Critiquing Comics #024: “Dreamkeepers”

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Critiquing Comics #024: “Dreamkeepers”

Postby Ice4smaster on Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:51 am

My response to this critic, worth to listen to it, but i think could be redone, as the guys making it, did not sound in a tip top condition when made it, mainly out of energy and need of sleep, so not all i'd considered stady in there critic.

I listened to your review, and i can second that it was prematurely done, as you only look at vol 1, yes can argue, first volume is the most critical to make something going, not neaserily the case always.

The second is that, by your voices is obv, you been quite tired, and it’s never a quality review or work when some one compleatly drain. I would say have another go at it once have planny rest.

There are some things that you are right about, like the character development, as it rapid evolves from chapter 1 to chapter 3, art wise as well, i wouldn’t be suprised if vol 1 would be redone at a point ( i’d say after vol 4 if i would make guesses ) but if any changes to be made, mainly cosmetic, but would leave the flow of the story intact, not take away from it, but maybe add to it where feels something is missing.

Agen, prematurely done review and i blame that on you being quite tired when making this, some points of critics are indeed inplace, but others are mainly personal taste and combination of not fully “processed” the story
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