Survival Horror - Anduruna

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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:17 pm

(The Twin Victory- Cleaning up.)

Valido watched the towers fall in the distance. Yeah. That summed up the last month's events pretty nicely. Wane was currently standing next to him.

"Captain Wane... I'm sorry for your crew that lost their lives because of me... If I hadn't insisted... on... going to find my.."

He couldn't finish. His children. Their mother. They were gone. They had been gone long before he ever got to the Delta. Replaced by monsters. Monsters that nearly did the same to the crew of the Twin Victory.

He looked at his hand. A single slice across the palm to prove he still bled red. Everyone was required to cut themselves to show the color of their blood. Anyone who had been found to bleed any color other than red, was killed on the spot and their corpse tossed into the sea.

He thought back to events of a few hours ago.
Valido could only sit helplessly as braver men fought what had once been his ex-wife and youngest son. He wept bitterly as the two monsters fell dead on the floor.

After minutes of silence, he repeated his question from earlier. This time, it had very different connotations.

"Where's 'Vivi'?", he asked. There was still one more monster on board.

Suddenly a scream emanated from beneath the ship.
It was Devin. He was being attacked.

Valido gripped his rifle. Whether by another man or by himself, Valido still had one child left. He still had one son left to fight for.

He charged down below where he found Devin under attack by a disgusting creature that had been masquerading as his daughter.

Poor Vivi. She had had so much going for her in life. He had loved his daughter so much.

But she was gone now.

Valido fired without hesitation.


Devin stared off out at the city. The events of this month left him broken inside. He just wanted to leave the hell-hole of the city behind and never look back.
"Any word from our friends, Flak and Fade? The tower looked like it hit in Talocan. Isn't that where they are?"
He looked dead inside, not showing the slightest hint of true concern for the girls. To him, it was merely a neutral observation.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Oseirus on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:20 pm

(Sabbaton - By the skin of our tits!)

Marrick was sure he was dead.

It was the only explanation for the incredible pain he was feeling.

On a scale of 1-10, every square inch of his body registered a solid 56 on the Ouch-o-Meter.

He didn't even bother to try and stand to dust himself off, out of fear that he would leave his body behind and simply rise as a ghost.

The world around him had turned to a solid brown. The fresh rubble pile that had, only minutes ago, been the gleaming Sabbaton Towers groaned and rumbled around them as the debris shifted and settled. The pad itself still shook ominously, as if at any moment it would open up and swallow them all.

But it didn't. And slowly, surely, the haze began to clear, aided by the driving rain.

For the first time in a long, long time, the world around them seemed quiet. Serene. Where over a month ago the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life had been replaced by the sounds of a city in its death-throes, Anduruna had finally laid still. Occasionally, a fire burning somewhere would raise its voice and be heard, but the pouring rain would flare again and drown it out, leaving only the patter of drops on the stone.

They had done it. Somehow, be it sheer luck or an unshakable will to live, five strangers that would make a sitcom cast seem perfectly logical had, more or less, saved a city. Sure, there was a lot to rebuild, and the memories and scars would always remain, but for the fact alone that one person was able to walk away with their life from this nightmare, Marrick was content.

Now all that was left was to get to that hotel.

... ok. Gotta get up first. One thing at a time.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Avolendi on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:23 pm

The Vagrants (sipping fermentae in a classy room, does that name still apply? ^^ )

Ragtag walked into the office. Treyvant was doing something looking an aweful lot like accounting. Ah well. After explaining their plans for the moment and talking a bit about the future, both for them as for Anduruna as a whole, he realized something odd. Mr. Avolendi? He hadn't even mentioned his real name to anyone in the gang, nor after coming here. Not that he had much of importantance to hide, but it was strange none the less. I wonder what hé did before all of this happened.

Although the grey and blue cat was odd at times, he seemed trustworthy. As for his view on things, it felt like a good thing that he was thinking ahead. Mentioning Avi, he proved to be quite well informed as well. The green feline waited untill Trey had gotten the glasses before answering.

Thinking on it a bit, he figured he owed it to Avi to give a fair explanation. "His name is Avi, we met him and his squad as they were sweeping for zombies. Shortly after meeting, we got ambushed." He thought back on it, realizing he should mention this apparent intelligence behind the zombies to Trey.
"He was the one who got us out of there, his teammates didn't make it..." He shook his head. Thinking of leaving those guys behind still gave him a bad taste in his mouth.
"After getting back to their base he gave use supplies and advice. Shortly after he got what was basically a suicide order. So we decided to team up. Until that point we had just been running around trying to scavenge food. With his help and good supplies we headed for Kittim. Saved our asses a few times as well." The last came out with a laugh, recalling him standing outside over that black monster. "He's tough."

"So yeah, should be meet Shock Troopers we do need to be careful. As for Krotus, like Alma we met while on the run, staying together certainly helped staying alive. As for what he did, I don't know. Silent type and such. He did mentioned he was wanted, but I guess we got lucky they didn't recognize him." Thinking on it, with Trey's resources he might know things.
"Do you by any chance know how things are outside the city? I recall him mentioning wanting to go south and try to find some people he knew."

Noting the cabinet, he whisled in his mind. Classy stuff he's got here.

"The other guy is Alma. Something happened to him, unrelated to the zombies. Not really sure what that was. He's a good guy though." I should ask him about that. Forgot that weird stuff with everything happening.

He caught the glass as it slid to a halt and gave the glass a curious glance. Never was much of a drinker, though considering the circumstances, if anything then this warrants a drink.
Replying to the gesture, he raised the glass and also took a sip. It burned slightly, making his eyes a bit watery, but had a curiously good taste.

Questions? Right, the ambush!
"There is one thing I should mention. I think there is some kind of intelligence behind those zombies. The first time when we met Avi we were ambush, but later it happened again. Everything was quite and we hadn't made a sound when suddenly they came from all sides."


The Vagrants (I told you, don't poke it!)

Things were going somewhat normally again. For ...
“Hey guys! GUYS!” Who was that again? He often forgot names. “Come look at the tower!”
What the ... He looked out a window and only one thought crossed his mind. Bummer

He ducked away from the windows just before the shockwave hit. He just about bounced over the floor with the force of the impact. After slowly getting up and coughing a bit, it seemed like it had missed them, though not by all that much considering the size of the thing.
Then he realized something dramatic. Bummer
They had júst finished cleaning! Not to mention it'll take a while to get used to the new view...

Then he went downstairs to check on everyone. Somehow it felt like this marked an end. Though they could only hope so.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Thegunner18 on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:29 pm

This really wasn't going well and from the looks of things, they were about to get even worse. Kylarin was surprised that was even physically possible after all they'd been through. He figured that the Sabbaton towers falling on you was going to be the the epitome of his pain and suffering so far, either because he was going to get crushed by the massive pieces of the building which were tumbling to the ground or because, if he survived, he would find himself being inside a LOT more often than before. 

Finally, all of them somehow managed to make it outside of the tower and by some sort of miracle, keep running. Kylarin knew that there was no way they could get out of range of the tower. It was only a matter of which way it fell that would decide whether they lived or died. Despite this thought, the Charr, and everyone else, never stopped running. 

It was only when Kylarin noticed Marrick falling dejectedly to the ground in the corner of his eye that they all all stopped moving. Although the muscles in his legs were burning in pain, he continued to stand, now simply staring up at the crumbling tower. What else could they do other than hope for the best? Nothing. 

Kylarin took one last glance at the immensely surreal clear night sky before it was engulfed by the thick cloud of dust billowing down on them. He felt himself being tossed around like a ragdoll across the stone before eventually coming to rest; not before quite a large piece of the tower fell on top of him, though.

It seemed like an age before Kylarin finally got to grips with what was happening around him, and it probably was. Using the last ounce of his strength and energy, he managed to shove the piece of debris off of his chest. However, in doing so, he, rather painfully, found out that he had broken pretty much all of his ribs and then some. He then felt himself being hauled to his feet by somebody. Turning his head slowly around, he managed to make out the figure of Hakuzo through the dust. 

In all the dust and debris, they were, thankfully, able to find both Marrick and Jasmine. The lopsided smile she gave to both Kylarin and Hakuzo didn't really fill the former with any sort of confidence...nothing. 

"I don't feel too good..." the now very beat-up Gorilla muttered, only just audible enough to be heard. Kylarin attempted to say something but as soon as he did, the amount of pain he was in actually made him feel like he was going to die as it made its way all the way around his chest. A completely silent scream of agony erupted from his mouth, only his facial expression proved he was being tortured by his own body. 

How the hell were the going to get out now? They needed to help Marrick, but Kylarin knew he couldn't do anything in his state now.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Oseirus on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:46 pm


"It's- ah! It's alright. I think I can walk. Just... ngh! need a minute." Marrick breathed, slowly working his way to a sitting position. He noticed Kylarin's pain and added, "You gonna be alright, there? We still got a hike ahead of us."

With one last triumphant grunt, Marrick dragged himself to his feet, using a large boulder as support. He then turned to help Jasmine to her feet, pulling her up with far more effort than it should have probably taken. Of everyone, she was in the best shape, but even then her tumble across the Tower Pad hadn't been kind to her. Her clothes had been shredded to virtual scraps, revealing a rather impressive collection of new cuts and bruises. Still, her grin told Marrick everything he needed to know.

Perhaps it was his last vestiges of sanity being wiped away by his aching everything, but Marrick was able to work his own mouth into a surprisingly confident smile. "If we just survived the bloody SABBATON TOWERS coming down on our heads, I think we'll be ok for a few more miles." he said as he gingerly patted the massive charr on the shoulder.

"Just a few more miles."
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby WhiteinBlack on Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:33 pm

(Erida Delta-Aboard the Twin Victory)

Captain Wane Risttin of the Twin Victory succumbed to devestation. On his hands and knees of the deck, his hat toppled off his head. He didn’t even registered Valido’s apology. Even if he did, he didn’t have time as he ran to a distant yell from Devin. It seemed very distant to the Captain.

His crew of forty-two had been cut down to twelve. Heavy was still going, but he had bites. He would have to watch him if he turned, but knowing that man’s enduring nature he would live. Wane hoped he would live. Never had he cared for one man to live. It was the cycle of life to die. But this was so…unnatural.

Wedge and Biggs came out fine, so did Mayala. But he had lost many fine men. All aboard the safety of his ship, his watch. His hands were shaking violently. Emotions he had never felt in YEARS began to swell. He didn’t know how to handle them at such magnitude.

“Cap’n! Portside! The tower!” Cried Oneeye, still alive. It somewhat relieved him.

Wane twisted his head to see the Auduruna’s symbol of advancement and civilization, political power, and national might crumble. It dismayed the captain like he never thought it would. Such a large structure that endured the damages and aging of time fall to the stress of the crisis. The resounding boom seems to place a period on the fact it truly was nearing the end of days.

A pair of boots stopped in front of him. The figure crouched and picked up his triad hat. Wane lifted his head somberly and saw Mayala doing the one action he would not expect from a situation like this: she was smiling.

“We’re still alive and kicking, aren’t we?” She asked. She offered the hat.

The words struck him. They were processed, recognized, and grew within him upon realization. ‘Yes..’

“Yes, we are.” He finally voiced aloud. He grabbed the in hat passed to him by generations of captain’s before him. He stood strong and wide upon his ship that has endured and strengthened by time and he placed the symbol of his position on his head. He pointed at the direction of the fallen tower.

“It may be the end there. It may be the end here.” He cocked a smile, matching his First Mate’s. “But it’s be not the end of us. We will survive!”

Mayala gave a short laugh and crossed her armored arms. “There’s our captain. What are your orders then?”

“Firs’ I and the rest of us will shove off ‘n getta ‘way from the danger. Ya ‘n otha’s gatha the dead ta the deck. I still wish to sen’ the men ta the spirits of the sea as is tradition.”
“Where we sailin’ ta?” She asked.

“Ta Kittem. We gatha ever’thang we ‘ave. Useful wise ‘n ah little som’thin for the greedies still alive. After tha’, anywhere tha’s not ‘ere. Now go!”

“Aye Aye!” She yelled and ran across the deck with new vigor.

Wane strode to the ladders sent on the front of the ship. There he cried. “Leon, Nick, Heavy! Get over ‘ere. We be shovin’ off!”

Although he never promised anyone or plan to tell anyone (for the time being), he will save as much as he could from this crumbling civilization and he would protect as many as he could. After all, there is no profit for him or his future offspring if there is no one to steal from. Risttin name would survive.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby RedFox on Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:45 am

Leon simply flinched when the tower fell to the ground with a colossal 'boom.' Devin asked him about Flak and Fade.

"Yeah...they said they'd call if they ever wanted out of the city." He said softly, deadpan.

"I'm sorry." He apologized for Devin. "But you're still alive. Your Dad too. He may not be your legitimate father, but he loves you like one, and you've both been through way too much sh*t not to lean on each-other now. Make amends with him, go start a new life. You're a talented cook and baker, you can offer food in this time of need. You're too good a guy; you'll be great. Promise." Leon said reassuringly and placed a hand on Devin's shoulder for a brief moment before going back to Wane.

"Captain, if you would believe it, I actually have a bit of experience working the topsails. With so many crew members missing, I can aid in sailing about until we recruit more." He was already sounding like a trusty member of the crew.
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:53 am

(Rubble in the middle of the city)

Somehow, Hakuzo was the first one to make it out of the building first. His wounds never really hindering his speed. He kept running blindly until he heard someone hit the pavement. Hakuzo skids to a stop and turns around to see marrick hit the pavement. Hakuzo did his best to try to pull Marrick to his feet but Hakuzo has no strength left to do thus. All he could do was half-drag him along.

Then it hit. Like a shockwave from a nuke, Hakuzo was sent flying of again (For the third time in this RP ><), He landed on the ground a far distance away. Hakuzo being the smallest and lightest of the group was thrown the farthest out.

After the world stop shaking and spinning Hakuzo staggers to his feet. He was covered in so much dust he didn't know where he began and the dust ended. Hakuzo takes notice of Kylarin and helps him up. Both make their way back to Marrick and Jazz once again.

Somehow... they all survived.... Except Amp that sacrificed himself to end this whole madness.... Now what? All that the can possibly do is try to find that place the lizard mentioned and try to see if Lilly made it through the madness.

Everyone has lost something dear to them. Something so precious or important to them. Now through this small ragtag group could they call each other friend?
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:02 am

Devin blinked. Leon's word's gave him something to think about. He stood slowly, before making his way over to his Dad. They needed to talk about what they would do next. They're whole reason for trying to leave the city was to find their family and make sure they were safe.

Devin chuckled darkly. That plan worked out wonderfully, didn't it? With the rest of the family gone, there really was no reason to leave anymore, was there? So he would stay, helping other survivors as he could.

There were other survivors in the city, Devin was sure of it.
His father would probably agree to staying and helping.... At least, the baker hoped he would.

As it turned out. Valido was having similar thoughts. With his personal obligations gone, with the exception of Devin, who intended to go back anyways.... Valido now had to fulfill his duty to the city and go see Blackstone.

To take her out.

Her radio broadcasts had made it clear she intended to seize control of whatever government was left and that she did not truly care about the safety of any survivors....
The old goat had an obligation to put an end to her plans. So, he would travel to Norvondire and confront her. He didn't care if he was put charge if he succeeded, or if she killed him for his actions.

Either way, he had to try.
(Chem, PM me about their epilogue, if you don't mind.)
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Re: Survival Horror - Anduruna

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:30 pm

The Cure – Talocan District – The Hotel de Roja Luna

It felt like it was taking forever as they trudged across the long expanse of white stone. The rain pattered all around them, but in the entire trek, they didn’t run into a single zombie.

Just lots of skeletons.

It was getting on in the day as they finally crossed through the security wall and into Talocan proper. Now they just had to find the Hotel the lizard chap had mentioned.

It wasn’t that hard.

Sure enough, about a mile in stood a lavish looking three story hotel. The whole building was coated in rich hues of red and orange, and the ornately carved sign still hung across the front of the building. A few windows were missing on the lower level here and there, but for the most part the place hadn’t been as mangled as the rest.

The group slowly pushed inside, the heavy main doors unlocked and unbolted. They stood for a few moments in the lobby, looking around at the elaborate carvings and furniture… and enjoying the distinct lack of rain falling on their heads. Not that it mattered, as they were pretty much soaked to the bone. Hazuko managed a hoarse, “Hello!”

There was a delay, then an unfamiliar female voice, “We’re up here! Second floor of the Lobby!”

The four looked at each other, then started moving up the stairs to the second floor. They made it about halfway down the walkway when they could see the lobby opened up into a second floor bar/restaurant area, and sure enough there sat the red lizard chap, along with a two unfamiliar females… a rather curvaceous looking red wolf, and a wrapped up… well… whatever she was, perched on the counter right next to where the lizard was sitting.

On the floor a little next to them, Lilly was napping against Daisuke.
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