Battlestations! (and other junk too.)

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Battlestations! (and other junk too.)

Postby boomboy on Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:14 pm

So, I've recently got Battlestations: The Pacific. And I think I've finally found love. As a World War Two history fanatic, I've come to notice how much I disregarded ships as worthless tools of the Pacific theatre. Oh how wrong was I? Very. In fact, I've come to love three ships. Namely the Yamato Super Battleship, the Iowa Class Super Battleship, and the Allan M. Sumner Class Destroyer.

Moving on, who else has it? More importantly, who wants to fight against me? I'll send you chaps my gamers tag so we can either create an alliance, or fight to the death! Who's in?
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