Heroes of Fallguard: {The Black Record}

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Heroes of Fallguard: {The Black Record}

Postby Heroes of Fallguard on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:28 am

Tonight, on Anduruna's No.1 Sports Station, S-SV1...

9:00pm: FPL Round 16 (G) live
Tune in for the Fallguard Professional League Round-16 match between last year's champions; the Margate Marauders, and current bottom of the ladder team; the Calypsa Titans.
Can the Marauders win their 3rd shut-out game in a row, or will the Titans claw their way back up the ladder in a must win game for both teams.

7:30pm: HoF: Villains and Scandals (M)
But first, It's the opening episode of Season 10 of "Heroes of Fallguard". This year we get special permission from the Viscount's office to take a look back at the disgraced players and notorious scandals that have tainted the modern era of Anduruna's premier league. Tonight we take a look back at the miraculous career of the famous {Black Record} and the scandal that ripped apart more than a decade of FPL history, and caused the exile of arguably the games' greatest ever forward.

8:00pm: The Take-Down, with host Andrew Trewhiticker-Williams (PG)
Then, get all the current news and gossip on the FPL as well as the usual pre-match analysis from the host, Andrew Trewhiticker-Williams and the panel of "The Take-Down" before we go to the live coverage of the game.
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7:30pm - Heroes of Fallguard

Postby Heroes of Fallguard on Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:18 am

Welcome back to Heroes of Fallguard!

This season on HoF, we take a break from our usual programming to bring to you the worst moments and players in fallguard history. From the introduction of the controversial enforcers and the Players Union riots of 1154 to the horrifying bandit attacks that kicked off the deadly Toll Wars, we will explore the dark past of the game in this season's theme: Villains and Fiasco's.

Tonight on the show, we revisit the scandal riddled career of arguably the greatest player the game has ever seen. For eleven years, his indomitable presence on the field and his dynamic game style had the city ablaze, setting fire to the record books and incinerating playbooks forever. The leadership skills and strategies he adopted as captain led to a six year supremacy for his team, including an impossible 85 match winning streak spanning 2 entire seasons. His rise to fame made his a household name in Anduruna, and his story was the stuff of giants…

...But, as we have often found out, giants cast the largest shadows and the controversies that plagued his entire career were as dark a shade as they come. Murmurs of foul play never subsided, and a year after his retirement, they were finally substantiated; evidence surfaced that purportedly proved his complicity in on-field power abuses. What followed after this revelation was an objectionable set of events that resulted in exile and an expunging of his name from public records forever. The incredulous decision was met with City wide protests and anger, and resulted in the famous {Black Records} that still to this day dominate the FPL hall of fame.

We are of course, talking about Ephraim Bruin of Norvondire Crusaders fame, who played from 1177 to 1187 and Captained the squad from 1182 until his retirement.

After the break: The odyssey begins.
I was expecting the kid to cop a tough take-down, but after seeing him take a dodgy high blow from out the corner of my eye, there was no doubt in my mind that we were gonna see what the lad was made of.
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