Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

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Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Silver Predator Wolf on Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:31 am

Day -2, 09:30.A.M. Kojiki District. As the light shines through the window on to Arcanas face, he wakes up and yawns. Getting up to pulls the blinds apart, he looks out the window.

“Hm... looks like everyone is already up and at it. Man, I have to avoid sleeping too late.” He thinks as he heads for the bathroom for a shower, closing the door behind him. He came out 20 minutes later with only a towel around his waist as he dries his hair, headed for the living room and turns on the news.

As he listens to the news, his data scroll rang. He went back to his room and answers it “Hello?”

“My oh my, you still sound as hot as you did when we are talking face to face” Arcanas sighs and said “Luna… do you really have to start the day talking to me like that?”

Luna chuckled and said “Sorry, can’t help it. Also, I still remember the sight of your bu-” “Luna, I did not question you on that. Please don’t bring it up.”

“Aw, my only regret is that I did not stick around long enough.”


“Ok Ok! So, you just woke up?”

“Yeah, just finish taking a shower when you called.”

“Oh my…”

“Focus Luna, what have you manage to dig up so far?”

“The usual, nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Then I was right. Seems that someone got sloppy and left it on the table, but there is no recorded of it in the system. which should not be surprising.” Arcanas said.

“Yeah… well... we need more info on what he does and on his other accounts and where the cash is being channelled. He has to have a record somewhere.” Luna replied.

“Yeah... where do you think is the safest place to have this kind of info kept?”

“Crap… how are we getting in?” Luna said.

“I’ll look for a way. In the mean time, just make sure no one knows about this. Leave the rest to me.” Arcanas assured her.

“Alright, you know... I really want to see you again”

Arcanas chuckled and said “And how are you going to do that? You’re-” he was inturrupted as there was a knock on the door. “I’ll be back.” He said hanging up the phone. As he walks towards the door and opens it, he sees Luna standing there.

Luna smiled and said “So, now that we are face to face there is something I always wanted to do but did not have the chance.”

Before Arcanas can say anything, Luna pounces on him and pins him to the floor and said “You know, ever since that day I had the lust for you."

As she smiled and starts to undress, Arcanas looks away and said “Your only 17 and your already like this. makes me worry how you are 3 years from now.”

“3 years? I’ll be bearing your kids by than.” She said, then Arcanas rolled his eyes and said “Can I get up now?”

“Aw... why the rush?” asked Luna as she slowly lay on top of him and at the same time, slowly reach around the towel around his waist. Arcanas looks her in the eye and said “Luna… please…”

Luna chuckled and pulls away and got dressed “You’re still the same, no matter what a girl does, you'd rather just ignore her then give into temptation. Boys like you are so hard to find these days.”

She got off Arcanas and helps him to his feet. “Sorry about that.. Just had to let you know about it.” said Luna as she sticks her tongue out playfully.

“You could have just told me.”

“True... but this way is more fun! Plus, it shows how much I want you.” said Luna as she grinned. Arcanas sighs and heads to his room. Luna closes the main door and waits.

5 minutes later, Arcanas is out and wearing his usual clothing. Luna looks at him and said “You know… I think it’s time for a change. You look too… innocent.”

She than walks up to him and grabs his hand and pulls him along into his room. Arcanas did not say anything or resist as the door closes behind him. 20 minutes later, they are out. Arcanas is now dressed totally in black. With his shirt having a low cut to the center of his chest.

Luna steps back and looks at him and smiled “Not bad… your skin and fur color are a good match to the clothing. But, there is something that is abit off..m your face. I don’t think people will be that afraid of you with a face like that. So Lathena and I have come up with a little something to cover that…”

Luna heads into Lathena's room and came out with a large box. She gave it to Arcanas and said “It’s for you. Open it.” Arcanas looks at the box. Nothing odd about it. He took it and carefully opens it and pulls out a demonic looking mask with a grin streaching from ear to ear. Two red markings from the top all the way down past it’s eyes and two horns facing forward.

Luna smiled and said “Try it on.” He looks at the mask and turns it around and slips it on. Luna steps back and smiled “You know, now that you have the mask on, you look very devious, and, it’s starting to turn me on.”

Arcanas looks at her “Seriously, you know I’m already taken and yet you still want me. You know how she will react to this.”

As Luna starts to make her move on Arcanas, he backed away until he found himself cornered. She removed his mask and puts it away as she has him pinned to the wall.

Arcanas looks away as she press her body against his. “You’re a real turn on, I want you badly enough that I can just-" She said before Arcanas flips her around as a shot was heard and a hole is seen where they were.

Luna chuckled and said “My, looks like you feel the same way.” Arcanas looks at her and said “We should save this conversation for later.”

Arcanas uses the shadow to extend his reach and closes the door. He backs away and heads into his room to pack. He came out a few minutes later with a large bag pack and said “Where are your things?”

“We are passing by my place. So I figured I'd leave it there first and meet you here.”

“Speaking of that, we should go through the back door. The shooter wont take the risk of wasting ammo if he can't see the target.”

“Lets move than.” Said Luna as Arcanas uses the shadows to lock the front door. Then He and Luna left the house by the back. As they passed her home, she went in to grab her things.
Then, they continue their way to the Margart district. It took them 2 hours to get into the district and as they looked around, posters are plastered to the walls. As he walks up to one, Luna said “Well, at least we don’t have to run on a wild goose chase, but we can’t do this alone.”

“I know, but finding people won’t be easy, we need to be discrete.” Luna looks around and said “Let’s find a place to crash first. Than we shall start.” Arcanas touches the poster and with one quick swipe, leaves 4 long shread marks on it and walks away with Luna following behind him.‬

Suraru's post

Day -2, 6:40am, Calypsa District

Suraru, a tired 16 year old peacekeeping cat dog, with many scars rose out of bed. Regardless of the intense training he was receiving from the Sabbatton military, he woke up 25 minutes later then he wanted to. I guess I'm not taking a shower today, again' He thought to himself stumbling slowly to a pile of clothes on a drawer. He placed one hand on the large mirror attached to the top of the drawer, and used the other to wipe his face awake.

Looking down, he saw many different types of clothing that his mom bought for him. Half of them didn't even fit, so he grabbed from the floor what he always wears, a dirty white shirt, a dark blue hoodie he left unzipped, and baggy navy blue jeans. He walked out of his room, went down stairs and grabbed some food. He looked the time, 6:55, time to leave. He walked outside into the cold dark suburban district that was his area of Calypsa. Thanks to his job, he had a spot in the richer areas, more room for his family. The sky looked beautiful, dark blue on one side, and lighter sky blue on the other. Some stars still dotted the sky, and the moon was still present. Suraru took a few seconds to stare at it's perfect roundness, and amazing detail. He stretched a bit, then ran into the sky, catching his own gust, stabilizing himself, then flying toward the sunset looking down at an angle to block the wind whipping at his face, and to prevent running into anyone else flying. 20 minutes later, he reached Sabbatton.

Slowly coming to a stop, and landing himself at his designated spot, security teams came out and searched him. They took his flying license and led him inside. After a few checkpoints, Suraru neared his entrance. A door that led to a stair well leading down. Teams cleaned up what fell off behind him from his feet because he walked barefoot Walking into the door, he looked over the railing. To most, a jump like this would break a leg or two. If you were lucky. To Suraru, he jumped over it, and fell down, bracing his fall thanks to his power. The cat walked into the underground base. It was a grand display, full of high tech devices on display (that didn't even work), data scrolls, and a few people working. The room had a nice color of white and blue to it, and was about three stories high for no reason. However, this was the only nice looking room, past the first door it was hard concrete and flowood hallways. The director of the A.S.P. (Adolescent Spy Program) wanted to have a stunning display. However, his budget only allowed one room to look nice. Suraru waved and said to those greeting him. He went to his training room, and learned some new fighting moves. Suraru learned them fast, but he disliked the idea of hurting other people who don't deserve it, and hurting people he didn't know was a problem because he didn't know IF they deserved it. For all he knew, they were drafted into guard duty. After hours of training, he was informed that his next mission was a few weeks away. To some place called Opherus. After a 30 minute break, he went back to training his skills of sharp shooting, wrestling, and perception.

He took the same route home, retrieving his license, then flying to his house. He said hi to his family, then went on a walk to the infamous jungle location where is best friend died. Kiki, his ryuu neko that he had been with most of his life. Passing his grave, Suraru dropped a tear and placed another flower to the pile that kept getting blown away from time to time. Suraru sat down and spoke to the grave of his day. Feeling a bit crazy and still helpless even though over a year has passed sense the ryuu's death. Suraru took a moment before walking off. Walking, to enjoy the sights, and not to fly into anything, which would be more common because he hurt his right eye in a training accident. It is supposed to heal, yet it is still blurry. Flying back home, he pondered his mission. The cat did not like his life. Overworked, 16, and already in lethal combat. It was time for a mental restoration day. Suraru decided not to fly back home. In the setting sun, he flew toward the Margaret district.
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Halo's shadow on Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:33 am

A glint of steel. Clangs of metal. Frenzied screams of battle. Tuesday blocked it all out. He focused only on the snarling creature in front of him. His second-in-command was next to him, his armor mirroring Tuesday's in blood and gore. He nodded at his commander, and together they charged at the large foe. There wasn't time for details. A claw here, slash there, biting teeth and roaring monsters. His friend went down, clutching at his chest. Tuesday wheeled around to face his foe. He gave a savage cry and charged straight at the beast. But then, his halo flickered a brilliant gold. Everything seemed to grind to a halt. Tuesday was frozen in midair, still, but aware. A gold light encompassed his vision, blocking everything out. He felt the old tugging at his innards, one that he had not felt for years. 
"No!" he cried out inside his head. But it was futile. The the tugging grew from a slight pull to feeling like his insides were being forcefully removed. He screamed a ferocious yell and cried out in a flash of gold light. He was released from his stasis, and fell to a cold, unnatural floor, gasping for breath and trembling. His halo was weakly shining, and would be for at least a few hours. People stopped and hawked at him, his wounds and armor seeping blood onto the floor. With a struggle, he hefted himself up. There was a bit of a glitch in his vision, and all the people moved backward in time. They stopped a few seconds before, then resumed, as if nothing had happened. Again, they stopped and stared at Tuesday, this time uninterrupted. Someone was on a phone-like device, calling someone frantically. There were shouts from further down the hallways. But where could he go? He started to run, armor clanking, as fast as he could in the opposite direction. His wounds pained him, but he ignored them. He continued to run, hoping for a quick sanctuary. 

(his halo has been glowing this entire time BTW. Location: somewhere in Margaret)
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Fluffy Salamander on Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:25 am

A hired gun. That’s what they called him, those at the Informant’s Cafe. Of course, there were many other things that were said about him, but the people responsible for those labels usually ended up dead. After the first few killings, even the slowest of people would know to keep their mouth shut, or it would be the last thing they every said. This, Pathogen had learnt at a very young age.

Time: 7.23 am
Location: Rooftop of Sabbaton tower
Wiping his gun just after yet another complete assignment, Pathogen stopped and reflected on this matter, one of the rare moments he had actually considered an opinion other than his own. He was a mercenary, and undeniably a good one at that. But he knew that he was above the petty political games that these criminals liked to play. His choice in assignments had been noticed by his superiors. His willingness to risk himself by challenging powerful opponents, his disregard for the amount of bounty he was being paid for, and of course, his increasing reputation as a vigilante. This was not the characteristics of a hired gun. He did not, in fact, care for money or power. Neither did he care for the reputation or the admiration. He just enjoyed the hunt. It was that simple. And, surveying the several dozen guards that were training their weapons on him, he had to reluctantly admit, this love for the hunt would probably kill him.

The early morning sun illuminated the skyline, towers shone and sparkled, the birds sang sweetly in the trees. The early morning light illuminated everything, even the complex network of etches and carvings on Pathogen's adapted gas mask. It was beautiful. Pathogen sighed, his respirators cycling and filtering the exhaled air. It was good to be alive, even just for the present moment.

“DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RESIST ARREST AND CAPTURE, OR LETHAL FORCE WILL BE AUTHORISED!” declared the blaring monotone. Despite the gravity of the situation, it was difficult for Pathogen not to laugh. It was a joke after all. The guards, smiling and brandishing their weapons, were clearly eager for a fight. The fact that their boss and their pay check laid several storeys below, the former being quite dead, would only goad them further. They would not capture him. They would torture him, rip out certain body parts, and then display him proudly for the world to see. This was normal to all forms of the Andruannan underworld, whether the cults or the street gangs. The trick to escaping such a situation was to make himself the exception, which was what Pathogen had every intention of doing.

His hands pointed to the ground, Pathogen dropped the weapon on the ground in a gesture of surrender, smiling at the guards’ dumbfounded expressions. Some of them looked disappointed, others stunned. None were relieved or satisfied, and it was only the captain’s orders that kept them at bay. Following the motions of the captain, he slowly placed his hands onto his head, and kicked the gun over to the guards. Pathogen watched the guards rush forward in their eagerness to claim the credit of subduing the intruder, pushing each other aside and grabbing for him, arms outstretched. Didn’t they notice that this was just too easy?

The gun was at their feet now, and one of the guards, a fox, admiring the finishing on the barrel, decided that the gun would make a marvellous addition to his trophy collection, until, that is, his superiors took it from him. The silver-plating would be most helpful in garnering a promotion.
The fox smiled at Pathogen, teeth glinting in the early morning sun.

Pathogen raised a hand up and waved back.

“Goodbye, my friend!”

The gun erupted into a frenzy of miniature pellets on command, latching onto skin and armour alike. The fox did not even have time to cry out before a dozen of these pellets struck him in the face. Several dozen burrowed into his flesh, ripping his body to pieces. He was lucky; the creatures had killed him in seconds. What awaited the rest of the honour guard was much, much worse.

The parasites were engineered to home in on the guards’ eyes, rendering them temporarily blinded. Guards were caught in mid-stride and fell to the ground, face flat on the floor. Others stumbled blindly until they too, tripped and fell to the ground. Not one guard escaped the attacks, and the formerly formidable force of guards now looked weak and pitiful. Soon, Pathogen was the only one left standing on the rooftop, and the only one not writhing in pain. Pathogen ambled over to the fox, whose dead fingers were still clutching to the rifle. He methodically pried off the fingers one by one, spun around to blast the fox’s head to little giblets of flesh and grey matter. It would have been fun to end off here, with the guards all incapacitated and permanently blind. But one always saves the best for last, and Pathogen intended to honour that statement.

Waving his hand in a flourishing movement, he took a low bow, his green halo glowing…then walked off the rooftop. The finale was complete, and the hunt was over.

His chuckles were lost in the ensuring screams.
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Terminal on Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:56 pm

Day: -2
Time: 7:08 AM

The sound of silence,
How pleasing it is.
the quiet and pea-

"WILL YOU SHUT UP?!" Cyprus yelled. This was his life, stuck in the Ruskol District with noisy neighbors. In fact, he was pretty sure they were the only ones in the entire district to make that much noise. couldn't even finish a freakin poem, let alone one of his projects. "Stupid kids...don't know who thought it'd be a good idea to give him a drum set..."

Getting up from his bed he went to the bathroom, taking a quick shower before going back out into the rest of his house and grabbing some clothes. He put on his usual, black cargo shorts with a white teeshirt and a black and grey jacket over top. He didn't own any shoes, since he prefered to go barefoot.

Going into the kitchen Cyprus made some food really quickly. really was just some eggs and toast, but it kept him from starving. he shoved aside one of his recent works, it was a thick metal ring, that could be placed around a pole or support beam, and when activated would send out a wave of springers into the center, effectively destroying whatever it happened to be attached to. He set his plate down and in not but a minute he had eaten all his food.

"This day just might be allrig-" Cyprus said before the loud drums were heard.

"AGGGGH!!!" he yelled as he picked up one of his throwing knives and chucked it at one of the walls, it landing in it with an audible thunk.

"I'm done, lets go see what sort of trouble we can cause at the sabbaton today shall we?" he muttered to himself before removing the dagger from the wall, placing it in his pocket, as well as placing in some other interesting items, including 2 sparkers, 2 smoke grenades, and a total of 6 throwing daggers. they weren't easily viewable, so no one would even know he had them. He closed his door behind him, and walked down the rocky slopes of the Ruskol District to the Sabbaton Towers.
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Mileau on Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:21 pm

--Day -3, 1:48pm, Kojiki docks--

Mileau felt like a... what was the name of that fish again? The one they pack so tight in those tiny cans? Bah, it wasn't important. They tasted gross anyway. What was important was the fact that seemingly every Dreamkeeper on the pier was going in the opposite direction. After several minutes of fighting his way through the crowd, he finally stepped off the dock and into the Kojiki street. The vulpine breathed an exasperated sigh as he staightened his glasses. "Finally, some room to breathe." A low hiss came from inside his coat's oversized collar. Mileau craned his neck to glance at the maroon-colored ryuu-neko curled up around his neck. Flashing his three-foot friend a lopsided grin and reaching up to scratch behind his ears, he replied, "Yeah, I know buddy, I hate it too. I think that's enough crowds for today."

Getting no further response, he did a quick inventory. Data scroll? Check. Keys to the boat? Check. Violin in case? Check. Tails? Both stepped on in the crowd, but intact. Hat? ... Mileau's brow furrowed as he removed the article of clothing in question. After giving it a thorough dusting, straightening the pair of air ryuu feathers stuck in the upturned brim, and replacing it on his head, he stopped for a moment to gaze up at the Sabbaton towers looming above the city. "Jeez, look at the sun! What time is it?" Whipping out his data scroll did nothing to ease his nerves. "Ah, Spirits, almost two! At this rate we'll never get home before dark." Another hiss from within his coat. Rolling his eyes as he stuffed the data scroll back into a pocket, he retorted, "Yes, 'we'. You feel like swimming back to Kittim alone, Mr. smart fuzz?" A lick on his cheek this time. "Yeah, yeah, don't push it. Anyway, we need to get moving." Slinging a black, violin-shaped case over his shoulder, he set off down the street toward the district's telepod.

--2:36, Sabbaton telepods--

Stepping off the telepod at the Sabbaton platform nearly an hour later with a snoozing ryuu wrapped around his neck, Mileau was no more optimistic about reaching home as planned. "Yeah, no way we're getting home before dark now. Guess I'll just ask Drake if we can spend the night," he sighed. "I just had to take the boat with no working lights." No longer in any hurry, he decided to take the long way to the Ruskal telepod, around the west side of the tower. As usual for his visits to Sabbaton, he quickly found himself distracted by the view of the Starfall Mountains. Soon he was lost in one of his daydreams, wondering what lay beyond.

As his eyes wandered back and forth over the horizon, they eventually dipped down to the city below. His thoughts rapidly went south along with the view. "What the heck happened to this city? The Safety Troops walk around like they own the place... pff... safety my left tail... The schools are freakin' brainwashing kids... and Powers. I don't care who you are, your Power is who you are and you can't tell someone what they can and can't do with theirs. Liddo was a lunatic to think a universal ban would solve all his problems." I'm glad Dad's never cared what Sabbaton said about Powers and weapons..." At this point he trailed off, realizing he had been ranting out loud. After casting a nervous glance around to ensure nobody had been listening, he decided it would be best to continue to the telepod quickly. And silently.

--Day -2, 7:32, Sabbaton telepods--

"Wooah... note to self.. never take a telepod right after waking up," Mileau mentally noted as he stumbled back onto the Sabbaton platform amid the morning rush of Dreamkeepers heading to work. His ryuu seemed to pick up on his discomfort, rubbing against his cheek as he did on the rare occasions he felt concerned for his owner. "Mikado, please. Not now," was the stiff reply. He simply hissed and retreated back into his usual place inside Mileau's collar, away from the cold.

Silently thanking the Spirits for blessing him with a strong stomach, Mileau leant against the outer railing for support and closing his eyes tightly as he waited for the world to stop spinning. On opening his eyes several minutes later, he found the world stationary and himself very much awake. Silently cursing himself for missing the sunrise he'd planned to watch, he started walking swiftly in the direction of the Kojiki telepod, hoping to catch the next jump rather than wait on the platform another fifteen minutes in the early morning cold.

What hapened next seemed entirely innocent at first. As he rounded the tower and the Kojiki telepod came into view, Mileau caught a glimpse through the crowd of a paperboy, shouting and waving a paper over his head. It was near impossible to hear him between the crowd and the wind, but the headline must have been juicy, as he seemed to be getting a fair amount of business. Mileau didn't think much of it, focused as he was on catching the telepod. Then, just as he passed the paperboy and the small crowd he had attracted, he finally caught the boy shout the words, 'Powers infraction'.

Suddenly he was very interested.

After his initial double-take, Mileau practically sprinted over, much to the displeasure of Mikado. Pushing through the ring of Dreamkeepers gathered around the boy, he grabbed a paper and read the headline.

Late-night Powers infraction: suspect claims accidental, self-defense

Reading on, Mileau's expression grew increasingly sour. According to the article, last night a girl had been jumped by some thug on her way home. He tried to have his way with her, and she had used her power to defend herself. Mileau skipped further down the article to find the girl was in Trooper custody and being questioned for a Powers infraction, and while the thug was also in custody, the author seemed doubtful that he would be convicted of any charges. It wasn't hard to see the article suggested a bias due to the girl's use of her Power.

This was too much.

"THIS is justice?!" Mileau screamed. Every eye in the circle was suddenly on him. "Is THIS how far we've fallen?! That a perfectly innocent teenage girl, afraid of losing her life or WORSE, is going to be banished, or at BEST, have Sabbaton watching her every move for the rest of her LIFE, just for defending herself, and this scumbag is going to walk away without so much as a SLAP ON THE WRIST?! JUSTICE IS DEAD IN THIS CITY!!" By now he had gained the attention of several others outside the circle. Not in the mood to care, he threw the paper and stormed off toward the telepod... and soon realized his tirade had caused him to miss the jump.

Staring at the now empty telepod station, he found he had suddenly lost the will to stay angry. At first he was lost for words. Then finally, "...you know what? Forget it." At this, he turned around and walked up to the tower, directly across from the telepad. Kneeling down, he unslung the case from his shoulder, laying it flat and opening it. As he removed the violin and bow, a rather disgruntled Mikado jumped from his shoulders to take their place in the open case, curling up to try and get a nap. Smiling down at his friend, Mileau removed his hat and laid it over the sleepy ryuu to shield him from the cold. "Well, I may not be able to do much for people like that girl," he thought to himself, "but this way I can certainly help the average Dreamkeeper forget their troubles, just for a while." He silently stood, double-checking that the violin and bow were ready. Then, turning around to face the busy crowd, he raised the bow to the strings and began to play.

(I couldn't help imagining him playing as I typed the last paragraph. Minus the piano of course.)
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Moon Hunter on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:02 am

Lazarus sat ing the darkest corner of Lar'ker's Pub. He wasn't a fan of the company he was keeping, the lighting left many shadows, the food was bad, the drink cheep, it stank, but all that was tolerable because not many 'desirable people' came here. Lazarus took a drink of ale and leaned back into his corner, his black jacket, concealing the dagger that was his only clue to this life. Under that was a black t-shirt, black jeans, and boots. Lazarus wished he had his rife, but that was't exactly practical indoors... but it would make it clear he didn't want to be disturbed. Anywhere else he would have stuck out like a sore thumb, but here, no, he was just another customer who didn't want to be noticed. He lifted his cheep cigarette and took a long breath, the death stick shortened considerably from his long breath, the small amount of light casting shadows on his face. He blew the smoke out of his nose, along with a little flame.
He took another drink and smiled to himself, perhaps this place was growing on him. It had a... charm that the upper city didn't have... by the fates he was down her for too long. Lazarus quickly finished his drink and sank back into the shadows. His eyes dark, watching and waiting. He wasn't sure what he was waiting for, but he felt a need to be here. He took another long breath as someone walked in, crap, one of the guard. The guard scanned the bar, not really looking and his eyes went right over Lazarus and then he walked back out... not good. It didn't fit.
Lazarus stood, dropped some coin on the table, and moved out the back, just as the city guard burst in. Lazarus snarled as he slipped into the dark alley, Nightingale had scent them after him, would the bird ever learn, don't hunt a dragon, it never ends well. As Lazarus stalked down the alley a young guardsmen steps into his path and says something, but Lazarus doesn't even slow down or pay attention. He levels the man with one punch and turns onto the street, mixing in with the people and disappearing.
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Reed R Gale on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:29 am

Waves crashing, back and forth. Receding, retreating, impeding, cresting, and crashing again. The pattern was almost mesmerizing Were it not for these waves, fate may have taken a much different path that night. A lone girl stood on an azure beach, the golden sand reflecting the dark-lit sky. It was here that the girl woke, she had been splashed by a wave as the tide came back in, wetting her clothing, and forcing her to get up and shiver with the night air.

Seeking higher ground, but in no hurry, she looked up at the sky dotted with little lights, stars. The moon however showed it's stolen luminescence well that night, the moon was full and round, but hadn't yet risen far. The sand felt good on the girl's fee for it was still warm with the light of the sun that had been in the sky only minutes before. She knew all this.

Meandering, she found a dock that was well above the sand, this was the where the peak of the water would reach. She knew this. She sat down and looked at her tinted blue hair. Blue? No, that wasn't right, it was just reflecting the sky. It was a light silver, almost pearl-like, but it was covered in sand.

Only moments ago, she had found herself lying on the beach, and her clothes were wet with the wave that had woken her up, and she was covered in sand. Watching the ocean reflecting the moon, she cleaned off her clothes, removing all grit, and the odd plant that had clung to her hair until she was satisfied. Preening was important.

Still, something was missing. She had been here for a reason--right? What was it? She kept thinking until she thought she had something, but when she tried to mentally grab it, she felt a great pain. This memory wasn't the one she wanted, but her halo had activated nonetheless, and she had a killer headache. Soon all memories of remembering were gone and only one thought was left. There was no point in living.

Somehow, there was a black revolver in her now jet black hand. Examining the chamber, she noticed five bullets, a red, a white, a silver, a green, and a blue, while there was one blank. It was so easy, just pull the trigger and shoot. But why not have fun with it, maybe life would favor her and she would get the blank. She laughed a bit and spun the chamber. It was a game of Russian Roulette. She was making a bet with Death himself with the odds greatly stacked. Bang.

She had lost. Her whole body turned the color of blood.

But no, she didn't feel weak with all the blood receding... in fact, as she felt her head, there was no wound! She had merely changed color. Why had she even thought of killing herself! She was so happy she jumped for joy... and jumped a hundred feet in the air. What she had intended to be a small leap had made her bound up. She grinned.

Her body knew what to do. She simply landed, and as she had predicted a few boards broke, but she had pushed off them before them completely crumbled and did a back-flip, landing on two feet and a hand, skidding a bit. She had done what moments earlier would have been completely impossible. Cool! She could run faster, see farther, smell new things in the air, and she swore the waves were a hundred times louder and clearer than before. She was liking this.

She had fun with her newfound power for a while, but it soon wore off, leaving her white again. She wanted to call up the memory of the gun again, but exercised self-control. She had to focus... why was she here? She came close to the painful memory again, and she almost veered off to calling her halo, but stopped herself. Instead she looked for another memory. Who was she?

This one didn't come either, so she checked her body for clues. Surly enough, she found in her pocket a simple wallet with some lucre and a picture of her oddly fur-less face and a name written in curly, pristine handwriting: Haley Farris, age 19. Not much else

She put the wallet back in her jacket pocket and gave up thinking. It was useless. If she wanted answers she would have to look around. Cleaning herself off, her long-sleeved jacked and sleeveless gloves that went all the way up to her elbows, her white flared jeans and her white hair, she made it pristine. It was even dry now.

But where to start? Well finding someplace to sleep would be the first priority. She looked off to the distance and finally found a path covered in reeds, which she followed to a city that looked beaten down. The roads were cobbled, not nearly as comfortable as the sand she had been walked on prior. A cold wind blew through the district, and made Haley shiver. She needed a place to stay, or she would definitely catch something.

And she found her salvation. A small motel, giving off a warm gentle light. She walked up and found a gruff man running the desk. The beaver looked ready to pack up; it must have been nearly 10:00 now. But he saw a customer, a cute customer, come by and he changed his mind, smiling a large smile, he announced, "Welcome to Seaside, the best motel this side of Margate."

"How much for a night?" Her voice startled her, it was unusually deep. Still feminine, but deeper than she had anticipated. Still, it had gotten across her point.

"For you missy, a mere 1000 lucre." He grinned at his deal. He clearly liked girls staying at his place. Or maybe he was just lacking customers. In any case, he seemed insistent. Who was Haley to say no? She needed a place to bunk, so why not? She paid the money and he ushered her to an upstairs room, urging her to call him (his room was downstairs) if there was ever a problem.

The room wasn't bad. Not good, but not bad. The bed was mediocre, there was a candle by the side of the bed and some lighting implements... err... matches, next to them. Haley lay on the bed wondering, what she was going to do next, until she finally fell asleep.
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Silver Predator Wolf on Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:35 pm

Margaret District, Late at night day -2

Suraru Continued flying until he started to get tired. "Better look for a landing spot, then I'll just wander" He thought to himself looking around.

Arcanas and Luna found a place to stay and entered into a hotel and start to book for a room for two.

Suraru noticed an hotel with a large roof. The temp was nice, which is odd because when he runs away its normally cold. Suraru landed on the roof, and walked to the corner.

Arcanas and Luna got the keys to the room which is on the top floor and heads for the lift and took it all the way up and head straight for their room. "So.. when do we start looking?" asked Luna. "As soon as we are done with the unpacking. The sooner we start the better." said Arcanas as they arrive at their room and he unlocks the door and steps in with Luna behind him.

Suraru laid down on the roof with a thud, then started rolling and kicking to make a smooth surface to lay on.

Arcanas and Lunas ears picked up the sound and Arcanas looks at Luna as she left her things on the room floor and heads up to the roof to check. As she open the door to the roof, she sees a person rolling and kicking around and said "May I know what are you doing up here?"

Suraru stretched out and looked at Luna while on his back saying "uuuhhhhh do you work here?"

"No.. but your making enough of a racket to get my attention.." said Luna.

Suraru laughed a bit then said "Sorry for the noise, don't tell anyone I'm up here ok?"

"And the reason your up here is because?" as Luna waits for an answer, Arcanas walks up behind her and said "So.. what do we have here?"

Suraru smiled and said "I just need a place to stay right now ha ha"

Luna looks at Arcanas and looks back at the person and said "You can crash at our room. That is.. if you do not mind sharing it with the two of us.."

"As long as you two... you aren't dating or anything are you?" Said Suraru standing up dusting himself off.

"He's already taken. Which is a pity. Though.. I won't mind having some fun with him.." "Luna.." she chuckled and said "Come on.. she did say we can share..."

Suraru looked at them and broke into laughter "ok, what ever you say, just no dirty business while I'm awake" he saiding winking.

"Don't worry about that..you won't hear a thing.." said Luna as she grinned. Arcanas rolled his eyes and starts to head back down to the room, while Suraru jumped off the roof and followed behind them.

As they head for the room, Luna took off her coat and hangs it around her shoulder as she walks.

Suraru walked in with them. Looking around he saw two beds, a kitchen, bathroom, and a nice living room. The bedroom only had two beds, so Suraru walked over on the couch and said "Is it ok if I sleep here?"

"Sure.. it's all yours. And by the way, what are you doing?" asked Luna as she unpack her stuff.

Suraru flew to the couch then looked at the two while jumping on, saying "I just need a break from family and work"

"What type of work?" asked Arcanas as he is done unpacking.

"I'd rather not talk about it" said Suraru picking up one of the nearby data scrolls.

"Does it involve killing someone? Or something else that is illegal?" Asked Luna.

"Ha! I'm not that much of a low life" Said Suraru moving his fingers very fast on the data scroll.

"Than why cant you tell us what it is?" Asked Arcanas.

"Because if I did, I would have to kill you... So I guess it does involve killing people" he said looking at them above his data scroll.

"I would like to see you try...." said Luna as she smiled.

"You would be surprised, my job teaches- oh hold on" he said looking angrily at his data scroll "take a look at this bulls**t" he said handing over the data scroll to the two.

Luna took the data scroll and reads it before passing it to Arcanas. "Seems to me using ones power even in self defense is still a crime..."

"Its total BS, She was getting attacked... I swear if I ever meet those politicians who made this law..." he said standing up with a raised angry voice.

"Calm down. Last thing you want is to get any unwanted attention to yourself." Said Arcanas as he is done reading.

"Sorry, its just that things like this piss me off" the cat said falling back on the couch.

"We cant do anything about it. Anything legal that is.." said Arcanas.

"Ya forget legality" he said picking up the data scroll and continuing to look through it "I could be diplomatic about this, but I'm getting tired, those senators need a good kick in the jaw"

"Or something a little more drastic..." said Luna.

"If you mean kill 'em, I would almost love to see that" Suraru said putting the data scroll down.

"Only as a last resort. We can force them to change the rules." Said Arcanas.

"I'm with you. What's your plan?" Suraru said.

"We need a team for this job. 3 of us won't be enough... and we need all the equipment and other things." Said Arcanas as he leaned against a wall.

"I know some guys at my work I can find" Suraru said.

"Can this person be trusted?" Asked Arcanas.

"I know these 'people' and trust them... Most of them, with my life" Suraru replied.

"Most of them? We are doing something illegal and the last thing we want is a mole among the group..." said Arcanas.

"Ya, I know the ones I can't trust, but I only know 2 I can trust, the one I don't trust could be very important" Suraru said.

Luna looks at Arcanas. "Bring them here. We will see if they can be trusted or not. But... they will be kept on a short leash. We can't take any chances." Said Arcanas.

‎​Suraru got up "I think ill go home, get a rest and gather the troops tomorrow, where do I meet you?" He asked

"Meet us back here again tomorrow. And give us your number. Easier for us to contact you." Said Luna.

"Here, you can contact me via data scroll here" Suraru said quickly writing down a number off of a pad and pencil he always carries for random thoughts.

‎​"Thanks. See you tomorrow. And don't forget to bring your gear." Said Luna.

"Right, thanks cya guys later... I never got your names hehe, Suraru" he said sticking his arm out for a handshake.

‎​Luna chuckled and shook Surarus hand and introduced herself as Luna. "The one behind me is Arcanas. He's my se-" Arcanas cut her off, covering her mouth and said "Nice to meet you. Don't be late for tomorrow ok?"

"Careful Luna, you don't know where his hand has been" Suraru said laughing "Ill cya guys later, bye" he said floating in the air, then flying off.

As Suraru left, Arcanas lets go of Luna. "Your mouth is going to get you into trouble one of these days." Luna chuckled "Well... truth is, I really do want what I was about to say to be true."
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Halo's shadow on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:25 am

Evening (for reference, his aooearance happedened late afternoon)

Tuesday peeked out of a dark alley he had ducked into some time ago. His halo had since diffused and he was now sticking out only by his apparel. He was dressed from head to toe in ancient Andurunian battle armor, and it was covered in blood.
Not the low profile I need for this time. In truth, he was shaken, he had almost given up on ever leaving that time, and he hadn't minded. But, as always, when he least expected it, he was sent somewhere else.

Putting aside the philosophical pondering for a moment, he returned to studying the ads that scrolled by on a nearby data-scroll in a shop window. He gave himself a few minutes to remember the 'newer' language and then waited for the street to clear.

When it was momentarily devoid of people, he pushed into a small clothes shop and almost ran into a surprised shop owner.

"Sorry we're clo-.. Good lord man! Are you ok?!" The dreamkeeper gaped at his armor and blood. Tuesday simply muttered "Sorry." and in a flash knocked out the shopkeeper with the hilt of his short sword. He raided the stores selection, eventually choosing a slightly formal suit and a western duster to go over it. To fit the look, he added a flat brimmed 'gunslinger' hat. He mentally reminded himself to check the year at some point when he raided the cashier. He drew out a good chunk of money, wishing he didn't have to.

Returning to e shopkeeper on the ground, he set the poor man in a chair, put a blanket around him, and applied some healing salve from his pack that he had brought with him from the other time to the growing bump on the man's head.

He stepped out into the street in another lull, and faded into the crowd.


After using his 'acquired' money to pay for a data scroll, and a room. He sat back and opened up a news page, to familiarize himself with current events. He noted the date, which seemed oddly familiar, but he ignored the feeling. He noticed the increased reports about 'power infraction'. This irked him. In all his travels, he had never seen any instance where banning power was a good thing. Then the year stuck him.
F***he thought.

How close where they at this time? He didn't know, and he now remembered that nobody really payed much attention, save for a few...
He sighed and shut off the data scroll, content in the knowledge that he now had a goal for the coming time ahead.
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Re: Outcast Squad RP (Chapter 1)

Postby Terminal on Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:58 pm

Time: Evening
Day: -2

"Ugh...I need somplace to stay, cause I am not going back to my house in Ruskol." Cyprus grumbled to himself as he walked the shadowy streets around Sabbaton. He had gone out looking to cause some trouble, or at least catch up on the news, and all he heard about was a 'Power Infraction'. Power Infraction pissed him off more than anything. Well, maybe not more than the kid with the drums...but pretty much the most.

Cyprus had listend to some music during the day...so that was good. "Bah, it's time for a nap. or maybe a drink." thinking it over for a moment he decided on the best solution. "a drink and then a nap, the perfect plan!" he said loudly which cause a few shouts from nearby windows and doors from others whom he might have awoken from sleep.

Upon finding an inn, he paid for his room and then passed a bribe to the clerk to see if he happened to have any good fermentae. Just so happened that the clerk did. It wasn't Scinter's Mark, but it was better than some other forreyd types. Upon having a nice drink with the clerk he went to his room, a dingy little hole in the wall.

"What did you expect? a shining room with a golden sink?" Cyprus said to himself, he did that an awful lot..."Maybe I should stop...ah well...sleep here I come." He said as he flopped down on the bed. He pulled the grenades and knives out of his pockets and placed them in the drawer of the nightstand next to him.

Maybe tomorrow would be better for him, he might find something to do...
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