Survival Horror - Anduruna

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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Oseirus on Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:06 pm

(Talocan- Hotel de Roja Luna)

"Toppling the center of our city and government and rescuing a damsel in distress? All in a day's work for Anduruna's finest. We're going for the Sky Road next." Marrick joked. Humor was about the best pain killer he was going to get right now. "I have to know though, who ARE you people? You show up out of nowhere with medical supplies and your crazy shape-shifting, not to mention a blind man could see that you have a far better grasp on the facts than any average shmuck... Were you really following us for three weeks? And what is THAT?" He pointed Amp's disk, lying on a coffee table. Each question was delivered quicker than the last, eventually culminating in an indecipherable string of words that somehow managed to drag on even through deep breaths.

Marrick only lost his train of thought when Fade shifted in her seat, her already straining tank top now threatening to shred violently under the weight of its load. Then, as the blood flowed from his head, he lost consciousness.

Jasmine let him hit the floor.


(Two Years later)

It was somewhat surprising to see how quickly Anduruna was able to start recovering. Several sections of city were already repaired and cleaned of the piles of bones that had littered the streets. Other, more damaged areas were under heavy construction, aided by the quickly regenerating flo-wood frames.

The Tower, however, remained untouched.

There was just so much to clear. So much to DO. So many reminders...

So there it sat. Waiting as the rest of the city around picked itself up off the ground.


(Mercy Hospital - Norvondire)

The tower wasn't the only thing that never recovered.

Marrick stood by the imp's bed side, somber and silent. He had hoped for a miracle, that suddenly Amp would flash that same wicked grin and stand up laughing as he fooled them all, but it never happened. He just laid there, quiet and still. The only evidence he was even still alive was his chest, barely moving in a subtle rhythm as the life-support systems kept his heart pumping.

A single silver medal and ribbon were tied around Amp's neck- an award for valor and courage he would never know he earned. Odds are he would have probably just sold the thing if he was still awake, but all the same it helped Marrick feel better about his sacrifice.

The gorilla himself never made it back to 100%. His crippled and broken arm was gone now, ending in a stub just below his shoulder. A patch covered one of his eyes, and in his good hand (sans middle finger) he grasped a cane that only barely supported his weight as he limped around the room. A dozen new surgical scars complimented the two dozen injury scars shot gunned around Marrick's body.

The doctors who had operated on him were dumbfounded at the laundry list of injuries they had discovered: Marrick sported well over fifty broken ribs and bones, including a collapsed lung, broken spine, and multiple instances of internal bleeding. It was a wonder he was still alive, let alone able to walk. To say he was lucky was a severe understatement.

Jasmine stayed unquestioningly by Marrick, still grateful in many ways almost to the point of awkwardness towards her rescuers. Together they had taken on a more or less adoptive care of Kylarin and Lily- neither of them really having a place to go after losing their families to the zombies.

So far no one had said anything about Lily's fleet of ryuu-nekos that clung to her side everywhere she went, but whether it was out of fear or acceptance no one would really say. They seemed to help keep her grounded though, between the protection of her pets and her new family, she had actually pulled through the trauma relatively well, still able to be a kid in spite of all the horrors she's seen.

Kylarin had somehow managed to become even more broody and withdrawn, only speaking occasionally and spending most of his days keeping to himself and his thoughts. Marrick often had trouble detecting how he was feeling, but at the end of the day it seemed like he was doing as well as he could.

They also kept in touch and frequently visited with Hakuzo, who had been off supporting the rebuilding of the city in his own ways. Construction teams, security, grenade safety training... his hand had been on nearly every effort behind the rebuild. There were even whispers circulating he should take a spot among the new government, although so far he had never expressed interest one way or the other.

It's funny though. All the work and pain that went into surviving the nightmare and still their greatest survival challenge was ahead of them...


Marrick simply didn't sleep anymore. Every time he closed his eyes all he could see were hundreds of thousands of hungry maws, tearing at his mind, causing hallucinations and terrors that only he could see and feel. Dreamkeeper's don't dream, but it was enough to keep him from truly ever being able to rest again.

Spirits forbid he would ever have to try and do it over again.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby MandyHabato on Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:09 am

Kojiki - The End of one, The Beginning of another

Lily had been overjoyed when she woke to see everyone okay. Daikisuke was in the best mood anyone had ever seen, and that was mostly because of Lily's joy flowing to him. The Trio had appeared leaing over each other in the doorway, much more cautious. All in all, it was a happy reunion. And it marked the end of the Apocolapse.

~ Two Years Later ~

Norvondire - Visiting a Friend

Amp, his medal on his clothes, unaware of the courage and valor recognized in him by everyone. Unaware of the ending of the Apocalypse. Unaware that everyone was okay; well, at least alive.

As they entered, Lily could only stand a second of seeing Amp. She was angry. Angry at the horrible monster for taking him. Angry at her own weakness at the time to try and help him. Angry....angry because she was so sad.

Just as the epidemic had started, Lily lost her father, and then saw him beheaded by a shock trooper as he attacked them. The little tigress had been only 9, and her father was her only parent. She was devastated, obviously, was gone soon. That sharp, painful pang of loss, replaced by a more deep throb of accepting mourning. With Amp...the sting was still there.

It wasn't time wise. A month didn't usually allow one enough time to reconcile with the loss of one's only parent, but Lily had. Lily had not gotten over this imp's death, a stranger and mad man once-upon-a-time. Why...why had she accepted and understood the death of her father, and yet still wept and hurt when she saw Amp's close-to-dead body? This troubled her though many a sleepless night. Not that she ever told anyone but the nekos about those nights.

As Lily had fled the room, sobbing, Daikisuke knew that she would want him to stay for a moment. Lily's power had grown a little, either that, or Lily's bond with Daikisuke had. They were able to think full sentences, even images and memories to each other; sometimes without the need for Lily to use her power. That is why Daikisuke took another minute to watch Amp before following Lily. A memory was a bit easier for her to grasp.

The young tigress was in the lobby, waiting for Marrick and panting from sobbing so hard. Arya and Locke were nowhere to be seen, probably out hunting or such, but in Daikisuke's absence in those few moments, Honey had come to comfort Lily. She was in her arms, not complaining or purring or anything other than letting the girl hold and pet her. Really, that's all Lily needed. As Daikisuke rested his head on her lap, he couldn't help but notice the cloth wrapping sticking ever so slightly out of her bag. The dagger.

Daikisuke repressed a sigh. Even though everything was over, and she was safe from everything between Marrick, Jasmine, and Daikisuke, she still carried it everywhere. Always hidden in cloth, always within reach, always under her bed at night. Heck, she kept it so close, Daikisuke was pretty sure it was beating him for 24/7 proximity by at least an hour a week. Lily never explained it to anyone, not even her giant friend, because she believed no-one would understand. (Spirits, even I don't comprehend it that much!) So, Daikisuke didn't mention it, or try to change it. He just let her be.

In all honesty, he sometimes was annoyed by how much all the nekos were unconsciously wound around Lily's finger. Eh, it made them all happy, and it kept her safe. Just as long as they knew when to stand their ground for her own good. The splitting of the group after that last battle was always the first that came to mind.

Overall, Lily was a surprisingly easy-going and nice eleven year old girl, for all she had gone through. She still dodged some topics, and was always trying to look for something to do, so she always appeared busy. Drawing, making and playing an flute she made out of wood, archery, books, anything and everything kept Lily occupied. Not one moment of her time was spared. Spare time lead to thinking, thinking led to the group's journey, that led to the battle and to....and all those had to be avoided, lest she hung over her actions to long. Lily had to be doing something, anything, all the time. Doing something let's you forget. Lily figured that as long as she had her little adopted family, nekos included, and something to do, everything would be okay.

One thing's for sure, Lily now had plans for anything and everything bad possible. 90% of them were the ways to GT*O, but at least she had plans. They were her labors for the first couple months.

Lily was prepared, she was surrounded by everyone she cared about, and for now, that was the best she could hope for. That, and hoping fate could lay easy on the Andurunians and let them be at peace for a while yet.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:40 am

(Epilogue -LAST POST I will not post after this >>)

over the past two years, once Hakuzo recovered enough from his injuries, he started to help rebuild the cities. He was always on the move. It was more of an excuse to look for his family. He found out that His parents didn't make it through the events. Though... he had no idea if his sister or his cousin made it through or not.

Marrick had kept in constant contact though it was a bit hard with Hakuzo moving around all the time. The damage to the cities were so extensive, there was a lot of places to search. Even after these two years he found no clue of his missing siblings.

Hakuzo mostly hung around Kojiki the most, figuring that would be the likely place for them to show up. It was also his home, he felt he had a duty to help Kojiki the most. After these two years Kojiki almost looks like what it used to. It took the least amount of damage being the smallest city, which was a good thing.

In the midst of rebuilding, Hakuzo stumbled upon shocking information. Hakuzo rushes without delay to where Marrick is.

Hakuzo bursts in the door, "Marrick, we have a big problem."

(Cliffhanger to add to the confusion, this is my last post so please don't make me respond to something >>)
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Vescott on Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:04 am

The Vigrants! (I finaly got time to do a post! Although it's 2 am =b)

Explainations and Intentions

The tower had fallen? Alma still couldn’t quite grasp at how large it had been, but it was enough to throw the cat off balance and to the ground during the fall, but if that was due to sheer size or of just having fallen within close proximity of the temple, either or would have been astonishing. That, and by the way everyone was acting, it must have been of quite a significant size. What caused the occurrence was still a mystery, but in any case, it happened. That, and the fact that they now had to re-clean and secure everything were two new realities that hung about in the air in the last few days as they went about checking the temple for mainly structural damage. Alma personally hadn’t seen anything of significance that would threaten the temples integrity.

This was all fine with the harlequin cat as he actually appreciated the time to work on all the different tasks that he would meticulously partake in. It gave him plenty of introverted time to think about the future and what to do from this point. Both himself and as he would assume, the others had been so focused on surviving since the outbreak that he hadn’t been taking the luxury of time to conceptualize about random. Mainly on his life with Medium and the most logical way to go about finding her in the ruins of the recent chaos. If she was even able to be found, for better of for worse.

"Hey Alma! Do you have a minute?" The harlequin cat turned away from his task as Ragtag entered into view from behind.

“Yeah sure, I’ll just pick this back up later… So what would you like to talk about?”. The other cat lead the two to a vacant room, ‘This must be good!’ it must have been something juicy or at least an interesting development to have taken him aside from the other civs. Alma eagerly listened in, “You got something to say?”

There was a brief hesitation before the other feline came out with his true intentions of there concealment, "I wanted to ask you about what happened shortly after the ambush at the tower. The going bezerk with bandages thing?"

Alma’s heart pitfalled deep with in his chest seeming to shatter along the way down, just to shatter a bit more at it hit bottom. “Oh…” he rubbed at the back of his neck, his ears folding back and a deep look of shame overwhelming his countenance. “I mean, how is Alma supposed to go about this?” It had been exactly the opposite of what he was expecting and maybe it was because he had been thinking of Medium again, but his sunny disposition blinded him to even the remote idea of this coming up after so long.

Unlike Alma, Tag was one to think everything through. The harlequin cat saw everything through a logical standpoint, weeding out the lesser of the options available to pick the one best suited to the situation at hand. Tag on the other hand would not only pick a fairly logical choice but also would look into the grit of every conceivable situation, thinking of possible alterations that might occur and thus prepare to situate for each beforehand. Alma would have just gone with the flow, leaving just enough openings and loose ends in his plan for any sudden alteration to occur.

Maybe this quality would allow the other feline to see around the both sharp and blunt edges of Alma’s explanation and hopefully fill in the blanks to come to an understanding whole of what he was about to try and express… Either way, Alma owed all of them an explanation and flaking out on any one of them would do nothing to help build there friendships trust.

“That, insanity, was powered by the will to survive by any means necessary… and, I guess that it had resulted in a split of my personality, leaving my morals behind with well..” Resting his fingers over his heart he gestured to himself, . “The real me… and had separated out a lot of my more feral animalistic natures within, to create something that would… strengthen me enough to survive?..” He was grasping at straws as he continued and couldn’t really expect to give a satisfactory answer. That, and the fact that what they had witnessed that night was a legitimate part of Alma’s being, he still felt deep shame as he continued.

“As I started off alone, this event was more sever than anything I had truly witnessed before and I guess it just got to me… It really didn’t help that I had no choice in seeing the corpses around me as I went along, taking in the details and even having to watch as people were killed and devoured around me, with nothing I could do to help. The worst part is that I couldn’t even turn away if I wanted to, my sight is involuntary… Even in my sleep… And then I started to both see and hear things… And it just progressed onits own fron=m there…” the cat quietly trailed off in thought, grateful that Tag was showing him enough respect to let him fully attempt at explaining himself.

Alma solemnly chuckled a deep almost sorrowful laugh from deep within. “At least he still would conceptualize about things… that was one of the better qualities he took from me. Pure will with a single objective in mind was what I believe had enhanced my powers that night. And he was just like me. Having to systematically try every concept and idea that would pass through his mind. I wouldn’t have done most any of those things that he had attempted that night!” Alma was actually kind of getting excited as he spoke on the subject, his voice slowly raising in both speed and audibility as his mind raced about recalling the events that had transpired, creating and improving ideas as they would form and spontaneously present themselves into existence. “I would never have attempted to blast the bones out of a living creature! That was amazing! And stupid. It took so much energy… Correction, not living…And that excessive use of my energy into strength!” Alma had already lost himself in his own thoughts as his words and sentences started to come out randomly and with no apparent connection to the previous subject as the two continued to converse.

The time seemed to fly by before Tag invited him to talk with Avi and Krotus. And this time it would be on what Alma had thought the two were about to converse over earlier. They eventually gathered the other two and like before secluded themselves to an empty room for a more private conversation.

Tag begun, "Well, since I don't really know where to begin I'll start simple. My actual name is Avolendi. Why exactly I chose a nickname I don't know, though I think the general reason isn't that much of a guess." "Afterwards it just wasn’t important to mention."

“Well, I’m still gonna call you Tag” Alma felt as if he had bonded to him the most out of the three. But knew he could easily rely on any one of them for support if the time ever came.

"Ahum." He coughed a bit. "I also want to discuss our future plans, but before I do that I need to share something I found out. From what I've heard our host used to navigate through some more obscured circles of society." He glanced at Avi and Krotus, contemplating something. "I've had a conversation with Trey and he’s thinking ahead, busy on how to start rebuilding things. He also doesn’t care for one’s history.” The same couldn’t be said of the troopers.
“I think we can rely on him and we've already proven ourselves useful, which brings me to the next topic. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to stay here."

"We don't know what we'd find in Kittim or along the way there and here we have a place to stay and we can even help building something new." He looked at each of them. They all knew Anduruna had been slowly getting worse. In a way this was a chance not only to rebuild things, but also to influence how the Anduruna would come out of this. “Something better.”

Tag gave Krotus a glance, and alma knew he was wondering about his departure, but Krotus’es body language betrayed that he had no intentions of staying for long. His devotion towards his boss was something to contend with and was evident in even his speech.

“Well, I think I am going to try to gather several other insane people from here to go on an expedition to Kittim with me. Don’t feel obligated to come, and I would actually prefer that all of you would take care of your own. I have a fiancé waiting for me somewhere and I don’t plan on keeping her. Heck, she might find some other gent that I’ll have to dispose of!” it was a dark joke, but portrayed no true malice.

“Oh and speaking of Trey, I guess that what I had seen about his office could have belonged to one of such position. But to tell the truth I wouldn’t have guessed if not having had it pointed out to me. At a time like this I wouldn’t be surprised by anything found in ones possession. Believe me, people have some…. Interesting, articles in there possession from time to time. “ The last sentence came off very suggestive and wasn’t meant to be taken in any other way.

“But all in all I agree that he is one to trust and to rely upon for order at a time like this and I am truly appreciative that he had taken the initiative to do so from the get-go.” That was about all the input that the cat could recall at the moment, forgetting most of the things he wanted to say as another though would pushed the previous one aside.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Oseirus on Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:22 pm

(The Epilogue of an Epilogue... Epilogueception!)

Marrick paused for a moment to give Amp one last thoughtful pat on the shoulder before turning to follow Daiki- Furball (he could still never get the 'neko's name right) out of the hospital room. The already small man had atrophied horribly in these two years, only a small bulge in his belly remained from the food being pumped into his stomach.

It was hard to accept, but Amp just wasn't living this way. No one really had the guts to say it, but everyone knew this was going to be the last time they saw the little nut. Had he not been on life support, he would have passed away months ago, the steadily beeping machine in the corner was the only thing delaying the inevitable.

So it was decided, quietly, between Marrick and Jazz, that they would end his suffering. They chose not to let the others in on the decision, mainly because he knew they would never come to an agreement. Besides, he would have much more fun causing hell wherever he ended up.

"I'll be back in a moment, I'm going to see if Lily is alright." he whispered into Jasmine's ear. She replied with a simple nod, tears welling up in her eyes but still doing her best to hold them back. A quick kiss later and Marrick was out the door.


He found the girl sitting in the lobby with two of her pets, both having a silent argument for her attention. Marrick carefully picked his way over Furball to the empty seat beside her and sat down, groaning as his sore bones creaked and popped. He reached his good arm around Lily and gently pulled her head onto his shoulder.

Neither of them said anything. Although Marrick never told Lily or Kylarin about their plans, somehow he figured they knew anyway. Both of them were smart like that. Always KNOWING. He admired them for it. Skills like that got you far in life.

After a few minutes he stood up again, beckoning Lily to follow. "Come on. Let's go say goodbye."


Back in the room, Jamine was freaking out. Her face was flushed, trying to form an expression of confusion, horror, and... excitement?

"Jazz, what's wrong?" Marrick hobbled to her side as quickly as he could. All she could do was slump down into a corner, pointing towards Amp. Slowly, Marrick twisted his neck to look at the still-sleeping patient.

"What's going on-"

Marrick's face contorted to match Jasmine's expression.

"...Is... is he smiling?"
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby MandyHabato on Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:56 pm

(A miracle of an Epilogue)
Lily got to the doorway just as Marick asked. Lily suddenly looked up, ears up, eyes wide, as she double-checked with Daikisuke's last memory. C-could it really....? No, nothing had happened in two years! But...

Could this be true?

Lily stood in the doorway, scared of coming in in-case this wasn't real. She stood frozen there, unsure of what would happen if this wasreal. That kept her from rushing in in all hope it was. That after two years...Amp was coming back. The tigress couldn't handle it if it was all a joke, and would collapse in tears worse than ever if it wasn't. But that would be in a good way.

So, Lily just stood there, gripping the door frame like it was a lifeline, waiting for what would happen next. Either way, tears had already beaten her to the chase, but from joy or hurt, no-one could tell. Yet.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Avolendi on Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:09 pm

The Vagrants - (time flies when you're writing huge freaking posts :D)

The talk with Alma had cleared some things up. Though he didn't mention whether it would happen again, considering things were now behind them he assumed he'd be fine. Ragtag thought of himself and how he had dealt with things. He always tended to analyze things, but after everything that happened, it seemed he looked at things more like occurrences that needed to be dealt with. No detail about what those things had been before. Even now if he tried, he (luckily) couldn't recall details of those zombies.

He also smiled recalling his comment about his name. He didn't expect any fuss about it, but it was amusing to hear the cat so bluntly say he'd just keep calling him as (Rag)tag. Maybe it was somehow fitting, a new life and a new name. He was already gotten used to it anyway.

It had been a while now since that talk. Krotus, as expected had left for the south, going about his own business. Maybe they'd see him some time in the future, maybe not. Shortly after that Alma had gotten some other people together. Ragtag had helped him with packing, it was the least thing he could do to help him. Alma looked for a ship to sail him and his band to Kittim and had found an odd bunch sailing an old ship. The green feline had helped them get on their way so he'd seen them take off.

After that there were just him and Avi, who had also been using an alias he found out, if a bit more logical. Turned out his call sign from the Shock Troopers was Avarice and ended up being called Avi. His real name was Michael. Fun little fact that. Still he preferred to call him Avi and he didn't seem to mind either way.

They had set up a scavenge group and with some other people who knew how to handle a springer and they went out raiding abandoned houses and shops. After a while they started to make increasing contact with other survivors. Over time this contact with grew. Treyvant had given them a directive to invite those who seeked shelter and if they weren't interested they would at least keep in touch.

Several months passed and with the news of the disaster being over, people who had managed to flee in time started coming back. It weren't many considering the size of Anduruna, but at least production of goods slowly started up again and in the outskirts crops were being grown again. Many people would for a long time still have to depend on scavenging shops and houses, but this slowly got less.

With increased activity in the temple as well as the districts getting lightly populated again, commerce was budding up and there started to be a need for more organization. Trey had played into this well and by this time most everyone in the Theophanies District knew of him at the least. With more people under his guidance he had expanded to do more than just take care of those in the temple. He had built shelters in several places in Theophanies, using what was left. By helping those who settled there and had started trading with other districts where possible he increased both his influence and the prosperity of their group. Those with the appropriate skills were put to work in their respective fields. Farms were repaired and helped with their land by those who didn't have other work to do. Fishermen got help with maintaining their boats and selling their goods.

Avi ended up in a special branch of the scavenging group, considering his history he became in control of a sort of policing force. Keeping those that had their protection safe and if needed dealing with looters and other scum if they didn’t accept working with them. Ragtag continued to work with him for some time until he found another job that fit him better. He would maintain contact with other surviving groups and had gotten a position that encompassed more diplomatic kind of work.

Travelling around and he got to know the different factions emerging from the rubble. With help from Treyvant, who knew what needed to be done and how, he also learned more subtle diplomatic tools. Though he still held on to his moral and kept a watch out for theirs, he accepted that to maintain peace now and later sometimes certain actions were needed. Most often though he'd focus on making problems dissipate before they became trouble. An old acquaintance of Trey taught him more of preventive tactics and related subterfuge. He had possible even done a similar job in the past, though he was now getting too old for certain tasks.

1 AF
Though at first unofficial, without a hitch Treyvant had taken control of the district within a year. There was no group in the district which had risen so fast and so organized and by offering them interesting terms of cooperation he had gotten those who had their own organizations off the ground, they were quickly shown that should they want to share in the increasing commerce and supplies they'd be better off as a single collective, under their banner.

Being in a big district it meant there was a lot to rebuild, but it also gave many opportunities. After getting a basic level of organization, representatives were also sent to other districts to talk about future plans and cooperation.

The first noticeable addition Ragtag made in his new position was after he thought it would help them to also have a name and symbol to show for their organization. Both for the source of their salvation and because of the inherent irony in it, he suggested to Treyvant they'd call themselves Templars. The name made him think of stories of old of a group of dreamkeepers who had dedicated their lives to the protection of some ideal he'd long forgotten.* The grey and blue cat had liked the hidden sarcasm in it and agreed on it. With the image of guardians Tag couldn't help but chuckle, with Trey's past occupation. For those who didn't know of this it was considered a sign of protection and unity, which was also nice.

Avi and Ragtag still often hung out together and sometimes even work related. Building up a network of people he who knew things, both social and otherwise, Ragtag gained access to information that was sometimes necessary for alternative solutions. It had also happened Avi would provide him with backup for relations he'd be talking with that weren’t very trustworthy.

2 AF
In roughly two years time Avi had gotten a slightly different position, leaving the now trained guard force to their own devices. Trey had promoted him to a somewhat more specialized position to deal with threats more direct and dangerous. Simply put, he solved problems. He liked his new position, though he did make sure they would take care of their people.

He and Ragtag were on one line with this, not wanting to see things shift towards the oppressive ways from before The Fall. They had started to use this name as a way of keeping track of the years, since it marked a rather significant change for Anduruna. This was one of the few things other districts seemed to agree upon and it was at least a small step to regaining a more unified Anduruna.

It would take still a long time for Anduruna to even be a shade of its former self again. Most districts had a different character to them now and Norvondire was no longer a district on its own to speak of. Those that stayed there didn't want any kind of government and with the districts still very much split up no one was interested in making them. Had the Sky Road not been made of Flo-wood, there would've also have been a huge gap in the protection there, but in time the stone of the tower fragments had slowly been pushed aside or encapsulated in the road. Without many resources or a decent form of organization Norvondire started to attract those who wanted to avoid the emerging laws and regulation, even thought there was more than enough space in the districts themselves.

Treyvant, Avi and Ragtag kept in touch from within their new roles. Trey had gotten very busy arranging things, though he was very good at it. Avi had become a kind of personal problem solver for him and Ragtag took care of diplomatic matters. It had taken some time to realize this, but the green feline realized that in a way they had become his seconds. Of course there were others he worked with and relied upon, but there was still a ... difference between them. They could solve problems where others ran to a dead end.

*No relation to any group you might know. Any and all similarities are purely coincidental or intended as a pun and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:09 am

Slowly but surely, Anduruna would reclaim some of it’s former glory. As terrible as the events were, they didn’t know it, but they had recovered from a lot worse.

Things would be different now, as new orders and new powers built themselves up to fill the vacuum of the nanny-state that once coddled it’s people. To some, this was the first time they had ever worked hard in their lives, to others, it felt like a little more equality.

As always there was a small few who didn’t like either.

Not many know what caused the plague, though all sorts of rumors fly around. Among the original figures of our story, no one really knows what happened to the three mysterious creatures that managed to help them in their time of need. Though now and then they spot a familiar face in a crowd.

Terrible thoughts still haunt our heroes, and though they do their best to fight them, some were touched by a truly unimaginable madness, one that never truly goes away.

Somewhere, in a dark boring room, with lots of little quiet beeps and the soft hiss of machines, a long fingered blue hand tightened into a fist.

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