Independence Lost Series: Foundations ((Update&Recruitment))

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Re: Independence Lost Series: Foundations ((Update&Recruitment))

Postby danica on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:42 pm

All understandable. I am holding this RP simply to see how the new forum looks and functions. Hopefully that will be soon. If I don't like the format, I think the likely option would be for me to go an make a RP dedicated forum revolving around Dreamkeepers universe. That is my only hesitation on deciding at this moment. Hope you guys are ready to start soon.

I already have a beta forum up. If you are interested in taking a look, just PM me or skype me for the address.
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Re: Independence Lost Series: Foundations ((Update&Recruitment))

Postby Diesel Fox on Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:43 pm

Took a little longer than I expected but here are my characters. As for the new forum, I'll probably join you either way, just keep me posted :)

Name: John “Jack” Davis (“As in ‘Jack-of-all-Trades’.”)
Age: 24
Species: Canine
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Neutral, IDPF affiliated(he’s not really sold on either cause and he works with the Sabbaton PD putting him a little more in their camp)
RP Type: PC
District/Origin Of Birth: Sabbaton (Born: Eridu Delta)

Powers Emphasis(preferred almost to the point of ‘pure’)
Steath Emphasis

Code: Select all
Empathy: +1 –He’s spent enough time around others people to pick up a moderate ability to read people.
Rating Armor: -1 – On the few occasions he’s had to accompany Sabbaton Officers into the field, he’s authorized to use a protective vest, but he’s not used to any heavier gear.
Weapon Skills: +3 – He grew up outside the city and his family had a springer for protection, and then there was the incident where he used his power on the Riot squad’s sniper’s weapon in a panic…
First Aid: +1 – He learned basic first aid when he was younger, enough to keep someone from bleeding out until help arrived at least.
Temperament: +1 – While he has a low tolerance for stupidity and *******s, he generally keeps his emotions in check coming off as mildly apathetic when he first meets people, though push him hard enough and he’s liable to explode.
Perception: +2 – He grew up with a sharp eye for detail, eventually going so far as to aspire to be an artist, but with the recent unrest put an end to that idea and got him into a government job.
Lock-picking: -2 – He can use a key to unlock a door, or his power if it’s a keypad, if neither of those work, then he wouldn’t need to be in there or someone else can kick the door down.
Health: -1 – He’s healthy but his body just isn’t as robust as other keepers
Endurance: -1 –He’s in reasonable shape, and fine for say sprinting but he wouldn’t run a marathon or take many hits well.
Cunning: +4 – He was always cleaver and quick witted both in school and out. Also his power forced him to be as without the ability to use the information that he suddenly becomes privy to, it’s useless turning theoretical knowledge into practical requires some abstract thinking sometimes.
Willpower: +2 – He’s never been one to give into peer pressure preferring to do what he sees as right.
Fellowship: +1 – While quiet and withdrawn until you get to know him, he none the less remains polite when meeting new people and if someone gets to him to loosen up he can be annoyingly outgoing at times with a sarcastic, cutting wit.
Piety: -1 – He knows about religion but he doesn’t know if he truly believes it.

Level Of Power Mastery: Experianced
Power: Object Medium
Halo – Reddish Orange with a lighter more ‘pure’ orange glow
Just by touching any object John can see its use, based on how it has been used in the past. Such as picking up a springer he’d know exactly how it was made, how the parts fit together, and if it had been fired before, it’s use(up to the skill of it’s best prior user, weather they were a marksman or a novice just test firing it). This can let him use complex objects(such as teleport pads) or even know passwords for digital locks(so long as the correct code’s been used more than any other). It can even let him pick out the weak spot of an object. Obviously, older and more widely used objects give him more information/ knowledge. Anything he learns while using his powers sticks with him including skills.

While this power can’t be used on other dreamkeepers, it can be used on a corpse or other non sentient being. It only shows the what and how, not the why. If you wanted to know what someone did, he could come in contact with something the person was wearing to see what he did but he would have no idea to what the person was thinking or why he did so.

Pet(s): Yes, an Air Ryu-neko named Sora(he was slightly obsessed with Kojiki culture at the time)

Description: John looks canine in appearance and lean almost gangly build. By coloration he looks quite bland with a tan and grey coloration(the grey bits feature longer silkier fur and the tan is shorter but still has the same feel) similar to a Border Collie’s the main exception being bright orange hair on his head. His tail is more like a thin whip with grey fur hanging off it. His ears rise up off his head before flopping down like a dog’s. And his eyes are a plain hazel, that always appears to be watching, even when he’s trying not to. When working he favors more professional if only semi-formal clothing, but off the clock he simply goes for whatever’s comfortable.

Born to a middle class family in Eridu Delta, John could best be described as ‘average’ growing up. He had good, but not great grades, adept but not exceptional at sports etc. mostly from a lack of will to apply himself. He had a tendency to start something start to develop, then get bored and move to something else, so by the time he graduated he had a number of different skills but not any that he truly excelled at. Even when he could stick to something he always felt like he was copying someone else rather than making something new, imitation rather than innovation if you will. Somehow he managed to get into Anduruna University and though he was once again in the middle of his class he still managed to graduate with a degree in art.

Lacking any true direction after graduation, he spent some time at home trying to job before finally settling on a minor government job(thanks to his father being a minor government official pulling some strings) to make ends meet, though the upshot is that he's moved to Sabbaton Towers for the time being. His first job was mostly data entry, taking information from on file and moving it to others. This didn’t last but so long as thanks to his power, which being nonviolent got around most of the laws in place but since his bosses realized that he could theoretically use it to break into restricted areas, they started to keep a closer eye on him.

His position of quiet obscurity was destroyed when a ‘terrorist’ took a shopping store worth of people hostage, only a floor below their office in the towers. The Riot Team that responded decided the best route to enter the store was from above, so they could enter quietly from a stock room and hopefully take the terrorist by surprise. Of course the only way they could get to the vents they needed without making much noise meant they had to go though either the boss, or the accountant’s office and by shear coincidence, John was working late to finish typing up a report. Trying to be helpful used his power to figure the bypass the keypad to the boss’ office(though in retrospect he wished he just let them break the door down as it would have caused much less problems for him in the long run). Though the operation was a success, and they even took the attacker alive, John was very nearly fired for breaking and entering; even though that was the first time he’d ever used his powers for such a use. Thankfully considering the circumstances he wasn’t charged with anything, and though he didn’t know it at the time, the PD offered him a similar job. He jumped at the chance to avoid unemployment and just made a lateral shift in positions.

Of course no one bothered to tell him that the reason they made the offer, was because of his employers the PD had a short file on him and more specifically his power and they felt that they could put such an ability to good use. Since starting to work for the department he’s gone with the riot team no few than 12 times in the past 2 years though mostly just as backup. And he’s worked on several homicide cases, it might seem that seeing the past and who killed(or rather created) a corpse is cheating, but it pointed out who the officers should focus their efforts on. Both parts of his job he hates, especially helping homicide, since seeing people brutally murdered isn’t the best thing in the world to have stuck in your head. That and on one spectacularly SNAFU’d mission he was sitting back with the Riot Squad’s sniper, helping out however he could by acting as a spotter. During the raid a couple of the gang members they were trying to arrest(who hadn’t been in the building during the opening stages of the raid) jumped the two and killed the sniper, John in a panic activated his power and grabbed the officer’s weapon. The heavy caliber sniper rifle made a rather big mess, and though John managed to push it from his mind for the time being(even managing to provide the needed fire support for the rest of the mission, so effectively that the rest of the team didn’t know there was an officer down). Once the mission was over they found him where they had left the two with a vacant look in his eyes cradling the weapon.

After that incident he was taken off field duty(that he wasn’t suppose to be on in the first place) and told spend time with the department’s counselor as the two close in kills had been a shock to the keeper, though according to the report he recovered faster than expected considering his lack of training in for fieldwork. For now though he’s still under observation even though the restriction for field work is no longer in effect.

Name: Lily Wallace, Known by her codename ‘Ghost’ or sometimes ‘Ghost-lady’ to other pax members
Age: 29
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Pax
Occupation: Bartender(Pax information broker)
RP Type: PC
District/Origin Of Birth: Talocan

Stealth emphasis(perfered)
Speed emphasis

Code: Select all
Empathy: +4 – Lily is a master at reading people and telling exactly how forthcoming they actually are, she’s seen enough people be caught by false information that she makes sure she’s not another example.
Rating Armor: -2 – Armor? Why would she need armor? Yeah sure she carries a knife but the only fighting she PLANS to get in are with chalk knives.
Hand-to-hand Combat skills: +3 –Like most Talocans, she loves to settle differences with chalk knives especially since it’s taken so seriously, a duel is usually enough to get a rowdy patron out of the bar. She’s also put a lot of work into her lightning fast style enough so that most of the time the simple threat of a challenge is enough to stop the average bargoer.
Weapon Skills: -2 – “Never used a springer, probably never will. My knives are good enough to stab or throw if needed”
Demolitions: -1 – She knows not to drop the explosives, though she tries to leave this type of mission to other pax members
Demolitions Disposal: -2 – If it’s unlikely for her to try planning a bomb, trying to disarm one is well out of her range, she knows enough to call someone else to do the work.
Temperament: +1 – She knows enough to keep her cool and keep her mouth shut on certain matters and can’t be taunted into giving up information, but otherwise is rather a hot head and willing to challenge people to a duel on the drop of a hat.
Perception: +3 – What she can’t learn from talking she has to learn from watching, sometimes it’s also safer to trail someone and break into their home later or watch for clues though their actions
Pain Tolerance: -1 – She tends to avoid fights with actual weapons if she can help it. Physical pain isn’t something she cares for.
Fitness: +2 – She’s in great shape both from the frighteningly common chalk duels and from her more ‘clandestine’ activities.
Running: +1 - She’s fast, she might not be able to run a marathon but in a sprint she’s pretty hard to catch.
Lock-picking: +2 – Sometimes Pax needs information that can’t be gotten by just talking, in those times, it’s often useful to be able to bypass security.
Acrobatics: +2 – She trains her body mostly from duels, as the ability to twist out of the way of a strike is a vital skill, it also lets her quickly dart though objects in case she has to run away on a mission.
Health: -2 – Her body is rather light, it’s not to hard to actually hurt her, the problem often is hitting her.
Cunning: +2 – “Sometimes one has to outsmart your target, you can’t just ask where the to secret lab is, you just have to find out what building to send the letter to.”
Willpower: -1 – She likes to party, ‘pleasures of the flesh’ are too fun to just ignore, that doesn’t mean she can’t separate the business from the pleasure.
Fellowship: +4 – Since her preferred way of getting information is the simplest; talking. She spends a lot of time honing her skills in this area, of course she’s not above using her looks or anything else for that matter to get what she wants.
Piety: -3 – “What’s the point of religion? All it does is get in the way of a perfectly good party, with their preaching of restraint.”

Level Of Power Mastery: Novice
Power: Ghost walk
Halo – Silver in color but it appears to be made of or at least have mist coming from it.
Lily can move though objects as if they were not there. It also makes her physically insubstantial; unable to be hit by normal weapons or by most powers, of course she can’t do anything to anyone else without being able to be hit again. It also makes her body take a silvery outline making her look like a… well a ghost going so far as to obscuring her features.

Even with all these benefits, Lily doesn’t tend to use this power because, besides herself, she’s only skilled enough currently for it to only affects object’s she’s holding, not what she’s wearing, to her it’d be more embarrassing to be caught for streaking after getting away than to be caught at the scene.

Pet(s): ”Yes, Spark Ryu-neko named ‘Mister Sparky’ or just ‘Sparky’…. What…? I was 12 when my parents got him for me…”

Description: Lily stands at 5’7 with a svelte build and killer good looks. She keeps her body in shape both from regular exercise and liberal use of chalk knives, taking care to keep her figure. She has a medium grey fur color though with typical red fox markings on her nose, hands, feet and tail. And her hair is stark contrast with a silvery color that falls about halfway down her back, not that she’d tell anyone, but it’s died, her natural shade is a deep red(closer to a red fox’s coloring). She definitely knows how to take advantage of her looks, but at the same time, is always able to pull back to the point where it’s appropriate based on where she’s at, at the time(‘a cocktail dress has no place at a bar, hun’) but given the chance she loves to make heads turn.

Lily was born to a upper class family who lived on the northern coast of Talocan. She grew up spoiled, her parents giving her everything she wanted… well almost everything. They were strict about what she could and couldn’t do her, her schooling, everything was regulated, and she hated it. From an early age she started to try and get out from under their thumb. As a child she constantly ran away, to play with the other kids of the district, rich or poor. She started to pick up chalk fighting during this time, so by the time she reach puberty she was probably one of the best duelists in her class.

As she grew older so to did her rebellious streak, growing farther and farther apart from her parents, so much so that she ran away when she was 17 to live with her friends(of which she had many, and many were unknown to her family anyway) combined with the fact that she only stayed a night or two at any one place made it incredibly difficult for the local police to find her. She still sent a few letters to her parents but for the most part never went home. As time went on eventually about when Lily turned 19, she started to run into some problems, she could easily mooch off her friends a bit, but at the same time she still needed money herself for new cloths and food. Asking her friends for help, and stealing kept her alive but it wasn’t enough to be comfortable. Still to proud to return home, she had to resort to some less than savory methods for money resorting to prostitution to make ends meet.

She got lucky, she was able to get out early as one of her old friends, managed to get her an interview with a member of Pax. Her web of connections, often friends who had moved, gave her a rather large network, that along with her personal charm, landed her a position in the organization. And they in turn gave her a job, as a bartender in one of the most famous and traveled clubs in the district, ‘Talocan Nights’. A job she found she enjoyed greatly thanks to the constant party atmosphere. It was here that she because to develop a reputation as an expert duelist, as she was perfectly willing to settle differences herself, and resort only to the bouncers when they either wouldn’t agree to the duel or follow their part of the agreement. During this time she actually managed to reach some accord with her family, finally telling them where she was, and while she still wouldn’t return home(much to their annoyance) she did come and visit from time to time(another reason she owed Pax, she supposed, since they insisted she try and make up, since they were so highly placed having access to them was a coup, to Lily the personal effect was just a bonus)

As a member of Pax she was often utilized for information gathering, and while they preferred to rely on other agents for more active roles, Lily could do the job in a pinch. Lily mostly ended up being a face, often acting as an escort in high class functions(as her family name insured she had a reason to be there) as well as in various clubs and parties around the district and in some cases outside of it. She had a way of getting people to let their guard down, and shifting though what little information was dropped to work her way to gathering useful information. Most of the time, Pax lets her stay at work in the club and pick her way though whatever information she thought appropriate but they keep her in mind for specific targets as well. Since she ends up staying away from most of the more brutal aspects of Pax’s plans she truly believes they are trying to do the right thing even if sometimes the effects are a little harsh… it’s no worse than some of the viscounts actions at least.
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Re: Independence Lost Series: Foundations ((Update&Recruitment))

Postby danica on Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:37 pm

Ok, I have been watching the other forum and I have got to say that I am not entirely a fan of it. These seems to be a challenge of using formatting, which is crucial to the plot. Now, that is not to say it can't be done, I just feel that I don't want to use the new forum. That means two option (or the third if you want to use the new forum):

Use this forum. With most of the traffic being on the other forum, it might greatly assist with posting things up because less people may post on this forum and in the RP section. Much of initial plans will continue unchanged.

Or the use of a new forum. I have a beta version up and I shall post it up. This would give us the maximum freedom but it might reduce the number of people willing to make the jump over to yet another forum.

Beta forum (any suggestions or help would be appreciated):
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