Nightmare Spawn Pool

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the Hypha

Postby Mr Aerospace on Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:16 am

The History Channel wrote:
“'Tis folly to lie 'neath twisted tree,
foul ends comes quick as quick can be
From blackened beasts pray, swiftly flee;
the dreaded Hypha monstrosity “
-Ancient Children's Rhyme
“...beware the blackened pool or ashen tree, for these omens mark the coming of the blight. Pestilence and death befall the ignorant, but woe be to foolhardy compassion, for whomever shelters rotted souls shall surely be condemned to suffer a harsher fate. For the Hypha consumes without constraint and floods the land with death...

The above nursery rhyme and fragmented text have been attributed to roughly the same pre-"silent centuries" era. Similarities within the two articles provide us with small insights into our mysterious past, and we can draw the links to where cautionary tales existed for children and adults alike. These articles seem to highlight the dangers of venturing into stagnant waterways and swampy marshes, and both texts utilize the word "Hypha" in such a context that we can only safely conclude the term was once used to describe waterborne diseases.

Name: the Hypha

The Hypha is a parasitic nightmare, recognisable as an opaque jet-black liquid. It incarnates from within the decaying heartwood of twisted and diseased love-leaf trees, and it instinctively attacks, ingresses and consumes all cellular material that it comes into contact with. As it leaches the vitality from its surroundings, it converts the stolen life-force into an ever growing secreted mass.

It can be classified as an extremely low to extremely high level nightmare; as by it's parasitic nature, it cannot live for long without a host, yet it can exist for centuries at a cellular level, living off trees and long lasting plants, waiting to find a more mobile host to brush past.
If though, it somehow makes its way into an area with a high population density (animal and DreamKeeper alike) , it can rapidly reach immense flood scale proportions, swamping thousands of creatures or DreamKeepers at once. It is itself invulnerable to all forms of power attacks, but instead is highly susceptible to quarantine measures, and can be effectively countered and killed via very simple fluid separation methods.

It is unable to move on its own volition, instead it learned to travel via infectious intracellular propagation, but can only do so between the soft cellular membranes of animals. While it is able infect and live off trees and plants, the tougher cellular structure of plant material completely restricting its mobility.

Unfortunately, it has had many reincarnations, and nothing compares to an embarrassing death for teaching an important life lesson, so it has evolved into a cunning predator and a supremely deadly monstrosity. Thus, the Hypha's standard modus operandi is:

1)Incarnation: it comes into existence within a dying tree
2)Waiting: it waits for a mobile host to come by to jump ship
3)Transportation: it rides its mobile host around until it finds a high density population.
4)Attack: it quickly floods the population, trapping as many creatures as possible,
5)Torture: it stops growing in size, and takes a sickly pleasure in torturing its remaining captives
6)Atrophy: it finally recedes again, atrophying down to a portable size, either returning to stage 2 or stage 3, depending on it's options.
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Re: Nightmare Spawn Pool

Postby Calico Yorki on Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:00 pm


That's...Terrifying. That's twisted. That's so simple, but so lethally efficient...

...That is the perfect Nightmare.

You have a gift.


~ ~ ~

I'm re-posting this to add my own Nightmare idea.

~ ~ ~

Septimargi, "The Avenger"

- "Septimargi knows when war is coming because he's the one starting wars." (Unknown Nightmare)

- "And when the Dreamkeepers had only a sliver of hope left to them, Septimargi appeared to defile their Holy Day. Like a manekale driven by a maddened rider, he blew across the border of Bralgu on a foul, icy wind, bringing with him plague and famine. With an above-average essence, he had surrendered all thought and reasoning to a wrath which would immolate the enemies of Lord Void. He lies in wait for the day Lord Void calls him again, to avenge every single Nightmare who has died for their cause. Septimargi does not do this for camaraderie - It is, to Void, simply not the place of Dreamkeepers to commit the sin of hope." - Fragment of an Ancient Recount


Essence - Above-Average, Medium-High

Intelligence - Virtually non-existant, will attack anything in sight once a superior Nightmare calls for him to enter the fray. The battle, for Septimargi, will only end when everything in sight has been lain to waste; he cannot and shall not stop at every living creature dying, but he will not end his assault until no two bricks of a wall remain together in his surroundings.

Appearance - Septimargi's appearance is frightening and terrible in all of its size. With skin made of stone and an iron mask, only leaving eyeholes and a shadowy cage over his mouth, his legless torso hovers several feet off the ground, at least the size of a gnossus. Septimargi's right arm is merely a stump, capped by the metal effigy of an anguished feline Dreamkeeper's face, while his left arm is suspended as if blocking the sunlight. What is terrible about this fact is what affixes his arm - Twin massive, rusted crucifixes, pierced into his forearm and bicep, only to cross while piercing through his head behind his mask.

Personality - Very little. Septimargi surrendered his free will and capacity for thought and learning, as well as most emotions, for pure rage. This rage can only be tamed by Lord Void and very possibly Nabonidus, to unleash him on the Dreamkeepers like a dog of war.

Abilities - Most noticeably, Septimarga can rotate his body at high-speed and drive himself into his targets, crushing just about anything and demolishing most structures. An alternative function of this ability is to drill through the ground at high speeds, although he cannot predict where he will exit, as he has no way to chart a course while burrowing.

He can also remove one of the crucifixes pierced through his skull at a time, to create a stream of foul light that will steadily rob a Dreamkeeper of their vital energy. However, it can only hit in a straight line, and can not be willed to stop - It will only stop after the span of time that will normally kill a dreamkeeper, regardless of whether it misses partially or completely, and must be sheathed for three minutes before it can fire again. Additionally, he can channel a scalding light into his upraised hand that leaps out as tracking spheres of energy.

Notes - There is only one way to predict when Septimarga is about to use one of his more devastating, energy-based assaults, and it is barely reliable at that - He will roar, as if in wroth agony, and sluggish, sepia blood will pour out of his mask.

~ ~ ~

How is he?
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Re: Nightmare Spawn Pool

Postby khimera on Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:12 pm

The Septimargi is...I don't even know how to describe my feelings on this. I WANT to draw it. It's just such a gruesome, foul creature in its great magnitude and fury. I can only assume there are sharp claws on the ends of its hand in order to drill through things or something similar and the sepia blood is a nice touch. I...god is it wrong to want to have a nightmare? Just to get a look at it?

I'm thinking of a nightmare at the moment and the Septimargi just raises the bar on how gruesome an OC nightmare could/should be.

Edit: Here's the nightmare, finally found time enough to iron out its entirety.

Name: Silence

Power Level: Average ~ High (Varies from incarnation to incarnation as Silence has a great deal of willpower)

Personality: Silence does not have a very...verbal personality as its name implies. Rather, its actions speak greatly in the stead of its non-existent words. Silence takes great pleasure in killing its victims in most vile ways. In particular this nightmare is known for one preferred method of execution that sets it apart from its kin: decapitation and incineration. With whatever techniques it can utilize in its current incarnation Silence will choose to slowly and painfully sever the head of its main victim before charring the corpse with flames. This would prevent any sort of regeneration so the habit does have some logic to it. Aside from this preferred method of killing Silence is a very intelligent and methodical being, not prone to rage or recklessness by any means. It prefers stealth and assassination to brute force but when given the chance to publicly display its cruel, torturous killing methods that it has acquired over its many incarnations Silence will gladly do so, making even screams of terror fall silent in its wake. Unlike many other nightmares Silence has will enough to influence the morphology of its body upon incarnation though like its killing methods it prefers certain types of bodies to others. Silence has a powerful desire to cause as much terror and fear it can in its victims, seemingly feeding on such fear to fuel its vile vendetta. If one were to think of it this way: Silence is a physical incarnation of the nightmares' desire to snuff out sentience, effectively silencing it.

Powers: Silence plays host to several abilities, though some incarnations are not condusive to an ability which limits it in some way though for some reason Silence seems to relish this challenge in order to maintain aesthetics.

The greatest power Silence holds is its ability to hide within a host body, melding its existence with that of a dreamkeeper or another nightmare. This power can only be activated while Silence is touching the shadow of the target creature and is restricted to beings with at least some modicum of intelligence so pack animals and young Ryuu-nekos are by far out of the question. As far as current records hold, Silence can remain in a host body from its birth until its natural demise no matter what size, shape, or power level is involved with the host creature. Undetectable once within a host, Silence may choose to defend its host from aggressors if it feels the host is important enough to do so or if the situation could end up endangering its own well-being. In such a case where it would defend a host it usually does not leave such aggressors alive, usually un-merging some part of its body in order to kill the aggressor(s). If Silence has remained in a host body for a good deal of time, which would be at least ten or twenty years, it can also try influencing the host's actions through mental suggestions planted through dreams and nightmares it could conjure within the host's mind. This leads into another method of destruction Silence could inflict upon its victim: insanity. Using its merging ability Silence can feign vanishing in thin air only to appear in nightmares in the host's sleep, driving them to madness by twisting any dream into a realm of horror and despair. As stated in the personality section Silence loves to make its victims suffer. After inflicting such madness and fear upon a victim the nightmare usually dispatches them but if it is feeling particularly cruel may detach from its host harmlessly and merely appear in their field of vision from time to time before hiding in the shadows while watching the victim fall apart slowly. There are no records of victims suffering of nightmares involving Silence living long after being sent to an asylum or being locked up. This is likely because the nightmare can no longer find any amusement in them and moves on to a new victim. There are several records involving victims of Silence's nightmares meeting a gruesome death of being torn apart from within. The worst way for Silence to dispatch its victims is to use its melding ability and wait for a particular moment for when the terror and pain would be greatest before violently ripping apart the victim from the inside out leaving a gory mess behind that, more often that not, cannot be identified. In a most desperate measure Silence can use its melding ability to silently hide within a host body until it has recovered. The melding ability, unfortunately for the nightmare, can be forcibly stopped leaving the host safe if a healing-type ability is used on the host. The reason for this is that healing-type abilities generally have a positive energy associated with them which is anathema to Silence and as such any sort of healing dreamkeeper is its preferred target.

The second power at Silence's beck and call is to create a sphere-shaped area of silence in a fairly large radius. Generally this varies from incarnation to incarnation depending on how condusive the body is to the power. Maximum spherical radius is 200 feet while the minimum radius is 90 feet. This generally evens out to around 120 feet for most incarnations. Unfortunately this area of silence cannot be controlled in its size and is always at maximum possible size, remaining for as long as Silence wills it to remain in place. There is one instance where Silence had the area follow it around but it is speculated that this requires a great deal of power and is not normally considered, at least in the nightmare's mind, a useful tactic. Disrupting Silence's concentration is the best way to remove the area of silence, though the area is quite noticeable in a crowded area such as a plaza so Silence is more disposed to use it at night when assassinations and such other things are required.

Finally Silence's third power is to accelerate and stop with great speed and precision. Normal eyes cannot follow it when it moves at such speeds. Silence can concentrate this speed into particular limbs for various purposes, one of which could be arms to strike swiftly. The downside of this power is that it does not improve strength in any sort of way, it is only swiftness that is improved and Silence cannot fully control the direction it moves when reaching certain high speeds. This is the simplest power belonging to Silence and the most physical in nature. This physical nature also leaves it being the weakest power due to Silence's incarnations never having a focus on physical prowess. Another downside to this enhanced acceleration and stopping ability is that it does not work as well with an incarnation that hovers or floats rather than walks.

Appearance: As previously stated Silence has a great deal of will and as such generally has at least some choice in what it looks like when it is incarnated. However Silence, like with many other things, has a preference when it comes to certain things about its appearance.

First and foremost Silence has no face of any sort, only a smooth, blank visage without any truly discernable features. Yet, despite this it is known to be 'heard' breathing or making noises like the wind even in its areas of silence. It is this featureless face that often inspires a great deal of fear in its victims because it still gives off the unsettling feeling of having...eyes on them. Indeed, Silence is known to be able to 'look' at things, or at least demonstrates higher senses capable of giving it knowledge of where to turn its face.

Second is a deep, dark red halo that seems to 'glow' blackness and absorb light. This feature was chosen due to Silence's melding ability and its occasional need to defend an important host. It uses the halo as a way to camouflage its defending a host as the activation or awakening of an ability which, nowadays anyway, can make the host become incarcerated. While not a preferred way of making a host suffer it is a useful method for getting a particular target put in jail.

Otherwise Silence prefers a tall, slender body to one of a stockier nature. Most often Silence takes the appearance of a toweringly tall being dressed finely with thin limbs and clawed hands. This is its 'natural' appearance without any sort of will-induced alterations performed to it. Though this is not always how Silence chooses to appear it is the most common way it will appear. This pristine appearance is one the nightmare takes pride in and will even kill other nightmares for marring its appearance in any way.

Current Incarnation: A tall, slender, humanoid being. Much of the body is black, cutting off at the wrists and neck neatly as if a suit. The feet end in cruel, raptor-like talons that in no way seem to hinder movement, black as the rest of the body. The hands and head are pale to the point of alabaster white, fingers tipped with small claws so as not to hinder dexterity or handling of objects, hands being of a larger than normal size. The head is featureless as normal, smooth and surprisingly intimidating with the dark halo hovering above it. Overall height of Silence in this incarnation is around fifteen feet. From its back the nightmare trails two long, bedraggled raven wings which only serve the purpose of being aesthetic add-ons.

Other Notes: As the name implies Silence does not speak and that was likely mentioned previously. Any sort of noise produced by Silence is much like a breath or wind though it is unconfirmed if this sound is actually from Silence or merely a by-product of any motions it may make. Despite this silence nightmares of greater power (above average or higher) can seemingly understand it as if by some form of telepathic link though it displays no such power of communication with dreamkeepers. Perhaps it is merely that higher nightmares can 'feel' the powerful desires of Silence and it translates into words within their minds though this, too, is conjecture. Silence is not known to truly obey any nightmare, not even Lord Void, though it will take missions upon itself if directed to if it sees such missions as vital to the true objective of the nightmares in the long-run. Overall Silence is intelligent to a scary degree to be able to see things in a light centuries long.

So, any critique?
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Re: Nightmare Spawn Pool

Postby Calico Yorki on Wed Oct 17, 2012 6:26 pm

The Silence is sheerly lovely.

I've had a thought kicking around in my skull for a little while.

Meet Kamelotte, the Child of Evil:

~ ~ ~

Should you show
Your veins to me,
My fangs will be the last
Any 'keeper shall see.

~ Kamelotte's Favorite Rhyme

Please...Love me...
~ The Degenerated Soul of Kamelotte's Present Body

Essence: High

Intelligence: Very High


Though her appearance will inherently vary, via her favorite ability, Kamelotte presently is controlling a young, raccoon-like female dreamkeeper schoolgirl. At most given times, she's sienna with golden stripes and messy hair of a matching color - However, any time, in any body, she can show her true colors by turning a charcoal-gray with golden, slit-pupil eyes. Her hair also turns a dark indigo, same as her stripes, and poorly-healed, indigo-tarnished scars appear on her brow and palms. Whenever she chooses, she can reveal the soul of her host - Now, nothing more than a chained mass of dark vapors, sobbing and begging to be loved, to be allowed to die. However, should her body be killed, Kamelotte's true, nigh immortal form is revealed: a twisted, emaciated, blackened body, at a crossroads between dreamkeeper and nightmare, and something so impossibly terrible and vile that even wild ryuu-nekos scream in terror and plantlife starts to die.


Even when liberated from a dreamkeeper body, Kamelotte's corporeal body is incredibly weak and fragile. However, it can bring the fragments of her body back to herself, so long as its life force isn't exhausted in doing so. Once it is embedded in a dreamkeeper's body, however, Kamelotte's abilities truly come into their own. She can reshape the dreamkeeper's bones and blood into weaponry, i.e., turning digit bones into bullets, turning blood into a poison that melts organ tissue, etc., etc. She can also pump her essence through the body, hardening the muscles and effectively doping the body to be able to fight on-par with a number of dreamkeepers. Within a host body or without, Kamelotte retains the ability to create a space whose size is determined by how much energy she devotes, and allows her to freely generate her own weapons and effects. While most injuries will fade once the field is dispersed, should an enemy "die" within the field, even leaving the field will leave them in a vegetative state. However, most terrible among Kamelotte's ability is what some call the "Kiss of Waking Death".

It seems like a perverse girl French kissing any other dreamkeeper, yet it is altogether a vile kind of curse, and simple in how it initially operates. It buries a fragment of Kamelotte's essence into their body, waiting for her to give the command to awaken. When it does, it places the body into a cocoon, which soon transmutates into metal armor, then turns them into uniform Nightmare spawn. As they kill, and kill, and kill, or as soon as Kamelotte gives them more power, they gain personality, then come into their own as Nightmares. At this point, the body within becomes fully armored, and cannibalizes the armored cocoon that has nurtured their evil. They will never be true Nightmares, have a cruelly short life, and are frequently made to self-destruct by Kamelotte. This is truly, truly terrible, as even Nightmares shudder to think of what might become of the soul inside. They will place credence in an afterlife, but even a fair number of Nightmares fear true nonexistence: being stripped of all sensation and free thought is something that many would not even wish on dreamkeepers, preferring to deliver pain and terror.

The simple matter is, Kamelotte is just that cruel.

Personality: Kamelotte is the Nightmare who loves dreamkeepers. It loves them just as much as it wants most of them to suffer. Most being the operative word. Every few generations, it finds a male or female dreamkeeper that causes it to feel an emotion alien and terrible for Nightmares: love. For them to love something, anything, it means they will never again be truly cruel to all beings. However, Kamelotte is the one exception - For it will either seduce those it loves to the dark dreamkeeper cause, or turn them into a special familiar that will remain close to its "heart" forever...And ever...And ever. However, there have been many times that this love has cost Kamelotte a life. This only makes it ever the more cruel to the rest of dreamkeeperkind, and fuels the invention of new torture methods. Some say that many of the most appalling stories in Anduruna's history came from the wicked fancies of Kamelotte, in one form or another. It loves to see fear, shame, and pain in other faces.

- The scars on Kamelotte's brow and hands come from its first host: a dreamkeeper who was virtuous and kind all his life, but was captured by his enemies, and put through a truly torturous death. Kamelotte heard his final cry, a wroth, terrible noise that froze the blood and murdered the raucous jeers, that made Nightmares smile with delight, and it came to him just in time for what would have been his dying words: "I hope you all rot."
- Kamelotte is truly fascinated by dreamkeepers, and with an almost childish fervor, she does all within her impressive capacity to learn about them. She listens to music, goes to school, and has an especially insatiable hunger for food.
- Nabonidus has absolutely no patience for Kamelotte, as she loves to create upheaval in his world...Setting up foolish Nightmares against him, revealing the Nightmare presence to dreamkeepers and thus creating challenging figures for him to kill, dragging corpses to Bralgu so as to desecrate the immortal's favorite spots of reflection with blood and lymph graffiti, she is generally the Nightmare version of a bratty little sister who you can't off no matter how you'd like to. Save that Nabonidus has every right to kill Kamelotte, yet she's adept at making the act impossible to accomplish. As well, she tends to raise even more unrighteous Cain when she's survived an attempt on her life.

~ ~ ~

What an utterly mad little cretin.

How is she?
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Re: Nightmare Spawn Pool

Postby Reed R Gale on Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:35 pm

Beautiful in the sickest, most twisted ways.
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Re: Nightmare Spawn Pool

Postby Calico Yorki on Tue Oct 23, 2012 3:56 pm

I edited Kamelotte to add an ability.

I'll see if I can think of a new Nightmare tonight.

: O
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Re: Nightmare Spawn Pool

Postby CalvinCopyright on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:42 pm

Yay, Nightmare thread! Lemme try!

Name: Fencer
Essence level: medium to medium-high
Appearance: The main section of its' body is a large, amorphous mass of muscles and blubber. About 6 feet in diameter as a sphere, it can contort its main body into many shapes. It has two large but whippy tentacles on opposite sides, and each one is tipped with a bone blade around 10 feet long. These blades are deceptively light, allowing the Fencer to swing them with surprising speed, and very sharp. It has no eyes, but it has the supernatural ability to sense life around it in an 100 foot radius, effectively replacing its' eyes. In addition, its' blades cannot be harmed by powers. It can slice through Namah's ether tendrils, for instance, as though they weren't there. Note that the body does not have this resistance; if Namah was careful, she could spear it. However, it is also rather nimble, so this would still be difficult. Nabonidus intends to use the Fencer to help break the front lines in an upcoming war with the Dreamkeepers.
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Re: Nightmare Spawn Pool

Postby Calico Yorki on Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:16 pm

Ahhh, I like the Fencer!

It's bizarre, frightening, and purpose-built for killing.

Here is...Hmmm...How about..."Lord Void's Hunting Beast?"

~ ~ ~


- The only word any Nightmare needs to say to begin the massacre

Name: Lord Void's Hunting Beast


Essence Level: High


Intelligence: Moderate


Supernatural Abilities: Medium-Low


Physical Potency: Very High



The Hunting Beast takes the form of a huge hound, broader than a wolf but leaner than a dog, with lop ears and no gums over its huge, bloody teeth. Its eyes glow like coals, and because of the nature of its abilities, the very act of being watched by it makes one feel as if a blade is on their throat. This sensation is all the more horrible, as it can see anyone, anywhere, once it has been set loose on them. It also has huge, rusty iron bands around its limbs, just above its paws, and everywhere it goes is covered in smog and burning embers.



While the Hunting Beast is let loose, it begins to propagate smoke and embers that suffocate foes and obfuscate any avenues of escape. It is also purpose built for killing - its muscles and bones are constantly pressed to stay under control, and a portion of its essence is used to keep its body from losing out in the battle to stay together under the strain of its own musculature. This amounts to the capacity to lunge across the distance of a district, and impact a single target with the force of - in our terms - a freight train jumping its rails. It also has eyes made out of a substance which does not allow them to close, and renders them blind whenever it does not have a target. However, when it does have a target, its eyes allow it to see them wherever they are in the world, and puts a "map" of the quickest route to them in its mind.



- The Hunting Beast was first designated by Lord Void as his go-to monstrosity for tracking down triple agent dark dreamkeepers, and for punishing Nightmares who prioritized their own agenda. When he was sealed, it went berserk, and began racing all over the wastes of Bralgu - slaughtering anything that crosses its path.
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