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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Calico Yorki on Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:28 pm

Yare yare daze

I hurled this sheet up into another thread and I decided "hey well i might as well pitch this devil here into introduce yo dk and see if anyone bites"

So his deal involves the Troika, yeah yeah using existing characters you are a heretic blah blah bleh bleh I've heard it and I think "aw hang it that shouldn't be the sole deciding factor of a fan character's quality"

He might still suck but please please, pleeease give 'im a chance.

~ ~ ~

Name: Ricardo Zokarro
Age: 41
Height: 7'8''
Weight: 229 lbs.
Power: High Voltage
Halo Color - A Crackling Vermillion
While his Power is active, huge waves of vermillion light ripple madly across Zokarro's body; an aura of snapping, flailing electricity surrounds him; and around his extremities appear condensed spheres of this aura. He can freely absorb electricity from an outside source, and every one of his strikes explodes like a thunderclap, imparting a portion of his charge to give a wide degree of shocks. If he keeps ahold of an opponent, he can rapidly fry them. He is also able to pass a charge through any conductive object - such as his axe - enabling him to superheat them, at certain orders of magnitude. Should he so choose, he can kickstart a stopped heart or enhance the motor skills and sensory reception of his allies, but he rarely finds those "boring" uses to be worth the time.
Tall, muscular, and clothed in a massive presence, Zokarro is a silvery-white reptile with dark crimson lines resembling lightning bolts zigzagging down each of his limbs, and both sides of his tail. His face is normally concealed, behind a snarling, demonic mask of wrought iron and leather straps - all that can be seen are his eyes, either one a ferocious white orb in a sea of crimson. When he removes his mask, one can see his unkempt, scraggly crimson mohawk, huge, needle-like fangs, and burn scarring on the right side of his face.

- Zokarro has a tendency to roll his R's, and make exaggerated vocalizations in combat.
Zokarro is many things - a sociopath, an anarchist, a murderer...But the one thing you can't call him is dishonorable, in his own bizarre way. He'll regularly make random challenges, such as "if you can survive fighting me for five minutes, I'll let you live," or, "if you can survive this punch, I won't kill your brother," and never has he once gone back on the stakes of any one of them. He also refuses to fight anyone who won't rise to his challenge - he'll open attack, but if someone either can't hope to stand a chance against him or refuses to fight back, he'll quickly get bored.

This is where one has to understand that Zokarro has a bit of an attention deficit disorder - he only wants to fight if it is fun for him. He's never once killed a pacifist or a child in his years of slaughter. As well, he has a very antiquated sense of circumstance in a fight - he'll never begin to fight until he's had a chance to declare, "My name is Ricardo Zokarro! Do me a favor and scream while I kill you!"

Essentially, the only reason that the Troika can keep him on a leash is that he finds the most distinct pleasure from fighting Nightmares. He loves to snap their bones, rip their flesh, tear out their guts, and generally try every method he can to kill them. There have also been some reports that he gets sexually aroused when he is in danger of dying, as well as going into a frenzy of bloodlust when he's severely outnumbered.
In all, even Ricardo Zokarro himself can't believe that he chose to ally with the Troika over the Dark Dreamkeepers. He was known for committing an atrocious string of murders using his Power, and when he was finally caught, it was decreed that he would be hanged as an example of why Powers must be forevermore prohibited.

However, a funny thing happened - as Zokarro was about to be hung, he locked eyes with a man in the crowd. That man had a crazed grin, and as a speech was given, and Zokarro was made to kneel, everything else seemed a thousand arpents away as the man spoke.

"You're a mad beast, now, but you could be so much more. There are a couple of girls who are going to make you an offer. If you want to test yourself, and if you want to kill and murder and maim in the name of something worth more than yourself, then you will take that damn offer. As for how you're going to get there..."

Then, the entire world exploded into pandemonium. Winds howled, people screamed, the gallows were splintered and flung in every direction, the guards and the crowd fled, and as Zokarro found himself whipped through the air, he could have sworn he heard one voice laughing, chattering like a madman, high above it all.

This was how he was found in the Delta outside of the city - beaten, bruised, in a cracked dent in the ground, but for however banged-up and wroth as he was, he was alive. Then, as he stared up at the sky, the clouds drifting lazily overhead, the maddest thing of it all happened: his whole life had a reason again.

It was in his state of crazed laughter at how absurd all of this was that Indi and Digo found him.

Needless to say, he decided to take their offer as a probationary member of the Troika.
- Zokarro has been forced to take up cooking, as a way to keep him distracted and not regressing to his natural state while stationed with other Troika. They also tend to keep him deployed on continuous missions for months at a time, for this same reason.
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My Dreamkeeper

Postby HighReach on Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:08 am

Name: Mike Reach
Second name: "Techtron"
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Power: Levitation or Gravity

Appearance: Image

Likes: Trance, Techno, Friends, Peace
Dislikes: Nightmares, Unfaire situations, talking about his past.

Story: He was a normal boy, with usuall medium (D) to high (A) grades. It's in his 8th grade that everything turned upside down. Sometimes he could walk and some stones could fly around him. His parents were schock to Mike's discovery when he was so young. Gradually, Mike could control his power but due to his lack of experience, he tries to hide it.

He is out-going, friendly, shy and very thoughtful. He can be seen most of the time looking at the sky or day-dreaming. He can have crushes on girls but his mind is strong.
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