Quiz: Your Homestuck Title, Land and Quest

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Quiz: Your Homestuck Title, Land and Quest

Postby Reed R Gale on Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:45 am

For anyone who reads Homestuck, this is a "squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!" moment. Someone has made a rather accurate test that can determine your Homestuck title, land and quest.

For those unfamiliar with Homestuck, it is way to complicated to explain in the word count given to me by these forums, which to my knowledge is more than I could fill in this minute amount of time I have to talk about this. So suffice to leave it at: Homestuck is a story about kids playing a game called Sburb.

In this game, there are classes, or titles, which determine your ability and present a personal challenge for you as a being to help surpass yourself. A land is the world you are transported to when you enter Sburb, and in a standard game, your planet has a quest with which you must complete.

These are a number of psychology tests used to show you what those would be for you.

I'll use mine as an example:

I am the Seer of Hope, able to see the path that would provide the most hope for me and the people around me. My own personal quest is to find trust in my own abilities and intuition. My land is the Land of Chaos and Radiance (LOCAR), a world of complex rules that seem to make no sense to an onlooker. It's a world filled with consorts which all harbor the secret mechanisms of the world. The quest I must partake in is discovering, unraveling, and exploiting the systems of my world, breaking the system of pseudo-chaos.

I'll admit, it's a rather long series of quizzes, but it's interesting. When you're done, feel free to post results.
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Re: Quiz: Your Homestuck Title, Land and Quest

Postby olivier1996 on Thu May 23, 2013 2:33 pm

I got the Knight of Doom, with the Land of Laws and Cathedrals (LOLAC). My quest is to use the laws of my world to defend my consort and my friends from threats. :D Thank you for the links!
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