NEW? Check out these links. (Of Win)

New to the forum? Stop on in and say hi! Wondering what this DreamKeepers stuff is all about? Ask, and get an explanation from one of our jaded veterans!

NEW? Check out these links. (Of Win)

Postby Zagura on Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:48 am

New to the Dreamkeepers community? These links will give you a good sense of lore, what we have to offer, and more!

For starters, you should probably mosey on over to our Forum Rules Page just in case.

And posters! T-Shirts! Minature Mace! If thats not enough to motivate you, theres a sneak peek of Volume 3 - Chapter 1 AND Volume 1 is now FREE.

The activity is sporadic, but on every other David Lillie comes online to talk with fans and radiate his awesomeness.

This page is dedicated to things fans can do to help the series along. You can find posters, donation links and much more. Confucius once said:

"Of three people standing around me, at least one can be my mentor."

So if you've got an awesome idea share it!

Here you'll find all of the news worthy announcements the Lillies have to make on the progress of things, including sneak peeks, and other treats. Be sure to dig to the beginning of time to get the most of all of what David & Liz has shared with us.

We also have a community run wikia where we've been slowly putting information together for easy access rather than having to read through pages and pages of forum posts. Its been rather slow though, I should work harder. ^^;

Since the wikia is incomplete, you can find a good chunk of information to start you off on the right track here on the site. Information ranges from , to , , to a detailed of events leading up to the time of the Third War of Andurana.

Fans can post their DK inspired work on the community art group as well. Here you can find loads of fan drawings, maybe yours will be there too.

While most new things will be announced in the blog or other news feeds, the youtube channel features loads of goodies from the past, including one of David's works from college.

Cause its epic!

A MS Paint Adventure ran by Moderators Twi, Lord of the Forest, and Sorrel. Updates Monday and Thursdays! (I think)

The Unofficial Compendium of Dreamkeepers Info
Recorded directly from past chats with the Lillies themselves! Find out what we've found out about the series and its indepth background.
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Re: NEW? Check out these links. (Of Win)

Postby Zagura on Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:20 am


Q: I cant get these digital downloads open!

A: You're going to need a reader such as the one suggested at store page. But for ease of use, it's commonly suggested that you use an to simply pull out the images for easy browsing. Be sure your extractor of choice can handle .cbo extensions.

Q: I heard that there was a legendary treasure map where I could find a copy of Volume 3 buried at the end of a rainbow.

A: What? Well I have THIS MAP of Andurana and the surrounding region... But I think you're going to need a dimensionator or something.

Q: HELP, I wana draw awesome Dreamkeepers but HOW?!

A: WELL, I'm not a magical wizard but these should help you on your quest.

Lackadaisy: (Which also happens to be a very good webcomic)

Advanced: (Actual textbooks but free AND legal)
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