Stranded amidst the Alchera.

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Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:17 pm

They had discovered a new continent. That's what you were told. Far across the Alchera Ocean, from where all previous explorers had never returned.

But they had set out on boats. The government of Anduruna was allowing you and the others on the settlement team to use a new method of transportation.
Supposedly, it had existed for some time, but given the size of the city and the existence of tele pads, it was redundant and forgotten.

It was Flight. Passenger Flight

But now, it was the only way to reach this far-off continent. They had pulled some rickety looking 'aircraft', they called it, out of a large warehouse and gassed it up. They assured you it could make the trip and back.

Maybe it would, but you weren't feeling terribly confident in it's capabilities as turbulence shook the flying machine once again.

Below, you notice a small island and can make out a few shapes on it. Structures.

Strange. No one mentioned this. You would've thought that the government would have been interested in something like that.

You pull out a copy of a map everyone had been given and find your current location on it.

No island.

They must have missed it somehow.
Day dreams of fame go through your head as you picture the recognition you'll get for this discovery back home, as you pull out a pen to mark the island's location.

...and then your plane dropped from the sky.

There's the setup, ladies and gents. Now for what you need to know about how this will work.

Once the RP starts, Player will have several options and goals available to them. First and foremost among these, is STAY ALIVE.

I, as the DM, will actively be trying to kill you. Character death will most often be caused by failing to complete a challenge I present to you within a stated amount of time. Such events will go increasingly difficult as the RP marches on.

There are several ways to 'win' this, one of which being escape the island with your life. It's up to you to discover the other ways.

The RP shall end when A) Everyone has found a way to 'win'. or B) I've killed you all.

I'm currently working on different areas of the island and many hazards players can encounter. I see myself finishing these sometime in July. Which is when the RP shall start.

Here's the sign-up sheet


Age: (No kids)


Job: (It was supposed to be a colonization mission. Pick jobs that would help with that.)

Power:(Just kidding! You were hand picked by Anduruna's government for this colonization mission. You know jack-sh*t about your power! Hahahahaha!)



And that's everything. Have fun and see you in July. Feel free to ask questions.
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby Reed R Gale on Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:55 pm

Name: Aim Alic

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Job: Teacher


Background: Aim is an easy-going person who is rather intelligent and easy to get along with. He's done nothing of real worth throughout life, thus when he was selected to go to this new island, he was hoping that this trip would change that. Give him a bit to enjoy about life, to find something new.

He was a bit wrong and a bit right.

Appearance: Cyan tiger, a bit bulky, with purple eyes. At the time of the crash he's wearing a white tee shirt, a leather jacket, and some durable leather pants. He always has a lighter on him for his smokes, however it seems he's not going to be smoking much as he lost his cigarettes in the crash.

First question; can I have my lighter?
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Reed R Gale
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby RedFox on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:29 am

Name: Apollo Astaire

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Job: Head Manager of Astaire Co.

Background: Apollo's father, Trent Astaire, was the biggest name in the business. He owned a large portion of Anduruna's fermentae bottling factories and have built himself a successful business empire around it.
Apollo started work for his father as a teenager, first as a warehouse assistant, then as a secretary assistant...then as an actual secretary, and after that, as the supervisor of the biggest bottling factory in the Margate district.
A number of years passed in this state; Trent continued being successful, and Apollo worked harder and harder to climb his way up the path of success his father had carved.
Then the shock troopers showed up.
Early one winter, Trent Astaire was arrested for several counts of money laundering and insurance fraud. He was sentenced to life in prison.
With no siblings and no other family members willing (or competent enough) to step up, Apollo took the responsibility of Managing Astaire Co., making a public speech promising to clean up after his father's horrendous mess, and to start the company on new feet.
It was a nice lie.
After Trent's imprisonment, the many members of his crime syndicate were left angry and without jobs. Apollo stepped in, made them offers. With the gangs all bitter from losing Trent, they swung back into power, stronger than before. It wasn't long before the law became afraid to touch Apollo.
The government stepped in, told Apollo he was selected for a project.
Something about a new continent. He wasn't sure why they selected him of all people; he was sure that it was all a scheme to get him arrested or maybe even killed.
As the plane fell from the sky, Apollo was very certain it was just a plot to kill him.

Appearance: An anthro Genet. (Disclaimer; the following images are not of my own character, but of someone else. I don't claim to own them, I'm just using them for visual reference.

He favors a rather simple black suit for clothes.
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby MandyHabato on Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:36 pm

looks kool....considering. that'd make 2 rps playing and 1 that i'm (trying(and would like any kind of help given)) to GM. So...I'll get back to you on that. Would have to make a new char(goodie!), and that'd be fun, but also thought consuming.
*singsong voice* Maybe, maybe, eggs and gravy. X3
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby Clast on Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:18 pm

Sure, I'll participate. I mean, why the hell not? My idea for GMing an RP is getting nowhere fast, and this sounds like fun.

Name: James Rios Cleggs, he goes by "Clegg"

Age: Roughly around 45, but he looks a older.

Gender: Male

Job: Clegg has drifted between jobs for many years, and has spent many years as a dead-beat. Lately, as in the last twelve years, he's been working as a Construction Worker in the Tran. CO. Industrial Industry firm. Since a Fall two years earlier, he's been elected to a Foreman, and oversees small projects. In his time, he's become quite adept at the use of flo-wood for construction purposes.

Background: Life has not treated Clegg the best. Born to a low-end family, he saw his first few years spent in a overcrowded apartment, constantly on the move from building to building. This played a roll in his never finishing school, as he never stayed long enough to complete even a single year. He fell in with the wrong people at an early age, and joined into the many street-wars that are rampant in the worse sections of the interior of the Margate District. With few friends, Clegg eventually outgrew the dangerous streets, and settled down on his own. As a blue-collar worker, Clegg became familiar with the uses of flo-wood, which would later land him his Foreman position. However, at the time he was younger and less sure of himself in his position, and he was never well mannered-especially after integrating with the vagrants and trash of the city. It was because of his little confidence and quick to anger personality that saw his ideas of living on his own shatter, and he drifted from one place to another. His few remaining friends watched as he slowly turned away from them.

This did not stop them from reaching out to him, however, and he saw a glimmer of happiness in an early marriage to a childhood friend, but it was not long before once more he lost again. When his wife left him in his thirties, he took to a Fermentae bottle to ease his pain. At this stage in his life, he refuses to mention why his wife left him. He is unsure himself, but he believes he might have spent at least a year in a drunken stupor afterwards.

Once he had finally broken free of his blues, he found a new self, and decided to end his troubles once and for all. He worked as he had never before, and built himself up. Now a Foreman at a successful construction company, he owned a well-managed home, which he made himself. When he was approached by the government for a unique opportunity in a colonization effort, he gladly took the opportunity, and was able to take leave from his company with a low pension, even at his early age, and boarded the "plane" for the new colonies.

Clegg believed he might only be gone for a year or two, then he could return home and continue as at the Tran. CO. Recent events have proven him to be incorrect.

Appearance: Clegg is slim, and of medium height. When he actually stands straight, he reaches about 1.9 meters tall, a little over six feet. He is of not of any small build, he can still pull his weight when he needs to, however, his rough life and age have not helped this, and he knows he is no longer as young as he once was. In form, he most closely resembles a Brown Hyena, with course, oily hair covering his body and a muzzle filled with sharp teeth. He prides himself on the strength of his jaws, able to crack bones (such as when he eats baked fowl) and nuts. As can be expected, his laugh is harsh and loud (when he laughs).

Personality-wise, he is still quick to anger and can be spiteful and aggressive. He demands respect from his subordinates, but is also well-learned and experienced. In essence, stay on his good side to prevent any unnecessary conflict.
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby boomboy on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:24 am

Age: Twenty-Five

Gender: Male

Job: Mechanic.

Power:(Just kidding! You were hand picked by Anduruna's government for this colonization mission. You know jack-sh*t about your power! Hahahahaha!)

Background: Little is actually known about about Charles (Church). He talks little about his past military life, if any in fact. The only thing that is clear to anyone is that he has been mentally scarred by his experiences and the tragic loss of his squad mates. The rumours that circle around the city vary in each district, but they all include fire. Some say that he murdered his squad mates for revenge, others say that he desperately tried to save them from the heinous flames brought on them by another dream keeper. Only Church knows the full story, though getting it out of him will be the toughest thing you would've ever tried to accomplish.

Appearance: Standing at six foot and three inches tall, he is by no means a scrawny character. He boasts a toned and muscular form of a rugby player. Large, rounded muscles decorate his skeletal form, making him a being not to be trifled with. Thick, firm muscles on his legs allow him to run and jump a little faster and further than normal, but is hardly anything to boast about. The muscles around his legs strengthen his humanoid legs, though an old injury prevents his right knee from functioning properly, which nearly led to his death on several occasions.

His arms and hands are also like that of a human, having the same maneuverability as one too. His face and fur though are much a different story. His fur being that of a camouflaged pattern. Having spots of brown, light blue, and different shades of green on a base layer of black. His overall appearance resembles that of a wolf.

(Is it possible to bring a Ryuu-Neko as well?)
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:54 am

Hello. Thanks for all the character entries! I am going to answer all questions soon. Just a few more things to plan out.
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:05 pm

Reed R Gale wrote:First question; can I have my lighter?

Sure thing.

boomboy wrote:(Is it possible to bring a Ryuu-Neko as well?)

Go ahead, but I reserved the right to take control of it without warning.

And lastly, let's try and get a few more in on this
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby Oseirus on Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:33 am

After work today I'll slap together a character sheet.
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Re: Stranded amidst the Alchera.

Postby Terminal on Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:48 pm

I'm working on a character to throw on in this, he should be up in a couple of days at the latest
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