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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Twilight on Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:59 pm

So when do we see more art of her? 8D
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Nyxira on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:28 pm

working gradually on an rp thread now.
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Twilight on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:33 pm

win. I'll keep a look out for it.
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Wreckeronezero on Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:25 pm

Hey everyone, just got done with a few more small tweaks to my DK's profile, you wont really notice them unless youve read it over a couple times. Sorry i havent been very active lately, ive been busy on an aircraft design im hoping to make when im a bit older, but if anyone has any RP's with room, please let me know!.
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Cooper217 on Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:26 pm

I have a few little additions to mine (Yes I know the organizing is a mess so please don't complain about that I have fixed it a little) but in any case, Syphor also has memory loss from the time he turned 7 to the point he turned 14, he was unconscious from a building collapsing on him.
His mechanical eye has a scanner, GPS (Why not), and body status reader. His legs provide him with higher jumps and faster speeds from the way they are built and shaped. He does have a few tricks up his sleeves (Quite literally).
Lastly, the thing that caused him to be dark and give him the Nocturnal Rage was when he was 5, a man stole all his money for food and not even the guards helped him and the worst part was later the thief killed his pet iguana fish-tiger (Rare pet around the city I think) so after seeing that he lost it and went on a rampage.
This is what I have today more will come sometime in the near to far future, and have a great dream fellow keepers.
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Calico Yorki on Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:54 pm

Welcome To The Show~
Please Open Your Eyes Wide~

Because if this madman enters an RP, you will have to deal with every last one of his (BLEEP]y eye-puns.

Thank ya for your patience.

Look who it is!

~ ~ ~

Name: "Wisely"
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Ruskol
Power: Evil Eye
Halo ~ A Sickly Yellow-Green
In truth, Wisely's Power is incredibly potent, and always active; manifested as a metallic, silver eye on his brow, with a glowing green pupil. He normally keeps a long, striped scarf wrapped around his head to cover it, as when the Evil Eye is open, it will compel him to rest, to just sit down, relax, maybe take a little nap...This is because it can see things that Wisely can't. It sees 'keepers who have been affected by the Nightmares, with an aura that grows stronger the closer they are to the Nightmare that affected their lives.

If it sees a likely threat or target, it will compel Wisely to sleep, and if it sees an actual Nightmare - Which it can detect from up to a two and a third arpents away, half-an-arpent if there are any obstacles in the direct line of view - it will actually knock him to sleep, to take over. In this sense, the Evil Eye is a proactive Power; it reflexively, instinctively acts to wipe out any Nightmares which could threaten its wielder or his loved ones, to the point that the Power may very well make the wielder's body into a tool for its own devices. This is why Wisely doesn't sleep often, and is thus moody and rather loony.

As for the Evil Eye's actual effects, it is able to disrupt the nervous system. For an average dreamkeeper or Nightmare, this begins at nausea and muddled senses; escalates to intense pain, deteriorated motor functions, and the slow loss of sensory input, until - given about eleven minutes of exposure - a being of normal mental resilience suffers a death of their consciousness; and, at the cost of "blinding" the eye and rendering it unable to manipulate or protect Wisely's prone body, it can cause a single target's nervous system to overload with such violence that blood streams from every facial orifice. However, this is grossly impractical, and Wisely would likely have to be actively using his Power to make this decision, as the Power's own "consciousness" would never take so great of a risk.
Wisely is a feline, colored an emerald green, with mint green speckles and messy hair of the same color. At the end of his long tail is a large tuft of wispy, mint green fur, and he has a large tuft of fur on his chest; ala Mace. His eyes are hazel, and he can usually be found smiling. His clothes are generally shabby and dirty, but as mentioned, he wears a long scarf around his upper-head. This article of clothing is patterned with black and lime green stripes, bent into angles. Pinned on the left side is a Troika badge, colored a coppery orange.
From a distance, Wisely seems to be a carefree fellow who lives for laughter and learning. To those who know him well, especially his comrades in the Troika, he is utterly and haplessly inprecise. Disorganized, absent-minded, dreadfully forgetful, and generally lazy in how he accomplishes tasks, he's only kept around by the Troika for his vast reserves of stored knowledge. He's lewd, rude, and crude, and due to the little amount of sleep his Power allows him, he tends towards savage moodswings. However, he loves to read, and if you can get him to focus in, you can get a very interesting, intelligent discussion out of Wisely. He was once a bookkeeper for Director of Executive Relations Nainso Ziska, when he stumbled across a hidden code tucked into a ledger he'd been assigned to transcribe. He toiled over the code for a month, only getting two words; but those alone were enough to drive him on for three years, holding his job to not arouse suspicion: "Nightmares", and "preparations".

When he had the full message, he managed to get in contact with a Troika agent. Terrified, he was sure that he would die. However, he was given a choice: continue with his job, and risk the possibility of being killed, or worse, for what he knew...Or, disappear, leaving behind his wife and daughter for his own safety. He chose the latter with little deliberation. Thus, he was seen crushed by a mad gnossus one day, in a gloriously contrived affair that involved perfume and a secret Power usage. Now, Wisely lives as a homeless vagrant; a status which is only complicated by the fact that his Power slowly awakened itself over these five years that have passed, and ended up creating a mess that demanded a false death and a renaming. He's been hypnotized so that he does not remember his own name, nor his life in Sabbaton Towers - While it's been effective at cementing his disguise, the hypnosis was done by a poorly-trained user of their Power (a rush job, really), and has resulted in Wisely's poor memory.
~ A lover of puns, Wisely finds intricate, original puns to be a sign of a very intelligent mind.
~ Wisely doesn't really have a favorite food, as he's just happy to have a regular meal, due to his necessary life on the streets.
~ Vi has been assigned to check in with Wisely periodically, but his carefree nature and habit of misplacing everything (including himself) leaves her with no patience for him.
~ Indigo hate him, for the same reasons they only call him variations of "Grab-###" and a variety of insults which they're only allowed to say in Spanish.
~ Most of the rest of the Troika are just happy he's Vi's problem and not theirs, as he is rude, imbalanced, and his Power is extraordinarily dangerous when it's allowed to exert itself.
~ Wisely knows half of the streetclans in his area, by name, and knows where to find anything - Be it legitimate or not.
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby fel4321 on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:24 am

Heyla, wanted to finally get in on this. looks like fun and I want to get into RP again :) So here goes!!

Name: Rai'Tein (Ra-eye-Tee-ein)
Nick: Ra, Tee, Ein.
Weight: 182
Age: 27
Halo: soothing light blue when slight activation, intensifying to a vivid electric blue.
Species: Indeterminate, somewhat similar to a sergal.
Appearance:Tthough the claws are not nearly so large, and the tail is more feline in shape, and somewhat fluffy (midway between a normal type cat and a snow leopard. Smokey grey color, runes scarred and subsequently inked down his right arm (scars so the fur doesn't grow back, and inked to darken them noticibly). Vibrant green eyes, and a darker, almost black continuous marking stretching from under his eyes, disappearing under his shirt. Wears most commonly a tunic of sorts, loosely belted around the slim, almost emaciated waist. the sleeves puff slightly, but gather at the wrist.

His legwear is more utilitarian, well worn soft leather breeches, There are a variety of pockets visible around the waist, as well as two pair down the outside of each leg. mid calf leather boots fit perfectly, plain in design, but well made and nigh silent. A waistbag is attached securely to his belt at his lower back, appearing to hold roughly a gallon and a half volume of possessions.

Personality: Somewhat softspoken. Prefers to be an observer, off to the side. Tries not to initiate a fight, but a ruthless scrapper and fighter when instigated. The streets make for an unforgiving mother. Has a habit of acquiring items without knowing where they come from. The simply find their way to his pockets, It annoys him immensly at times.

He does enjoy a good bout of humor, plentiful strategy games, and displays of dexterity with his variety of handmade daggers and knives hidden around his person. Not as a show off, he more likes to juggle and perform sleight of hand tricks to amuse.

Abilities: Unbelievable reflexes, short powerful bursts of speed, and invulnerability to damage from impact at high speeds.
Explanation: His abilities stem from the enhancement of fast twitch muscle; He is almost entirely skeletal muscle, his body has almost no overlying muscle. His powers build on this: His fast twitch muscle does not fatigue or take damage. Ein is expert at sleight of hand, displays of dexterity, and quite adept in hand to hand combat.He has the ability to store kinetic energy as potential energy, his muscle fibers super-stretching and contracting. when they contract forcefully, he is capable of blistering speeds with his hands, legs, and feet. Example: In a fight he will deflect and block strikes, storing energy gradually in his muscles and tendons. When he chooses, he can release this muscle like a spring, capable of immensely fast and therefore powerful strikes. Imagine a flurry of punches exceeding 110 meters per second with body weight behind it...more than half of a ton of force with a punch. More force with a kick.
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby IronFox on Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:21 am

Well, it was only a matter of time before I got into this, so here goes.

Name: Connor Fallbright
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Species: Fox, Badger (see below, Appearance)
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel (see below, Appearance)
Fur: Grey & light brown (see below, Appearance )
Halo: Green & Gold (you guessed it, see below, Powers )

Appearance: Connor stands at about 6', and built with a badger's stocky body & broad shoulders. His muzzle, tail & ears are more vulpine in appearance, save for a badger's stripes across his eyes and down his muzzle. His fur coloration is mostly a uniform light gray, with light brown accents (see Distinguishing Features, below)

For work, Connor can usually be found wearing black or dark grey slacks & matching suit jacket, a dress shirt (either white or rust colored) & a tie.

For casual clothing, Connor prefers to wear greens & dark browns, generally collared shirts. One affectation of his casual apparel is that he prefers clothing with lots of large pockets (cargo pants, shorts, etc).

Distinguishing features: While the majority of his fur is a light gray, the tips of Connor's Ears & Tail are a light, khaki colored brown, as are a pair of stripes running across his eyes from his forehead down to his muzzle. His eyes are hazel, predominantly a golden brown around the iris ringed by pale green. Under certain conditions, his eyes can be more one color than the other (lighting, stress, etc).

His other main distinguishing features are a notch out of the inner part of his left ear (sustained during job as a teenager in a pet store).

History: Connor was blessed with an early life of relative ease, his father being a well-to-do physician in Sabbaton, and his mother the daughter of well-to-do landowners in the Eridu Delta with holdings in the Talocan Coast (Since Connor's father's family originally hailed from Ruskol, Connor was thuroughly educated in the art of debate and bickering from an early age.) Growing up in one of the nicer areas of
the Talocan district, Connor and his brothers received a well rounded education. At their mother's insistence, they were involved in theater and dance productions at an early age. Their father educated them in the manlier pursuits martial arts & fishing. While in high school, Connor learned traditional Kojikian & Talocan dueling, though he was mediocre at best in competitions.

Connor was fortunate enough to pursue higher education, studying ancient Norvondiran Empiricism ("My councilor said that there's plenty of people who'd hire someone with that degree!"), with a minor in Fermentae Consumption. College was otherwise unremarkable for Colin with the exception of the fact that he met his future wife, Astrid Fallbright (nee Hallowell) in their freshmen year.

Now some six years after college, Connor runs a livery service near the Sabbaton Tower, renting karts and private barges to wealthy individuals.

Addenda: Long dissatisfied with the quality of Fermentae available, Connor has been trying to brew his own. However, the permits to do so are hideously expensive, so any brewing Connor does has to be done in secret.

Personality: Generally, Connor is an optimist, preferring to find the good in life rather than dwell on the bad. Usually he can be found leading most of the bar in favorite drinking songs. However, he has a rather serious side, and can be somewhat high strung. When upset, he tends to lash out verbally, and has a hard time venting his anger on folks. Usually, however, he's a fun person to be around, if a bit of a screwball.

Powers: Though as yet unknown to him, Connor is able to create bursts of sound out to a radius of about 75 feet, which can be as quiet as a whisper and loud enough to shatter glass & eardrums. In addition, he is able to re-create any sound he has heard, though the longer and more complex the sound, the more he has to concentrate to sustain & propagate the sound. (For instance, he can re-create a symphony, but would basically not be able to do anything else)

His halo manifests as predominantly a bright, vibrant green wrapped in gold.

Likes: Running, fine Fermentae, his wife, good books & rollicking music.

Dislikes: Stress, Jerks, & losing sleep.
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Chemical Cutthroat on Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:00 am

Ha! Another fellow who enjoys good music and a good drink. You'd always be welcome in Alric's shop if you'd need something fixed or if you wanted to swap Fermentae recipies!

Or just swap stock, get ruddyfaced and tell hilarious stories. All in good fun.
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Re: Introduce your dreamkeeper

Postby Diesel Fox on Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:35 pm

Couldn't decide if I needed to post here or in the character critic thread but since this is my personal dreamkeeper I figured I'd best put it up here. Critiques would still be welcome.


Name: John Davis
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Eridu Delta

Power: Object Medium
Halo – Reddish Orange with a lighter more ‘pure’ orange glow
Just by touching any object John can see its use, based on how it has been used in the past. Such as picking up a springer he’d know exactly how it was made, how the parts fit together, and if it had been fired before, it’s use(up to the skill of it’s best prior user, weather they were a marksman or a novice just test firing it). This can let him use complex objects(such as teleport pads) or even know passwords for digital locks(so long as the correct code’s been used more than any other). It can even let him pick out the weak spot of an object. Obviously, older and more widely used objects give him more information/ knowledge. Anything he learns while using his powers sticks with him including skills.

While this power can’t be used on other dreamkeepers, it can be used on a corpse or other non sentient being. It only shows the what and how, not the why. If you wanted to know what someone did, he could come in contact with something the person was wearing to see what he did but he would have no idea to what the person was thinking or why he did so.

Height: 6’5

Weight: 175

John looks canine in appearance and lean almost gangly build. By coloration he looks quite bland with a tan and grey coloration(the grey bits feature longer silkier fur and the tan is shorter but still has the same feel) similar to a Border Collie’s the main exception being bright orange hair on his head. His tail is more like a thin whip with grey fur hanging off it. His ears rise up off his head before flopping down like a dog’s. And his eyes are a plain hazel, that always appears to be watching, even when he’s trying not to.

On first meeting him, John can seem rather dull and serious. He’s not the most outgoing person, being quiet and watchful when he meets people to the point of standoffish, though he keeps a polite if quiet front. When he pulled into a conversation he actually knows about he can be quite talkative and when people get to know him they’ll realize he has a jovial if somewhat sarcastic personality willing to joke at his own expense though he also has a tendency to make fun of others(generally only once he’s felt he’s gotten to know them enough to feel sure that they won’t take offense). He’s fiercely loyal to his friends willing to help in any way he can, he doesn’t like breaking the law but he’d be willing to bend it, or just simply not tell the peacekeepers unless specifically asked. He also tends to follow authority so long as he thinks it’s still the right thing, but otherwise he’ll follow his own sense of justice which can seem slightly naïve to others.

Background: Born to a middle class family in Anduruna, John could best be described as ‘average’ growing up. He had good, but not great grades, adept but not exceptional at sports etc. mostly from a lack of will to apply himself. He had a tendency to start something start to develop, then get bored and move to something else, so by the time he graduated he had a number of different skills but not any that he truly excelled at. Even when he could stick to something he always felt like he was copying someone else rather than making something new, imitation rather than innovation if you will. Somehow he managed to get into Anduruna University and though he was once again in the middle of his class he still managed to graduate with a degree in art. Lacking any true direction after graduation, he spent some time at home trying to job before finally settling on a minor government job to make ends meet, though the upshoot is that he's moved to Sabbaton Towers for the time being.


This was actually harder than I thought it would be. Making the character was pretty easy(thanks largely to color meanings, art degree FTW) but coming up with a power that fit me was really hard when you don't feel like you have anything that you can do special(I don't know if twitch skills in video games count or strategy games ;) ) So I went with the fact that while I don't have any real strengths but I've ended up picking up alot of little things over time, so my power just seemed like a natural extension of learning new skills from other people.

I'm curious if any RPs that are currently going on are looking for players. It seems like only one's active and that's already really deep into it's story.
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