Re-do of my old Bio

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Re-do of my old Bio

Postby Virion on Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:11 pm

As he walked past the large entry doors, he couldn't help but wonder how insanely hard it must be to even open them.
He walked on inwards, exchanging the usual greetings with passing co-workers as his shift was about to begin.

When he arrived, he tapped his colleague on the shoulders;
"Hey Alan, I know you love your job, but you're free to go now, you know?"
"Hah, as if. And thanks for the headups, I was barely awake. It's been so calm today, you wouldn't even dream of it.
Well, good luck with your shift, I'm off then.", said Alan, one of the other security guards. He had had morning shift, and now Jack had come to replace him for the next shift.
Unknown to both of them, there was a slight bonking to be heard. If you so much as made the tiniest noise, you'd miss it.
Considering the government office was always a busy place, that meant little risk of being heard for whom was causing the noise.
But whom it was wasn't of the matter. More important was what she was doing.

Struggling her way through the vents, she'd nearly made it to her goal. And with one last vent unscrewed, not even having to rewire any cameras, again she sighed at how easy the security here was.
But she'd gotten to where she wanted to. The main Archive Column room.

Much as the name described, it was a circled room, with a large round collumn in the middle. Except for the pathway through the column leading to the other end of the room,
nearly every wall was lined with metal archive cabinets. They didn't even appear to be locked. Hah, child's play, she thought to herself.

On the other side of the pathway a old wooden desk was situated. She took the half-circle path around, looking at some of the drawers.
All the files seemed regular, sorted and carefully maintained, but unimportant. Well, unimportant to her.
When she got to the deks what immediately caught her attention was that one drawer had been left open, but was the only one with a lock on it. She walked up, and took a look inside.
"Empty? That makes no sense at all..", and she let out a frustrated sigh, untill she saw the file on the desk. Presuming it was the one that had been sitting in the lockable drawer,
she made herw ay over to it. The cover was worn out, as if old or often read through. While the rest had been typed out, the name on the cover was handwritten, quite beautifully too.
Valen Shardstone. An unusual name, she thought, but it didn't ring any bells. She flipped the cover, and searched for a picture. Nothing.
Not that it mattered, but she was curious for this person, and had hoped to see what he or she looked like.

Ignoring that, she noticed that the papers, while typed, also seem frequently read through, and it had notes scrawled all over the sides. The main text was typed out, but slightly faded.
The unusual state it was in drew her attention. She set aside the sole reason for her being here, and curiousity took over.
Sitting in the cheap office chair, she started reading it.

Name; Valen Ardin Shardstone. A poorly-written text at the said said he was often called "Vi", pronounced as v-eye.

Age; 24. That young? What did he do to have such a file then? Weird.

Date of Birth; 03 - 06 - 1989, 3rd of June.

Date of change; 03 - 06 - 2008, 3rd of June. (see appendix 2 for details) "what?..". This wasn't anything ordinary in personal files, but she ignored it and read on.

Gender; Male. So, not a she then.

complexion; Near Black. Near black? What? She shrugged it off.
On a note scrawled nearby, though hard to read, she read something along the lines of "Blue-purple, dark. NOT black".
"Riiiight.", she sighed and again dismissed it, still reading on.

Height; 7 Feet 9 Inch. "Exactly normal.". She though someone must've written a 7 instead of a 6 there.

Weight (estimate); 100 Kg or 220 Lbs. Seemed logical if his length was correct after all.

Appearance; Anthro-Dragon. (See appendix 1-a). Small octagonal scales, nearly pitch black.
Further photograph analysis has shown that scales are actually a dark mix of blue and purple, reference Hex color code #1E095B. Further Hex codes between brackets.
Chest, shin and joints are covered with larger, bone like scutes/plates. Apparently far more dense than bone, as small arms fire has been noted to ricochet or be blocked completely, without sign of injury.
Tail length approx. 1,5 times as large as himself. Very agile, and can be used to grab hold of larger objects. Top side also covered with the same plate-like structure.
Bioluminescent (see appendix 1-b) pattern on back side, starting in the neck and ending at the near tip of his tail, comprised of chaining circles, forming a long figure-eight pattern. Ends in half circles on both ends.
Pattern should be noted, as it allows for easier recognition in dark environments. Color is bright blue (00f8ff)
Legs are in a digitigrade stance. (See appendix 1-c)
Wing span approx. 8 Feet 50. Severely dangerous talons at the end of said wings should be noted.
All claws/horns are bright blue, the same color as his pattern, set aside the luminescense.
Eye color bright orange (#ff8700). 2 horizontal straight horns, pointed straight back.
Long maw, and razor-like teeth. Tongue appears to be forked, but no changed speech as a result.
Generally dressed with cargo shorts or jeans, with pats cut out to fit his tail, and often wears shirts too, again cutting parts out to fit his wings.

She read through it, despite long having a mental note that this was some kind of silly office joke. It only added to how unprofessional this facility seemed, even though it was a high-end government office.
Thinking that the guards weren't going to notice her in here anyway, she kept reading. Even if obviously a joke, it was an interesting read. Her attention felt constantly drawn to it,
even though she had orignally come here for something far more important. A minute more or less in here couldn't pose much of a risk, seeing the low overall security detail so far.

Personality; Laid back, and quite peaceful. Will resort to violence if deemed necessary, agressive approach is highly inadvised.
Very reasonable, and if encountered by military, a diplomatic engagement is suggested.
Violence is immediately deemed necessary if relatives are at risk. Not easy to get panicked or shocked by something, appearing calm despite any situation.
Often teasing relatives by doing just the reverse, using his appearance to scare them instead.

Location; Last seen around Dallas, at 11 - 01 - 2013. Likely relocated.

Appendix 1-A; Anthro-Dragon. Antrho, short for anthropomorphic, a prefix originating from Latin, meaning human or humanoid, also referring to sentience. Thus, this means Humanoid Dragon.

Appendix 1-B; Bioluminescense. A chemical reaction, causing "Cold" light, meaning it causes no heat-source. This can appear on all forms of skin, but is not common.

Appendix 1-C; Digitigrade. A stance most often seen with cats and dogs, in where the ankle to toes part of a human leg would be considered the lower leg, and elongated toes are seen as the feet.
This stance causes one to walk on toes, and is often faster and more quiet.

Appendix 2; Taped conversations between Valen and an unknown friend have lead to the conclusion that on Valen's 20th Birthday, between the gifts from his family an unknown package had been placed.
Whoever gave it to Valen is unknown, but the content of said package was solely a very small glass bottle, with red liquid inside.
Valen still carries said bottle, so the liquid is still unidentified, but is verified to be the cause of his change.
If found, the glass bottle is to be immediately brought in for tests for possible traces of the liquid.

After all this, she wasn't sure what to think of it. On the other more obvious hand, it had to be some joke. But what made her doubt herself, is how it seemed so...legit.
All the parts matched, and it seemed like any other file, which had just gone through alot of wear and tear. But it couldn't be real, she reminded herself.
Wether it was or not, didn't matter, as when she stood up and turned around, getting back to her original goal, it was all too late. The last thing she recalled before prison, was a police baton, swinging right towards her.


Dreamkeepers section:

Power; Illusions. He is capable of adding objects to one's thoughts, or removing them, meaning he can cause someone to see or not see things. He can choose who sees it, and the amount of time he can do it depends on the amount of people and size of said objects.

Halo color; Bright Orange.

All story elements are not related to any of the stories I write,
It is merely a way for me to write my main character's Bio in a more interesting way.
Valen Shardstone is my main character in most of my stories, and this is his Bio written with a twist.
General elements like his appearance apply to any story ofcourse, and some are left out.
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Re: Re-do of my old Bio

Postby Virion on Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:33 pm

Bah, didn't copy the entire notepad file :P proper now
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