Dreamkeepers: Hell Hybrids Final Journal

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Dreamkeepers: Hell Hybrids Final Journal

Postby Pulse&Paradox on Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:07 pm

Dear Journal,

Destiny. It is difficult not to believe in that idea, while Nethers is the one who chooses our destinies.

This is what Nethers wants of us: Defeat the Nightmares with what we have been given. THAT is what Trident has forgotten. The First Halo was never to be used to begin with. Nethers never mentioned of it when his teachings were recorded, so it is an object that can be marveled, but never be tampered with. That is why we were not given the First Halo. If we were allowed to use it, it would have been under the highest level of protection today and we would've long since known of its existence.

This is why I believe that Trident, whether Jerome defeats him or not, will ultimately fail. With luck, he will return here and I will assist him in realizing that fact.

I do believe this is my last entry. I know nothing of what is to be. I know nothing of what will be. All I know is that we were chosen to be what we are and we must make do with what we are born as.

With that, I shall say this once more, 'We are what we are, Hell Hybrids.'

To whoever finds this journal, if you don't agree with that, then this should suffice, 'We are what we are, Dreamkeepers.

Sincerely Yours,
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