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Re: Character Critics

Postby Avolendi on Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:18 pm

Maybe a (oversized?) scarf to compensate for the lack of a shirt then? ^^

If you want some ideas thrown at you, just ask 8-)
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Ice4smaster on Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:36 pm

Just cyrious of some critics about my char :roll: :)
would be there something to adjust, OP or UP :)

Now to enter my Dream keeper hehe, ULTIMATE THANK YOU FOREVER N EVER N EVER TO TWILIGHT for the character design drawing he made ^^


Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: reptilian mainly with some fish and mammal trails in it.
Affinity: Torika underground movement
Power: Cybernetic, bio-mechanical mater manipulation
Special Trails: Eyes blind naturaly, and huge bullet hole scar on his chest after an incident

Ice past not all transparent, it's one of the things he don't like to talk about, but one thing is known and that there's blood line connection between him and Evzen. He joined, or more likely, took refuge at Torika at a younger age, due an incident that nearly killed him, cost his natural eyesight, and ultimately awaken his power, which power have save his life, and kept him alive, until recent times he haven't venture outside the base where he worked and hide from the work, but now he can keep his power off fully with no time limit as now he able to passively supply energy to his cybernetic parts.

Ice is quite an cheerful figure around people who he is comfortable with, loyal to them as well open, though at the beginning he tends to remain quiet and observant, non less quite curious. He have a sensitive side, but most of the time, if it's professional or work related he able to be immune to the stress and insults, mostly. Once truly pissed of he make sure his foe will get the favour back, ten fold and with out seeing it coming.

Ice awakened power is quite a match to what he been fascinated always, the inner working of things, Biology, Mechanics, Electronics. His power is cybernetic like manipulation of metallic matter with organic matter to some extent. This ability is not the strongest if comes to be used directly in combat, but an excellent support ability. He is able to infect, poison his targets at direct contact with nanites, as well heal allies in similar fashion. He also able to create all kind of objects, from simple to quite complex ones, however there are drawback to this ability, he do require metallic material presence to transform it, as well need time to create objects or a sufficient amount of nanites. There is no true limit what he can create, only time and the available materials make a barrier to it and his own endurance and determination, concentration. The objects he creates are permanent, made out of solid mater, however they are much stronger if charged by his ability. Like Ice would create a springer gun and Vi would want to smash it, she couldn't smash it while in his hand and there's enough charge in it, though once let go and a little time passed so the power charge depletion then could smash it into shreds like a normal gun.
-Direct Contact
-Full Metallic and limited organic material manipulation
-Nanites, poison or heal over time
-Construct, create simple to more complex objects ( Swords, armour, guns )
-Requires time, raw material and own energy, concentration, depending on complexity, size and own stamina

Ice also developed a passive ability over the years, due the dire need of it, hence some cybernetic parts keep him alive, these could be charged and run with out power use for a limited time, but would stop function, now passively able to charge anything he comes in touch with a small open wound on his hand ( charge dosen't go through the skin, unless uses active power that million times the magnitude of this ), such as a data scroll.

Post updated~
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Wulfspyder03 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:31 am

Cybernetics seems a bit out there for Dreamkeepers, unless there are some cyborgs walking around we just haven't seen any yet.
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Roan on Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:25 am

OK... this is a weird way of making up a character but i thought of her by counting the tiles on my ceiling. I know.. its a crazy way to have a DK pop up but it happened and i admit, i was shocked because i got her from counting ceiling tiles... XD lol

Name: Roanoak Aria Di Vanzetti

Age: 16

Home: Margate

Species: Secretly Unknown.

Description: A dark brown wolf almost black with creamy colored stripes and white wings with lightly tinted golden edges. Has dark green emerald eyes. Wears a dark blue t shirt with black skinny jeans. Two golden ankle bracelets and has a small ear piercing in her left ear. She has very long cinnamon colored hair.

Personality: Lets just say...... Secretive. Roan has a hidden past and never really tells it to anyone but her very close friends. Which means: No one knows her past. Or her whole name. The one above is just part of it. I'm just gunna say that its not as awesome as some peoples childhood was. Roan likes to stick to the sidelines. She doesn't speak much in her school. Nobody ever really hangs out with her. They avoid her in the halls and they always back away from her. She doesn't seem to mind but she does care just a tiny bit.

History: Secret.... not available..... ^_^

Power: That would be healing.

Halo: Tye Die

So... yeah... that's how i created her..... it was a very productive day for me..... 0.0
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Wulfspyder03 on Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:15 am

Awww, I'd hang out with her.
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Ice4smaster on Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:52 am

Why would be so out of place? :D I mean the DK do have teleporters and many other advance tech too, plus, theorticly, one could have a power to erase something from exsitance, so i think i picked a realistic, mortal like power :)
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Reed R Gale on Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:17 am

Maybe I'll draw something of her later. Had this on IYD then figured to get comments it would be better placed here.

First Name: Valen

Full Name: Jammer Yael

Age: 15

Sex: Female


Jammer has a cat-like face with perked ears that fold back when she's irritated and slit-like amber eyes that allow her to see in the dark better. These eyes go well with her fur scheme, one of an incredible vermillion which covers her whole body. As an added note, her fur isn't incredibly long. She's usually found wearing really long sleeved, yet tight fitting, bright orange shirts, as well as flared blue jeans. As a result, most of her wardrobe manages to cover her delicate-looking human-like hands, as well as her animal like feet.


Unlike most characters I design... Jammer is outgoing to the point of being hard to deal to deal with. She barely ever thinks things through before doing them, being very hasty in nature, acting mainly on impulse, but mainly because if she stops, she starts thinking. She doesn't like that. Thinking = bad. Ew.


I'll think of something convenient when I choose to use her for a RP.

Halo: Rust Red

Power: Halo Therapy

When this girl activates her power, she turns on the power of every dreamkeeper around her (she's never measured the exact distance). This allows her to force dreamkeepers (and though she doesn't know it, some nightmares) to activate their abilities.

But that's simple a side effect.

Her real ability is the one that allows her to enter the minds of dreamkeepers. Worlds that kind of represent them are there. Within that world, time passes much faster (the world outside is moving slower) so she can do more in another mind than in reality. In that world, if she can find the right places, she can activate stronger powers in the dreamkeepers (and nightmares around her).

If she attacks a dreamkeeper in their own world, they almost always have the advantage, as in there she is powerless save for the fact that she can't die. But she CAN be forced out rather easily. She's not really a fighter. If she can subdue the dreamkeeper in their own mind by some miracle, she can control their body and live as them, while her own body is kind of in a stasis mode.

Another way this can happen is if the dreamkeeper in question simply lets her. When she's in another body, she can use their power in reality and her own as well... but in the worlds of other dreamkeepers she is back to being the powerless girl she was before.

If she's expelled from a world, she is returned to her body without exception.
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Tangletail on Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:14 pm

Name: Leon Cyrule

Age: 20

Species: Base; Feline. Mixed bits: Shark, Eagle

Gender: Male

Description: A very tall and skinny young male dreamkeeper. His body represents a cross between a Jaguar and an Ocelot with most of the fur remaining pitch black kept for a few random spots of gray here and there, and a long “hiking trail” array of spots running through his back and ending half way down his tail. A mane of eagle feathers encircle his chest and shoulder blades, though it remains close to his body and lacks a good amount of volume. His tail like his body is long and sleek, but soft and fluffy with a slight crook at the end of it. His claws are easily visible on his large feet and hands and represents something close to talons.

And of course, he is hardly ever seen without that very demented grin with shark like teeth, whom often greets everyone whom he comes into contact with, and can easily unnerve those with an iron gut. His eyes are near souless at the first glance, but holds very large pupils in the middle of day and night.

His typical clothing normally consist of professional wear, ranging from his favorite mix of a Waistcoat with the Dreamworld's imprinted on it's threads and black slacks, or just a plain waist coat with black slacks.

Bio-Description: He was always seen as an insane individual, but never has anyone doubt his credibility. Unlike most, he had rose from the ashes in his life. Started out as poor, but quickly found his own wealth and way through the dreamworld as a revered scientist. He has always been a feline with a plan, never really caring what other's thought of him, he simply found it easier to keep to himself as he commuted himself to his studies. His general behavior when met by others is easily seen as childish for a figure of his age, but alas that is just a biproduct from a lack of sanity.

Power: Gravitational Manipulation. Gravity is one of the natural forces to recon with. Generally unstable when operated without mass and denying nature it's common ratio of reference to create one's own. At it's lowest power, the ability is often unnoticed and is just seen as one's athletic ability to simply leap high in the air or commit themselves to outstanding acrobatics.

However at it's full potential it becomes a deadly weapon for those with a very logical mind. Leo can easily create a field of gravitational distortion and sling it through the world and warp the very space it's self. Sadly, on it's own and kept under control the damage is just minimal to the body, but with some creative thought disaster can be unleashed to unsuspecting enemies.

Halo- Dark Purple Black on the inside
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Roan on Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:28 pm

Pretty Cool with my opinion... It would be awesome if we could see a picture of him XD. He just seems really cool... ^^
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Re: Character Critics

Postby Tangletail on Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:00 pm

I am not that good of an artist, but lo I will see if I can find a sheet of paper and doodle up a pencil monster for you.
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