A Sad Clown's Tale

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A Sad Clown's Tale

Postby Calico Yorki on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:39 pm

"Who's this buffoon," they all do jeer
As I cross through the open door,
But quickly the laughter dies in here
As I look all them o'er

"I am but a sad, sad clown,"
I quietly sigh as I sit nearby,
I give a wrothful cry

As I fix them all with my bloodshot eyes
They all sit down to hear
The story of the clown who brought shadowed skies
And who made them tremor for fear

"I was once a wayward fool,
Who came to join a crew
Of a ship headed to find the jewel
Across the sea so blue

Never once did we stop to pray
To the Spirits for our souls to keep
As day by day, we forged farther astray
Ignoring the dangers steep.

To the south, yes! we sailed there
But we were stymied by our fears
Of the beauties there, their bodies bare
Wielding gleaming spears

Quick away we spun that day
And we headed farther, still
Until the sea's silken spray
Gave way to a biting chill

One night, my sleep was broken by a scream
That fateful night, I woke: screaming for fright;
Through the window, the moon's pale gleam
Seemed to take on an evil light

I was alone below the deck,
Asleep, for I had no practical skill
Yet I could hear screams above the deck
And I shook for more than the biting chill

When I at last was brave enough
I ventured up to the open air,
But I tell you, t'was a hellish wind rough
That met my screams up there

About me lay the crew, all dead
Their faces all grimacing for terror
And as I looked out to sea, to the east with dread
I realized...To pray not, had been our error

It came from some sunken city deep
Far to the misty east,
Where a hundred hungering horrors sleep
Of which it was the least!

Then came a wind! my divine savior!
Carrying me from that hell
Was I protected by the Spirits' favor?
Or would my story be more fearful to tell?

I ran aground the southern lands
Eyes tightly open for fright
When I was dragged from the surf by strong, gentle hands
And brought into the light

It was the warrior women fair!
Those maidens had come to my aid!
They were a people of honor, there
And told me to not be afraid

Yet my trial was not yet at an end
For it had followed me from afar
My nemesis, riding an ominous wind
His darkness eating every star

I wept, my spirit broken
Surely, the end of all was nigh!
But a call to arms was softly spoken
And lightning split the sky

A storm, a storm of godly might!
As the beauties, bodies bare, unleashed their Powers
It glowed as a day bright, in the stormy night,
In a battle that lasted for hours

When my body was about to break
I realized that someone howled with rage
It was my howling voice that made the earth to quake
A Power that is reborn once in an age

The horror ancient gurgled, dying
Done in by this Power of mine
The maidens undid the curses on his corpse, on the coast, lying;
The hundred hungering horrors were now, ninety-nine

The moral of this story, you ask?
What I mean by my dreadful song?
It's to have faith in the Spirits, and in your fellow 'keeper, in any task,
And do not tarry where you do not belong.
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