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Postby Calico Yorki on Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:32 pm

Ahhh, good point.

Well, I'll try to expand on Causality Reversal:

Basically, it works on specific causes and effects - basically, limited by the user's concept of what the cause and its effect is. So, if his ideas to be reversed are "I fire a gun, so it impacts the enemy", then it will have no effect on a foe that is gunproof. However, if his ideas are "I fired my gun, so its bullet pierces my target's heart", then the result of the reversal is different. So, in that case, the enemy is destined to be shot in the heart before the gun is even fired - as soon as the gun is fired, the rules of causality are bent so that they've been shot in the heart.

This would bypass physical barriers, yet has its own limits: those being that it cannot surpass physical immortality, or a being whose biology does not operate in a way that the user does not previously understand; i.e., if the creature has two hearts, only one will be pierced, and if it can live without one heart, then an entirely new method has to be devised to incapacitate it.

Does that explain it better?
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