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-------------------------------------------Time: 08:36 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

"AHhhhhhhhhhHHHhhh..." Sighed Jader. The new teen rubbed his sleepy eyes out, letting the golden light flood in from outside the curtain. Jumping out of the maroon sheeted bed, he was covered by nothing but his fur and boxers. The grey cat's ears twitched as he stretched, and numerous joints in his body cracked as he stretched. The small cat, maybe only four foot three, grabbed his top hat the last memento he had from the closest brotherly figure he had ever had. Sadly, that member had been planning far ahead, and the shiny silver cap still fell down, his head getting stuck in the trap door at the top.

The cat was thoroughly awake now, took out his grey pants, new and unblemished, from a huge brown suitcase. Next he put on a new white shirt, buttoning them carefully and clumsily. Maybe he wasn't cut out for this. The boy had been a rouge, fighting to steal money from others--he was good at it too. Though that day when he had overused his power and lost consciousness... no, that wasn't the right way of life. His power was much better put to use entertaining. Much better...

Jader again gazed at the room around him. It was, indeed, opulent. At least, not what he was used to: a nice comfy bed that kept him from waking up with a pain in his back, nice brown, simple wallpaper on the walls, and though it had rained all night, there wasn't one leak! This was a much better life than before. The boy walked up to the mirror on the far wall, and sized up the figure before him. He didn't look like the scruffy individual who sent electricity coursing through people. No, that person was dead. Now he was Jader, Maker of Miracles; a magician. Ironic that he would pick this course in life.

For the finishing touches, he put on a traveling cloak, the cape part fell to his feet, but didn't touch the ground. That was good. Next he put on some relatively loose gloves. He would grow into them. The grey-clad feline looked rather silly, all his clothes, not including the pants and shirt, were too big for him! He had his doubts, but this was his new way of life, but he may was well embrace it. With one last sigh at his silly form, the cat plodded downstairs for his meal. He'd need his energy if he were to make it through the day.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:02 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

"Kid," said the Innkeeper, "Are you SURE you can eat all of this?" She was basically gawping at the gigantic amount the boy had ordered. Three large pancakes with syrup and butter, a slice of french toast, a large cup of lemonade, a large bowl full of cereal, and three biscuits. "More importantly, can you pay for this?" Jader looked rather innocently at the lady. Angel's eyes and all. Once she was buttered up, he took out a pouch, and opened it, looking dismally, shaking onto the table what "little money I have". She bought it.

"*Sigh* Fine, kid, but just this once." She sympathized and walked off. Being smaller, cuter, and more helpless (looking) than others had its advantages. The baggy, silly looking clothes helped. In truth, Jader was pinching for pennies right now. He didn't have much in the way of money, what with the clothes he had special ordered. In fact, that was why he was here, to get his garb for his trade. Today would be his first performance. Maybe he should be easy on the lemonade. Nah.

"Here you go," The lady came back, holding all the food on a beaten silver tray. "Honestly, can you eat all of this?"

"I promise." Then Jader realized he should always play his part, wear his mask, and so he let another little phrase roll out. At first it came unnaturally, but in the end he let out a, "ma'am."

-------------------------------------------Time: 10:16 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Jader started his walk slowly. He had to let his food digest a bit so, he decided to stop by the river first, before doing anything else. He let to the flow of the river carry away his thoughts. The next thing he did was find the nearest willow tree, and set himself next to it, leaning against the slimy bark. Watching the surroundings, he saw some other dreamkeepers talking and walking together. He hadn't had someone to really talk to in a long time, huh?

-------------------------------------------Time: 11:36 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Jader had been daydreaming for a while before he realized what he was planning to do, that was right, head to the market. The boy made his way to the crossroads not to far from the tree he was lounging under.

"Yes, I had a good..."
"What! When..."

So lucky. Jader observed the people around him. They always had something to say, someone to interact with. He focused his attention on a brown dog dreamkeeper near him, he was walking alone, but he didn't seem annoyed at being alone. So much in this world I don't understand. So many people to meet. So little time to do anything, meet anyone...Thought Jader.

Another person passed by him another person alone, a black cat dreamkeeper. Cute. But she seemed more in a hurry than that brown canine. So many people out there. So little time to meet them all. Jader sighed.

-------------------------------------------Time: 12:12 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

If he was gonna do it, now was the time. Jader had set himself in a corner not filled with people, a great place that wouldn't stop the flow of traffic, but still was easy to get their attention. While no person was focusing on him, he activated his power, and in a split second hid his halo. Then amplifying his voice...

"GREETING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" That got people's attention. Now or never. "I am Jader, Maker of Miracles, revel in the tricks that will be forever burned into your mind!" He set his top hat on the ground for tips.

"For my first act..." And so he began. He started with simple eye tricks, mainly including cards. He was good at manipulating them, even without his power, and he wowed some of the crowd, but for the most part he was losing them.

Next he said, "Alright, now that the opening is finished..." he snapped his fingers, and he burst into flames. Alright, not really, it was just bending the light they saw, but he had to act quick. He levitated above them and traveled over them to behind the crowd which was now frantically searching for him. "Over here, folks!" Applause. The adrenaline running through his veins was amazing. Maybe this wasn't so bad.

-------------------------------------------Time: 16:44 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

A good day indeed. Not only had he made a decent amount 114 lucre, he had made about 167 more off of pickpocketing during the show. Four hours of using his power was about his limit though, even if he had used his power sparingly, and he would have to head back. Jader, though he felt out of energy, felt great. Great enough in fact, that he would treat himself.

Parting with some of his hard earned/stolen money, top hat in his right hand, he now held in his left a vanilla ice cream cone. The day was now his to enjoy as he pleased. That would include eating at every eatery...

"Eating contest today, win and you don't have to pay for your meal!" It was the steak stall. A good day just turned great.

-------------------------------------------Time: 18:04 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

"Holy crap, have they been eating for 2 hours!"
"I dunno, its amazing though..."
"Where do they put it all?"
"I dunno but..."

Jader's opponent was amazing, in his opinion. The boy had his power activated to increase the digestive power as well as the speed he used transferred energy to his body. Still the behemoth he was up against wasn't letting up. Still, Jader was NOT paying for this meal...

-------------------------------------------Time: 19:06 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

"A TIE!"

The food had run out. Jader had to go badly (if you know what I mean), and the man he was up against looked like he had a stomach ache, but there was no more to compete over. In the end the crowd ruled neither had to pay, to the dismay of the butcher.

"You eat well, son!" The big man said. He was a deer Dreamkeeper, his antlers were amazingly large and complicated. The fur of the man was dark and brown, and his body was well built. He extended his large tough hand out to his worthy adversary.

"As do you sir," Jader shook his hand. "Now if you'll excuse me I really need to go..."

"Alright son, but if you see the Selt farm, give a holler, ma' name is Seltus, I'm the head o' the place!"

Jader was running off for the hotel, but he had heard the man, he seemed like a nice guy. But right now Jader had more pressing matters to attend to.

-------------------------------------------Time: 21:26 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Sweet relief. Jader had no idea how long he was in that bathroom, and pitied whoever had to manage the sewer. Vulgarities aside, Jader returned to his room to sort his money. Tomorrow he would head off to another town to show his act... or maybe he would stay here a while. It seemed like a nice enough place with nice enough people.

Jader set himself in his bed, may tomorrow hold great gifts as today did.

-------------------------------------------Time: 08:36 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

"AHhhhhhhhhhHHHhhh..." Sighed Jader. The new teen rubbed his sleepy eyes out, letting the golden light flood in from outside the curtain. Jumping out of the maroon sheeted bed, he was covered by nothing but his fur and boxers. The grey cat's ears twitched as he stretched, and numerous joints in his body cracked as he stretched. The small cat, maybe only four foot three, grabbed his top hat the last memento he had from the closest brotherly figure he had ever had. Sadly, that member had been planning far ahead, and the shiny silver cap still fell down, his head getting stuck in the trap door at the top.

Somehow, this all felt familiar...

Running through his morning routine, still being careful to look presentable, he hurried downstairs.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:02 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

"Um, ma'am, I'm heading out."
"Okay, honey, don't be a stranger... but wait don't you want..."

But he was already gone.

-------------------------------------------Time: 11:01 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

Something was off today. Jader could swear, something was just... off. It was so strange, he could almost tell every person that would travel through the area. That brown dog stuck in his head, same as the black cat who had rushed by in the morning. The boy would let the day play out first though...

-------------------------------------------Time: 22:48 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

Everything happened as he had expected. All the way up to clogging the toilet. It seemed so familiar... Jader threw thoughts around until late at night until...

-------------------------------------------Time: 23:37 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

Jader was staring at his clock pondering the possible circumstances that could lead to this situation when suddenly he felt faint, like some other power was pulling him to the floor. His vision was blacking out as well as his hearing. With a theatrical thud, he fell on his face, and everything went black.

-------------------------------------------Time: 23:38 Day: 183---------------------------------------------

"How did I get in my bed... and why am I no longer clothed..." Something had to be the cause. He had been out for about 1 minute; from what he had remembered, he had fallen on the floor. Something was up. And Jader would have to get to the bottom of it. Or something like that.

"What do I know..." The cat listed the logical facts that could not be denied:
-One minute had passed
-It is now raining
-The day was exactly the same as the last
-He was now nude...

All this thinking was actually quite tiring though and he let himself fall asleep. He had a long day ahead of him. Literally.
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Re: Repeat

Postby Dream-Weaver on Fri May 20, 2011 4:15 pm

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:00 Day: 001---------------------------------------------


A 6 foot tall bird-like creature (no wings) and blue and yellow feathers gets out of bed and begins to stretch.

Maxwell: Ugh.

Maxwell picks up his clothes and heads to the shower.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:17 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Maxwell finishes getting dressed and sees Robert still sleeping.

Maxwell: Rob! Wake up!

The 5’9” dark grey cat turns to Maxwell and tries to shoo him away, but he is so tired that he just barely lifts his arm.

Maxwell: Rob! Rob! *begins shaking him* C’mon get up!

Robert tucks himself under the blankets even more.

Maxwell: *sigh* Fine than, just stay there, but you won’t get any breakfast.

In an instant Robert jumps from the bed and rushes throughout the room with great speed, slow enough to where you can still see each of his actions, but fast enough to where you can’t really keep up.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:23 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Robert finishes getting dressed.

Maxwell: You up now?

Robert nods his head.

Maxwell: Alright, we’ll go get some breakfast and then we’ll go and see what we can find out about that new breed of Ryuu-neko.

Maxwell is a Ryuu-neko breeder, and heard about another breeder working on making a new breed. Of course Maxwell couldn’t resist this discovery. Robert came along because he is the only one with enough experience to get Maxwell through the Dune Sea.

Robert makes a few hand signals.

Maxwell: Of course we can see the town too. Just remember that we have to leave early tomorrow.

Robert gives a thumbs-up.

-------------------------------------------Time: 10:12 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Maxwell and Robert finish their brunch (too late for breakfast, too early for lunch. It was a compromise) and head out into the town and begin searching for the Ryuu-neko breeder that they have heard about.

-------------------------------------------Time: 15:42 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

After finding and speaking with the Ryuu-neko breeder Maxwell and Robert go and see the town. It is a quaint little town, but still full of life, with enough people to make you think you were in a small city, but quiet enough to believe you were out in the country (sounds a lot like where I live actually).

-------------------------------------------Time: 18:30 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

The rest of the day goes by without much happening. The 2 Dreamkeepers see the town and get some souvenirs for their friends back in Anduruna. They eat dinner and go back to their room to pack their belongings for the journey through the Dune Sea tomorrow.

-------------------------------------------Time: 21:56 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Maxwell: Okay Rob, we’re getting up at 6:00 tomorrow. You are going to get up at that time, so make sure you sleep early tonight. I don’t want to have to deal with you in the morning.

Robert makes a sarcastic face.

Maxwell: Yeah, yeah, just get to sleep.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:00 Day: 182---------------------------------------------


A 6 foot tall bird-like creature (no wings) and blue and yellow feathers gets out of bed and begins to stretch.

Maxwell: Ugh.

Maxwell sees the time on the clock.

Maxwell: CRAP!!!!!

Maxwell frantically tries to get dressed.

Maxwell: Rob! Wake up!

Rob just shrugs him off.

Maxwell: ROB! *forcefully gets him out of the bed*

Robert stands alert, as if to say “I’m up! I’m up!”

Maxwell: We over slept!

Robert looks at the time and gets himself ready to leave as quickly as possible.

Maxwell: Why is all of our stuff unpacked?!?!?

Robert shrugs.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:30 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

After a half hour of frantically repacking their bags the 2 pay for their stay at the hotel and grab some breakfast on the go.

"I don’t understand. I know I set the alarm for 6:00" Maxwell thought to himself as they were leaving town.

-------------------------------------------Time: 23:37 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

After an entire day of running through the Dune Sea, avoiding bandits and other things Maxwell and Robert make it back to Anduruna.

Maxwell: Finally! We made it!

Just as they were approaching Sky Road they began to feel faint and fell to the ground.

-------------------------------------------Time: 23:38 Day: 183---------------------------------------------

Both Maxwell and Robert find themselves back in their beds back at Hotel Burgundy.

Maxwell: What the?!? How did we get back here?

Robert notices that all of their stuff isn’t packed and that the alarm clock is set for 9:00.

Robert thinks for a bit, and then makes several body gestures to try and tell Maxwell what he is saying.

Maxwell: I can’t figure out what you’re saying. Write it down.

Robert writes down his thoughts and hands the paper to Maxwell.

Paper: We know that we somehow managed to get all the way from Anduruna to here in a short amount of time. I notice that everything is in the same position it was in the previous night. It’s also raining which, according to the weather report, is not supposed to be happening, but it was raining last night.

Maxwell: What exactly are you trying to say.

Robert writes another note.

Paper: I’m saying that I think that somehow, still have no idea as to why, but somehow the day repeated itself.

Maxwell: And you got this from rain?

Robert holds a data scroll up to Maxwell’s head.

Maxwell: This is yesterday’s date.

Robert gives Maxwell a smug look.

Maxwell: Okay, so the day repeated itself. It will probably do it again, since this just happening once seems farfetched, more farfetched than time repeating itself to begin with. We can figure this out.

Robert climbs back into bed.

Maxwell: Good idea, this mystery will still be here in the morning, we can sleep now and figure it out later.

Maxwell sets the alarm for 07:30.

For those of you who are wondering, they DID get information on the new breed of Ryuu-neko. The breeder is only WORKING on it though, so it doesn’t exist as of now, but is confident that he can get it to work after he got some tips from Maxwell, but since Maxwell will be focusing on the mystery and won’t go out and find the breeder, the new breed of Ryuu-neko will not be discovered. It would have been the single most awesome breed of Ryuu-neko ever to exist. If Maxwell and Robert had showed up to the town just one day earlier or later, then we would have an energy Ryuu-neko.
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Re: Repeat

Postby WhiteinBlack on Sat May 21, 2011 3:15 pm

Time: 07:46 Day 001
Slowly, large emeralds meet the distance horizon and the sun right above it. Marsa yawned at the sight, but quickly covered her eyes from the sun’s glare. She scuttled in her purple sleeping bag around the tree to hide in its little shade. A small yip of a yawn got her attention to a blue and red-orange form where she was two feet ago. The puppy of a cat/canine met her eyes with its sleepy brown eyes, its small flaming cat tail twitching.
“What are you doing?” it said in a voice that didn’t match its body. The voice seemed to match an older man’s.
“Getting in the shade, Jred.” Marsa replied.
“You had to ruin my sleep. I was enjoying your warmth.” Jred yawned again. Getting up, he stretched like a cat over to Marsa. His dual ice shards on both his shoulders showed and reviewed to be very small. He just plopped down on top of the sleeping bag. “Can we just go back to sleep? Last night was tiring.” He curled up and put his canine head on his paws.

It was true. Thanks to Jred larger form, they had travel from Vernt to Teles in one night rather than three days it normally took. It drained Marsa greatly since Jred was dependant on her strength, but she lasted.
“Sure.” She yawned and snuggled back into bags warmth. “But then we need to get into town.” Sleep found her again.

Time: 09:15 Day 001
Marsa stared at the imposing Southwestern Entrance. She was afraid. It was the first time she did anything alone. Something pushed on her lower leg. She looked down and saw Jred looking up at her. “Go on. You can do it and I am right here.”
She smiled, grateful that he reminded her that she had a friend with her. She smoothed out her grey-blue sweater shirt, dusted off her tan zip-off pants, and took a deep breath. “Ok, let’s go.”

Time: 10:07 Day 001
Memory of her last visit to Teles guided her and found here way to the Tent Inn. Despite it being an inn, she remembered the great homemade food served there. She strode inside and grabbed table in the café. Jred lied under the table. Marsa surveyed the room. There was another man at a distant table sipping his cup she assumed to be coffee. Adults liked coffee for some reason. It tastes horrible! There was a young boy as well wearing a grey suit, cloak, and a weird hat. It looked like he was finishing up his meal.

The innkeeper approached her table distracting Marsa’s observations. The large woman eyeballed her and Marsa sank in her seat. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

Marsa didn’t like her stare. A nipped at her legs reminded her to respond. “I-I’m here with my-my parents on a, um, business trip. They were busy and they, um, told me to go get, um, breakfast while they, um, attend a meeting.” She lied. She continued to look at innkeeper wanting her to stop glaring.

“On your own? You must be a big girl.” The innkeeper said with a smile. “Well then, what can I get you?” She readied her pen and notepad.
Marsa sat up straight, feeling more comfortable. “Just pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Lots of bacon for my friend.” She requested and pointed under the table.
The innkeeper bent down to see Jred panting. “You have an odd looking friend there.” She returned to young girl who simply gave a quick shy smile. “I’ll be back with your order.”
“You know I don’t need to eat.” Jred said.
“So. I feel like it’s nice.”
She returned with a steaming plate of goodies. “I’ll give you a small discount for being a grow-up.” Marsa smiled “thank you!” she said graciously and paid the innkeeper. She took five of the eight strips of bacon and placed them in front of Jred. “Eat up!” She returned to her own food to gorge herself.

Time: 11:13 Day: 001
With warm and full belly, the Marsa and Jred made their way to market. However, Marsa took notice of the bridge over the river. Two trees planted on either side of the walkway decorated it. A fun idea entered her and ran up to one tree, taking a fistful of leaves, ran up to the center of the bridge and threw them over. She watched them float out of sight and rushed to the other side of the bridge and peeked out the rail. Jred whined a little. She picked him and the both of them watched the leaves emerge out and continue their journey down south. She smiled at the sight. “We’re going to free just like them.” She said out loud.

She placed Jred back down and returned to the east side of the bridge, pulling out her brown sketchbook from her purple backpack. “I want to remember this day when we first started our journey.” It was quick search to find an acceptable angle to draw the bridge. “Jred, can lie down near the river?”
“Can do.” He trotted over and did as ask. “Thank you.” And she began her drawing. She just wanted the bridge and small parts of the surrounding area representing the bridge’s importance. Within a few minutes, she already had the form and the subjects of her drawing and was already starting on the details. Another fifteen minutes later, her composition was complete. However, she wasn’t satisfied with it. She gazed back into reality, debating what she needed for it.

Imagination struck her, and she reached into her pack and pulled out another sketch book, this one red. Opening it up, she focused on a blank page. A yellow halo appeared above and she began her quick sketch of a tree with drooping branches. The each line glittered as she made them. When it was finished she tapped the page twice and the same large tree popped above the river. Immediately, Marsa was feeling drained. Pointing her pencil at the floating tree and she guided it to the land right next to the river. She quickly grabbed her other sketchbook and placed in the new subject. She dismissed her power on completion and the tree faded away. Marsa felt a little tired, but her finished work was all she cared about.
“We should head to the market now.” She gathered her things and walked northwest, Jred padding behind her.

Time: 12:11 Day 001
The general storekeeper didn’t question why young girl her age was ordering camping supplies and she was happy about it. However, getting her essentials nearly drained her of money. She still was going to get ice cream, though. Cookies and cream was her favorite. She ran across the street to the ice cream and made her purchase. She bought Jred a bowl of orange sherbet. They sat against the wall of a store eating in leisure.

"GREETING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" A voice rang out. Marsa looked around for the source. A crowd of people were gathering around a corner of the market. “What’s going on over there.” Jred said. He got up. “We should go check it out.”
Marsa shook her head. “I’m fine right here.”
“You’re not even curious?”
“You can’t lie to me.” Jred stated
“But there are people.” Marsa complained
“There are people everywhere. You can’t avoid them.”

Oooo’s and Ahhh’s now came from the corner. A small flaming man was hovering over the people. Marsa’s curiosity overcame her fear. “Maybe we can look from a distance.” She threw away Jred’s bowl along the way and held tight to her cone of cold, but making sure she didn’t break the fragile cone. Her fears growing larger each step, Jred lead the way to the crowd. Ten feet away from the crowd and her feet wouldn’t move.

“Almost there. Come on.” Jred said near the feet of the people. Marsa just looked at her feet, shaking slightly. Jred shook his little head and look at their surroundings. He spied a pile of crates that overlooked the crowd. Delighted, he ran up to Marsa’s legs and prodded her to the crates. She got the message and strode over to the crates where she began her ascent; Jred leaping to on top of each crate.

At the top, they could see well over the crowd and though the height scared Marsa slightly, the fear disappeared as she saw the oddly dressed boy from the Inn performing amazing magic. It was great fun to watch. She finished her ice cream and pulled out her brown sketchbook. See made quick sketches of the variety of poses the young magician made, every now and then became distracted when he pulled a jaw-dropping act.

Time 17: 34 Day 001
After the magic show was done, the two made there way to the town park. There, they enjoyed the solitude and quiet under a tree. There was nothing notable to draw, but she drew random trees and floras here and there to pass the time. Only a couple disturbed them being curious about her doings. When they saw her work, they actually paid her to draw them sitting together. 150 lucre for a quick and easy drawing was something she knew she couldn’t pass up despite how uncomfortable she felt. The work only took twenty-five minutes which amazed the couple even more, but after that there were no more disturbances. Hide and seek consumed their time afterwards.

Time: 19:23 Day 001
“Do you really want to leave your parents?” Jred asked. “They only said no for your protection.”
The shade of a tree provided shelter from the setting sun. Marsa’s eyes watch it slowly move down within the shade’s protection.
“I know, but I need to grow-up like the innkeeper said. I can’t stay trapped in that house forever.”
“You didn’t leave to grow-up, you know that. Aren’t your skills good enough for you?”
“There’s more to art than drawing. I want to learn it all!” She threw her arms out as if holding everything
“But they weren’t letting me have that chance. They were not letting me have my dream!” her voice contained an unfamiliar anger to Jred. She lowered her head and stared at her hands and her voice became soft.
“I missed them, though. I didn’t want to hurt them…..I just- I just really want this.” Tears began to form in her emerald eyes.
Jred rubbed his head against her torso. “We don’t need that. I am sure your parents will understand. In fact, we can send a letter to them in Dena, the next town over.” This seemed to comfort her. “Ok.” She croaked.
“Get some sleep. We have a long night ahead of us.” She just nodded and pulled out her sleeping bag. The inside of the bag soothed her.

Time: 07:46 Day 182
Slowly, large emeralds meet the distance horizon and the sun right above it. Marsa yawned at the sight, but quickly covered her eyes from the sun’s glare. She scuttled in her purple sleeping bag around the tree to hide in its little shade. The action seemed familiar but she dismissed it. A small yip made her aware of Jred.

“What are you doing?” Jred yawned
“Getting in the shade, Jred.” Marsa replied.

“You had to ruin my sleep. I was enjoying your warmth.” Jred yawned again. Getting up, he stretched like a cat over to Marsa. He just plopped down on top of the sleeping bag. “Can we just go back to sleep? Last night was tiring.” He curled up and put his canine head on his paws.

“Sure.” She yawned and snuggled back into bags warmth. “But then we need to get into town.” Sleep found her again.

Time: 10:07 Day 182
The gates seemed too familiar and she wasn’t afraid of them as she feared. The people were going here and there in a predictable manner. “This is weird” She thought.
At the inn, she took a table and glanced at her surroundings. There was man reading the paper and drinking at a cup. But that was it. She felt that a second person was missing.

The waitress and innkeeper approached her table distracting Marsa’s observations. The large woman eyeballed her, but she didn’t shrink. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”
She engaged the woman with a lie that she felt she has used before.

The breakfast that the innkeeper brought was exactly as she predicted. Two pancakes with whip cream, eight stripes of bacon, and a small pile eggs. She handed Jred five stripes of bacon.
“Jred, does this day feel odd to you?”
“A little.”
“Hmm” She proceeded to eat her meal.

Time: 19:23 Day 182
The day was way too familiar. The fun on the bridge, the drawing, her power use, the magic show, and the couple in the park; it was all weird feeling. Though, the magician seemed distracted. That was the only difference of the day.

“Jred, was this day weird to you in anyway?” Asked Marsa.
“Yes, It- it felt like we’ve done all of today before.”
“But that’s impossible. Right?”
They were quiet for a moment. “I say we leave. Right now.” Marsa declared.
“Why?” Jred cocked his head in her direction.
“I have weird feeling about this place and I don’t like it.” She stood up and gathered her belongings. “Let’s just go.”

Time: 23:37 Day 182
The town was well behind them. Marsa clung hard to Jred’s mane as ran on the plains. Marsa began feel woozy. “Jred! Stop, stop!”
Jred promptly went to a stop. He turned his large head revealing his feral face and fangs, a single brown eye looking at his passenger. “Are you tired? We can rest.”
“It’s not that. It’s-.” She swayed on his back and feel sideways hitting the ground. She heard a large thump and a small breeze hit her face before she went unconscious.

Time: 07:46 Day 183
Gasping, Marsa sat up quickly, but the glare of the sun forced her to defend herself with her hands. She immediately noticed they weren’t on the plains but next to the Feles gate entrance.

Alarmed, she shook Jred awake. “Jred! Wake up!”
The canine-cat jolted awake, swinging his head left and right. “What what?!” Jred’s eyes widen a bit. “How did we get back here?”
“I don’t know.” She replied. “I was hoping you had the answer. I knew this town was weird. Or least today it is.”
“Or yesterday.”
“Yesterday?” Marsa was confused.
“Think about it. We wake up one day and everything seemed familiar and later we collapse from something, just to wake up in the back here.”
“But what does that mean?” Marsa was still confused.
“I think,” He got up on his legs and stretched. “We are stuck in a time loop. We’re repeating the same day over and over.”
Marsa stared in amazement at Jred’s statement. “It makes sense! But why?”
Jred shrugged his forelegs. “I don’t know. But we need to find out if we want to leave. Otherwise, we’ll just appear here again.”
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Re: Repeat

Postby Pascal on Fri May 27, 2011 12:05 am

-------------------------------------------Time: 6:25 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

"Warning! Graviton cores reaching critical levels! All hands abandon ship!" the static-filled speaker next to Dante declared, jolting him to attention, tail frizzled. The dream-keeper let his pupils oscillate back and forth for a moment as sirens sounded in the background, his ears surveying the environment for any undesirable intruders.

"All clear captain! The parental behavior-modification units still have not broken through the critical layer." He responded, "Those dastardly villainous edumacators will pay for this infringement of slumberland! But first, I must salvage the critical necessities of the day - may the spirits add speed to my paws... " He finished off by giving a quick salute to his imaginary captain on the other side of the speaker.

After silencing his alert system, the poly-shaded blue dreamkeeper sprung into action, launching his night-shorts and sleeping shirt against the nearby, overflowing hamper. His eyes scanned the messy room for free, sanitary apparel that he could throw over his furry rump. As a final test, he let his nose judge candidates from the visually qualified. A few cringes later, he finally came upon a fresh pair of cargo shorts he'd only worn for part of a night the previous week and his hangers still held one fresh shirt combo for the day. It was his emergency supply, but it would have to do until he did the wash that evening - at least this time there WAS an emergency supply.


Important note from Dante's Past: Despite common law in Dreamkeeper society requiring clothing only for those Dreamkeepers "for whom lack of which would show something", application of said law is a somewhat different story. For instance, as Dante learned last year, if you make a habit of showing up to class wearing clothes for say - the entire period of your attendance due to family modesty values, showing up one day without a stitch on tends to draw extremely awkward reactions from peers and instructors alike - ending strangely in detention and counseling for no logical reason.


In the adjacent bathroom, Dante splashed his face off with water while threading his digitgrade legs through the cargo pants. Once around the ankles, he spent several seconds grappling his tail and pulling it through the back hole on his pants before swooping it back and forth to let the fur fall back to it's natural position. Popping his head through his shirt, he then sprayed some deodorant under the arms and then nuked his pants with the spray as well to 'kill off any bacteria'. The effectiveness of the latter method was unknown, but he figured it would at least take care of any errant smell that he had missed, but would attract the attention of dreamkeepers with more complicated schnozs.

-------------------------------------------Time: 6:35 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

His backpack packed the with swim trunks, goggles, snacks, his parents money and other mission-critical goods (No books, pencils or calculators allowed ˅_˅), Dante flipped open the fridge door in his room, swaggered some milk from the carton and then stuffed a bacon-cheese-waffle & strawberry-syrup flavored chunk of tofu in his mouth before vaulting dashingly through the window to make flight from his eternal plight of educational enforcement.

"Dashingly" was the plan at least, but unfortunately not the execution.

Slipping on the final step, Dante's foot became entangled in one of the variety of rat nested wires that circuited his desk and floors. "Yeeep" he squealed as he plunged like a pendulum for the first-story window - his father, drinking a cup of coffee on the other side. His powers activated instinctively - it wasn't his fault; his lifestyle lead to this instinctual reaction quite often in fact. As he fell, the world around him warped as the dimensions contracted and expanded, making his father's 'WTH deer in the headlights' expression appear as through a funhouse mirror. It also Doppler shifted the peculiar new sound of "Pop krat kerpok pat pop" moaning over head from his room. It sounded strangely electrical... Dante came to a stop shortly thereafter, his nose bumping lightly against the pane of glass as he was still chewing away on the strangely tasty, spongy confection in his mouth for a few more seconds before swallowing.

"Hi Dad! Isn't this just a great morning for the two of us to just hang out for a while?" He spoke up, trying to appear as innocent as possible - a look inadvertently completed by his lightly shimmering halo over his head. Just then, the popping grew really loud, and both of them saw the lights go out throughout the house, as rows of fuses blew in the electrical system. Dante barely caught a glimpse of his father's bristling fur and angry clenched teeth as he spat his coffee over the other-side of the window - for the cord unexpectedly became slack sending Dante diving into the dirt below temporarily knocking the wind out of him. "DANTEEEEE!" the angered bull-bear hybrid inside roared, with heavy foot-steps leading to the front door quickly following.

Taking a deep breath and getting himself together by untangling his foot in a couple of hops, Dante began to sprint down the block, his father a few feet behind looking to devour him whole. "Get back here Dante! If you think you're getting away with this, you're wrong! When I get a hold of you - there is going to Bralgu to pay!" It wasn't good either, Dante's shorter legs were proving a significant disadvantage and he had to move far faster to maintain his distance from his enraged parental figure to avoid a premature end to their family tree. Age left the gift of endurance to the young however, and soon the distance between him and death began to increase, leaving the confrontation to some later time that evening when he figured his father would be too aggravated by work to skin him three ways before morning.

-------------------------------------------Time: 7:10 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Panting, eyes closed and collapsed against a hidden nook of the neighborhood, Dante regained his breath. It would take a few moments, but his fear of capture would quickly dissipate as a familiar voice spoke up from around the corner, "All clear Dante - the familiar relations have been dispatched to the office. Nifty job rounding that last corner too!" chirped up Leto, one of few members of 'the gang' that could look up to Dante from his height of about 2 feet, walking on a pair of long plantigrade legs, and having a green scaly body with a white underbelly, the lizard yanked off a piece of sugar-coated meat-on-a-stick to chew on from his earth-side view.

"Man am I zonked Leto," Dante began, still panting, "I - I think I blew our entire house's electrical system."

"Wow, way to go Dante." Leto replied, "I mean, and here I thought you could never consider vengeance as an option, but to leave with such beautiful destruction! *Sigh* You are destined for a life of greatness that we mere mortals can only dare to dream of. Although we might be a little too young to burn our bridges down and all - the g-men kinda ruined our chances at getting a job."

"Ha-" Dante gave a short laugh, playing out a quick animation in his head of his life away from home that ended either with him out on the street begging for change or strangely running the world's greatest all-you-can-eat fine Portobello grill restaurant. "Well, if I don't show up tomorrow, please give my farewell to everyone and ambiguously say I knew the killer was 'the great fount of eternal coffee.' Of course, my parents may place me under maximum security watch for a while to enforce any groundings - which means that I may have to clean off my desk at school for a while. But why worry of the future's tidings. Let us live today for today! Yawn... after perhaps a small nap."

From here, the two took the road across the River Dianne and followed a small, rough trail through the wooded area to the central lake that branched out from the main flow. The early sunlight was still glistening off the lakes surface - leaving a few hours of morning light to dreary travelers. Apparently the rest of the crew hadn't arrived yet, each caught up in their own misadventures, so Dante took up his usual spot on one of the bean-bag chairs curling up with his ringed tail as a makeshift pillow and blanket meshed up into one. He often wondered if this was the sole purpose of having a fuzzy tail (although a bald one would look really weird on him); for that matter, he wondered if his tail-less companions envied him for having one while some of them did not.

-------------------------------------------Time: 9:45 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

An couple of hours later, the sunlight had visibly moved to a less comfortable position, both glowing orbs raining shimmering dappled light through the trees overhead. The sound of old chums bellowed against the background, beckoning him from rest to their latest adventure. "Come on Dante, it's time to wake up! You're going to miss out on the dive!" were the words that eventually enticed him up from his comfy warm, plush chair.

As Dante's eyes adapted back to dimmer conditions of the shady grove and he stretched his muscles, he could hear the splash of water outside. Their aquatic expeditions into the deep had begun - and this fuzzy critter was ever excited to have another experience in the depths of that incredible watery abyss.

The central lake was unexpectedly deep and the constant source of new water flowing from the Dianne made the water both incredibly cold and incredibly fertile. Sunlit areas, especially towards the center bloomed with a thick surface layer of moss that draped deep into the waters below with it's gelatin like clumps. This crowned a layer of particle filled waters that stayed in an eerie eternal suspension just below the surface. To the average person, the lake hence seemed a foreboding death trap, whose depths should surely be as black as night and whose cold could quickly disorientate any would-be explorers. To be sure, the lake was surrounded by "No Swimming Signs", but without anyone to check, especially in this isolated little cove, swimming was far too common. For the lake held far more then was apparent on the surface.

After a few long indulgent yawns and stretches, Dante leaned out the window to holler over to his companions, "Wait up guys! I've just got to change over into my swim trunks and I'll be right out! Don't leave without me!" The curtains on the fort-like structure swung closed and the door to the front was slammed shut for a few moments before Dante came rebounding out the corner to take into the depths. He tested the water with the paw first - it was cold as ever and sent his hair on end. The Man, their apparent leader, came over and put his feathed hand on Dante's shoulder to remind him of the basic rule of diving in the lake, even though he'd heard and done it many times before. "Now remember, when you start to run out of breath, just don't go towards the light." Dante nodded back in acknowledgement as he pulled his ears back to strap his over-sized water goggles over his eyes. They traveled underwater in a teams, mostly so that if something happened to one of them, someone else would have a visual to help them out, or at least to mark their location in the lake when calling for help - the experience however was otherworldly and well worth the risk.

For some reason, Dante had always found that jumping into cold water was easier then slowly immersing oneself in it. He scurried up to the nearby ledge, grabbing onto a tree-tethered rope before vaulting out over the lake. Gravity vanished for a moment as he felt his body in free fall yelling out to his fellow divers who were already treading water on the surface "Cannon ball"! Curled into a ball, tail wrapped tightly around his legs he hit the water which gave way before coming back to snap around his neck line and he sank into the depths. The small hole created by the impact soon refilled with the moss that hugged the surface and his eyes were left to adapt to the incredible underwater world - which now glistened in an eery glow as far as the eye could see.

Beneath the surface was a completely different world from that visible from above. Fluorescent lunarous from the Dianne stored itself away at the bottom of the lake, filling Dante's vision with an ocean of pale blue light that glistened with the rippling thermocline. The surface moss now became the roof of the world with mountains of the stuff illuminated by the ethereal blue-white glow. Suspended in the brew were also clouds of particulates that reflected light like fire-flies and danced to the currents of giant amphibians and their scaly finned friends, who navigated this ecological microcosm with incredible skill and power. Crablike creatures could be seen scurrying along the bottom among the clusters of underwater plant-life that gathered it's vitality from the soil and light from the lunarous. The group would swim along the "troughs" of the underwater moss-mountains searching for some unsuspecting creature to take hold of by hand and hence attempt to direct. When they needed a breath, these troughs represented the thinnest points and hence were the easiest to break through when trying to rise back to the surface - orientation was simple, just 'swim away from the light', which represented the lake bottom and hence... death.

And why attempt to bull ride an over-sized bull frog through the water? First and foremost, it was fun! A successful ride could take you at breakneck speeds through the water navigating it's many nooks and crannies in the process. Second off, the last great member of slackers anonymous - what Dante and his friends proudly referred to themselves as - had told of a great underwater cave located somewhere in the deepest parts of the lake. Supposedly it went way back and was filled with ancient air from long before the lake had formed. What mysteries and adventure had yet to be found there, the group didn't know and un-responded adventure was simply unacceptable to the group of youths. Unfortunately, the lake was large and deep - Dante figured that he might be able to swim all the way to the bottom, but he could never make it back up without running out of air, passing unconscious and consequently drowning beneath the surface before anyone could reach him. If there was really air down there, he figured that he could make it back up to the surface, but if it ended up just being some hole in the ground filled with water, it would be a one way trip.

-------------------------------------------Time: 11:15 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Dante and the rest of the gang swam around until they smelled and looked of fish, but had nary come close to capturing the quickly wizening creatures that dwelt among the mossy mountains of the great lake. At long last, Dante broke the surface for the last time, tired and ready for a bite to eat, so he treaded the mossy water, making his way back to shore before shaking the water and a few pieces of clingy aquatic plant-life off his thick fur.

By now Dante's parent's were both surely off at work and so he could stop by home to wash off before hanging out in the market for a quick bite to eat. He arrived home to find that indoor electricity was indeed lacking - he flipped the switches a few times in hopes that things turned out differently but the world remained dark. A conveniently located skylight and his cat-like eyes made finding things doable, but slightly uneasy. Afterwards, Dante tossed on his old clothes from that morning before stuffing his other clothing into the wash-machine... it took a few moments to register that neither it, nor the dryer would properly work without power... "I'll have to get back to this later" he smiled as he hopped downstairs and raided a few more lucre from his parents not-so-secret stash.

-------------------------------------------Time: 11:52 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

The marketplace was alive and vibrantly filled with any number of Dreamkeepers eager to either fill their stomachs in the lunch rush or fill their wallets from the multitude of potential customers. Dante had grabbed a vegi-burger with fries at one of the local eateries where he was a regular due to his eating habits. His business of being out of school wasn't the shop keepers business, but his readily available lucre was, so consequently, Dante felt more then safe in this environment - and was hardly the only character committing truancy. In fact, as he was finishing up - he saw yet a new face among the crowd, huzzah for another free from the inhibitions of the ivory tower's republican guard!

"GREETING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" The young magician announced, grabbing the crowds attention and instantly invoking Dante to spin on his counter-side swirly chair towards the outside, contently sipping a constant stream of strawberry milkshake through his straw as he looked on in curiosity. "I am Jader, Maker of Miracles, revel in the tricks that will be forever burned into your mind!"

Dante scooped up the last of his fries, stuffing his mouth like a chipmunk before walking out to get a closer view of this new marvelous show. Unfortunately, taller larger Dreamkeepers impeded his path, and being digitgrade, he was already standing on his toes. Consequently, he continued to lean back and forth to get a glimpse of the magicians tricks, further frustrated each time to get a view of some hairy armpit or sweaty pair of shoulders at each 'ooh' and 'aw'. Then suddenly there was a loud commotion, and the whole of the crowd looked about in curiosity - for what, Dante failed to fathom.

"Over here, folks!" a familiar voice rang out behind him and suddenly Dante turned to find that the wizened young wizard had apparently jumped places... maybe he could bend space like Dante! But after spending the afternoon watching on, he was convinced that this kid really DID know magic - it was truly an amazing show.

-------------------------------------------Time: 17:04 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

Sadly though, the show eventually had to come to an end and Dante had one last errand to complete before the day did so as well. But upon rummaging his pockets to see how much was left after lunch, Dante was left to find to his horror that he was flat out of coin. "I've been had! Someone stole my loot! How am I supposed to buy fresh clothes if I don't have any gilder! Gaaahhhhh!!!"

Dante slammed both fists into a nearby brick-wall, frustrated at having his stolen funds going full karma on him - and on the worst of days too. Who knew how long the electricity in that house was going to be out. Closing the evening on a sad note, Dante returned back to the hide-out. On the way out of the marketplace, he noticed that the local steak stall was having an eating contest - why couldn't they hold an all you could eat salad contest once in a while? Why was it always hot dogs or steak or spam? It seemed the magician kid was chowing down with intent to win it - he must of had a ton of money to risk losing against the opponents remaining... or maybe this too was one of his great magic tricks, he stored the food in an invisible pouch that was secretly growing in an alternate universe. Dante shook his head in conclusion - that had to be it.

For now, twilight fast approached and certain creatures would soon haunt his home once again - so Dante once more returned back to the forest hide-out across the Dianne, sharing his days adventures with his companions.

-------------------------------------------Time: 17:34 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

As the light of day filtered through the dense forest leaving golden raindrops across the lakes surface, the group of fun-loving slackers were joined by others who had just finished up their daily sentences in academia. Some would lumber in later on after dredging their mind with various home-work assignments first. A fire was built and all about, the youths shared their daily stories and listened to music over a data-scroll ether-connection. Catching some sympathy from his comrades, Dante was able to bum a free meal for dinner before returning for a few rounds of various games. It was interesting to note that no one in the group recognized this new mysterious face in town, but they hoped they could catch him later on to invoke him into their order of freedom and eternal fun.

-------------------------------------------Time: 20:39 Day: 001---------------------------------------------

By nearly 9:00, Dante was growing tired and felt dizzy from the mixture of snacks, sugary drinks and loud music. From a distance, combined with thin teasing bursts of bluish-white light that danced on the lakes surface and fireflies that floated among the moss covered forests, the scene had an almost hypnotic effect on the dreamkeeper and temptation of a few yawns eventually won out. Curling up in the corner bean-bag chair that he always haunted, he left himself drift off to sleep... 'just for a little while at least' he thought to himself.
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Re: Repeat

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-------------------------------------------Time: 6:25 Day: 182 ---------------------------------------------

"Warning! Graviton cores reaching critical levels! All hands abandon ship!" the static-filled speaker next to Dante declared, jolting him to attention, tail frizzled. The dream-keeper let his pupils oscillate back and forth for a moment as he tried to gather what had happened. The klaxons of the speaker continued for a few more rounds before the sound dissipated enough for Dante to gather his surroundings.

Somehow - someway, he had made it back from the lakeside hideout, but couldn't remember any of the points in between. He didn't weigh all that much and someone like The Guy could lift him and drag him back, but that still didn't explain how he got out of his day-clothes and into his night shorts... maybe this was a memory that he didn't want to fill in, he thought laughingly (figuring there had to be some other logical explanation). "Well the good news is," Dante said looking at the speaker and glowing programmable info-scroll, "is that Dad apparently fixed the power, so I couldn't have done too much damage yesterday. So I suppose I'm not scheduled for death row any time soon."

But as Dante lifted himself out of bed and stretched his cranky morning muscles, his peripheral vision forced him to leave one eye open in extreme curiosity, "Who took my clothes and threw them all on the floor again!" He hollared. Apparently who-ever had his outfit from yesterday also decided to toss it among the rest of the articles instead of neatly moving it to the side. Except his shirts which were neatly assigned to a set of hangers. Suddenly though, Dante figured it all out, "OK Guys, this is an awesome prank, you can come out now!" He looked towards the window, confident that they were looking for him to fully freak out on this truly monumental and detailed task. But only silence followed - apparently they were either watching this via remote video (someone had to hack into his computer to get his alarm clock reset) or they just didn't want to be found out.

After a few moments more, Dante finally gave it up and realized that he still had to get out of here to avoid being dragged off by officers to the local educational detention center. He changed in the bathroom, door closed and then took extra care in leaping from the window onto the ground below. As he casually attempted to walk off towards the lakeside hideout however, he felt a pair of eyes burning a hole in the back of his head. Turning around, fur bristled, inhaling the last bits of coffee was the same character he ran into yesterday. "Oh! Heh heh, hey there Dad! Great job fixing up the electrical system!" He declared with a wink before running off, an enraged "DANTEEE!" yelling out from the background. Apparently he was still angry from yesterday, as he soon showed up behind him foaming at the mouth, . "Get back here Dante! If you think you're getting away with this, you're wrong! When I get a hold of you - there is going to Bralgu to pay!"

The phrase seemed oddly familiar, and while Dante wanted to question him about the goings on upstairs, he figured that stopping wasn't the best approach at the time being - so he continued on, eventually outpacing his raging father for a second day.

-------------------------------------------Time: 7:09 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

"Sheesh, how many days is he going to be mad like that?" Dante questioned the wind as he begged it for a few more atoms of oxygen with his every desperate breath.

"All clear Dante - the familiar relations have been dispatched to the office. Nifty job rounding that last corner too!" Chirped up a familiar character, as Leto rounded the corner.

"Hardly! You have a lot of explaining to do messing up my clothes like that - don't tell me you're not in on this whole jig. I just want to know why you couldn't have left me in my original clothes!" Dante accused the small creature who slowly backed away, looking slightly fearful.

"I - I didn't do anything man... Why are you getting so angry like this. If there was some kind of prank, they didn't let me in on it, slacker's honor!" Leto was now slightly leaving his cowering position as Dante appeared to regain control over his temper.

"Wait - so you weren't in on this? I thought they let you in on everything? Also, when did we gain an honor code?" Dante asked quizzically with an expression that smacked of an almost wisp-like naivety. The little lizard began to look at him with a slightly worried expression finally causing Dante to give up with his questions, "Well, tell them that I'm off to go to the library today - I have some good authors to catch up with." Dante said as he turned and began to leave the bewildered scaled dreamkeeper.

"But Dante! We're going diving today! You've been waiting all week for this, did you forget?" Leto's words stopped Dante in his tracks.

"YOU LIED DIRECTLY TO MY FACE YOU LITTLE BUGGER!" Dante screamed back at the top of his lungs.

"Dante's gone insane! Gaahhh!" Leto hollered as he took off away from the scene.

-------------------------------------------Time: 11:29 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

Following a short nap, and a stretch of reading that took him from Toadsty to Ying Yang's Guide to Bending Reality with Obtuse Math, Dante realized the time for lunch had arrived once again. After a short stop at home (and rethrowing his stuff in the washer to get cleaned), Dante went to refill his funds from the hidden parental stash. "Hallelujah! my eternal renewable source of lucre - may your sources never run dry!" He smiled, ears perked and tail swaying in delight, he pocketed the same amount he had yesterday minus the amount he needed for the clothing store - 20 lucre the less. He wondered how long it would be until his parents discovered that he found their new hiding spot and moved it once again - commencing his favorite part of the game, 'hide and seek'.

Back at the market, he was left with an eternal sense of familiarity, and continuously tried to hack his déjà vu experience up to the prank that was pulled on him that morning. But feeling like the world was eternally on replay felt weird and so when the magician showed up, it caught Dante's attention - just like last time. Once again, he mingled among the crowd, observing that the magician did seem slightly different - but the crowd seemed outright the same... in fact, he remembered this hairy armpit and it's adjacent sweaty back oohing and aweing yesterday in the same exact manner. This all seemed very very strange - but maybe it was just a coincidence.

-------------------------------------------Time: 16:54 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
Just after leaving the scene, he suddenly remembered the frustrating experience of losing his money the other day in this very market - doing exactly what he did today. Panicked, he stuck his hand down his left pocket digging as far as he could... then with terror striking his face, he took to the right. Nothing. "NOOOOO!!!!!!" Dante fell to his knees, flustered to be tied that he'd been spoofed not once, but twice; and by whom, he knew not.

The experience frustrated him greatly and he took to pouting about his loss by sitting next to the river, watching it flow into the central lake where the faint whisper of laughter could be heard beckoning him towards his friends - friends that most like thought him crazy and he wasn't about to test his luck out with bumming another free meal out of them. So the night rolled in over the growling in Dante's stomach - his mind envious of that magician kid, who apparently had won the steak eating contest twice in a row. "If only it had been tofu!" he despaired.

-------------------------------------------Time: 20:17 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

That night, Dante snuck carefully up the side of the house. Activating his powers, he first shrunk the front porch to grappling distance on his end, allowing him to climb on board. Then, before his weight overwhelmed the frame, he let go of his power which caused it to restore to it's natural size. Silently moving over to the window, he then stitched the space over his bed to the area to his right as one of the parental figures had already closed his window -- a continuously failed attempt to force him through the front door. As of yet, they hadn't discovered that he could cut and sew pieces of space together, they thought of his powers as only having scaling capacity and wondered endlessly how he managed to get back in his room.

Once inside, he cautiously moved across the floor, knowing every creak and crack in the floor-board map - a task that took many years to master. It was still slightly early and so he thought he might do a bit of surfing on his programmable data-scroll. As the system started up in stealth mode (no sound, low light levels) Dante noticed a strange caveat on the system - he was suddenly off by a day. "They really were thorough about this prank"

Then, to make sure that he had the time right (not that his friends had changed that too), he went to a nearby search engine and typed in "Current date-time". The search engine quickly brought up the results at the top - but they matched the date on his machine. Spastic suddenly described Dante over the next several minutes as he sputtered to himself in incoherent ramblings. He knew what day yesterday was - he knew what day today was, but the entire globe seemed to think that today was yesterday... or maybe yesterday was today - when the two are equated it becomes rather complicated like that. Then at last, he realized it - the magician! He had tricked them all into his black magic, that innocent looking cat had pulled them all out of time to torture them - or maybe just him. for-ev-er.

Exasperated and defeated, Dante fell to his knees and dramatically raised his hands towards the data-scroll illuminated ceiling, "Dante - we can't do this! The future will be changed! You'll create a TIME PARADOX!!"

Out of breath and hyperventillating Dante collapsed back on the floor staring up at the ceiling. For a day that he'd already lived through - this whole thing sure seemed tiring and leaving his eyes closed was too enticing. In a few moments, he was off to sleep once again.

-------------------------------------------Time: 6:25 Day: 183 ---------------------------------------------

"Warning! Graviton cores reaching critical levels! All hands abandon ship!" the static-filled speaker next to Dante declared, this time getting far less of a reaction out of him. As he slid out of bed, if he had been human, he'd of called all of this one bad nightmare - but here he was, back in his sleep clothes, with his apocalyptic room filled with dirty clothes spread out before him. "Captain, we've entered a time-warp. It's time to save the world!"

Turning the data-scroll on in stealth mode first, Dante got dressed with a full sense of purpose, goggles equipped and outfit ready and deodorized. "First objective, avoid detection by parental father unit. Current location, drinking coffee downstairs.". The data-scroll online, he quickly did a check of the current date - confirming his deepest suspicions. So forward he marched towards his goal.

As Dante looked down at the grass below, he activated his powers, stiching the space in front of him to the area in back of him so that the outside world would see directly to the other side, and doing some geometry studies at the library, Dante discovered that even the perspective errors could be corrected by making the distance between portals through the "portal" equal to the distance outside of it. The landing was slightly harder then expected in the flower bed, but his power wavered once he was below the window at this point and hence outside of view.

Crawling his way through the dirt, he slowly approached the edge of the house - at which point his first objective was complete and he could sprint towards objective number two.

"No evil magician will keep me stuck in a time loop!" He declared as he sprinted off in search of the cat-like dreamkeeper.
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Re: What happened to you dears?

Postby MandyHabato on Fri May 27, 2011 6:10 pm

_____ time 07:34 day 001 _____

The red dragon woke to find a small plant-air ryuu-neko sleeping along the orange stripe on his face. He gently took her off and laid her in the lap of the green canine/feline dreamkeeper in the bough of the tree above his head. He slowly flew up above the tree and looked down over the town's park.

He had flown his friend and her pet for an hour from the wreckage of the... accident. He had seen the village and just flown to the first tree within the city limits, or the back of the park. He didn't quite have the money, or time, for the inn. He looked down at the tree as he heard his name.

The bright green dreamkeeper was looking up at him with red-rimmed eyes and a sad edge to her voice. "Rioch, come back down here. The bleeding may start again." She shouted to him. An impatient "Meow!" Came from the unseen ryuu-neko. Rioch sighed and flew down, the orange of his wings vibrant against the not quite dawn sky. The bottom of his brown jacket billowed out behind him, as did the left arm.

The bright green canine/feline slowly sank back to her former start. "Dang, this is difficult." She muttered as she sat and grabbed the stub where her right leg should have been. There were no bandages, no time last night, but it was not bleeding thanks to the ryuu-neko. "Hey, Zy. You are okay, right?" She questioned, looking at the ryuu-neko. "Nya." Zy replied, nodding. Th ryuu-neko started licking the stub of her master's leg, knowing that, even though her plant half helped, she could not fully heal this alone.

_____time 07:53 day 001 _____

Rioch climbed back into the tree. "Art, how feel?" He asked, staring at Artemees' stub. As he looked at her injury, he couldn't help but grasp at his left shoulder, no arm connected to it. "Fine." Art quickly said, grabbing a near by branch.

"I need to get down now. We need food and bandages. Lots of bandages." She said, forcing a smile for his friends sake. Rioch sighed again and grabbed Art around her waist with his good arm. He slowly hovered to the ground, and set her on her foot. He winced as he thought about that. "Well, first things first, you need something for support. I can't be your crutch." He said, then as he heard himself. "Wait, I didn't mean..."

"No, just stop there. It's fine. Just grab that." Art pointed at a sizable branch. Rioch grabbed it and Art tried it out. She hopped forward carefully. Her cargo pants hid the unbandaged flesh, a very good thing. "Well, there we go. Come on." She started for the town, planning on finding a doctor or an inn. Rioch followed sighing again. "If you keep sighing, you'll hyperventilate." Art laughed over her shoulder at him.

_____ time 08:25 day 001 _____

"Oh, my! What happened to you dears?" The innkeeper exclaimed, seeing Art and Rioch. She could immediately see Rioch was without his left arm, and Art her right leg. It had been slow going, and taken a lot of direction asking to make it to the inn. Thankfully, the inn was open.

"No, ma'm, it's fine." Art reassured, sitting in the closest chair. Rioch sat next to her and asked calmly. "Yes, could we just get some eggs and bacon." The innkeeper gave Rioch an incredulous look. "But, you two need to see a doctor!" Art opened her mouth to speak, and so did Rioch, but the innkeeper didn't let them start. "No, no excuses. I'll go call for one." And with that, she hurried away.

_____ time 09:27 day 001 _____

They had gotten their breakfast, and the doctor the innkeeper had called for. At first, the doctor had thought the innkeeper was lying about their injuries, but he stopped and gaped at Art and Rioch when he had seen them. "How did this get such a clean cut?'' He had said to himself. There was no sign of broken bones anywhere, and no signs of tearing or cutting of skin or flesh. It was as if their limbs had dissolved from their bodies.

After a check over, he had bandaged Rioch's arm and Art's leg. He had also given Art a crutch, free of charge, and the innkeeper said that they could have a room until they recovered, and the food was free. All through this, Art and Rioch were reassuring and playing-down their injuries, with a lot of No, no, it's okay.'s and We're really fine.'s and You don't have to.'s. Neither adult would take a simple 'no' or 'it's fine'.

So, that was why Art was lying in a bed in their room on the second story of the inn and Rioch was the one at the market. Rioch looked over the list Art had given him and looked at the stalls surrounding him. They really didn't have much money, so it was difficult. He wouldn't steal, and showing his sword skills might injure some one, so he could think of nothing to get money.

All of a sudden, a young black dog came up to Rioch and grabbed his pant leg. "Hey, mister. Can you fly?" He yipped at him. "Umm,... yes?" He answered, confused. "Can you give me ride? I wanna see what flying is like!" He yipped, excitement and curiosity mixing in his voice. The dogs mother, another brown dog, then came up. "Oh, I'm sorry. Come along, little one."
"No!" He stopped his foot. "I wanna fly!" He then grabbed Rioch's leg and held on for dear life. The mother looked at Rioch. "I'm sorry, but could I trouble you to give him a ride. Here," She dug around in her purse and handed him 10 lucre. "Take that for the trouble." Rioch took it and nodded, bewildered. "Okay, get up here." He reached down and grabbed the child, flying up a foot or two. He placed the kid between his wings and looked back at the mother. "You sure?" He asked, skeptical. She nodded. "I'll give you 10 more if you need."

_____ time 10:04 day 001 _____

He had flown around the market place a few times, making sure the dog's mother could alway's be seen. When he went back down, the child was giggling happily. His mother gave Rioch the other 10 lucre, thanked him, and hustled off. A bunch of children shad seen this and asked for rides then. The mothers all payed him the same. When he finally got to get away to shop, her had about 180 lucre. "Wow, so there goes or money problem for the while." He muttered. He was able to find and buy all the stuff on Art's list, but he only had about 10 lucre left. Then he headed back to their room, arm's full.

_____ time 10:26 day 001 _____

"You got everything?!" Art stared wide-eyed at all the supplies. "Yep, so, what is this all for?" Rioch said, looking over the supplies.
Art sighed. "What else? Our limbs. Do you really think I'm gonna go through life on a crutch, missing a leg? And you just look weird with one arm." She added, letting a hint of a smile come to her tear stained face. While Rioch was gone, Art didn't have much to do but sleep, and blame herself for what had made them lose their limbs.

"Okay, i'm going to have to do my leg first. Then I'll do your arm. It will take most of the day." Art explained, organizing the parts. Rioch nodded and told her about the 'rides' that the children begged for. "It wasn't annoying, per se, but I made enough money to get all this." He motioned to the supplies. So, Rioch went to earn some money and Art began on the trial and error of making her arm.

_____ time 21:49 day 001 _____

The day had gone by very fast. Rioch had earned almost 300 lucre. He was tired, but the money would last them a while. Artemees had made the beginning of a very good leg. It was just the outside, for she was making it look feel, and act like a normal arm in all weather. That was the most intricate part, but the actual mechanics were difficult just to connect the nerves. Once, when Rioch had come to check on her, she had him try to connect the nerves. She knew it would hurt, but she got it wrong slightly and the pain was horrible. She would not let Rioch be the one she tested the stuff on. At least the guilt was lessened by the pain, for she thought she deserved it. When Rioch was done for the night, Art pushed her work aside and hobbled downstairs. They ate and then slept like logs.

_____ time 07:34 day 182 _____

The red dragon woke to find a small plant-air ryuu-neko sleeping along the orange stripe on his face. Rioch sighed. "Zy, why did you have to sleep there last night and the night before?" As he reached up to grab her, he noticed that he was in a tree. He looked up and saw Artemees' tail draped over a branch, just like before. "How did we get back here? And why is my arm not bandaged anymore?" He said out loud.

Rioch climbed up next to Art. "Hey, Art. Wake up." He realized Zy was still on his face. He grabbed her and put her on Art's lap. "Art. Wake up already!" He almost shouted. Art sat up and looked around, ears alert and eyes still a little red. "Huh, what?!" She saw Rioch then. "Hey, wait. Why are we in the tree again?" She said, working her way down the tree. Rioch shook his head and took her down, grabbing the same stick for her to use as a temporary crutch. They continued as before, making their way to the inn.

_____ time 08:19 day 182 _____

"Oh, my! What happened to you dears?" The innkeeper exclaimed, seeing Art and Rioch. She could immediately see Rioch was without his left arm, and Art her right leg. Everything was the same when they made their way to the inn. The only real difference was they didn't have to ask directions.

"Um, it's nothing, ma'm." Art said slowly, still a bit confused. Rioch looked around and noticed everything was the same as before. "Could we get some, uh, eggs and bacon?" He said slowly. The innkeeper gave Rioch an incredulous look. "But, you two need to see a doctor!" Art slowly opened her mouth to speak, and so did Rioch, but the innkeeper didn't let them start. "No. No excuses. I'll go call for one." And with that, she hurried away, leaving the two sitting there, confused.

_____ time 09:27 day 182 _____

Just as before, they got breakfast and the docter. He was shocked as much as before. They got bandaged the same way and given the free crutch and accomidations.

Rioch was walking slowly through the market and Art was in their room on the second story of the inn again. "What is up with today?" Rioch whispered to himself.

All of a sudden, the same young black dog came up to Rioch and grabbed his pant leg. "Hey, mister. Can you fly?" He yipped at him. "Yes." He said, looking at him a bit confused again. Everything happened the same way as before, and he flew the children around, always finding things happening the same exact way.

_____ time 10:18 day 182 _____

Rioch set the supplies down and Art looked over them. He had just explained the day, Art remembering almost everything. "This is just to weird." Art muttered, Zy on her head. "Yep, everything happened the same, almost no changes at all." Rioch said. "Well, nothing to do right now." Art grabbed some of the supplies. "I can remember some of the things I did wrong on my leg, so it will be easier this time." She said, starting on it. Rioch sighed and sat down on the floor. "So, should I go do the same until we can think of something to do about this...happening?" He said, looking to the door. Art nodded and motioned him to go.

_____ time 21:50 day 182 _____

Rioch had let they day run its coarse, every thing the same. Art had gotten much further in her leg and had actually gotten it connected to her nerves. They had walked down together, Art slowly as to make sure the leg worked, and ate dinner. They were now in their room, lying awake in their beds. "So, what do you think happened?" Rioch muttered, his arm behind his head. Art absentmindedly stroked Zy, who was on her lap. "I don't know. It was almost like...The day repeated itself." She answered. Zy opened her eyes and turned to look at Art, concern clouding her gaze. "Well," Rioch started as he sat up. He took his jacket off and tossed it to the foot of the bed. "we can't do anything at the moment. 'Night." With that, her turned the light off and went to sleep. Zy climbed up to Art's pillow as she put her head down. Her blue eyes were open, and they still were rimmed red from crying. " 'Night." She whispered, closing her eyes, and sleeping.
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Re: Repeat

Postby Avolendi on Sun May 29, 2011 6:20 pm

-------------------------------------------Time: 07:49 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
Avolendi woke up, still used to the rhythm of the caravan. Never having been good at getting up early he drowsily walked around his tent and got dressed. After going to a stream to splash some water into his face and enjoying the knowledge he could take his time, he met Gerald. He was an experienced hyena dreamkeeper, with a good sense of humor who ran the caravan. “Care to help me unpack the carts and set up shop?”

“Sure thing.” It looked like it was going to be a good day to trade and the caravan had plenty to offer. By now breakfast was served and Avolendi sat by a campfire to eat along. He got along quite well with the others in the caravan. With his breakfast finished he got up. Before leaving Gerald walked up to him.
“You’ve done a good job and I’d like to have you with us on the way back. Nothing like scaring off some bandit by showing them you can shoot farther than they can. Now get some rest and try not to spend it all at once.” He said with a smile and handed Avolendi his payment for the first half of the trip.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:40 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
Going to his tent, Avolendi took a wooden sword and an extra change of clothes. Before leaving for the market, there was an appointment he had with another member of the caravan. Like each day, the green dreamkeeper went to see Rory. He was a slender kind of fox dreamkeeper with a red-orange fur. Shortly after starting to work as a guard he had seen Rory practice his swordsmanship in the morning. Being only proficient with a bow, he had asked him if he wanted to teach him the basics. In return for doing his part of the chores each day Avolendi had accepted and he was eager to learn.
Though they could only practice with wooden swords, by now Avolendi at least knew how to stand, guard and strike with a bit of decency. Today Rory started out slowly.
“Trying to catch me off guard again? I won’t go down that easily.” Five minutes later the tip of a wooden sword was pointing down at him. “The clouds look pretty from this angle, but I think I’ll get up now.” Giving him a hand Rory pulled him up.

After another hour and a lot of bruises later, it was finally time to stop. At least he had managed to hit Rory a few times. The last one probably didn’t count though, as he was being called by Gerald.

Having worked out enough for today, the green feline went to the river. Swimming a bit and soothing his newly acquired bruises, he got out refresh and ready for the day, if sometimes limping a bit.

-------------------------------------------Time: 11:16 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
With his purse secured firmly beneath his shirt Avolendi went to the market to see what other merchants had to offer. While browsing he finds himself in front of a dusty stand with a brown bear dreamkeeper with a worn face. The only item the man seemed to be selling was a very intriguing sword.
Though it wasn´t adorned with any gems or fancy modeling it had a special quality to it. Seeing a potential buyer the man addresses him. “You seem like a person who knows how to appreciate a good sword. It also matches your build.” Holding the sword up to show this. Unfortunately it was priced ridiculously. “As much as a good sword it is, at that price I’d be broke for a year to come.” The man laughs. “With a sword this good however, you´d be able to enjoy it for many more years.”

Not being in the mood to haggle, Avolendi turns away. Seeing he was no longer interested, the bear sits down and starts stuffing a pipe. Continuing onwards the green dreamkeeper roams around the market and listens to conversations people are having in the street.

-------------------------------------------Time: 12:33 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
There were a lot of different dreamkeepers out and about. The market seemed to attract people from around town and nearby villages. Weary travelers and tidy businessmen walking by each other in the street with merchant prize their wares. Besides the people it was also interesting to see such a different style of building as he was used to. Knowing from the village he grew up in, Avolendi was used to wooden houses which were built for simplicity and efficiency. Towns he had been to in the south also looked very different for here. Apparently people here preferred to have houses with sharper rooftops and subtle carvings in the roof-ridge and window frames.

Walking around the dreamkeeper found himself standing in a flower shop. He spends some time talking to a cute wolf dreamkeeper named Searli. He found out that she worked part time at the shop. Avolendi spent some time talking to her and she mentioned a good spot to relax in the park.
“You just leave the path after the fork with the big tree in the center and follow a small creak on your right until you walk into a clearing.”
“Ah okay, thanks. If your free tomorrow, maybe we could meet there?” While talking Avolendi´s stomach growls.
“Sure, I’m free around noon. And if you want to get something to eat you should try the Tent Inn. It’s not far from here, just go left before the bridge and you’ll see it.” Nodding a bit embarrassed, he says goodbye and leaves the shop. Having no idea how a casual conversation ended in him meeting a girl tomorrow, the green feline feels somewhat flushed.

Walking towards the Tent Inn, he sees a grey feline performer busy captivating an audience. He stands by and watches from the edge of the crowd. Avolendi likes to keep an eye on his surroundings and learned early on that crowds attract more than just the more honorable people. After having watched the curious spectacle for a bit he leaves.

The inn appears somewhat quiet with people going to see the spectacle. Taking a seat at the window he orders a decent lunch and some juice.

-------------------------------------------Time: 14:47 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
After walking to the park Avolendi admires to view and looks around. The river flows strongly under the bridge and fish are swimming around. In the park he looks for the creak and walks to the small clearing. It has a nice patch of grass and the sun is shining through the branches. Enjoying the moment he dozes off in the warm sunlight.

After waking up Avolendi wanders a bit through the park, which is surprisingly large. Not having anything else planned he decides to go sightseeing for a bit.

-------------------------------------------Time: 16:38 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
Having decided on sightseeing Avolendi asks about interesting things and walks around looking at the various buildings. He visits Hotel Burgondey and afterwards admires the monument. The bronze sculptures appear to be dedicated to heroic looking dreamkeepers. Their names were Fill and Texu. Fill was a male ferret-like dreamkeeper, and Texu a female lizard dreamkeeper. It appeared there were inscriptions written on their pedestals before, but they seem to be faded with time.

Talking to the caretaker of the monument, an old Russian-blue cat dreamkeeper Meno, Avolendi finds out they were the founders of the town, and strong wielders of their powers, however what those powers were has been lost in time. “They disappeared without a trace one day. But that was all hundreds of years ago.” The old man sighs.

Continuing his walk Avolendi visits the church, being interested in the architecture and history. He asks the priest about this, whose name is Father Tanniz, a slim man with white-yellow fur and short ears. He likes to talk about the history of the church and was only too happy to inform our character of all the details of the place.

He mentions that there is a rumor of hidden catacombs beneath the church and that these were said to be filled with mystical items. Though even the priest himself thinks this is just something added with the passing of time to make the story more appealing, he does seem to think the catacombs beneath the church exist, because they are mentioned several times in old books in the archives, but looking for them, no one has been able to find them.

-------------------------------------------Time: 18:35 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
Walking back towards the market, Avolendi rests for a while on the bridge, admiring the view and looking at the flow of the water. After a while he continues on to the Tent Inn again for dinner. The food tasted good and was well prepared.

-------------------------------------------Time: 19:13 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
Still intrigued by the sword, Avolendi decided to go back to the shop and tries to talk to the owner again. The bear dreamkeeper seems to have no interest in just talking, but without much else to do, Avolendi decided to stick around.

Eventually his patience and stubbornness pay off and the old man tells the story of how he found the sword. He and his eldest son were in the foothills and during bad weather they hid in a cave. There they found a hatch which led to a long corridor. It was probably part of an old escape route. Curious as to where it would lead them, they looked around. Luckily they found torches not far from the entrance. After walking some time uphill and somewhat hinder by old cobwebs, they ended up in the basement. Judging by the weapon racks and rusted armor they found in some rooms it must have been a fort of some kind.

Looking around if there was still something of value intact, it quickly became clear that the upper floors were inaccessible. In what must have been a royally decorated room they found old but solid silver plates and cutlery. Inspired by this success, his son went off to find if there was a treasury. In the meantime he took what they found to cave. While he had been warming himself by a fire, his son had been exploring for hours in the dark damp caves, only sporadically returning to get more torches.

The boy had found the remains of the treasury in the during his exploration, but it was half caved in. He managed to get the sword and a few coins, but everything else was either buried or rotten. Though he and his son had gotten ill for a while, after that they got better they decided to move with the entire family to Anduruna and live a better life there with the money they earned. He had always wanted to leave his son with more than just a rundown farm in the middle of nowhere.
What they already had was a good starting capital, but he knew they could use all they could get and so he is reluctant to sell his sword cheaply. He also knows there are many potential bidders here during this time of the year and he should get his price.

After thinking on it a bit, Avolendi decided it is too much as it would cost him his savings and his earnings. Having wished the man good luck, he left for the caravan.

-------------------------------------------Time: 21:56 Day: 001---------------------------------------------
Returning at the caravan, Avolendi sat down at a campfire and talked about everyone’s day. With a long day behind him, he gets up and goes to his tent.


-------------------------------------------Time: 07:49 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
Avolendi woke up, still used to the rhythm of the caravan. He gets dressed and walks to a stream to splash some water into his face. He helps Gerald and goes to eat breakfast. Before leaving Gerald gives his payment for guarding.

While walking away he realizes he should have already gotten his payment, but when checking he notices he hasn’t. He shakes his head and continues.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:40 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
Avolendi goes to Rory to work on his swordsmanship. Still the lingering feeling that something is wrong nags at his mind. With the bruises to take his mind off the matter the green dreamkeeper takes a bath in the river and goes to look at what the other shops have to offer.

-------------------------------------------Time: 11:16 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
While browsing Avolendi finds a very intriguing sword. He somehow recognizes it and recalls of a story of how it was found, but at the same time he can´t determine how he would know this. He decides to try and find out if what he thinks he knows about the sword is true.

Instead of trying to ask the man to lower his price like he initially wanted to do, Avolendi asks the man how he got such a remarkable sword. The man frowns and it looks like he isn´t going to answer. Then he explains how he found it and why he wants to sell it at such a high price. When asked if he knows if there anything special about the sword, he lifts his shoulders.

Thinking that this strange déjà vu might mean something, Avolendi decided to buy the sword, though he´s still reluctant to pay the price the bear asks. “If you plan to ever sell this sword, you might want to ask less than a king’s ransom.”
The man lifts an eyebrow, clearly not impressed. “If a sword that has been buried since times unmemorable and is still this good, I’d say there’s something special about it and you won’t get something like this anywhere else.”
“Then I assume you’re planning to travel Anduruna or wait for a very long time, since this isn’t the place where you’ll find someone that rich.”
“You’d be surprised at how wealthy the merchants can be that sometimes pass by here.”
“And you can get them to come to you, when they just happened to be looking for a sword? I also very much doubt any merchant would even buy a sword when it´d be hard to sell it for a higher price.” The man immediately comes with another argument and this haggling continues for some time. Avolendi mentions that if the man sells it now, he won’t have to wait around for another bidder, but the old man doesn’t relent.

Eventually they come to a deal. Though cheaper, it still costs Avolendi part of his savings and his received payment. The sword had still been in its sheath when found and luckily this was part of the price. The man had attached a leather band to it to carry it around, as anything not made of metal had worn away.

-------------------------------------------Time: 13:20 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
By now Avolendi had realized that somehow it seemed to be the same day as the day before. He could remember things that happened after the caravan arrived here, but he knows they just arrived last night. With something still nagging in the back of his head he walks around the market and suddenly finds himself standing in a flower shop he recognizes. He spends some time talking to a cute wolf dreamkeeper named Searli.

Having gotten hungry he walks to the Tent Inn. He passed the performer who was there before. Details eluded him as he wasn´t going about things like before. Continuing on to the inn he orders something to eat and drink. He takes his time and looks around.
-------------------------------------------Time: 14:05 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
Avolendi walks to the park and relaxes there for a while. He talks to a few people and then goes to take a nap in the sun on a patch of grass while thinking of the implications of what this could mean. If this really is the same day as yesterday, then he might be able to use this to his advantage before going to try and figure out how to stop this.

Curious of his new acquisition he takes the sword from its sheath and goes to practice it a bit in the hidden clearing. The sword has a good balance and quickly swinging it feels natural. After practicing for a while he notices it feels like there is a void. Thinking this is just his lack of expertise of using the sword he relaxes and tries to make the feeling go away.

Suddenly his halo starts to glow and the sword looks to be glowing from within. Strange markings appear on the sword and as he swings it there is a vibrating feeling, like the air around his is resonating with the sword. He feels as if the sword is draining him and drops it. As soon as he lets go of it, a shockwave originates from it. Rather shaken up, Avolendi sheaths the swords and leaves it.

-------------------------------------------Time: 16:21 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
After laying in the grass some more, looking at the leaves and branches blows in the wind, Avolendi decides to walk by the same things he remembers to try and find out a bit more about what is happening and how much things are the same.

He visits Hotel Burgundy and afterwards admires the monument. He talks with the old cat Dreamkeeper Meno and later on with the Father Tanniz. It was all almost exactly the same.

-------------------------------------------Time: 18:47 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
Walking back towards the market, Avolendi rests for a while on the bridge, admiring the view and looking at the flow of the water while lost in thought. Talking to the caretaker and the priest took away what doubt he still had that this was the same day as before. Dreamkeepers were walking by him as he was staring off into the distance. Either this was just a one-time fluke or this day might just keep on repeating itself.

It should be clear the next morning which it would be. Though annoying in some way, he realized he should take advantage of this while he could. It might be a good way to polish up on his sword fighting as well. Having cleared his mind of these troubles, he continues to the Tent Inn for dinner.

-------------------------------------------Time: 20:04 Day: 182---------------------------------------------
Having walked back to the caravan Avolendi doesn’t feel like sitting at the campfire and goes directly to sleep. He wonders what tomorrow will bring him.
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Re: Repeat

Postby Reed R Gale on Sun May 29, 2011 7:14 pm

-------------------------------------------Time: 06:00 Day: 183---------------------------------------------

It was time. Jader got himself up at 6 by use of his internal clock. The first thing he would have to do is confirm his suspicions. Hastily dressing, he headed downstairs. The boy was making plans of attack, modus oporandi, the ways to approach the problem. There were so many things, so many ways this could be happening, he couldn't even begin to list them, especially since it was morning, and a rather groggy one at that. Setting himself at a table he called to the innkeeper

"Um, ma'am?" Jader called the innkeeper over.

"Ya, honey?"

At first Jader was going to order a large amount of food, but he prioritized his thoughts with his mind over matter stating, "Might I ask what the day would be?"

"Why the 25th of course!" The same day three times in a row. Curious.

"Ma'am..." And the young boy listed his long list of food again using the same trick to get to pay a much lower amount of money than he would otherwise. Now to come up with a plan of action, it would be a while before his food arrived anyway. The cat put his head in his hand and his elbow on the table with a plunk and threw thoughts around.

First, the day was repeating itself. He had been aware in two of them, counting the one that was taking place at the moment. However that did not necessarily rule out the possibility that the day had repeated even more. Check that. Jader ran upstairs quickly and took out a journal to write down his thoughts in then ran back. He had been kind of hoping his food would be done by now, but he still heard sizzling in the kitchen through the door behind the counter. Disappointed, the cat continued his deductions.

Now following the logic that the day had repeated, naturally there must be a reason. The chances of it being natural are next to... well something like 1% or very low. Thus, the cause was probably caused from something done by a dreamkeeper, or more than one. Hm, and then there was the possibility of it being some other sentient being... nightmares were just a legend, right? No, keep your mind open or the problem will never be solved.

Next, why had he been released from the loop? A loop in time should never be broken, unless there was already a reason within the loop itself that at some point people would be released. What would that require? And does it matter who got released from time? Were there others? A note about that would be needed.

The boy kept throwing ideas around for the next few minutes, when he was interrupted by the innkeeper who gave him his food. The steaming deliciousness distracted his thoughts, and the boy could no longer make ideas. All that he could think about was the mountain before him. "Well," he announced, "Can't do anything on an empty stomach!"

-------------------------------------------Time: 08:11 Day: 183---------------------------------------------

After he was done eating and paying the bill, Jader checked his journal, the things he had written were:

1. Was there more than one day of repeat?
a. Did this really matter to solving the problem?
b. how would you go about solving this anyway?
c. Am I screwing things up just by existing outside of the loop?
d. Is this a natural occurrence or artificial?
d2. If artificial, for what purpose?

2. Cause of the loop?
a. What places are there to check?
b. Am I even in the general area of what is causing the distortion?
c. Can this be solved (or am I doomed to repeating days forever)?

3. Are there others?
a. Would they be in the town?
b. Can I convince them to help me?

Then other idea came into his head:

4. What are the limits of this repeating?
a. Can my journal be carried over with me?
b. Will I grow in the time loop?
c. If I die

That was something to ponder. Closing the new journal and promptly storing it in his hat which was firmly held in his right hand, the feline stepped outside and glanced around. The best place to start would probably be 2a and 3a, while 4a can be solved in a day. Gulping down a large breath of fresh air, the cat headed off to the Park, as it was one of the first places that could be checked, but he had never gone to.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:44 Day: 182---------------------------------------------

This is reserved in the event that anyone goes to the park at this time.
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Re: Repeat

Postby MandyHabato on Mon May 30, 2011 2:36 am

_____ time 07:34 day 183 _____
The red dragon woke to find a small plant-air ryuu-neko sleeping along the orange stripe on his face. Rioch sighed and vaguely thought of Art's comment of hyperventilating. "Another repeated morning, another plan-less day." He said to himself, waking Zy. She just sat there, on his face, while Rioch climbed the tree and waked Art. "Huh...?" Art muttered, opening her eyes half a millimeter. She just stared at Rioch, seeing the leaves.
"Same day?"
"No money?"
With that, Art sat up and stretched her arms. She looked down and her eyes widened for the slightest second, and then,
"AW, COME ON!" She shouted, sending birds flying and people staring at the tree.

_____ time 07:43 day 183 _____

"That leg took all day, and it was difficult!" Art muttered angrily, sitting under the tree. They had decided to stay there, and not go back to the inn. It would only cause attention and pain for Art. Rioch was standing next to her, leaning aginst the tree.
"Hey, don't get mad about it. Let's just figure out what we are going to do." Rioch said, scanning the people in the park. Art sighed. "Fine, but all I'm saying is, would it be too much to ask whatever is doing this to at least let me have my leg?"She crossed her arms, and her tail, glaring at a root poking out of the ground.
Rioch looked down at her and nudged her with his foot. "It's okay. Let's focus on making a game plan." He looked back up and picked out a nearby dreamkeeper, a dark brown lizard. "Hey, excuse me." He ran up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. "What?" The lizard turned on him, an annoyed look on his face. The look changed to shock, and then horror as he saw Rioch's empty arm space. "Whoa, what happened to your arm, kid?" He said, concerned now. Rioch was shaking his head before the dreamkeeper finished. "Nothing, but could you be persuaded to find us a doctor?" As he said 'we' the lizard looked behind Rioch and saw Art, more shock and concern crossing his face. "Um," He swallowed a few times. "S-sure kid. One minute." The lizard turned and ran away, not scared, but purposeful.

_____ time 07:47 day 183 _____

The lizard hadn't taken long in bringing the doctor. "These are the two I told you about." He said, showing the doctor Rioch and Art. He hurriedly said he had to go, and left.
The doctor rushed up to them, dropping to his knees by Art and rolling up the right pant leg of Art's pants. Arm just glared at him, still in a foul mood. "I think you only need to know how to bandage us, not how it happened." She spat the words at him like daggers. Afterward, she would regret the words, consoling herself with the mind that he wold not remember them the next day. "Nothing," Rioch recovered."Please just bandage us, and we will be on our way and you yours." The doctor looked up at him, annoyed, but nodded.

_____ time 07:59 day 183 _____

The doctor had left and now Rioch and Art were sitting side by side under the tree.
"What should we do?" Art muttered, stroaking Zy.
Rioch sighed again and stood, dusting himself off. "Well, you can't very well go around town with no leg. You just stay here."
"No buts." He cut her off, walking away a few feet. "I'm going to get some food and money." His eyes softened, as did his voice. "Just sat here okay?" And he walked away.

_____ time 08:05 day 183 _____

Rioch reached the inn, sitting at the bar and ordering some pancakes. The innkeeper had the same reaction, and said she would cover the food. She almost went to call a doctor before he told her he had visited him already.
Rioch ate, looking around the inn. There was a strangely dressed gray cat eating what was left of a huge amount of food. Something was off about him, and Rioch had the strange feeling they needed to talk.
Rioch finished eating, ordered Art's food, and watched as the cat finished too. He pulled out a journal and studied it. "Here you go, honey." The innkeeper set the small breakfast down and hustled off. Rich took it and kept watching the gray cat, mind buzzing. After a few minutes, the cat fled off in the direction of the park. Not wanting to lose him, Rioch flew into the sky and followed him from the air.

_____ time 08:25 day 183 _____

Art sighed and looked around the park. Zy was flying in lazy circles a foot above her head. "Where could he be?" She muttered. He had been gone a little longer than she liked, and it disturbed her. She closed her eyes and lied her head back on the tree, dozing off.

_____ time 09:44 day 183 _____

Reserved for what everyone finds/does at the park.
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Re: Repeat

Postby Avolendi on Mon May 30, 2011 5:58 am

-------------------------------------------Time: 07:49 Day: 183---------------------------------------------
Avolendi woke up at the same time as before. His body felt the same, but in his mind he was aware of a difference. Still he needed to get some water in his face to properly wake up. Having washed he quickly helped Gerald unload before he could even ask for it, which took him by surprise. “Usually you’re a bit harder to get a hold of in the morning I must say. Is there something special about today?” “You could say that.” He didn’t know half of it.

-------------------------------------------Time: 08:52 Day: 183---------------------------------------------
After quickly eating some breakfast he got his payment from Gerald. The sparring with Rory also felt different as he caught glimpses of what Rory did before. With each expected swing or block the fight changed and he still wound up full of bruises, though glad not to have the ones from the previous day. Taking a short bath in the river the green dreamkeeper left for the market.

-------------------------------------------Time: 09:51 Day: 183---------------------------------------------
While walking Avolendi decided to pay close attention to his surroundings too see if things were different. Though wanting to use this strange loop to his advantage, he was still curious if there were others also aware of it. As far as he could tell, everyone at the caravan was acting exactly the same. But like with his fight with Rory, things could change.
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