King of the Mountain

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Re: King of the Mountain

Postby Devious_Psychopath on Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:09 am

I declare that mountains are for babies and that volcanoes are where it's at.

I watch as the mountain turns into a volcano and erupts, destorying Dream-Weaver's fortress and his merc army.
Lava flows down the sides and burns all the treants away.

The Volcano is now mine. I make a floating island over it and hire snipers to take care of anyone who gets too close to my volcano.

I build a mansion on the floating island.
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Re: King of the Mountain

Postby Avolendi on Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:45 pm

OOC: Didn't notice this before ... this will be fun :D

Using an optical cloaking device, I sneak up on the snipers throughout the floating island and place ducks behind them and throw a rock at their heads with a note saying "duck!". To confuse people further, I also randomly place ducks on the island below. They somehow cool the island down rapidly into a once more living climate, if rather idealized for ducks, with lots of nice little ponds.

I do not take the island, but with all snipers confused and in agony, the defensive is in disarray. I secretly steal soda and snacks every now and then from the mansion. The current owner gets rather jumpy at the strange and unknown sounds in and around his house.

After the first week I only occasionally come by to make sure everyone remains freaked out. I ignore the large turbine anti-grav engines that I found on my duck placing routines, which are hidden below the surface on the bottom side of the floating island, but do post their locations and operating schematics on the internet for the hell of it.
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Re: King of the Mountain

Postby Avolendi on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:59 pm

The mansion on fire. The snipers, dead or missing. Ducks... everywhere

As you watch, you see the already damaged floating island above let out the agonizing sound of twisting metal as a chainreaction of explosions runs across the interior, blowing fire out of several vents.

Shortly after, one last bang. A huge cloud of smoke forms and trails after the now quickly dropping island. It misses the island below and disappears below the waves, leaving only a large dark clouded spot in the sea.

Ducks now own the island!
Having mystical powers they may not be as easy to overpower as it might seem...
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Re: King of the Mountain

Postby Dream-Weaver on Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:13 pm

I amass an army of spidermonkies, the duck's natural enemy* to battle the ducks

The war rages on for centuries, with neither side yeilding to the other until finally a child is born with parants from both sides, this child is the chosen one, and after years of work, brings peace to the warring sides

Both the spidermonkies and the ducks fly to the moon to start a world anew...

Dream-Weaver claims the volcano

I convert the volcano into an evil lair, redirecting the lava through insulated pipes, giving me completely control over its flow, and set up a defense system that raises and lowers the lava levels to stop intruders from entering

I also use the geothermic energy to power an army of robots, resistant to the heat, to defend the volcano

I set up a system to moniter everything

I convince the locals of the island that I am a god and use their gifts of gold to pay for all of this

*May not actually be duck's natural enemy
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Re: King of the Mountain

Postby Ice4smaster on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:49 am

*An massive barrage of gigantic plasma shots from space level and the floating island, crush it down on the volcano, turn it into a tree like mountain and a voice to hear from above*

"I claim this place as my price, any dare to approach it shall face my mighty fleet!"

*Bit later, from the clouds above, massive warships, Battlecruisers appear at high velocity, as they re-entry to the atmosphere, rapidly de-accelerating, finally stop above the tree mountain in a defensive formation*

"I shall found my new capitol here"

*Few years later a huge metropolis spawns on top of the tree mountain, and in it's surroundings, with more Battlecruisers in sight and far above at orbit *
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Re: King of the Mountain

Postby Avolendi on Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:01 pm

Having boarded a trade vessel that delivered goods to the same spacestation that the battlecruiser use to get supplies from, I sneak aboard one of those using my extreme skills of subterfuge and disguise to stay undetected. Because I dislike the idea of hiding in vents I use a clever ruse to get a room on the ship.

Security may or may not have though I was a certain rather eccentric guest for an event held the next day on the main battlecruiser. The fact the captain of the first vessel was mistakenly given too much for his bribe to ferry illegal cargo may have also helped on that event to stay out of sight, with people curiously often looking away as I sneaked through the corridors to get something to eat at the cafeteria.

Having arrived on the cruiser and getting assigned a luxurious room, I set out using my secret weapons of mass destruction, ducktape* and a paperclip. While roaming around I find a notebook with some bad poetry and an esteemed looking monocle.

Taking a tour of the ship having gotten access to this using my monocle, fill up a silent moment with some bad poetry, getting applause from only one person. As I bow, I loose my paperclip, right next to the powerflux radiance-isometrical sensory device. Afterwards I go back to my room, wondering what happened to my paperclip.

The paperclip gets stuck in from of some important sensor that tells the engineers coolant is leaking. As a precaution they power down the main engine for maintenance and switch over to the secondary powercore. However this core had a construction error and after years of use the heat registration device returns a positive value regardless of the actual heat. Soon the core gets overheat, burning through before being shut down. With the other engine being checked, not enough lift is maintained as the ship loses altitude and crashes on the island, taking out the other spaceships which for the ceremony of the day were docked to the ship.

Walking out from the crash, I heroically (read desperately) manage to climb out of the wreckage. With everyone else dead or fleed, I, Henry Garfield Skippy Von Rambleton the Third, now owns the island!

With the valuables from the previous owner, I redecorate the crashed ship into my new home. It looks quite unique at sunrises.

Though no active defences were deployed, but the auto defence turrets of the semi destroyed ships still operate and will attack on sight. Unbeknownst to the current owner, he was registered as a friendly and being the only survivor is now considered commander of the fleet.

* Not to be confused with ducttape
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