Shocktroopers, Safety Troops, and Law Enforcement

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Re: Shocktroopers, Safety Troops, and Law Enforcement

Postby Drezlun on Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:00 pm

I've actually been talking with David a bit on this subject.

While he didn't directly say it, I almost got the impression that the Shocktroopers are the main form of law enforcement because he said that there are other departments such as investigators and other "typical" units that you would see within a human world police force. We also talked about the rank structure of the Shocktroopers, and this is a direct quote from an e-mail he sent me:

2) Rank: Stars and bars on the helmets definitely show the rank. We haven't settled on the size of a normal squad yet - I would think about five guys per squad. The squad commander is more of a task, and less of a title. The job can be assigned to any member of the squad by the unit commander, so squad commanders don't have any special designations on their uniforms, it's just a role they may take as a part of their squad.
So Squad members / commanders: One star.
Unit commanders who are commanding several squads: One star with one bar on the helmet. Unit commanders are sometimes informally known as 'captains'.
A second bar is added for lieutenant commanders, who are in charge of unit commanders. This rank is largely formal when it comes to combat considerations, as most operations in current Anduruna involve no grand tactics or large-scale troop movements, only single-unit operations consisting of a handful of squads.
Two stars on two bars is the rank designating a District Commander, in charge of all shock troopers assigned to their district. The head honcho of the entire city has three stars on two bars.

The badge numbers don't denote anything to do with squad assignment, they're just serial numbers assigned to a specific trooper and his gear.

Though the 'stars and bars' display system can't differentiate squads or district affiliation, the electronic badges on their uniforms convey much more information to anyone wearing shock trooper goggles. In the heads-up display, you can see information tagged onto every trooper, and color-coding for their squads, as well as a lot of other data. So that helps with keeping the visual ranking system minimally necessary.

This makes me think that while the Shocktroopers are really amazing, we may not have seen the "most elite" force quite yet. For a "human world" comparison, the Shocktroopers could be very similar to Army Rangers. They are a step above "regular" Army personnel in terms of their training and in some cases equipment, but they aren't on the level of Special Forces.
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Re: Shocktroopers, Safety Troops, and Law Enforcement

Postby Rydlen on Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:08 am

I'm not so sure about that. I cant remember where but I could have sworn seeing either David, Twi, or Fore mentioning how the Shock Troopers were the top law enforcement. Because Anduruna has No military, there is no need for anything above them.
They do have the special guard that reside within the tower itself, IE Bill, Woods, Damon; but they arn't really the best of the best. They don't even get weapons.
Do NOT hold David, Twi, or Fore responsible for those words. I can not confirm them so I could be wrong.

[Spoilers Ahead]

And in Vol. 2 after Namah makes a mess outside the Viscount's room, There are what looks like, Shock Troopers investigating the scene. So even they go over the... um... We'll call the Royal Guard I guess.

But this is just my observation. And I already ran out of cents for the day... Sorry.
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Re: Shocktroopers, Safety Troops, and Law Enforcement

Postby ilvos01 on Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:40 pm

I would think that it's something like those heavily-armed policemen you see coming off of helicopters and whatnot, with their fancy (all black) outfits. Then, the standard police, who dress in blue and drive their cars and fit stereotypes.

Maybe? I dunno.
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Re: Shocktroopers, Safety Troops, and Law Enforcement

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:04 pm

Thankfully, last Q&A a lot of these questions were answered. Yes, the Shocktroopers are very-much the SWAT team of Anduruna, and there are plenty of other law enforcement officials to write tickets, investigate murders, and do all the daily tasks our own police force does.
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Re: Shocktroopers, Safety Troops, and Law Enforcement

Postby Oseirus on Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:53 am

Actually if you think about it, it makes sense why we still saw Shock Troopers investigating the incident in the tower, without any other (noticeable) law enforcement. They may have multiple branches of law enforcement, but it seems that any time powers use is even suspected, they bring in the STs and the STs only. Leads me to believe that they're even more than just a simple strong arm, and that in some situations they could act totally autonomously, rather than having to rely on any other agency for certain things like investigations or whatnot. Maybe the STs really are a military of sorts, but given how relatively small of an area Anduruna is, they aren't segregated from the local law enforcement like you see in the real world, but rather just another, higher tier.

I think someone also mentioned the Palace Guards somewhere. It is a little odd that they weren't really a part of the investigation, but then again they could just be glorified rent-a-cops. The "real" security would probably be down closer to the bottom of the Tower, where more people would have access. The upper levels would just have a few people hanging out to make sure no one was sneaking around that wasn't supposed to- although it's evident they aren't very good at that. (Read: Namah and Ravat)
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