characters.

It should be fun.

Working together gives you plenty of obvious bonuses. It allows you to deal more damage in combat. To split damage amongst the party rather than shouldering all the painful burden. It makes searching areas a helluva lot easier, and those extra hands barricading a doorway are a huge help.

There are no downsides to working together… unless you can’t trust whoever you’re working with.

So what if you don’t trust the guy you just barricaded yourself in a room with. Well… conflict! This all depends on what you want to do and how you want to go about doing it, but let’s go ahead and break down the common things that will happen.

1) People in a Group Perform Different Actions – This is the most common thing I expect to find. People in a group disagree on what to do, they all do different things, and the group splits. It may be temporary, but for the terms of stats and gameplay, when someone differentiates from the crew, they’re breaking off. If you find yourself in a group of people, it’s good to talk in the OOC section, or in PM’s, and try and coordinate.

2) Betrayal – Someone turns on the group, attacking one of the other players. The attacking player should note if they are trying to kill the other player, or just trying to knock them out. Just because you’re trying to be non-lethal doesn’t mean you won’t accidentally hit too hard! In a betrayal situation, it’s assumed one of the players doesn’t see the attack coming, and is at a disadvantage. Dice are rolled, Damage is Dealt, bad things happen.

3) Violence! – Both players turn on each other, leading to a drawn out brawl. Neither has an advantage in this situation.

More things may come up, but right now, those are typical issues that will spring up.

*Note on Betrayal – If you’re going to stab someone in the back. PM me first as soon as you can. That way I know who has the advantage.

So… on to-


Q – Chem! I don’t want to die!

A – Then play some other survival horror game. One with bronies or something. And that’s not a question.


Q – I see a flaw in your plan!

A – Oh really now. That’s still not really a question.

Q – If all of the players work together, they’ll be unstoppable! I’ll just get everyone to form one big group!

A – Yeah, that might work. Except that everyone has different supersecret objectives.

Q – But we could ignore those! And survive based entirely on hard work and teamwork!

A – And the power of friendship and rainbows and yadda yadda yadda… okay smart guy, maybe. But what I didn’t tell you is that I will have secretly selected a handful of players to play the parts of Dark Dreamkeepers. Their entire purpose is to play along, sabotage your goals, and generally ruin you day.

Q – …you’re a jerk. D:

A – I know, you’re welcome. <3


Q – Can my character know other player’s characters beforehand?

A – Absolutely! Just let me know who knows who and how during character creation. You might even be sharing the same room.


Q – Is there a limit on powers?

A – Yes, nothing that allows for time-travel. Nothing that makes you immortal. Nothing that brings people back from the dead. I have to approve any powers before they happen… that’s just common sense.


Q – Is this cannon?


Q – What?

A – It’s spelled canon. And go ask Dave.


Q – When does it start?

A – When I have a good number of people for it. My minimum is five players, my max is… there is no max! Crazy huh? That being said, once the game is started I won’t be taking in new players. Once that ship has sailed, that’s it. I will give players PLENTY of time to read everything and get characters ready before starting the game. So this thread may sit here for a little while.


Q – Why is the ship name so looooong?

A – Because giant pretentious ships need giant pretentious names. Otherwise it would be lacking in… gravitas. Go read some Lain M. Banks and you’ll understand.

Ask away! Or feel free to drop in characters and commit below if you’re interested. I can take ALL the players. True story. No limits. Let’s rock.


I give you, the list of the players so far in our lovely game...

Oseirus 'Oz' Leicht, played by Oseirus
Perk – Dexterity

Parallax Paroled, played by Reed R Gale
Perk – Luck

Cyprus Verillo, played by Terminal
Perk – Intelligence

Soren Kjaer, played by TheGunner18
Perk – Intelligence

Leon Dota, played by RedFox
Perk – Dexterity

Habato, played by MandyHabato
Perk – Intelligence

Escal Frenz, played by Avolendi
Perk – Luck

Alyx Fleetwood, played by Devious_Pyschopath
Perk – Intelligence

Vella Nash, played by Clockwork Zombie
Perk - Power

Sunday the 11th of November is going to be cutoff. So get in here if you still want in!
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Oseirus on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:01 am


Name: Oseirus "Oz" Leicht

Perk: Dexterity

Height: 5'8"

Age: 22



Occupation: "Between jobs"

Power: Ethereal wings. A loose, pseudo-physical embodiment of the "flight or fight" reflex. Similar to bat wings, minus the skin between each finger. Can be used as sharp, sickle-like weapons or to grant Oz brief bursts of speed and gliding. Cannot be used for outright flight.

Oseirus Ethereal Wings small.jpg

Background: Not a lot is really known about Oz. Not because he has any sort of particularly mysterious or dark past or anything, but simply because hardly anyone knows him. Quiet and aloof, Oz tends to keep few friends, due in part to the fact he's constantly hopping from district to district, searching for work where he can find it. The friends he does have are a lot like him: loner types that tend to enjoy small outings over big social gatherings. Despite his introverted nature, he enjoys joking and talking with the best of them, although more often than not his odd, dry sense of humor tends to fall short on most people.

In his spare time Oz is a mild nerd, often found mulling over the latest video games or blowing his meager earnings on trips to the local movie theater. He's particularly fond of comedies and action flicks with twist endings. He carries no apparent spectacular skills, but he has been known from time to time to show incredible feats of reflex and agility.

His presence on The Queen is something of a surprise. Rather than entering the lottery like everyone else, he was given a ticket as a semi-late birthday present courtesy of his younger sister, whom he had not spoken to in several years. Even more surprising, the ticket entitled him to one of the high-class suites, a near 1000-square foot palace of a room, complete with king-sized bed, Jacuzzi bath, and wet bar completely to himself. Needless to say, Oz suddenly felt an overwhelming compulsion to call and thank his sibling.

Unfortunately, he's forgotten her scroll number.
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:08 am

And lo' the first of the old guard returns!

Glad to see you Os, I know you're as excited to play as I am to run things. Character looks solid, and you get the CC Stamp of Approval!

Love the pic by the way.
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Thegunner18 on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:50 am

Well, what can I say? Sign me up! I'll post my character profile in a few hours because I'm going to my friend's house in a couple of minutes, so I won't be able to do it there. I'll most likely use Soren, though.
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:55 am

Welcome back and rock on. I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing some familiar faces.

Hopefully we'll get a few more folks in on the hijinx too!

Launchdate is going to be a couple weeks away from now... I'll hammer down a good solid date once I get more people. I like to stay fluid in case people need a little more time or something.

For now I'm here to answer questions and help with character creation!
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Reed R Gale on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:37 pm

Before I write up my character sheet and get in on this madness (lack of time at the moment being disregarded), I wanted to ask if split personalities would be allowed, alternating at exactly 24 hour intervals at 8:00 p.m. ;)
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Terminal on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:41 pm

My guy shall be ready here as well, but not till much later today...stupid work. anywho it'll be my first Rp with CHem, so it should be....interesting.
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:58 pm

@Reed - I can't see why not. It will force me to pay a bit more attention to the movement of time in game but it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Just remember, just because your character is a little crazy doesn't mean you're exempt from taking hits to your Sanity Rating.

And don't worry Terminal, I'll be gentle.* I look forward to your character!

*(Totally not going to be gentle.)
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Reed R Gale on Thu Oct 25, 2012 3:23 pm

I am pleased. I'll write this character sheet in an interesting manner then. I'll suppose you don't mind first person.

Name: Parallax Paroled

Perk: Luck (It makes the most sense for both of them.)

Height: 5'10''

Age: 26


If you are listening to this, you're not me? Stop listening. This is, um, kind of just for me., I'm supposed to d-describe myself? Um, Hi, I'm...Parallax! Right! Sorry I'm a slow with words. Anyway, since you can't see me because this is an audio kind of tall, I guess. And I have droopy ears and my eyes are yellow and... um, can see in the dark and... um, oh I don't know what I should say!

Oh, come on! Am I REALLY that pathetic on the other side! I'll deal with this. We're Parallax, two personalities that are in the same body in completely different personalities. There's kind of a catch though, we can only remember what the other side does in a fuzzy way so Other Me got the bright idea to use a tape recorder instead of those endless notes that we've always used.

The only physical difference I can see between us are our ears and eyes. Though I'm going to guess my other half slouches like a dork or something like that.

I...I'm not all THAT bad! I...just have some s-self-confidence issues. Um, that's all. Yes. Anyway, we won th-the contest to go on... The Queen?, co-workers kind of... uh, said we d-deserved a break. So... yeah.

Oh come on. You know they just wanted to get rid of us! What are we but a tall, skinny freak. Our personality complex notwithstanding, our fur is fruckin' weird. What other 'keeper has fur in red and blue. None. Just us. Not that I care.

Um, yes. So uh... could you n-not talk about how...pathetic? Pathetic our situation i-is. I wear that coat that covers m-most of our body for a reason...

Blah blah blah, you and your issues. Not my problem.

Stop being mean, what if, we're to listen to these? It would be... um, embarrassing...

Pffft, what does it matter. No one will care. They already know we're freaks!

I-I know, but... uh... we're going on a vacation and...

Put a sock in it you pathetic excuse for a 'keeper why I oughta...

These recordings take place over 11 days and continue for most of the keeper's life.

Occupation: Journalist (Blue writes, red does interviews)



He is either ethereal or an immovable object. A phantom or a blockade. A ghost or a point in space. When a ghost, he can move around by floating through walls and such. Even though this is the case, a blade passing though him will cause him pain (though not wound him). Also, if he's in an object, he is "possessing" it and harming that object wounds him and the object will bleed a bit. This counts for walls. Immovable object powers allow him to keep moving at a constant pace if he was moving, or just stay in place, immovable and impenetrable. The natural form of the power all depends on what personality Parallax has on at the moment, though in theory they could use each others' powers.


The following is in handwriting, before they employed the tape recorder method.

Hey, me? Where do you think we went so wrong and became the horrid screw up we are today? This is assuming that we weren't just born that way due to our odd coloring and serious personality disorder. You know, stuff like that.

Hmm... If you want my opinion on it, I'd have to say that it was when you beat up that jock. Or the fact that we passed school with exactly C because you always failed tests and I passed with flying colors. Or maybe it's the fact that you signed up for sports clubs and I had to show up to them and due to my own coordination abilities, get us kicked out.

Or maybe it has to do with you asking out a girl we liked and I, being a bumbling idiot, let her slip through my fingers. Maybe it's the fact that our parents can't understand our condition or maybe that the world is so unfair in their stigmas against us.

It's hard to tell, really.

That was depressing to read. I'd prefer you don't talk about that again. I was just being depressed yesterday bringing up my thoughts. That's all.

Fine, fine. I'll never analyze our life for you to see then. There's not much of it that's interesting anyway. We've been pretty good about keeping ourselves secret. I'll commend that about you. But I'm tired now. Good night, other me. I hope your next day is well.
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Re: Survival Horror - The Queen of the Sapphire Waters

Postby Terminal on Thu Oct 25, 2012 3:44 pm

Name: Cyprus Verillo

Age: 19

Perk: Intelligence

Halo: Neon Green

Power: Surface Manipulation. Whether it be rock or metal, the ground he walks on can be used. Can only make perfect geometric formations rise from the surface. (Hexagon pillars, Circle shields, cones of spikey death, etc.) If he controls it for too long, it will start to crumble and he will be too exhausted to do much else but walk away.

Species: Brown Wolf

Appearance: Brown fur, with tan markings. right arm fur colors go up from hand in a spiral to elbow. Around 5' 10" wears black cargo shorts and a black and grey jacket with a white undershirt. jacket sleeves rolled up and has a hood, sleeves and hood are grey. lean build.

Personality: Talks. A lot. He will make bad jokes and generally has a comment for just about any occasion. Overall a mellow attitude. Prefers knowing the whole plan and talking things out before violence occurs, but if violence happens, then let the blood flow.

Bio: Lives alone, and so has only gotten more and more eccentric as he tends to talk to himself more then others. Had enough lucre sitting around that he decided to go on a nice vacation, meet new people, you know...the whole shindig. what better place to do so then on the biggest ship around!
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