Basic Forum Rules & Guidelines *NEW USERS BE AWARE*

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Basic Forum Rules & Guidelines *NEW USERS BE AWARE*

Postby Lord of the Forest on Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:09 am

As much as we like to have fun around here there are some basic rules everyone should overlook to help keep things rolling smoothly.

1. If you're new, take some time to lurk a bit. Read some old threads and get acquainted with the sub-forums. Also, be sure to introduce yourself in the Salutations and Questions sub-forum in your first few posts.

2. When you create a thread/topic please make sure that it is in the correct sub-forum! Too often has a topic been created in a place it is not suited for. Also, be sure that there isn't a thread that already covers the topic you want to start on the first page of threads. If you find one that is identical, post your thoughts in that and it'll be a healthy start on the topic.

3. On that note, make sure the first post of your thread does two things:
a. It establishes the point of the thread from then on.
b. You also state your own opening opinion on the matter or enter some concrete form of context that we can compare our own posts to.

4. Try to avoid posting with only an emoticon or one single sentence. In other words, avoid spamming!

5. If we make you aware of something wrong with your posts, use the edit button on your post to fix the problem. The edit button is your best friend on the forum, trust me!

6. Make sure that when you quote someone’s post, you specifically quote whatever section you’re mainly responding to. You don’t need to quote at all most of the time, especially if your post is only a few posts below the one you’re responding to. If you do quote, try to quote specifically and cut out what you don’t need! Don’t quote a huge post and only respond with a short response, especially if it is just to agree.

7. Avoid posting any extremely violent or erotic material for obvious reasons.

8. Don't be an ***. It's easy to forget this sometimes in the middle of a heated debate, or even when you're simply trying to be silly, but always do your best to be courteous and intelligent in your responses to others. People never respond well to antagonism, so there's a better chance of getting your point across if you don't antagonize.

9. Please try to stay on topic. If you have to veer from the original topic to make a point, do so but be sure to somehow draw the discussion back into frame.

10. When in doubt, contact any of the moderators (Lord of the Forest or Twilight) with your questions and concerns.
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