Survival Horror - Anduruna

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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby MandyHabato on Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:37 pm

Kojiki - Reunion at the hotel (Back together again.)

Daikisuke didn't lift his head, in fear of waking Lily, but his eyes brightened as he saw the group. He eyed the girl with them especially, although maybe not as critically as he had the rest at first. By all assumption, this was the famous 'Arklight'.

And maybe Lily would be at peace now that they were here. Since she had been knocked out by one of the Trio(not seen right now) of plants, she had been caught between worried and angry.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lily had opened her eyes just as they lost sight of the base of the tower. For quite a few minutes, she just sat talking angrily to Daikisuke and the Trio(as she herself had started calling them) for not letting her help. Though she wanted to, she did not go back, for the tigress knew that she would be knocked out by Arya again. persuasion didn't work either.

She had named each of the Trio after that. The leader, a female, was Arya, and apparently the oldest of the Trio, but still quite young. The largest and second in command was a male dubbed Locke. The last, youngest, and smallest, was a little female Lily named Honey, for her eyes. Strangely, her eyes were bright light amber, the color of honey, and just as sweet.

Amp stayed gone, and Lily and Daikisuke tried not to think about it. Lily had cried the last quarter of the way there because she got so upset about the imp. Most of the time at the hotel, she explored in the hotel, or looked out a window to try and see if the group got out.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Daikisuke had just managed to get Lily to sleep just before the tower fell. He didn't know how, but he had a feeling it was going to happen. Lily could not see that, not without knowing the group was okay. Now, at least, she wouldn't worry much more.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Oseirus on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:22 pm

(Welcome to the Hotel Talocan - Yes, I'm stealing that joke)

Marrick's heart lept at the sight of Lily. He'd harbored some reservations about letting the stranger take her alone, but he was thankful to see that it hadn't been a mistake. The makeshift bandages for her wounds had been replaced with proper dressings, and at some point she had been cleaned of most of the blood and grime that had built up and saturated everyone's fur over the last month.

He was actually slightly jealous.

Turning to the other group, Marrick straightened himself as much as possible and moved to shake the red lizard's hand.

"Thank you... If it wasn't for you we'd have been killed for sure." He stopped for a moment, fighting back tears. "I never got your name...?"

He waited, sizing up these newcomers. For having been through hell, they seemed to be in relatively good shape. Their clothes weren't really torn or super dirty, and they appeared to be well fed and fairly un-smelly. Much to Arklight's ire, Marrick couldn't help but let his eye linger on the red wolf's "assets". Not that she didn't make it easy.

Something felt off though. While they didn't seem malicious or ill-meaning, Marrick couldn't help but wonder if the reds were more than simple survivors. They seemed too sure, too alert to what was going on around them. Like they knew something that no one else did. He had never seen them before, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he should know who these people are.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Thegunner18 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:05 pm

(The sweet smell of success :P)

Walking with broken ribs? Not the best thing to do, even if Hakuzo, was helping him when he felt he was going to collapse out of pain. Then again, if they didn't get to the hotel soon, they'd be choked to death by the thick, heavy dust cloud that engulfed them and everything they could see around them. 

Kylarin did his best just to grin and bear it throughout their latest forced hike but it was clear that his injury was definitely not going away in the near future. It'd take months and months to heal properly. However, they reached the hotel much more quickly than he thought they would. Every single object in the building seemed so much cleaner and orderly to anything else they'd seen over the past month. 

Maybe it was just that now Kylarin wasn't taking things for granted so much. Having a just seemed that much more important to him now. But his parents were dead. He had nowhere to go. For now, however, he just needed to focus on the present and at the moment, luck seemed to be shining down brightly on them; Lily was still alive. 

The Charr somehow managed a very faint smile, doing his best to block out any pain. His smile soon faded into a grimace, though. He was still unable to speak properly die to his broken ribs but he decided to sit down against a wall opposite Daikisuke and Lily and began thinking about what the world held for them, the rest of the group, next.

He always had been a thinker of sorts.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Avolendi on Thu Nov 10, 2011 9:36 pm

The Vagrants (tying up stuff into a knot)

For the next few days it had been cleaning duty for everyone save for the watches. It was a good thing there was no major structural damage. Most of the windows on the west side and a few cracks from long ago that showed up through the plaster.

While working with different people, someone mentioned that Treyvant had already been in a special position before everything went down. Ragtag didn't think too much of it at first, but thinking on it he started to pay some more attention to how everything was arranged. Though only after someone mentioned the grey and blue cat was thought to have been a kingpin, that the dots connected. Of course it was only a rumour... But it was a rumour that fit like a glove.

It would explain a lot, like "Mr. Avolendi". Besides the Mister part of course. Did that mean they have an archive of the citizen records or had he done something to stand out before the collapse? Either way, if he already had a hide-out and was likely well equipped, he was in a good position to make a stand. Unlike the Shock Troopers he had also been thinking ahead. While they were locking people away and had trouble keeping things sane, he had given them a place to stay and help out. Not to mention he wasn't trying to contain things on the outside. He was building from within. It also showed from the people that lived here. Most looked like they were survivors, simply given a place to stay.

He also didn't feel like your typical data-scroll high rolling criminal. Sure he had his chic room and fermentae collection, but character wise he appeared to be decent and smart. Of course in the current situation it wouldn't be very constructive to try and mob people anyway. He thought ahead and seemed to have greater plans for the future.
It also put his recent conversation in a whole different light. No wonder he had seemed more interested in Avi than Krotus. Suddenly he couldn't help but grin, barely holding his face straight as he walked through a corridor. He recalled Trey saying how he had them working together. As if he'd been the one to make it happen. And small words he used, like how he called Alma his accomplice. Suddenly it felt he had missed some rather obvious pointers.

Though as Trey had mentioned, it was not as if that history mattered much with the recent developments. Especially now that nobody had seen a zombie since the tower fell was something to take note of. They had originally planned to go to Kittim simply because they thought it was safer there. But that wasn't sure and disregarding his history, Trey showed to be a man to rely upon and they had in turn showed to be worth their keep.

It might not be a bad thing to stay here for a longer time. Who knows how things will turn out?

With the cleaning mostly done, things returned back to normal in the temple, meaning people were free to do other things again. Ragtag figured it was time to find Alma. It had been nagging him for several days now. Luckily he had found the cat quickly.
"Hey Alma! Do you have a minute?" After going to a vacant room for a bit, just to be sure, he could finally ask what was on his mind.
"I wanted to ask you about what happened shortly after the ambush at the tower. The going bezerk with bandages thing?" For the rest he'd let Alma fill in the blanks. The cat looked like he didn't enjoy talking about it, but didn't intentionally want hide it either. Hopefully this would clear a bit up.


Afterwards he asked Alma to come with him to talk with Avi and Krotus. There were some significant changes that had happened and he wanted to know what they thought. Again he preferred some privacy for this conversation and they went to an empty room. He was fully aware of the fact that Trey would probably get to hear each word spoken, but that didn't matter. Involuntarily the green feline glanced at the ceiling. He let out a sigh.

"Well, since I don't really know where to begin I'll start simple. My actual name is Avolendi. Why exactly I chose a nickname I don't know, though I think the general reason isn't that much of a guess." He preferably refrained to from suggesting he had been borderline crazy. He'd let other people do that. "Afterwards it just wasn’t important to mention."

"Ahum." He coughed a bit. "I also want to discuss our future plans, but before I do that I need to share something I found out. From what I've heard our host used to navigate through some more obscured circles of society." He glanced at Avi and Krotus, wondering if they had already figured as much from the going about of things. "I've had a conversation with Trey and he’s thinking ahead, busy on how to start rebuilding things. He also doesn´t care for one´s history.” The same couldn’t be said of the troopers.
“I think we can rely on him and we've already proven ourselves useful, which brings me to the next topic. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to stay here."

"We don't know what we'd find in Kittim or along the way there and here we have a place to stay and we can even help building something new." He looked at each of them. They all knew Anduruna had been slowly getting worse. In a way this was a chance not only to rebuild things, but also to influence how the Anduruna would come out of this. “Something better.”

He gave Krotus a glance, wondering if he was still planning on going south. From what he knew of him, he’d probably be gone in a week. Depending on what he’d find he might though. He’d be sure to let him know that.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:59 am


After a much shorter walk than expected the group made it into the hotel.


after a response, they were directed to further into the hotel. The sight of Lily almost brought tears to Hakuzo's eyes. He was reminded in those moments of his sister, much younger granted, but the feeling was the same. He had no idea if his Sister or his cousin is still alive.

Hakuzo was in no shape to go searching right now... He needed to recover and possible find aid from this rag-tag group.

(@Marrick, was that a joke about Hotel California-- Eagles?

Also not sure how I'm going to finish up this RP... I was hoping for my last post to be my LAST post, but I still need to post a final part.)
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:56 am

The Cure - Hotel de Roja Luna

The red lizard took Marrick's good hand and gave it a firm shake, "You can just call me Crimson. The attention whore is Fade, and the one next to me is Flak." Crimson leaned back and Flak put her still scarf-wrapped head on his shoulder, "That was really something you guys pulled off. I'm sorry what happened to your friend, I wish I could have been there sooner."

Fade adjusted in the overstuffed chair she had obviously claimed as her territory, the black tanktop she was wearing doing it's best to contain her *ahem*... well it wasn't doing a good job. She had her head resting on one big fluffy arm of the chair, and her legs crossed and propped up over the other arm, "Your veggie is in room 208, we got him hooked up on an IV and all tucked in. Shame about that. The kid here is tough as nails though, she pretty much refused to sleep till you guys came back." She ruffled Lilly's hair fondly, ignoring Daisuke's glare.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:47 am

Epilogue – Anduruna Two Years Later

Three different stories of survival, all with different endings… all form one big story of courage, terror, endurance, and sacrifice.

The city will certainly never be the same, but maybe, in some twisted way, that’s for the better. Those that were left to pick up the pieces probably never knew what caused the plague, or more importantly, what ended it. They just remember that rainy day when the undead collapsed around them… their flesh rotting away to bones in moments. Even now, years later, the carcass of the once great tower still divides Norvondire, and the bones of the infected are found all over the place.

The population has been coming back slowly, and it’s fractioned, untrusting, and more than a little chaotic.

But it endures.

Threat of the dead walking again still rings clearly in the minds of nearly everyone, and construction and advancements have been made that reflect this. Lack of a centralized government has led to the separate districts representing themselves in a sort of council with each other, and despite the still thriving bickering, clearer heads have prevailed to keep the city on track towards greatness again.

Still… what’s to say it couldn’t happen again?
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby WhiteinBlack on Fri Nov 11, 2011 3:29 pm

(Auduruna-Alterac Ocean-Nearing Margrate Coast)

The sea wind blew the salt air at the men of the Twin Victory hard. It gave them full sails and a scent that Wane and the crew enjoyed. Captain Risttin, one of the few surviving Pirate Lords and, ironically, the quietest of them, stood at the helm, gripping the wheel with an almost delicate touch. As if the wheel was sensitive to his hands. The polished wood felt good in his hands as he twisted the wheel roundabout.

For the last two years, he and the thirteen survivors, including his new addition Leon, had been acting simple as a transport ship for people and goods. In fact, they had played a critical role in resurrecting the coastal districts. He wished, though, that there was one government instead of seven. It was troublesome and annoying to keep track of the three coastal districts individual laws and regulation. He wanted to know what ones he broke and which ones he should keep if uncover. Though, it was rare for him to go incognito, after all, everyone knew his ship and knew it well despite his efforts to keep himself hidden.

Today would be the first day to return to his old ways, his first raid in two years. He was filled with excitement, but he hid well behind his emotionless face and his sake which he took a long draft from.

“Cap’n!” Mayala climbed up the stairs that lead to the helm. Wane just gave her a look.

“We’re closing in on the harbor. How are going to do this? The new ones don’t know our usual business” she asked. She was right. Ever since Erida Delta, the original men of the Twin Victory had decided to keep secret until the time was right. This was the moment.

“Gatha the men on deck. I’ve got an announcement. ‘N prep the ‘ong boats.’” He said in his monotone voice.

She nodded and leaned over the railing yelling, “ALL HANDS ON DECK! GET THOSE BOATS READY!”

The deck exploded into fast activity. Most stood in place, looking up at their captain, other set up the long boats as order, preparing them to drop to the waters bellow. He whispered to Mayala. “Get their wages. The differ’ kind. Two boxes” She nodded and went into Wane’s quarters

It was a moment before everyone was on the long wide deck of the ship. He saw his original men on the port side, casually leaning against the cannons. Even with the new crew, they did not mingle much with them, except Leon, but he was also with that group. He nodded with a rare grin to them and they returned it also grinning. If Wane smiled, something good was going to happen.

Wane pointed at them and then the empty four corners of the deck. He could see raise eyebrows, but they spread out to their assigned positions.He stood next to the railing eyeing them men, and they him. Then Wane spread his arms about. “Today, be a good day, woudn’t ya agree? It be payday!”

Some of the sailors cheered. Others continued to stare. This was different. Captain never would get excited over something so petty. “But thish time it come wi’h ah bonus of sortsh. Today, ya get ta learn wha’ the true nature of thish ship. Today, ya getta know me true colors.”

Murmurs of confusion rippled amongst the men except the ones placed in the corners who just smiled. They get it now. “Whaddya mean, sir?” said one of newer crewmembers.

“’Fore the fall of our grea’ nation, ‘ow many of ya knew of the Pirate Lords?” Wane asked. Some faces had cluelessness on them. Some told of their knowledge of the Lords, but considered them myths. “There be seven lords before the fall. Migh’y, proud, ‘n most greedy *******s. They’re clever, strong, ‘n one of richer ones of the seas ‘n even the land. Now there be only three.”

“And ‘ow would you know?” said Jack, a speckled red crow. His arms were crossed and glaring. Wane giggled mentally. This one was a smart one. He was getting it. Mayala emerged from the captain’s quarters with two crates in her arms which she dropped in front of the congregation with a dual THUD.

Wane bellowed a laugh. It startled some the men, but what surprised them most was the men in the corners were laughing with him. They didn’t understand, they couldn’t understand. But Jack did, he glared at the laughing captain, unamused.

Wane finally responded with a large colored toothy smile. “Cause, Mister Reway, ya be standing on the Twin Victory captained by Wane Risttin, Son of Delenar Risttin, ‘n one of the three remainin’ Lords. Let me truly welcome ya aboard!” He laughed again even louder. The crew was simply dumbstrucked.

“I thought you were him.” Jack cursed the Wane like the sailor he was. “Ya ******* destroyed my father’s shipping business! He lost all credit and confidence of his customers! I CURSE YOU!”

Wane continued to laugh, Mayala answered for him with a smile. “We ain’t gonna stop our business for the sake of yours. Its business you would understand, right?”

Wane laughed even louder, his men were slapping the knees in tears as they bellow their mirth. “That be true, that be true!” yelled Wane.

“So what now? Ya going to ask us to join your crew? To be a bunch of yellow-bellied murders and thieves? It ain’t gonna happen!” Yelled Jack. And several men yelled their agreement.

“Right ya are. Though, I wouldn’ speak so quickly if I be you. Ya not the voice of ever’un ‘ere.”

“We can easily overpower you and your crap people. There’s a lot of us and little of you.” Stated Jack.

Wane smirked. “That’s where ya wrong.” He nodded to his men in the corners. One in each corner stopped his foot thrice in rapid succession. Metal and gears sprung out of the wood into the form of a large seated chain gun. The men immediately took seat in them and turn them about to face the gathered crew, the ones not in the in guns pulled out their own or a sword, a dagger, and, in Leon’s case, an Epee.

The crew jumped in surprised, some brought out the own weapons. “Ya like ‘em? I put ‘em in a few years before the Fall. They brin’ me grea’ joy ‘n efficiency ta me work. Wha’ the cannons don’ do, the guns fix.”

Wane put on a serious tone and brought back his unemotional face. “Now that we be comfy, ‘ere’s me offa: You can either take ya wages ‘n leave on the boats. No harm come ta ya, unless ya backstab me in some’ay. Or ya become a new permanent addition. If ya become part of me crew, yar wealth be grea’ ‘n free’om will always be wi’h ya.”

“ 'ow do we know ya’ll keep ta ya word?” said a voice.

Wane brought his hat to his heart. “Ya ‘ave me word as a captain. It be one I do not break.” He placed his hat back on.

“Unlikely.” Jack said with hatred and doubt.

“Tha’ be yar own opinion. ‘owever, yar wages will come in ah differ’ form.” He snapped his fingers. Mayala bent and removed the lids to the crates. Inside, shined coins of silver, gold and bronze, necklaces of the variety of sorts, and several gems here and there. The men, wide-eyed gaze upon the riches. Most probably have never seen so much wealth in one place, let alone in their pay checks.

Their recent visit to Kittem, Wane retrieve the crates from one his many hideouts, planning for this day. Well…Leon on planned what would happen today, he just planned for this specific moment. “Ya’ve worked loyally aboard me ship ‘n that deserves reward. Now…take yar wages and make yar choice. Those who wish ta stay, stand where you be. Those who wish ta leave, take yar wages ‘n take the boats.”

Wane watched as the men shuffled their feet, filled with great indecision. A few took to their share and quickly stalked to the boats where they sat inside, waiting for it others. Jack just scoffed. “I’m not taking your blood money.” He stalked to his own lonely boat. Several more joined him, most grapping the treasures, the others, like Jack, simple spat at the deck as stalked off. At the end, only ten men remained.

Wane sighed. He had hoped for more. “It will ‘ave ta do.” He voiced to his thoughts. Then he cried out. “MEN, LOWER THE BOATS! ‘N Lads who choose ta leave, I hope we don’ meet on ah terrible note.” He laughed loudly as the three boats were rudely dropped to the sea.

He then addressed the men who stay. “Ya lads make me glad! But there be one test ya have ta pass ta prove yar worth aboard me ship. Today we sent sail for Waywar ‘arbor in Koijki, our first raid in two years, and yar first raid at all. Don’ be to frighten. It be ah small place with ah little object of value I ‘ave in mind. There ya prove ya worth ‘n if things go right, there be not death.”
“We are not murderin’ marauders ya hear! It is only necessary, so don’ go crazy! Once ya prove yar self, ya receive a greater reward than those who left. Again, I say, WELCOME TA THE TWIN VICTORY! Yar part of the family now! HAHAH!”

The men and the new guys laughed with him; Mayala just smiled and rolled her eyes. Wane stopped abruptly. “NOW GETTA WORK! I WANT LEFTWARD SAILS!”

The ones on the guns, pressed a series of buttons before quickly leaping of as the collapsed on themselves and into the belly of the ship. The spots were they were empty once more. “LEON! To me!” Wane called out.

The red fox sprinted up the steps and to Wane side. The lad now dressed the part but with his own flare to it. Wane to a drink from his sake, but shook afterwards. He would need more later. “So, whaddya think of that? ‘N what of our target?” He asked.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Fri Nov 11, 2011 3:40 pm

Shortly after being dropped off in Talocan, Devin and Valido ran into Fade and Flak again. The girls had found Crimson, which was good to hear. There were other survivors with them. Valido passed word along of his plan to try and rebuild here in the city, while Devin told them of the ship that was leaving Anduruna. He wasn't sure of Fade's true feelings towards Leon, but he let her know that he was going to be leaving the city, in case she decided to follow him.

Whether they left on the ship, came with them to Ruskol to start rebuilding, or stayed in Talocan for their own purposes was up to them.

After that, father, son, and whoever decided to join them made their way to their destination.

For the baker and the old goat, Their journey through this whole mess ended right where it started.


Winter was coming and already small flurries of snow formed here and there. It would be a lot of hard work to get the Trooper Ruskol HQ ready for refugees before winter hit in full force. But they got it done. A warm shelter for survivors to press on through the winter now stood before them.

Devin clicked on a radio.

"This is Riverside. To anyone, I repeat, anyone who can hear me, winter is coming. If your shelter won't keep out the cold, you're welcome to come share ours for the season. Please bring any supplies you have stored. Every little bit will help in the long run. If you want to rebuild Anduruna with us, Please come to Ruskol.

We'll do this together."

*Two years later*

He was no longer Lit Col. Valido Path. It was Governor Path now. Governor Path of Ruskol.
He had fought it. The old goat never intended taking a role in politics, but it just happened that way somehow.

Under his leadership, Ruskol grew to resemble the much the way it did before the infection hit, but with a few differences.

Ruskol became a leader in the field of medicine, thanks in part to Valido's eagerness to prevent such a disaster from ever occurring again. The dividing walls between districts were starting to be rebuilt. Valido insisted upon those, to help defend against any disaster that could hit, at city council meetings.

Devin traveled contantly now. He never stayed in one place for very long, though he owned kitchens throughout the city.

Even though it had been two years since anyone had even seen a zombie, things were still hard in some places.

But as hard as things got, people rarely went hungry. Thanks to volunteer labor, and generous donations, Devin's kitchens were able to quickly churn out enough food to keep people fed.

Although he traveled often, He still maintained his original bakery in Norvondire, though it was never again open for business. The tower had barely missed it. Whenever he passed through Norvondire, he would always stay the night in his old bake shop.

It was there the baker could close his eyes and pretend the dead never walked, that the tower never fell, that his younger siblings and mother were still alive.

But then he would eventually open them, and the fantasy would fade.

The dead had walked, the tower could be seen right outside his window, and his family was gone.

Trips to his old Bakery were always followed immediately by a trip to Ruskol to visit his dad.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby RedFox on Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:08 pm

Leon gripped a thick rope as the Twin Victory tore seamlessly through the waves of the sea. The salty wind whipped through his greasy hair and caused his overcoat to flap loudly behind him. Life on the sea had treated him well. The captain, Mayala, Biggs, Wedge, the whole 'old crew' had taken a quick liking to him after he proved his worth in sword dueling. Leon had honed his skills more fiercely than ever before in the past two years, and he dared call himself an expert fencer.

He had ditched his dilapidated white suit long ago in favor of a double-breasted dress shirt and long overcoat, which he loved to flourish in duels. He now wore a masquerade-type mask most of the time, which he found amongst the ship's storage. No one else claimed it, so he took it upon himself to be a true-to-life Zorro of the pirates.

The captain had revealed himself to be the son of one of the three remaining Pirate Lords. Leon smiled through the whole ordeal; he had known it for some time. When things had settled down, Leon sheathed his weapon and waved goodbye to the cowards rowing away.

"Leon! To me!"

The fox pivoted and weaved under capstan, propelling himself with his arms and leaping up the stairs to greet Wane.


“So, whaddya think of that? ‘N what of our target?" Wane laughed and looked ahead to the distant Kojiki town, closing in.

Leon pulled a map out of his pocket and rolled it out for Wane, taking his dagger and plunging it into the old, tough paper to keep it still as he pointed at all the marks.

"The fishing markets are here, here, and here. They're going be the easiest profit from the get-go. From there, everyone should converge as we tackle the small bank here. There's no promise that it'll reap us a large sum, but it should attract a crowd. While half of us are holding the bank up, the other half can do some fine pick-pocketing. If they don't have too organized a security, I say we could hit a this collateral store on the way back to the ship. Could be worthless...or we could find some real unique toys." He had the whole plan clearly and cleanly thought out.

"And don't worry, the chance of any of the folk being armed with springers is unlikely. The closest armory is two towns over!" He laughed a bit and left the map out for the captain to observe as he slinked over to Mayala and slung his arm around her.

"What say we make a bet? If I can slip a fellow's wallet with just my blade, no owe me a bottle of wine to share." Leon was always making stupid little bets like that now. A little pirate nature seeping into his blood, he supposed.
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