Adunruna city government

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Re: Adunruna city government

Postby Twilight on Sun May 06, 2012 8:13 pm

It depends. I don't know the specific mechanics, but they have different methods of dealing with them. Sometimes they're exiled, sometimes they're imprisoned. They don't actively try to kill them if they can avoid them, as you'll see in V3. Which... personally I think is a very dangerous procedure.

But yeah, much like real law enforcement, it attempts to neutralize and capture unless it can't be helped.
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Re: Adunruna city government

Postby Avolendi on Tue May 08, 2012 9:36 pm

Ah right, I recall reading somewhere in a blog or the history about how the government has a policy to 'help' people and inadvertently stimulates crime. This causes much surprise to the higher ups and proves to them that people need to be helped more and thus also stimulate unemployement with more people ending up on the state support programs.

Or something like that.
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Re: Adunruna city government

Postby BlackMantha on Thu May 31, 2012 7:06 am

You're thinking of this piece:
Late 1198 A.D.: Federal programs continue to dutifully conscript funding, food, and housing to the job impaired, gouging the revenue from working class incomes. The Sabbaton bureaucrats are surprised and perplexed when the ranks of the benefit-laden unemployed grow. This growing unemployment rate affirms to officials the dire necessity of their interventions, and the need for yet more.
His direction voter-approved, the Viscount translates his moral mandate to be even more far-reaching. Not just poverty and violence, but all major problems are slated for Central City administered cures. Educational achievement, construction safety, regulated hammer hardness and knife sharpness limits, the diony content of fermentae, stair height, licensing restrictions on flight for winged dreamkeepers, regulated sweetness levels in candy, and innumerable other rules and laws, each with their own dedicated federal division, staff, budget, and authority. In every case, it is deemed that increased regulation, legislation, funding, and Central City control are unavoidably critical.
With funding running desperately short, the government is forced to find a solution. The Anduruna currency, lucre', is 'revalued' and reissued by the government. Coins of precious metals are exchanged for paper bills and plastic coins that are mass produced to accommodate ambitious budget expenditures.

So not crime directly, but high taxes and ineffectual and wasteful government spending lead to high unemployment, which leads to crime.
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