Soviet cartoons

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Soviet cartoons

Postby Rubaha Paren on Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:44 am

What do you think about them? I prepare links on few examples below.
I choose one with english subtitles, not too long and with acceptable quality.
See and post comments :P

1. "About Vova Sidorov"(11 min) - In America you choose army, in Soviet Russia army choose you! Contain a bit of propaganda(like any cartoon about army ;) )

2. "There Once Was a Dog"(10 min) - Based on Ukrainian folk tale.

3. "Film Film Film"(2 parts x 10 min) - About film creation.

4. "Vovka in the Never-Ever Tsardom"(2 parts x 10 min) - Main hero explore the book of russian fairytales.

5. "Wolf and Calf"(10 min) - Example of puppet animation.

P.S. Yes, they old and don't have quality of modern cartoons, but most of people still love them. Thats classic.
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Re: Soviet cartoons

Postby Zagura on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:15 am

XD Lol cartoons around the world can sure be different, but theyre still enjoyable. I found them entertaining breaks from studying >_>; which I should get back to.
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