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Project SEE

Postby Avolendi on Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:45 pm

School for Erudition and Enlightenment

After increasing complaints of disturbances by youth not conforming to the rules of society and blatantly disregarded proper attendance to their respective schools, a collective of duped shop owners and agitated citizens complained to their respective district officials to undertake steps. With the case getting media attention it was soon taking into consideration by the city council. Member of the council agreed this was a good chance to display the city welfare policy. A place would need to be found to re-educate the ruffians and help them become valuable members of society.
However as the initial enthusiasm subsided, no one was keen on having such a school in their district. The 'ruffians' were mostly adolescent with ages from 14 to 18 and ranged from orphans to vagabonds. With the media awoken and following the proceedings closely, a solution needed to be found quickly. After a few heated discussions, eyes fell on an old complex outside the city. Though it would need to be fixed up, it fit the bill perfectly.
Until some 20 years ago a boarding school for the wealthy and privileged, it only needed redecorating and some repairs to be used as a school once again. It easily had the required capacity and was remote enough to be of little disturbance. Within weeks the work was underway and after only 2 months of blood, sweat and taxes spent, it was ready.

The boarding school had been founded on the remains of an old fort that had guarded an obsolete mountain pass. A remnant of when Anduruna needed an outpost to protect against raids through the South Starfall Pass and city response was still slow and inadequate. The raids subside and after the quarry nearby was mined clean it also lost its function as a storage facility. Shortly thereafter it was finally decided to decommission the fort. Parts of the old fort that used to stand there are still visible. Stone walls and towers lining the perimeter, giving the whole a Norvondire look.
Many years later a private institution bought it and remodeled it into a boarding school. With the wild environment, though beautiful, it was decided to restore the walls to proper order. Wolves and large ryuu-neko’s roam the deeper reaches of the forest and even bears had been spotted on occasion.

But those were worries of the past. With the work finished and a staff selected, the new students can soon be sent off to their new home (far) away from home. Students are not allowed off the campus for their own safety, though it is also convenient to dissuade any entrepreneurs from taking off on their own. Student enrolment is mandatory until they complete their basic schooling, regardless of their age and the attendance for classes is kept. Those who do not conform to this receive 2 warnings before disciplinary measures are taken and a mark is made in the student record. Usually this is detention. The third disciplinary measure means detention for a week and extra work to fill this time with. Warnings are removed after two weeks of good behavior and a mark of bad behavior is cleared after a month.
Students are expected to take to their classes seriously and they will need to get sufficient grades, lest they get mandatory study time allocated. There are 4 tests periods a year and any inadequate results mean a cram course.

All students receive the following message.

Student application message
Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in the SEE project, a government initiative to help those less fortunate to enlist at a special school, thus receiving proper education and allowing you to become a fulfilling member of society. You are expected to report at the Norvondire main city gate at 0830, at the customs office. There you will be asked to fill in your personal information and sign your enrolment form.

The voyage
With the knossus drawn carriages ready to leave with its load of prospect students, it's finally time to get started. Picking up your baggage, you sit down and look at the other students in the carriage. As you leave the city gates, you try to chat with some, but most are preoccupied with other things. The wide corridor of the wall passes by and soon the landscape stretches out before you. In the distance the mountains glister and the sky is dotted with clouds.
After a while the carriages take a turn north, making the full size of the city coming into view with the tower looking like a pin, holding it in place. In the direction the road was going there a village is just visible. Smoke is coming from the houses as the warmth of the summer leaves this open area sooner than it would in the city.
The wall continues to pass by and the village disappears behind a bump in the land. Outlines of a large forest become visible and slowly the sound of water is becomes louder. Soon the road turns away from the city and starts to run parallel to the river. Another forest becomes visible on the right side now as well, with the first still stretching out along the banks of the other side of the river. The air becomes moist even inside the carriages and you realize the sun has already passed its highest point.
As you come to a halt, you find yourself standing in front of a gate that wouldn't look out of place in the city gates, with a surprising stately building behind it. As you come into a large hall you are to place you bags to the side and continue to the main welcome hall. As everyone lines up you are greeted by the headmaster.

Starting a new beginning
"I welcome you all to this school. This will all be very strange and new to you, but I assure you we have only the best in mind for you. I am Nort Tyrlis and I hope to see you develop in to fine young lads and lasses." He curls his mustache between his fingers, looking at the gathered crowd as if trying to size each and every one up, although his demeanor shows his expectations. "And now I would like to hand the word to my fine colleagues, who will be aiding you in the long road ahead of you."

One by one the teachers gave their introduction speeches. First was James Geely, teacher of mathematics. Tall and trim, with smooth grey skin traced with thin white lines, James looks almost aerodynamic in appearance. Next up was Brill Tyson, a tough fellow who maintains a pretty good size despite getting on in years, giving Physical Education. Teaching Language Arts, Michael Viridian is a tall and skinny man vulpine who is rather casual.

After a short pause, Ruth Vaduz finally showed up. Giving both Fine Arts and Art History, she had a busy schedule. A bright and pleasant mousy appearance, she was a stark contradiction most of the staff. Followed by Theodore Krupp, a slightly draconic keeper who had put on some weight over the years. Giving Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Theodore had published various papers. Last of the staff giving introductions was Doctor Elaine Toviran. Besides giving Health Classes, she also can be found at the infirmary. Looking a bit like a badger, she doesn't have the patience for jokes.

To the side, Sirran Dørck, the Librarian and William Dolwoski, the Head Janitor were arguing. The students would find out this was a common occurrence.
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Re: Project SEE

Postby Avolendi on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:36 pm

After a long and tiresome day, the students were directed to their dorms. Boys and girls had seperated housings, though adjacent to eachother. Everyone had untill 22:00 to get their luggage unpacked and settled in, because in the morning their classes would start.

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Re: Project SEE

Postby Halo's shadow on Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:57 pm

Silvak did not have any conversation at the customs station. Nor the carriage ride. Nor the introductions. In fact, most people tended to avoid the large cat, preferring to instead stay among people of their own size.

Silvak did not mind. He didn't like people, people didn't like him. It was a natural understanding. He wasn't, however, being absent minded. The majority of students that he could see arriving at the new school were your typical troublemakers, the punks with nothing better to do with their lives. Silvak actively did not like them, even more so than usual. It was because of his former history.

But that was all behind him now, no matter how recently it had happened. One must move on, the hunt must continue. He looked at the teachers, analyzing them while they spoke, figuring out their weaknesses as best he could. It was a habitual thing, born from years of hunting dangerous game. Usually the people he liked tended to be the most likely to defend themselves. Or conversely, someone who could not defend them-self at all.

Once the annoying talking was blissfully over, Silvak acquired a room on the second floor of the dorms, on the corner. It provided a once view of the grounds, while keeping him further away from the rest of the students.

He had just set down his animal-skin pack and was unpacking when someone rudely burst through the door. A punk kid, mutt in nature, with some funky hair and crummy clothes.

He looked like he was going to say something witty, but wasn't expecting the large figure dominating the room. Stupidity won over self preservation, and the punk kid spoke.

"Ay! This here is my room now! You get out." Silvak frowned, a scary thing due to his large visage. He was slightly confused, he had gotten to the room first. It occurred to him that this was a territorial thing. One animal wanted a better territory than he was able to get through normal means, so it challenges a rival for better prospects. 

Silvak was not a rival. He was the colossus, the one smart people didn't try to bother. The mutt didn't realize the danger he was in, or maybe he did, and was just too thick headed to actually know when to back down.

"Hey! Dumbass! I said this room is-" 

"No. Is mine." Silvak rumbled, cutting the mutt off. Not used to someone defying him, the mutt seemed flustered.

"Naw man! This place is URK!" Silvak had had enough. He had closed the short distance and was now gripping the mutt by the throat. Staying silent, Silvak simply dragged the punk out the door and tossed him out into the hall.

"Out." Then he shut the door. It felt good to be more powerful than the bullies. As much as his friend had pleaded for Silvak not to hurt them, the small kid was no longer around, and Silvak could have vengeance on every idiot that crossed his path
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Re: Project SEE

Postby MandyHabato on Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:33 am

Berry generally shied away from everyone else. Mostly because she knew 99% of them most likely weren't there because they were in a witness protection program thing like she was. Which meant they either A. were idiots, B. were trouble, or C. didn't like people, which could also be a combination of A and B.

She squeezed and fought her way to the front of the crowd to be able to see anything, considering her height. The teachers seemed alright, but as she thought this, Berry winced as a pang of homesickness sailed straight through her heart. She wanted to be taught by her old teachers, the ones that knew her and who she had loved so much.

(Oh, she would miss her old science teacher, especially. He had mentioned trying to keep in touch, but Berry knew that wouldn't be considered safe.)

Berry tried not to notice the looks the principal gave the general student body and how she would be grouped up with all the troubled-kids on sight. That went to the top of the list on things-to-fix.

As soon as they were left to go pick rooms, Berry excitedly ran to the front of the group of girls.

(Why was she excited? Her family had just- no, don't think about it. But, she shouldn't be excited! Why was she so, so...optimistic.)

She ran ahead, a smile on her face that wouldn't go away no matter how hard her heart screamed at it to just die.
(To go rot in a stinking hole and die! Die, just like-)
She ran to the end of a hall on the third floor, wanting a view, and liking the run up. She quickly opened the door and smiled at the room, quietly closing the door and flopping on the bed.

A door opened. "Hey! Ew, loser, get outta my bed!" Berry scowled at the ceiling before slowly sitting up. there was an annoyed little stick of a girl in the door.

"Hm? This is your bed? As in, this is your quarters?"

"Uh, duh, loser. I called it, so out."

Berry frowned and looked around the room, then at the annoyed prep standing with her hands on her hips.

"Ahem, well, miss annoying-sod, and I really don't give a crap about your name." She quickly added after seeing her mouth open. "I like this room. This is my room. Repeat, for your short attention span: MINE."

"But, I, like, already called dibs! And it's not like your name's on it, dweeb."

Berry scowled at her. She didn't even want to be here, so she sure as hell wasn't backing down to some stupid name-calling diva. Besides, this was first-come, first-serve.

"It'll be on the wall, written in your blood, if you don't cut the crap and sod off,[/i] you blasted twit!" Berry growled, standing up.

(She wanted to just scream, and yell, and attack the girl, acting so tall. Did she not get that Berry's world was dead??)

The girl scoffed angrily and stormed out, probably to whine to some official who would tell her she was wrong, since Berry had gotten there first anyway.

Berry sighed and flopped back on the bed after slamming the door shut. She was tired.
(She wanted to just crawl under the covers and die. Sit there, crying for the rest of the night, and die of dehydration from soaking her mattress in salty tears. She wanted to do all this in her old, lived-in bed, in her old, cluttered room.)
But, she wanted to explore and get to know the place.
(No, no she didn't. She didn't want to know this place at all, she wished is had never even EXISTED!)
There was things to do, people to (grudgingly, hatefully) meet, hiding places to plan. She could't let her pain overcome her.

(Yes she could. She could just run away, get eaten by Spirits-know-what in the woods. Or go take down every petty, annoying, frustratingly okay person in the building. She wanted to destroy, and to weep, and to be hugged and loved, and to be killed and at peace, too. She wanted to just break and not give a d-)

Berry closed her eyes and wiped the tears away that threatened to fall. Not now.
(Why not now? When would she get more time to break?)
No, she needed to do something, anything other than sit here with her thoughts. But she didn't want to go out, not now. She wanted to sleep.
(To sleep, and hope she didn't wake up. She would dream about her family, alive, and well, and it was the exact same bloody way as everything was before this.)

Go out. Or stay and unpack and sleep.
(Go deal with the annoying okay people, or sit in here and wallow in anger and sorrow.)
Stay and unpack it was then.
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Re: Project SEE

Postby Reed R Gale on Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:53 am

Wow, what a dump I've found myself in. ****, should I really recount everything for some magical 4th wall to see? Heh, sure. I've been doing it a long time. This is a new beginning after all, the wolf said to itself while sitting in the carriage.

Ruffians, thugs, idiots, slackers, probably some sluts, too. The wolf found itself in a real dump, it thought. Not that it didn't think it shouldn't belong in this stupid place. It was perfect. No one to tell it what to do, save for a few measly teachers and rule enforcers. No one to stop it from getting it's prey.

Maybe, just maybe if it were lucky, there would be some equals in the crowd. It doubted the thought.

Wow, everyone looks so stupid. The wolf noted while looking around the crowd. I'm tired. This trip is boring. There are better things I could be doing right now. Like writing. Or reading. But no, we had to be moving. Moving always makes me sick when I try to do stuff important like, oh, say, read. And it ruined my good handwriting. So nothing for it. ****.

I fell asleep.

I woke up. Some teachers happened. None of them seemed too interesting. There were no hunters among them, except maybe that PE guy. Yes, he was older, but when he was younger, probably a brash hunter of a keeper. Hehehe. Yes, I'll have my eye on you, yes I will.

The boy's dorms were an interesting place, it thought. Look at all these people, still building up their social dominance. Ohoho, look at that, a man tried to take a room from another man. A canine, though he wasn't a hunter. I would have passed it by, yes I would have, indeed.

If that mutt wasn't being held by the throat in a second. THAT was a hunter. Sexy, indeed. Yes, the wolf would have it's eye on him, yes it would. Hhmhm. That bulky feature, that strength, it was admirable. Look at how far, the keeper prey flew. Look at the beautiful arc he made through the air. Listen to the crack of his skull on the pavement.

The look of horror on his face was delicious. Artistic even. But the wolf was fooling itself, it thought. This was just another everyday piece of art. Yes.

But that man would definitely be interesting. I think so. I really do. Heheheh.

My ears are cold.

Justice the Ironic, moved on to the girl's dorms and saw a girl enter a room and another girl sitting in the hallway staring at the room that the first girl had just entered. When that girl noticed that the wolf was watching her, she approached. "Aren't, like, guys supposed to..."

She wasn't a hunter.

"Shh...shh shh sh," the wolf put an extended claw to her lips and her throat. "Don't even finish. I saw you eye it. You want, right?" The wolf grinned a toothy smile. It pushed the girl coldly to the door. "Girl in there is a pushover. Have at it."

In reality, the wolf just wanted to see the conflict. It wanted to see how a girl would take the same situation as a guy. Would it be a beautiful? Would the conflict be


The girl the wolf had pushed into chaos was a bully. She picked on people smaller than her. She couldn't size up prey though. That only made hunters want her. Want to destroy her. My, how I love keeperkind, the wolf thought.

Ehehe...another hunter. That poor, sweet bully. Ehehe.

After the door slammed that bully was crying. It was sweet, sick, and beautiful. Justice the Hunter loved it. Justice the Ironic relished it.


Some time later, I found a room. It was nice, new, cold. Probably the worst one left. I opened my luggage and distributed my objects. I pulled out my journal. The new life had begun. This would be interesting.
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Re: Project SEE

Postby Terminal on Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:39 pm

Taranis. Tall. Terrified. Tingly. His feet tingled. it was annoying. Did they fall asleep? Yeah...they had. But that's what happens when you sit and don't move for an hour or two. The people around him, they weren't his friends. He knew none of them. Should he talk? nah, best keep quiet. His mind played out the days happenings...

Woke up. Got dressed, black as usual. Walked to customs station. Got in carriage. Reached current location in time. Not a lot had happened so far, and his day would probably continue as such. Upon arriving at the 'School' he, along with countless others, was talked to about who the teachers were. The principal looked like he was judging everyone. Taranis would do well here. maybe. Statistically? Improbable.

He quickly left the area and found his way to a room. the hallways were filled with ruffians, and thugs, and punks. Oh my. Many of them stood out of his way. They were intimidated by his height. Taranis hated his height. It's why he usually slouched. The doorway to his room barely surpassed him in height. maybe an inch. he'd measure it later. Setting his bag on the bed, he closed his door. Don't want company. Quiet. It was so much better when it was quiet. Quiet. Quintessent. Quivering. He was shaking. Was it cause he was tired? Statistically? Probable.

Taranis pulled out his notebook, half filled with drawings and chemical combinations. His few books were next, 6 books in total. total weight: 14.7 pounds. He set the books on his desk. Desk. Death. Distraction. He needed a distraction from his tiredness. A book would do. He would read three chapters. then sleep. then wake up. unpack? Should do that before the book.

Taranis Quickly unpacked his clothes, put them away, and read his three chapters. HE laid on the bed to sleep. Bed to small. He'd make it work. He curled in a ball and fell asleep. People still looking for rooms. To bad for them. Sleep. Sweet. Simple. Quiet.
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Re: Project SEE

Postby SilverPredatorWolf on Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:26 pm

Renard was mostly keeping to himself through out the day as he looks at the others and listens to anything to caught his attention. At the end of the day when everyone heads for their own room when he sees a wolf talking to a girl. He ignores it as he was half dead from walking up to early and entered his room and locks the door behind him and starts to unpack his stuff.

Once he was done, he lay on the bed and looked at the watch on his wrist.

"Dam... time flies and it's just the first day. Well... better get some shut eye."

He got up and turn off the lights and heads back to bed and was soon fast asleep.
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Re: Project SEE

Postby Avolendi on Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:11 pm

With the introductions over and students being shown to their dorms in the building next door, they could not yet see just how large the building really was. Some of the splendor of forlorn years could still be seen, even though the repairs had only focused on making it properly habitable again.

The elaborate gate they had come through the previous evening had seemed small when compared to the Sky Road and mostly decorative, but giving it a closer look they would see the wear and tear these walls had withstood over the years. The school building was large and even had small courtyard. It was 5 stories high and if it wasn't for the many windows, it would have been easy to get lost.

Entering through the front door was the main hall. The place where the introductions had been done the previous day, there were now benches to the side, a cafeteria on the right and some vending machine on the opposite side. Since most kids didn't have any parents or guardians, each receives a small weekly allowance to be used for the facilities.

On both sides of the main hall were stairs leading up to the top floors. Next to them were the lockers. The second floor had the principles office, lounge and infirmary. Classrooms and teacher offices filled up most of the front side. To the right of the courtyard were mostly the gyms on the first and second floor, while the left side was dominated the library, which was disproportionally large for the school.

Something that caught the eye however of many students was the overview of what they year would look like. Despite the mention of exams giving rise to much comments, there was also good news. The school had its own Fallguard grounds, something normally only available to the better schools. With some people claiming places on the team, others preferred to watch. Either way, there were ample discussions in the corridors on who would be selected in the try-outs the following week.

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Re: Project SEE

Postby Halo's shadow on Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:00 am

((I'm going to assume we just amble around until Avo tells us otherwise.))

Silvak took his time unpacking, he had a couple of delicate objects that required constant care when handled. One such item was an old scroll, weathered and beaten, filled with an unintelligible script, and some rudimentary art. The second object was a glass orb with what looked like an ice blue flower inside. The flower actually emitted light, and Silvak carefully set it upon a cloth on his desk to keep it from rolling around.

The rest was bookkeeping, save for a hunting knife that had a orange sheen when it glinted in the light. Silvak knew he was not supposed to have weapons on campus, he was already unhappy at the loss of his rifle, sent home at the request of the school. But he kept the knife in a leather sheath under his heavy fur coat, imperceptible to observers. He needed the weapon. It was a fact of life.

He then was sure of his surroundings, and left the room, locking the door behind him. Some people were still attempting to gain access to their dorms, and were slowly finding out all the good rooms had been occupied. Silvak paid them no mind.

He avoided most other students, saying a 'hi' here and there when one pestered him too much. He saw people gathered around a sheet of paper stuck to one of the walls. Silvak had seen many such documents, but could not make out their meaning.

"The school's gonna have a fallgaurd team? That rocks!" Someone said in the group. Silvak hadn't ever played fallgaurd, but he had bee approached before due to his unusual size in his last school. He had declined then, citing how he did not know how to play. Perhaps his mind would change? It wasn't unheard of.

He wandered about the school grounds, trying to familiarize himself with the layout. Once or twice he saw a pale blue flicker at a crevice or small passageway, which made him grip at his knife under his coat. They never solidified themselves, but Silvak knew they wouldn't leave him alone.

He finally ended up on the wall, looking out onto the rapidly darkening forest, not thinking, just looking. His outline looked more like a large state than a breathing keeper, but since there were no others nearby, and his chest rose and fell slightly with each powerful breath, it was no challenge to pick him out. 
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Re: Project SEE

Postby Reed R Gale on Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:39 am

Stupid sports for stupid people. The wolf thought aloud. It noticed that this did not receive a favorable reaction.

Perfect, you see, the wolf had made sure to keep its head down in the sizable crowd so no one could tell who it was. It was perfect, yes, indeed. So then, the wolf decided to inflict its natural chaos. In passing it whispered into an outraged 'keeper's ear "he did it."

The wolf did the same with other keeper's until it was a cacophony, a chant of anger at two students in particular. It was their own fault. They were not hunters. The wolf walked away from the crowd, no mob, near the roster. Two voices screamed for mercy, forgiveness, or some ****.

Fallguard, huh? Stupid sport for stupid people.

Stupid people are fun.

Oh! Look! Mr. Sexy from yesterday. The wolf watched the bulky, broad-shouldered feline with alien lust. His features were perfect. The wolf watched and stalked as the man, the beast, the hunter, wandered the school.

But...what was this! Was Ah, and he was concealing a weapon. He was probably not used to being around large crowds, and his wandering away from them was natural. That was one fact that this theory was based on.

Another was how bad he was at hiding his weapon. Sure, he may have hid it from school police, the fuzz, but another hunter, nay, any attentive 'keeper could see the twitchy state with which his paws stayed in. They were itchy. Nervous. The hunter was hunting. Or being hunted?

It needed defense. A weapon. That weapon was concealed behind his clothes. Not visible. But there. For sure. The wolf snickered. It pulled out a crude teacup from it's hoodie, and threw it on the ground, causing it to clatter, smash, explode into a million and two pieces.

"Hello, sexy," Justice said. Its teeth were glinting in the morning sun. "Enjoying your first day here? Or are there just too many mice here to have any fun?"
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