Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Dream-Weaver on Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:17 am

Joker: So no hug?

The joker lowered his arms, a tint of saddness on his face, saddness that quickly changes to anger

Joker: What did I ever do to you huh?!?!!!! AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR A HUG!?!?!?!!!!!!!

The joker materializes a deck of playing cards from nowhere, and draws a card

Queen of Clubs

The card dissappears and a glowing aura surrounds the joker, forming a protective barrier that will soften any damage he takes

The joker flips a coin


A small burst of green energy arcs out of the coin, hitting both Chara and the joker, the joker's protective barrier reduces the damage he takes

The joker pulls out his Sun Gun and fires, a miniature sun hurdleing it's way towards Chara

OOC: Yeah, I know I said not to, but you probably should've hugged him, it's all he really wanted.

P.S The coin flips and cards that the joker does are determined by real life coins and cards, there's also a random number generator on standby if needed

P.P.S Yeah, the Sun Gun, a weapon that violates every law of thermodynamics at once, as the name implies, it hurls a small sun, about the size of a bowling ball, at the opponent, the sun destabilizes and goes supernova within the next 12 seconds, quickly collapsing into a black hole and dissappearing

And since it's a minature sun, even if you dodge, it's gravity and heat would still affect you

P.P.P.S This probably seems a bit god-moddy as well, but like I said, the joker's mere presence bends the fabric of reality, so it only makes since that he can throw a freaking sun at you
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:37 am

A Shimmer appears outside of the shield, just ever so slightly and almost unnoticeable unless you were near the spot it happened. An unseen force seems to be watching the events transpiring inside of the shield.

Ooc: Consider this as a sort of back-up >> depending on the outcome Joker's attack(s). Also there is no such thing as defined physics in this place, It could very well be a wart of Paradox for what anyone really knows <<.
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Dream-Weaver on Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:18 pm

Author's note wrote:I had this entire thing typed out already, but my freaking computer decided to boot me out right as I was about to hit submit, I wasn't upset at first, because I always highlight the entire thing, right-click, and click "copy" every few paragraphs just in case something like this happens

Only I find out that my computer also decided to clear all recent temporary data (or whatever it's called), so I can't just click "paste" and get it all back

My writing process is weird, and after I write something, the process stops working, I can't just do it again, the following it written from memory, and therefore some of it may be a bit rushed, and there are a lot of details that were removed


OOC: I know I said I'd finish this after the current thing, but eh, what the hell?


GLaDOS: We’ve BEen THRough a LOT "Subject Name Here" AND i Will_BE SaD to sEE you GO, but I HAve sevERAL other Test SuBJECTs TO replaCE you WITH

Dream-Weaver doesn't say anything, he simply raises his Aperature Science Handheld Portal Device and aims right above GLaDOS

GLaDOS: nICE TRY, BUt I maDE sure_TO REMove all PortAL conDUCTIVe surfaces bEFOre YOU arrived

DW: I noticed, but I rewired the portal gun, allowing more energy to flow into the singularity, increasing its power output, allowing me to place a portal virtually anywhere

Dream-Weaver places a portal right above GLaDOS and places a second one on the ground, he jumps through and lands right on top of her

GLaDOS: getoffgetoffgetoffgetoffgetoffgetoffgetoff!

GLaDOS begins moving around wildly, trying to throw Dream-Weaver off, but he holds on tight

Dream-Weaver pulls a screwdriver out of his pocket and starts removing pieces of GLaDOS's chasis in an attempt to expose her wiring

GLaDOS finally manages to throw him off

GLaDOS: Did YOU_really thINK that YoU could OPEN up my CHAsis and REprogrAM me, jUST like THat?

DW: You know GLaDOS, you're lucky

GLaDOS: Oh? ANd why is THAT?

DW: Normally I'm pretty hard to get off once I latch on. The trick is to wrap all your appendages around the target, solidifying a hold, but I couldn't do that with you

Your chasis is just a bit too... bulky

GLaDOS froze

DW: I mean, I've never fought someone with as generous a circumference as yours before! All of my techniques were designed with someone more compact in mind, but your... unique shape allows you to overcome even my strongest holds!


A rocket sentry rises out of the ground, taking aim


The rocket sentry fires

Dream-Weaver spins to avoid the rocket, firing a portal on the far wall in the process

DW: As a matter of fact I do. I just want to say how much of an idiot you are!

The rocket flies through the portal, hitting GLaDOS from above, charring her exposed wiring

The deadly neurotoxin stops flooding the room, and GLaDOS stops moving

Dream-Weaver let's out a sigh of relief

DW: Well, that's that I guess

Self-Destruct Program, Activated

The entire facility begins to rumble, debris falling from the ceiling, the timer above the door now showing 30 seconds

DW: S***!

Dream-Weaver frantically begins the ritual for opening a dimensional rift

DW: Come on COME ON!

The portal opens and Dream-Weaver prepares to jump through

Turret: Take me with you!

Dream-Weaver turns to see a lone turret on the other side of the room, the only one not damaged or destroyed in the chaos

DW: Dammit!

Dream-Weaver runs across the room, dodging falling debris along the way, before grabbing the turret and running back

Turret: I'm different

DW: I know buddy, I know

Dream-Weaver manages to make it through the portal just before the timer hits zero


OOC: Yeah, I have a turret now, turrets are cool

I have no idea what I'm gonna name it, does anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Dream-Weaver on Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:54 pm

Turret wrote:Hello?

Where are you?

Are you still there?

Could you come over here?


I'm different
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby MandyHabato on Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:47 pm

OCC: this is gonna be crappy, and I'm clearing my chars)

'Full extent', what a load of rubbish...

Chara realized that she could still see and feel what she was doing, but she had absolutely no control on ANYTHING but her thoughts, and even those she could tell were see by it. It made her feel open, exposed, and totally helpless. Basically, she was nothing more than a specter to a fight she was taking part in.

She flinched mentally as the spark hit her. What kind of magic was this? She could tell the both of them were more than a little surprised to see Joker bring out a gun and shoot a small sun at them.
She felt herself shift and dodge to the side, straining to fight the anomaly's gravity field. It just barely missed her, singing her clothes.

Aw, come on! I have no more human money to get more clothes! She thought to herself.

A second after, her vision shifted to where it was like she was inside her own head, watching a TV that showed what her physical eyes saw. Her conscious had manifested itself inside her head as her body, weather by her own doing or it's she didn't know. A black cloud shifted about her, controlling her body and generally leaving her manifested conscious alone in a small bubble. She heard it start talking.

Oh, come now. You are that resourceful and you are mad you didn't get a hug?

It laughed, disappointing but cautious.

Well, let's finish this quick-*shing*

"Get out."

Another girl was standing behind Chara, a curved dagger against in her hand and against Chara's neck. She was taller, with a long white dress, a very thin figure and long blonde hair. Her pretty face was contorted into a snarl.

Oh-ho! So this is your plan? You would kill your own sister? You know, that wouldn't stop me. I could just take you. Chara felt it freeze her, waiting to goad her sister further.

"You could, but you've grown foolish if you forgot to remove the diamond from the sword."

Ahh, the mighty queen. You got me there.

A woman was walking towards them, the red sword in her hand held backwords so the diamond faced Chara. It only sounded disappointed, not angry. And the Queen sounded tired and angry. The two newcomers acted like a dog had escaped many times before, but this time it attacked someone.

With quick movements, the Queen pressed the tip of the diamond to Chara's forehead, said a quick incantation and slid the gem sideways to create a shallow horozontal cut on Chara's head. The girl shook, and fell unconsious.

The two others turned tot eh Joker and bowed as a portal opened behind them. The queen spoke loud enough for all to hear. "Sorry for the trouble. We must take our leave before the sword weakens. And yes, she's fine." With that they left. And the portal and shield around the arena faded.

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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Dream-Weaver on Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:08 pm

The joker looked on as Chara disappeared through a portal

Joker: Aww, is that it? I was having fun...

The joker stood still for a few minutes, before finally shrugging and walking back towards the bar, already forgetting about the hug he never recieved.

He walked up the the zombie, who forced all of his will to act aas if everything was fine

Zombie: May I... help you with something?

The joker stood still for what seemed like hours, before finally speaking

Joker: There's a persian cat sitting right behind you

The zombie turned his head, and indeed there was a persian cat behind him, staring at him with souless eyes

Zombie: Huh, what do you know, there is a-

He turns back around to see that the joker is gone, yet the feeling of his presence lingers, the zombie swallows with fear, and returns to his duties, praying to zombie-Jesus that the joker won't return


OOC: Yeah, joker's are very fickle beings, he actually forgot why he was angry the instant he started attacking.

And yes, the zombie worships zombie-Jesus, I'm not entirly sure how he's any different from regular Jesus, since they both did the whole "rising from the dead thing"

Of course Zombie Jesus did eat most of his followers, that's a pretty big difference right there...
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Dream-Weaver on Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:11 am

The door to the bar opens, and a battered and beaten Dream-Weaver enters carrying a turret in a special sack across his back...

Dream-Weaver: Finally, a place where I can rest... probably

He walks up to the bar and places the turret next to him

DW: Now don't shoot anyone unless you have to. Okay?

Turret: Okay!

Dream-Weaver smiles and turns towards the barkeeper

DW: I don't suppose you allow lodging here, do you? I could really use a bed

The barkeeper looks at Dream-Weaver while cleaning an empty glass with a semi-used rag

Barkeeper: We do now

Suddenly a staircase appears leading to the logings upstairs, it's not a fancy 5-star hotel, but it's not really anything bad...

Bartender: $50 a person

DW: I personally know Paradox, does that get me a discount?

Bartender: $80 a person

DW: I should have seen that coming

Dream-Weaver pays for the room (apparently the turret counts as a person, so he had to pay for it to) and walks up the stairs.


OOC: It's been a while hasn't it? Really I don't have anything planned for this, I just wanted to post something here...

P.S The bartender doesn't have anything against Paradox, in fact the 2 of them are old friends, they used to travel around in a 1960's van with 3 other people and a talking dog solving crime and-

No wait that was Scooby Doo...

I have no idea what the bartender and Paradox used to do, but they are on great terms, the bartender only increased the rate for him because being a servent of Paradox is considered a liability risk...

Also he makes the prices and can change them without notice for any reason he wants...

P.P.S What should I name the turret? I'm currently thinking "Wolfgang" but I want a second opinion
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Reed R Gale on Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:38 am

Name him random gibberish. No really, name him "Random Gibberish" without the caps.

The bartender then, without warning breaks the fourth wall, and punches Reed R Gale into next week.
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby MandyHabato on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:55 am

And i'm supposed to be doing a summer project for AP english, but screw it, I'm jsut reading DP fanfics and trying to get back into RP. XD I'm going to be SO dead when school starts...And then my friends with facepalm me for my stupidity. And school starts in a long time,a nd I'm a fast reader(have to read a book), so I'll be fine.

Name him Jeffrey. Or Kempler. Maybe Conan? Or Trigger. IDK, makeway for my Killjoy OC.

A door opens and is quickly slammed shut. A tall, slim girl in her early teens is there, leaning her back against the door and breathing heavy. She was about 5 and a half feet tall, and with a really...interesting outfit.

Her shiny brown hair was in three ponytails, two low down on either side in the back and one higher up between the other 2 to form a kind of triangle low on the back of her head. Each ponytail was colored differently:light green on right, dark blue on left and red on the top. She had a black fedora low on her face that had blue electricity painted on it and a mask similar to those old plague masks attached to the back of the rim in front of her face. The mask was short and only covered the top half of her face. It was decorated to look like blood had almost completely dripped down over the black background.
She had a light green hoodie on that had had the sleeves ripped off, and a red paint splatter decorated the front, and seemed to have a white tnak under it. Her black jean shorts copied her hat with blue electricity. Her black converse were the kind that stretched up almost to the knee. Around the top of those shoes, an american flag was painted around her leg, and two stripes, green and red, showed down the outsides of the shoes, from flag to heel.
As she leaned against the door for a minute, black-finger-less gloves pressed firmly against the door, she looked around the bar. And realized she wasn't in no Kansas anymore.

"What the bloody hell?" She said with a tinge of country accent in her voice. "Baby? Are you in here?" After no one answered, a scowl covered her face and anger sparked in her dark green eyes. "Now, this ain't funny, Baby Face! I saw ya' run in here right before me! Everyone will be worried after seeing 'em chase us here, we gotta get goin'!" No answer. Worry pricked her stomach as a hand moved to the blood red one of the pistol-like weapons at her hips, the other matching her hoodie. She now noticed this place was too big and well-kept to be where she had run into, not no mention there was a staircase, and she hadn't seen a second floor from outside. "Now, you can't be telling me that this is the same run-down building in the middle of no-where we ran into, can ya? Damnit, can someone tell me what the hell just happened?!"
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Dream-Weaver on Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:47 pm

The door to the bar slams open, and a gelatinous creature slithers in

Slime: *sigh* no one understands the life of a slime...

The slime is clearly depressed from a long day of being a slime, and who could blame him?

He slithers over to the bar and hops onto a chair

Slime: Do you have anything that can drown out my sorrows?

The bartender immediatly places something in front of the slime, before continuing to clean his dirty glass

Slime: Thanks...

The slime envelops his drink and begins digesting it, glass and all


OOC: I don't know why I did this, but I just really wanted to delve into the everyday life of a small, insignificant, rpg enemy

Being a slime isn't easy, they're picked on by everyone: the heros, the villians, even the other randomly-generated enemies puch them around...
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