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Postby blizzardfrost on Mon Aug 08, 2011 11:21 am

Hello guys! I'm kind of new, so please go easy on me.
Now, back to the topic. As an aftereffect of reading too much by H.P. Lovecraft, I thought of this power that... uh... (somewhat grotesque is a serious understatement, if you can picture this properly) is strange, to say the least. It bears some minor similarities to Dream-Weaver's, but I hope you won't be offended. (On another not, digging cadavers up for these purposes is highly frowned upon in most modern societies.) Critique please!

(Quick-and-easy) Tissue/Organ Transplantation:

This power, in short, enables the user to shape living or dead tissue, imbuing it with life energy to allow it to function as if it were already alive. Flesh (in my opinion) is easier to shape, being naturally more flexible, but the user can also manipulate bone and other forms of tissue. Unfortunately, that being said, manipulation of one’s own tissue is extremely painful, and requires a high pain threshold to be used effectively. (Alternatively, you could be coincidentally born with analgesia [insensitivity to pain] and are just masochistic.)

Manipulating living tissue requires almost no energy on the part of the wielder, except for concentration, as he/she can draw energy from the person/thing of which its flesh he is manipulating, though it is harder to manipulate living flesh, the life force of the person being mostly alien to the user. That said, the user may find it easier to shape the flesh of someone/thing he is more familiar with through constant use of his powers on the subject, or (to lesser effect) knowing the person more personally. Working with living flesh, the wielder of this power can unravel and reassemble his flesh and bone and, to a drastically smaller extent, that of others (possibly just the skin) to form ropes, whips, blades, etc., as long as they comply with the laws of physics (the tissue is not indestructible: i.e. it can still be cut, torn, broken, burnt, though it is more durable than normal).

Manipulating dead flesh, however, is more difficult, requires a proportionate amount of energy to the volume of tissue he is reanimating. For example, the user would not be able to fully resurrect the dead (in that sense), especially the memory and mental capabilities of the individual. This is as the amount of energy exacted would effectively kill the user, even if the person were brought perfectly back to life. An effective strategy to counter this would be to team up with someone who can channel life energy (e.g. Lilith) to heal the user while he raises corpses to defend them, provided that there are enough living things around them to support this transfer. Another use of this would be to replace damaged parts of a body, especially where permanent damage has been caused (through amputation, scarring, etc.). This could lead the possessor of this power to an illegal career in plastic surgery or, more legitimately (in somewhere less oppressive as Anduruna), a path in high-level surgery. On the other hand, the offensive capabilities of this would be the ability to, after injuring oneself, graft various body parts of questionable origins onto the user to increase mobility, strength, etc. The downside of this would be the difficulty in removing the added tissue safely, (relatively)painlessly and without much scarring, especially in the flesh was attached in a hurry, bearing in mind that the added appendage is fully functional, with working nerves, blood vessels and the like.

Theorized Experimentation

On the note of manipulating living flesh, it might be possible, with the help of one with considerable psychic talent, to absorb another living being into the user’s form. The psychic would be there (rather obviously) to assist in mental assimilation (like how the power itself overcomes physical rejection, he/she would help the user destroy, or at least control, the other’s personality.) Side effects of this might include various psychological problems such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, if (more likely, when) the absorbed personality gains strength to partially take over the body, especially if this process is repeated several times. On a brighter note, if the process is successful, the user is theorized to experience a boost in physical ability and physique, with the additional tissue mass from the ‘donor’. Also, he will also be able to use his powers on himself more easily (having more tissue to use).

Halo: (Are haloes 'useless' energy, or can they actually affect the physical environment?)[Undecided.]
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Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:50 pm

As a fellow Lovecraftian, I approve. It reminds me of the powers that the Tzimisce used in the old World of Darkness games.

I do think it deserves a more poetically disturbing name...

... may I suggest 'Fleshcrafting'?
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Postby Reed R Gale on Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:12 am

Sick power in more ways than one. I like it. :D
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Postby Silver Predator Wolf on Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:47 am

After reading it, I thought of something.

The Thing

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Postby Avolendi on Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:57 am

Just thought of something which, if I searched correctly, doesn't already exist. If it does, I hope this is original enough in it´s own right :P

The power to propel objects to defy gravity and move them around. Requires synchronyzing energy with target. This is easy for inanimate objects, but harder with living matter. Living creatures also being much more difficult than plants. Sentient creatures even more so.

Limited in range, with training multiple object can be propelled, depending on weight. Should the user learn to control self levitation, this could allow rapid travel or allow reaching otherwise inaccesible areas. Different from winged creatures, levitation can be faster, but also drains much more energy.

Should a user have sufficient power, it would be possible to combine self levitation with taking other objects or even people. However due to having to synchronize energy for matching with other living beings, this is very hard and makes it practically impossible to lift hostile creatures. In this case it can only be used as a small burst to throw enemies off their feet and might even be completely cancelled if the target is prepared.
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Postby Oseirus on Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:19 pm

Finally got around to writing down a couple power ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while. I don't have characters to use them on yet, but I'm curious to see what people think about them.

??? = placeholder in lieu of a character name

First is Mental Projection:
??? is capable of separating her mind from her body, allowing her to "move" over vast distances instantly. This makes ??? perfect for reconnaissance or spying. She cannot be seen, heard, or touched, but she is capable of seeing and hearing as though her physical body was standing in the room. While she is projecting, she's no longer limited by standard physiology, and is able to sense things that any average Dreamkeeper would not be able to. This includes a much wider visual light spectrum, and a much stronger sense of hearing, where even a soft whisper can be heard from several yards away.

However, ??? can't interact with the world around her while she's projecting. She cannot speak to anyone, or physically manipulate any objects. She's simply a "fly on the wall", so to speak.

This power is only useable while ??? sleeps. She must also have a general idea of where she want to project herself, since she can only "jump" large distances once per sleep cycle. After this initial jump, ??? is limited to moving at the pace of a brisk run. This does not mean she is constrained to her original location. She may fly around through walls and even solid rock, but if she wants to move a large distance practically, she must wake up and then fall asleep again with her new location in mind.

Finally, ??? cannot be woken up by outside sources while using this power. She must either wake up naturally, or force herself awake. While this could potentially be dangerous, like for example if her house caught fire she wouldn't wake up like normal, she can feel dull sensations that represent something happening to her body. If someone pokes her in the side, she will feel the same thing in her projection, just to a lesser extent.

Second, Elemental Manipulation (fire, water, and earth only)
???2 can shape and manipulate the elements around him. A fairly straight forward practice, his only limitation to what he can do is what is possible with each element. He can take an amount of water, shape it into a needle-fine, high-pressure lance and pierce even the strongest metals, or crush a rock into dust to blind and distract an opponent.

However, ???2 cannot CREATE any matter. For example, he can't simply create fire from his hands, someone must light a match or something first, and then he must have the available materials to make that flame larger. He also cannot use any elements not in their pure form, so he can't substitute a lemonade for water or anything like that. The more access he has to an element, the stronger he becomes. Indoors, where there are extremely limited amounts of pure elements to work with, he is a much weaker combatant. However, if he's out in a large field or next to a lake or happens to be near a raging inferno... His power is nearly limitless. The drawback is that the more of an element he manipulates at once, the more of a toll it takes on his body. Theoretically, if he attempts to manipulate too much at once, he could die instantly.

Since ???2 may not always have these elements available to him, he carries around three things at all times: A bottle of water, a flask of lamp oil with matches, and a pair of perfectly spherical stones (that he shapes himself). These "tools" give him enough pure elements to work with for most situations without exerting himself too much, including some combat.
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Postby Calico Yorki on Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:03 pm

...I just had two thoughts.

Nightmare-Killing Phase ~ Biscuit Krueger
First, requires that the Nightmare come within a hairsbreadth of striking Biscuit. This is especially dangerous because she has a very lightweight, frail body. However, that kind of proximity with killing intent allows Biscuit to analyze the Nightmare in question and devise the perfect way to kill it. This is then used to create a terrifying new body for the act. Essentially, she turns herself into a monster superior to monsters. Unfortunately, she hasn't yet worked out how to prevent her clothes from being destroyed - Luckily, her butler is prepared for everything.

Everything. Eh-ver-ree-thang. EH. VER. REE. THANG.

As in, he always happens to have an unfolding changing tent and an extra change of clothes for such an occasion.

Speaking of this butler - Why not explain his Power?

Temporal Split ~ Gérard Illustrious
While this Power has barely been explained, it allows Gérard to "remove" a section of time in a meter-square area around himself. However, he himself still experiences this lost time. In effect, he can dodge any bullet, and skip straight to the result of his own punches and kicks. However - And that's a big however - This severely hampers his accuracy with long-range weaponry, and backfires disastrously when taking close-range attacks.

~ ~ ~

Eh? Eh~? Oi? Hm? Wha? Foof?

...I'm done.
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Postby WhiteinBlack on Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:58 am

Wow... Those powers are epic! And embrassing .. XD I wish I thought ofthem.... You must intro these charcters more. You've got my curiosity up and running for more.
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Postby pyronite654 on Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:43 pm

Hello! This is me first post.
My characters power is to create different kinds of "explosions" whenever he snaps his fingers. He can only create explosions anywhere in his range of vision(he cant use it at a range where everything you see is unclear). Because of that this power is sometimes used in conjunction with a telescope. A small downside is that the target may prepare himself to dodge it or something because it takes about a couple of seconds to prepare. Also, it can activate by accident if he happens to forget that finger snapping activates it as long as his halo is present. His halo is colored bright yellow. On occasions that he snaps his fingers by accident, the type of "explosion" is random. They happen when a certain type of energy is gathered, compressed, and releases, creating an "explosion" of whatever energy it is. Not only energy,though. It can also use some things all around you, such as moisture or dirt, giving this ability lots of potential effects. The variants mentioned later on are just a few examples. The potency of the "explosions" is varied by how much energy is gathered. The longer the gathering, the more potency. There are several variants. VARIANTS: KINETIC ENERGY BOMB(default)- a bluish energy is gathered in an area, which explodes, spreading out in all directions and releases a shockwave that blows away anything near and around it. Can also be used for propulsion, such as jumping higher. Only "explosion" that can be done no matter the condition. LIGHT BOMB- a white energy with a slightly yellowish hue is gathered. The explosion creates a blinding flash(like a flashbang). Depending on the potency, it can range from momentary to permanent blindness. It can be done as long as there is a light source in the area(moon and stars count). Cant be done in somewhere with(you guessed it!)out a light source. SOUND BOMB- gathers a white energy. Releases a piercing noise (also like a flashbang). Depending on potency, momentary to permanent deafness. Can break glass(of course). Cant work in a completely silent area. DUST BOMB-energy is gathered near the ground, gathering dirt. Release creates a visually obscuring dust cloud, kind of like a ninja smoke bomb or something. ICE BOMB- gathers moisture, release causes everything around it to be covered in ice. If someone is affected, they will only be COVERED in ice, not completely frozen inside-out. If the victim is strong enough, or if the ice thaws a bit, or if something breaks the ice they will be able to escape. Cant be done in a completely dry area( or if there is a huge fire going on). Hmmmmmm....so yeah. I guess thats all I hafta say for now.
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Postby Graystripe77 on Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:54 pm

Since straight out Telekinesis would be too god-modey, my characters power is a slight variation. He can only move stuff that is both within 15 feet and smaller than him. But, he can move them absurdly fast, great for short range combat.
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