Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School [ON HIATUS]

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Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School [ON HIATUS]

Postby Ookamisuke on Tue Feb 01, 2011 5:17 pm

Please refer to the Headless Room thread for more information pertaining to the status of the thread.

There exists, somewhere in Anduruna, a school for those who wish to develop their powers, or discover their powers,. This school is called Dreamkeepers TAG.


The doors to the school open, and in peeks a rather odd face. Well, sure, it looked roughly canine, but the weird part was her eyes. The pupils were upside down triangles! These, she blinked slowly, looking around. Soon, though, she shrugged and walked inside, her long (Quite long, in fact) tail held just a few inches off the groudn behind her, quickly bringing itself up, and coiling itself around her waist, as her pants had begun to drop again.
Her pants were different, as well. Whereas most jeans allow a bit of wiggle room in the waist, these seemed tighter than normal around her waist, although the legs did make up for it. The leggings of these jeans were wide, allowing a very wide array of movement for whoever wore them.
As this strange, yet still fitting creature walks in, she tugs her shirt down a bit, which of course wouldn't go down past her bellybutton, as it was a midriff. Regardless, though, she still tugged it down, trying to smooth out the words printed on the front of the pink fabric (Printed in baby blue lettering): Dreamkeeper. And beneath that word is a picture of herself, holding two fireballs (One in each paw), with a glowing halo around her head, very bright. On the back of the shirt is printed the word "Nightmare" with a picture of some malevolent-looking, weirdly shaped creature.

Starting at her ears, her fur was mostly a simple light grey color, though her eartips did have white fur on the tips, possibly indicating age, or possibly indicative of nothing. As she brought the brush down her head, and into her red hair, she stopped, reached a paw behind her head, and tugged the bruzh down a bit (She hit a knot). Now finished with that small task, she brought the brush down to her white bellyfur, where she smoothed it out, followed by her arms. Finally, she reached her tail. That two foot long plus wondrous attachment presently coiled about her waist.
As it uncoiled, the pure whiteness of it contrasted her otherwise normal body. There was another feature on it that was equally fascinating, and different, from the rest of her body: There was a lazy purple spiral trailing its way down her tail, but in the last six inches, it tightened into what appeared to be a set of rings around her tail, ending at the very tip in a purple dot. As the female, canine-like creature brushed through her tail, she walked down the halls of the presently empty school, and went into her office (Rather, the Principal's Office), and sat, staring outside.

"Maybe I shouldn't have opened this school," She said, sitting there and musing quietly. "Maybe, instead, I should have sought psychological help with all that money I had...It would have helped, that's for sure," She said, looking at her identification. Despite her outward female appearance, it said "male", and when she read that four letter word, she threw it down, and growled, looking around the office. There were various candles on the walls, and a fireplace with the logs arranged in what looked like a bed.

She looked down the walk, and sighed, hoping at least someone would come to look the school over.

Edit from Ookamisuke: If you are reading this, then it is with an apology that I inform you that the thread is currently closed to new applicants. We have grown simply too large for me to keep up to date on. However, do check back, because someone may leave the thread, or the thread may gain another "officer" so to speak who can help me run it. Thanks! And keep Dreaming!
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby SerafinoDragonTamer on Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:11 pm

Kiaran read the letter from Frilfr as he slowly walked next to the officer holding the chain attached to his special handcuffs.
"You know, I'm actually glad to see you do something with your time, Ki." she said without looking at him.
Ki looked away, "You people and your desire to hold back the demon." he spat.
A clear midnight-blue halo appeared over his head and he momentarily phazed into a sillhouette of himself. All except his hands, which were bound in handcuffs specially made for him from the mineral snow of the Starfall mountains. They emitted light so he could not use his power to fade away and escape.
The guard tugged sharply, "Now, Kiaran, you agreed you wouldn't try anything."
The jolt abruptly stopped his power use and he faded back to his normal self.
"Yeah, yeah..." Kiaran looked at the guard, "My brother told you about my special problem... Didn't he."
She hung a left into the TAG school grounds, "same height as you, can control light in the same way you're shadow kinetic, and is extremely polite?"
"Yeah, that's the idiot older twin..."
The guard smiled, "Never saw him in my life."
Kiaran snarled, "I will have my revenge upon you..." He gasped, the sun was beating down hard and he never did like it in the open during the day.
"Don't worry, Ki," The guard brought him into the slightly dimmer school, "There, is that better?"
Kiaran said nothing.
"I thought so..." she said as she knocked on the principal's office, "Oh, one more thing." The officer's halo glowed as she pulled out some little trinkets from her pocket.
She hovered her hand over them and soon they grew into two duffel bags "Kiaran, your brother packed everything that's yours in the duffels. But I'm giving the Principal this." she pulled out a small pouch, "Your rifle's in here along with all the ammunition you had on you."
Kiaran immediately lunged for the pouch but he was held at bay the officer's quick reflexes, "Now, wait here while I tell your new guard all about your power..."
The guard slowly opened the door and slid inside, "Feh, you and your shadowkinesis" she said with a smile...

Hey all you peoples reading this here Rp. If you want to sign up for it, post in the Headless Room. Here's a link to it: http://dreamkeepers.forums-free.com/dreamkeeper-tag-school-talented-and-gifted-t728.html
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby Ookamisuke on Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:22 pm

Frilfr had, of course, seen the two coming down the drive, and the sight of her first applicant in chains made her shake her head. "What to do, what to do," She mused to herself. Removing all but the most minimal of clothes (For the most minimal of her clothing she wore was all that was fireproof), she stood on a rather large stone plate, with a candle in the middle. As soon as her finger touched the candle, the flames engulfed her body, from head to toe, and the whole time this was happening, a brilliant halo appeared over her head, not bright as most, but not dim as some. Right around the middle. She sighed, and stepped back from the candle.

Hearing the knock at the door, she quickly tossed a cloak over her now clean body. She greeted the guard, arms held open. "Ah, hello there, Miss! Welcome to the Dreamkeeper Talented and Gifted School! I was hoping I would see my first student soon! I do certainly hope he is outside? Why not bring him in?" She said as she walked over and opened the door, looking down at Ki. "Oh, come now, why the shackles? I can't tolerate restraining equipment in my school. At least, except in the proper classrooms," She said, winking malevolently down at the male. "Do come in, do come in," She asked, leaving the door open as she walked over to her chair and desk, and sat down, flipping her hood down.

"So. Tell me about yourselves. Starting with you," She said, pointing at the guard.
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby SerafinoDragonTamer on Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:52 pm

“Who, me?” the guard asked, “I’m just here to escort him, Ma'am.” she pointed at Kiaran with her thumb.
Kiaran merely stood there, all the while thinking about ways to escape his power-cancelling handcuffs and glaring at the guard.
“Other than escort him, I’m here to give you a run-down of all we know about his powers.” She said nervously, “That, along with disarming his rifle and giving you all the ammo he had.”
The guard held up two little pouches in her palms and a golden halo appeared over her head, the pouches suddenly burst as a small rifle began to grow bigger and bigger. Finally, the full sized springer rifle and three full cylinder cartridges were in the guard’s hands.
“There,” she said as she placed them on the desk, “Now on to his power.”
The guard pulled out a strange cylinder that, apparently, was a specialized glow-orb, “Now, Kiaran, I’m gonna get those cuffs off you…”
He said nothing.
“Don’t try anything… Got it?”
The guard slowly approached and used her power to increase the size of the handcuffs slightly. She then slid them off.
Suddenly, Kiaran’s midnight blue halo appeared over his head and he began to sink into the shadows on the floor.
“Oh, no you don't!” The guard quickly shook the light stick and pointed it at him.
“Ahhggg!” Kiaran’s Halo immediately disappeared and he was stuck halfway in the floor, and halfway sunk into the ground.
“Sorry about that… He can’t really use his power while exposed to direct light,” the guard sighed, “Kiaran is shadow kinetic. It’s potent and very, very unpredictable. In the extremely smallest extent of his power, he can stick to walls in shadow, and use shade as camouflage.”
Kiaran attempted to pull out of the floor, but the light held his ability to contort shadow at bay.
“The largest extent of his power we’ve seen was basically this, the ability to dissolve into shadow and move through it. As if he were swimming underwater.”
“RELEASE ME!” Kiaran struggled to phase back out of the floor, “I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE ON YOU AND MY BROTHER!! YOUR PAIN WILL BE MINE FOR THE TAKING!!!”
The guard ignored him, “He’s also able to temporarily blind opponents, but he’s only done it once… Like he’s afraid of it…”
She coughed, “We’ve compared his Halo to those of full blown power Halos and we think he’s not using the full extent of his powers.” She came closer and whispered, “We think he can contort dark matter into various things, mainly weapons. And he may also be able to take his shadow travel further, maybe as far as travel through shadows… But we’re unsure.”
The guard looked at Kiaran again, “I think I’ll leave the Light-Stick here.” She said. The guard also pulled out another small pouch, “There’s some of that mineral from Starfall in here, toss a bit on him if he gets out of hand.”
With the light now off of him, Kiaran pulled himself out of the floor, “Now, you will suffer.” he growled
The guard swiftly got the handcuffs back on Ki and he was powerless yet again, “Now, Kiaran, I’d like you to meet with Frilfr... And be nice to her."
Kiaran looked the canine Dreamkeeper over for a few seconds, then he opened his mouth in a surprisingly calm tone, "You're not a girl... Are you..."
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby Ookamisuke on Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:07 pm

((OUCH. is all I can say for this post.))

Frilfr smiled throughout the entire demonstration, listening aptly. As soon as the rifle and ammunition were on her desk, she hefted them, one at a time, over to a safe in the wal, and closed it. "My dear, fire projects direct light, doesn't it? Why do you think all the floors and walls here are stone? It's so I can walk down the halls, fully alight, without fear of burning the place down," She said, and smiled as she touched her paw to a candle, bringing it near to Ki, testing his limits to see if he would be able to use his power with her flames active. However, as soon as the guard called her "Frilfr" she stopped, the flame disappearing.
"Just call me Miss Frill."
And when Ki asked the question...as soon as the words were out of his mouth, her smile faded, and she very, very calmly (Like a tiger's calm before the pounce) stuck her face near his, shining the light stick on his body. "You will call me Miss the entire time I am here, am I clear about that," She poked him in the chest with a paw. "Yes, biologically, I am male...but mentally, I am female." She stood up, leaving the glow stick on the desk, pointed towards him. "And you are apparently here to...what, be refined? Advance your power? Learn your power? Do tell, and I can help you more than you could imagine....provided you follow the golden rule: Call me Miss Frill, until I tell you that you may call me otherwise." Her long tail coiled itself around her waist, bringing the cloak tight about her feminine figure.

OOC Note: As you can probably tell, Frilfr's name is actually hard to pronounce, and those who do try to pronounce her full name....well, it comes out "Filthy", because her tongue is three-pronged (It hasn't been seen yet, so that's why I've not put it in yet), she can pronounce it how she prefers. Only three-pronged "tongueians" may call her Frilfr. Additionally, she's very touchy about her gender...confusion, we'll say. TO the point of losing her temper. End OOC. Additiolnally, expect little tips and stuff on Frilfr throughout the RP, in the OOC thread located in the Headless Room. This will be the only OOC note in this thread.
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby SerafinoDragonTamer on Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:38 pm

((I agree with that “OUCH” bro…))

Kiaran refused to flinch when his new “overseer” brought the flame toward his face. Silently observing the DreamKeeper for structural weaknesses.
Where are your cracks…” He thought. Then, the first flaw was discovered: Her name and it’s difficulty to pronounce.
“Just call me Miss Frill.” She had said when his idiot guard had said ‘Frilfr.’ She had also pulled back the flame, allowing Kiaran a brief reprieve.
When he had asked about her gender, he realized his fatal mistake.
Steeling himself, he endured the light currently focused on his chest. He could hardly breathe as Miss Frill went through her monologue.
He struggled, his vision clouded and he only caught bits and pieces. “Be… Advance… Power… More than… Imagine… Rule… Frill…
He felt the light recede from him as Miss Frill walked back to her desk.
“Yes… Ma’am…” he said with a hint of contempt, “I have been forced to attend this prison against my will. My power, I know, is a dangerous thing…” he looked at the guard, “That even she, doesn’t know the full extent of…”
Kiaran inhaled and forcibly slid one hand out of the handcuff. Then, he lubricated his other hand with his own blood and proceeded to slide the other out with much less difficulty.
The shackles fell to the floor and he turned to the Guard, “When are you leaving?”
The guard shrugged, “When I see you get your ‘just desserts,’ Ki.”
Kiaran scowled and looked at the safe in the wall, “Now, Miss Frill, would you like a true demonstration of both my power and my physical abilities?”
He looked at the Principal, “Or would you rather I serve detention?”
Kiaran had cast out his bait, he just needed to wait for the fish...
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby Halo's shadow on Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:53 pm

Silvak stared at the gates to the school. They were imposing, to the point of being scary.
All the more to feel trapped. He was not boding well for the weather, since he had arrived, his fur and heavy coat had made him uncomfortable to the point of using his power to stay cool.

He entered the school hesitantly, and got directions from one of the other staff members to the principal's office. He marveled at the stone walls, and was not surprised that he still felt a sense of confinement. He stopped outside of the door that was marked "Frilfr". His ears perked up as he heard a conversation on the inside, and some flickering lights.
He sighed,
This had better not be a waste of time.. and he waited for his turn to be 'oriented' on proper school etiquette..
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby Ookamisuke on Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:45 pm

Frill listened to the guard and Ki, smiling to herself throughout the entire dialogue. She walked over to the safe when she saw him look at it, and stood in front of it, paws folded in front of her on her lap. "Oh, I don't think either will suffice for you, Ki. In fact, since you are now under my...jurisdiction, as it were," She snickered to herself slightly, "I assume that means I have full control over your punishments...and your rules, since you are a special case."
She walked over to the safe, and opened it again. After disappearing inside for a brief moment, she came back out with two blue, glowing cuffs, which she snapped around his arms. "These will be your punishment, both for the rude comment about my gender, as well as the personal safety of your fellow students." She then launched into an explanation of the cuffs.

"These cuffs, which may only be removed by myself, bond to each individual student who wears them. They take on the same properties as the student's power, so for your case it means that when you shadowphase, they shadowphase. When you go through a wall, they go through a wall." She held up a small remote. "Unless I push this button," Which she did, causing the rings on the cuffs to pulse blue, "You are free to roam around as widely as you want. However, should you run and I push this button...let us say it will not be pleasant. For either of us," She smiled wryly, and walked over to the door, opening it. "Now, if you will kindly exit my office, and return to this room, which will serve as your homeroom, I will meet with you again shortly to learn more about your power. Call it a student-teacher meeting," She winked, and watched them walk out.
"Now, you my dear Silvak, please come in. Do not be afraid. The other student and I had a...mild...disagreement about way things are handled around here," She put on a calm, gentle smile, and gently pushed Silvak inside her office and shut the door. She smiled, and took a small bottle down off the shelf, closing her eyes as she touched a candle, and the halo above her head re-appeared, and her hand (As well as the container) both lit up. Soon, steam could be seen rising from the container, so she let go of the candle, and the halo disappeared, as did the flame on her paw and the flask. She pointed to two glasses on the shelf.

"Would you care for some coffee? It's fresh from this morning, just got a bit chilly because its been out for awhile," She smiled, pouring herself a cup.

Sitting down behind her desk, she smiled to him, took a sip, and folded her paws together, leaning forward. "Now, tell me why you are here."
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby Halo's shadow on Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:03 am

Silvak looked at the dreamkeeper leaving the room with a gaurd,
This may be an interesting experience after all.. to add to the oddity, a polar opposite of the exiting Dreamkeeper showed up by his side,
"Now, you my dear Silvak, please come in. Do not be afraid. The other student and I had a...mild...disagreement about way things are handled around here," she said. She pushed him inside and closed the door. Silvak sat at the nearest chair and deactivated his power, his halo glowing a faint light blue. The air chilled slightly around him.
Ahhh.. Better. he was sincerely used to a Much colder climate.
He then turned his attention toward the principal, who was heating some drink with her power.
"Would you care for some coffee? It's fresh from this morning, just got a bit chilly because its been out for awhile," she asked. He shook his head, en said in a medium accent(think Russian),
"No ma'am," she sat down and folded her paws,
"Now, tell me why you are here." he sat back and thought for a moment, then spoke,
"My parents thought it good to send one of their offspring to a fancy school. I do not agree entirely. But, I follow their wishes, like following a command, da? So I came here, to find out more about my ability." he was slightly miffed at using the common dreamkeeper language, I was so hard to get his pint across sometimes,
"I would still like to be able to keep my skills at the hunt, so I do not return an entire failure. But from arriving, I see that this may be more entertaining than I realize." he tried to seem optimistic, but he was still unsure about the whole situation himself.
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Re: Dreamkeepers TAG (Talented & Gifted) School

Postby Ookamisuke on Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:51 am

Frill smiled during Silvak's explanation, sipping at her coffee, and noticing his faint, light blue halo.
"And do tell me what your ability is, if you would please," She asked politely, moving over to the safe, and coming out with a second pair of blue cuffs. She noticed his look (Whether it be disapproving, curious, or what have you) and shook her head.
"My dear, these cuffs do much more than restrain. They will help me locate you, should you get lost. They also prevent your death here at this school. Should you find yourself close to death from one of our more violent classes we offer here (Like range practice), these cuffs will preserve what little life you have left until such a time as you can get to medical attention." She smiled, and held them out to him. "Please put them on, and I will show you to your homeroom, then we will see the full extent of your power."
She paused, and turned back to him. "Speaking of, I'd like to see your power in action, if I may," She asked, setting a simple glass of water in front of him, on the floor.
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