Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

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Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby tsukos on Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:59 pm

Welcome <3

Welcome forumites! Players and characters alike! Lovers and foes! Enemies and friends! And even those of you who might not normally RP!
To the Dimensional Nexus Bar & Grill!

What's this? Did someone spike my fruitloops? Clockwork is making an RP?! D=
Fret not, my friends! XD


The Dimensional Nexus Bar & Grill! A place out of time, place, and most importantly, canon!

Essentially, a formless ever changing hangout for anyone from anywhere and anywhen to drop in and interact! Holding a prime spot perched perfectly between every possible dimensional tangent, it's a place where anyone can meet anyone else. Within this is, of course, everybody's lovable reoccurring heroes and villains (You know who you are!), any of their alternate forms (Heroes Creed anyone? =D), any possible tangent characters (Classics such as alternative gender, creed, personality, lifestyle may apply!), and totally random never before seen characters, even ones that came into existence five minutes ago 'just because'.

This is intended to allow for whatever cross-dimensional interaction and antics you would enjoy! Such as boy Kenny from one dimension hitting on girl Kenny from another, or a drunken group of Vasilis singing the Russian national anthem over a bottle of vodka! Even bitter enemies (Or allies that normally don't get along.) can sit down at a table and have a discussion about the weather over a cup of tea and forget all about their battles on other plains. With this it should be noted that the Bar is NOT a forum for your personal battles, and these conflicts should be saved for their respective RPs! Bar fights might happen on occassion (But only people that WANT to join in on them need to), and characters can also challenge others to Duels in a 'take it outside' manner in which the Bouncer will send you to your own personal battleground outside of the bar.

For the most part, though, this is a non-combat uncanon RP and will be treated as such. The combat is just an afterthought to let characters have random uncanon fights with eachother if the players are in the mood--I don't want this to just become an interdimensional fightclub, though, and if it gets out of hand I may put them on pause or only have them on certain nights.

Terms of Joining

This is a leisure RP in that you can join in without a character sheet, with whatever character or variation of character you want. Characters stories as such will not be shared through forms--if your character want to share their story, you can have them knock a few too many back and mumble to the person next to them about their woes, or discuss it with the tentacle beast from the fifth dimension over a nice cup of chai. You can play any number of characters you desire, but to avoid congestion, if you're playing alot of them, you can simply drop a few characters out of existence temporarily. This also goes for just playing in general! If you need to head out, or you're getting bored, feel free to phase your characters out of the pub, no strings attached, or have them just sit around if you prefer. It's as simple as having your character say 'Look at the time, I have to be going' and just fading into the aether. XD For all intents and purposes, it's a bar--you can come and go as you please, some regulars might come back, but it's all up to them!

Rules, Regulations, and Common Courtesy

Overall, there aren't many rules!

This might sound unfair, but hear me out. XD This is only with the 'Bouncer', which is basically the Bar admin. XD It's a chill invincible interdimensional shapeshifting robot that will never talk and rarely interact with the people in the bar--all it will do is float around, set up singles matches when and if they happen, and banish folks that are causing too much trouble. This trouble includes...

2. Killing other characters on a whim/without their consent
It's okay if you do it in singles combat, but killing in the bar is considered rude!.. Even if it's HILARIOUS. The bar is intended for civil meetings of characters that couldn't normally meet in a civil manner. Kids with grudges, be wary of this rule. o_o However, you're allowed to kill eachother if both players agree to it for the fun. It's not like you can actually die in the bar.


The barkeep can serve anything to anybody.

The bar is subject to change depending on who enters it and what the occupants would like to do! Anyone's allowed to add to the description of the bar, and in certain cases, subtract. Does your character feel like karaoke? Poof, stage! Go on ahead, embarrass yourself in front of all of your friends and enemies!

The bar allows dead people to walk once more among the living! They don't necessarily have to be zombies, but they can be if you want them to be!

The bar allows people to meet people from different times in their own dimension. This means for example if you were from our world you could have a drink with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, punch Alexander the Great in the nads, and have noon tea with Attila the Hun all in the course of an hour.

If a character dies in the Bar, or in a related Duel, they don't actually die (Unless their player wants them to for the kicks.) Instead, they instantly fade out of the dimension, and can walk back in a moment later as if nothing happened.

In the bar you can be anyone you want, though as a courtesy, you should ask somebody else if you can play one of their characters if you're planning to (This includes tangent versions of the same character.)

Hilarious tangent personalities are not only accepted, but endorsed. The same goes for random characters you just made up for the sake of messing around with.

All characters from slugs to demi-gods are beloved. However in the bar, you are all equals, no matter how powerful you are anywhere else.

Players of all skill levels are welcome.

You can have your characters react however you want when they pop into the bar. It could be just a random 'wtf' incident and they have no clue where they are, or they could show up like it's part of their routine every day. Your choice!

This RP is not meant to detract from the main RPs on the forum, but instead give those who don't wish to or don't have the time to join in the more structured RPs something to do, as well as those that do somewhere to play their characters out of time, such as if they're waiting for the next post in their main adventures!

I would not only like it, but would be HONOURED if people who no longer or haven't yet participated in the RP board would feel like popping in every now and then. This RP is also intended to give THEM a fun, non constricting way to get involved in RP.

And finally, the bar isn't meant to be taken seriously! It's uncanon! If you have a serious character, you're free to play them here, but don't be surprised if nobody else feels like playing along and you get a pie in the face! Same goes for over the top, cartoony characters--not everyone has to play the same game as you! Hopefully somewhere along the way, interactions between all of these types of characters will prove fun and entertaining.

In Closing

I have no idea how well this will fare, but even if only a few people post in it every now and then, hopefully it'll provide them with some fun!

That was alot more longwinded then I'd hoped it would be! XD Especially Concept. In the future, I might trim that down and add a few more short pieces to Bar Notes instead. XD

I know my thoughts kind of wander in the above. I apologise! Any further questions or comments can be PMed to me, or posted out of character (Or even in character. XD) in this thread, and I'll address them.
Any words on bettering this here first post would be appreciated, too!

Alright! I hope you guys have some fun with this! Or not! It's up to you! XD


Not my language, stolen from another site, but this is the concept essentially.
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Shade on Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:14 am

Dude, I am in. 100 percent. This sounds so much fun. I want to start a bar fight. That's totally my secret dream!
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby RedFox on Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:45 am

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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:57 am

So will the RP start in this thread or will it get an actual IC thread?
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby tsukos on Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:34 pm

It'll get an actual thread at some point soon.
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby KindaSarcastic on Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:26 pm

I'm with Shade. Bar fight! ha ha!

Seems like fun, though, tsukos.
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby FoxPhantom on Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:03 pm

that's neat. ( never knew KF had one).
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Rydlen on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:47 pm

I'm gonna resurrect this dead thing here only because I want to see more action here in the bar. It's becoming a ghost town and losing it's ability to hold itself together.

Feel free to drop in for no real reason and do just about whatever! Just follow the rules set by Tsukos.
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Dream-Weaver on Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:37 pm

Rydlen wrote:I'm gonna resurrect this dead thing here only because I want to see more action here in the bar. It's becoming a ghost town and losing it's ability to hold itself together.

Feel free to drop in for no real reason and do just about whatever! Just follow the rules set by Tsukos.

I actually tried to do the same thing at one point, but it turned into me going crazy and trying to take over everything...

on the plus side the bar did get a small increase in activity, though it's starting to fade again...
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Re: Interdimensional Nexus Bar & Grille

Postby Hakuzo NightFox on Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:55 am

I forgot that the bar had an OOC thread >> imagine that.

As for myself... there hasn't really been much of chance for me to get going on here... I need to figure out a mini story arc or something.
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